Nintendo Producer Tanabe Reiterates Stance On Mobile Gaming, Says Control Migration Is A “Really Difficult Task”

Nintendo is more than aware that mobile gaming is on the rise, but the Kyoto-based company has been strongly against popping their red-capped mascot onto smart devices for some time. However, that’s not to say they haven’t considered it, but rather have expressed interest into developing an advertising app on smart devices to raise consumer awareness.

The age-old debate sparked up once more when GameSpot interviewed Kensuke Tanabe and asked him why it was such a problematic task to transfer Mario to such platforms. Tanabe stressed that the control migration to smart devices just wouldn’t be feasible, making it a “really difficult task”.

“With games like Mario and Donkey Kong, the control input is such an important part of that; I think if you’re trying to replicate that feeling of control that you have traditional to those games, translating those to a smart device, that’s a just a really, really difficult task.

“Of course I’m not ignoring the fact that the marketplace is flooded with these devices and that there are a lot of games created specifically for them. Personally, as I mentioned earlier, I don’t have a curiosity of or feeling of needing to create or wanting to create games for those devices. I want Nintendo games to be played on Nintendo hardware.”

Retro Studios CEO Michael Kelbaugh was also on hand to deliver his opinion, claiming that – first and foremost – it’s the game and its content that matters for the Donkey Kong developer, while business production and platform choice is ultimately Nintendo’s decision.

“What we’re focused on is just making a great game. Wherever it ends up, that’s not our decision, so I think we need to concentrate on making great content and let Nintendo decide what box they want to put it in, how they want to package it. Watching this whole debate going on right now…I don’t give it a whole lot of thought just because I’m concentrating on making a fun, great game and hardware’s always kind of a revolving target, I guess.”


  1. nintendo focus on improving wii u online features, and get rid of those retarded miiverse admis. wii u needs thrid party games, i dont care about mario kart 8-67786 or super smash bros. iwata is very ignorant and is perpously ruining wii u. you nintendrones keep on defending iwata assail everytime. nintendo doesnt give a shit to gamers and their


    1. dragon warrior and final fantasy don’t need precise controls.

      also, so what? … if mario isn’t as good on smartphones, who cares? … i can already put mario on my PC and control him with my keyboard and it’s more difficult to control too. but, people still want that.

      people want what they want, iwata.


      1. No wants them to do this. Companies like Capcom and square have lost money in mobile. Nintendo is supporting their hardware, so it would be stupid to have a focus on mobile. Plus people buy these stupid mobile games, just to kill time


    2. Aww… poor thing.
      They should make an advert with Sarah McLochlan singing a song for you because that’s how pitiable your plight sounds.
      POOR BABY :,(


    3. If you don’t care about Nintendo’s first party titles which makes nintendo, Nintendo… Why are you here? If I want third party games like battlefield, Crysis, deadspace, etc. I have a PC… The third party is not reliant on nintendo. And nintendo is not stooping to Microsoft level to throw money at 3rd party developers to make them develop only for them. EA and other companies that seek to abandon nintendo do that because they claim the Wiiu is a “weak console” it’s really not… It’s just coded differently with different hardware. And companies are too lazy to code with it, especially with the current console wars. You guys are killing it. If you want a true gaming system that will play those 3rd parties get a gaming pc rig that’s what I did I like nintendo games so I can’t leave nintendo but xbox and play station hah nothing is there for me. My 6 year old gaming laptop still runs current gen games better graphics and higher fps and better quality than console… And they say “next gen graphics” you can’t beat any of nintendos ip games in one day.


      1. I see, you are a Commander with wisdom…

        Good, I barely see any Sonyan with basic wisdom…


  2. the wii u fanboys love to get butthurt when i expose them miiverse. too bad miiverse admins are also nintendrones, soon delete all my posts and banned am almost close to getting console lmao


    1. Of course we ban Xbots, you infectious criminals cannot understand the holy power of gaming…


    2. Who wouldn’t ban you for your hateful, troll, ignorant, joke comments, just for your grammar I would ban you for life!


    3. Miiverse admins work for Nintendo so yeah its their job to delete stupid comments that bother any one who just wants to have fun. So you want them to lose their jobs if they allow the stupid comments, and inappropriate stuff, like urs? Nintendo looks a miiverse a lot, why do you think we finally got earthbound from them on the eshop.


  3. It’s not that it’s difficult.

    It’s that the results are always shit.

    You can quite easily port games over to iOS and Android. But the controls will just be shit.


  4. Nintendo should make an endless runner that has advertisements for all the Wii U and 3DS games and they should make a tower defense games that advertises the Wii U and 3DS, and they should make a puzzle game that advertises Wii U and 3DS on mobile platforms.


    1. Why do u care so much about someone’s struggle? It just shows how low you are. Let people like what they like. Who cares if they like Wiiu, ps4, or XB one. I still have a great deal of fun with my wii u, and planning on getting a ps4 to play my favorite Sony ips. I own a gaming pc so don’t care much for third party on consoles, but I want to expand my gaming experience with more systems, and my PC.


  5. I am still confused why there are so many people want Mario and Donkey Kong on their smartphone or PC. They said that Nintendo is for “kiddy gamer” and yet they wanted Mario and DK on their smartphone or PC. Is not that a hypocrisy? Second, have they thought that Mario and DK must have really nice control to be played? Can smartphone provide really nice control? In my opinion, it cannot. Can PC provide that? Nah, it cannot, except PC using controller. I think that it is still useless for Nintendo to make its first party games into smartphone or PC.


    1. All the kids can’t be away from their precious smartphones for 5 seconds for fear they might miss a riveting facebook or twitter status update.

      Oh, and adults too… but they have the same short capacity as children.


    2. yeah that’s total hypocrisy they make fun of us for playing Nintendo’s “kiddy” games BUT at the same time they want said “kiddy” games on their smart phones or PCs it’s like… fucking hypocrites


  6. Rubbish!!Sega released all their Mega Drive classics on Iphone and Android like Sonic etc and to date they have sold 6 Million games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If the controls were so bad on the Iphone to play console games then NO ONE would have bought any Sega games!!!
    Games like Mario,Mario 2,Mario 3,Super Mario World are perfect for phones and tablets due to ONLY 1 button use with the control pad!!
    Nintendo again thinking they know what the consumer wants just like with the Wii U and with going mobile they are 100 percent wrong!!
    Ask anyone who has jailbroken their Iphones and they will tell you how awesome it is to play SNES,NES,GBA,MD games!!!
    Flappy Bird simple game made the creator a cool 3 Million a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!before he pulled it!!!


    1. Flappy bird made him money mostly from ads it was free on most mobile. I’ll admit the response is weird but dude people buy mobile just to kill time, its not market for everyone. It would be stupid of Nintendo to post their games on mobile, look what happen to Capcom,and square enix, they’ve lost tons of money in that market. You don’t see Sony or Microsoft releasing their games on apps store, because they would lose money on them


    2. Hmm. Actually, there are still some people who buy the games on Iphone and Android, although they know that the game is not really good on smartphone. And it is funny for me that you said “jailbroken”. It means that if you jailbreak the smartphone, you can get the “paid” game as free game right? So how is that can help Nintendo to increase the revenue?

      And please, do not compare Mario and Flappy Bird as the same game. Flappy Bird is a good game that just use one button only and it is really static game. But it will be different if we play Mario that must use D-pad (analog pad) and button just as you said earlier. And I know that the smartphone’s control pad is not good. I already tried it and I always dislike it.


  7. “I don’t have a curiosity of or feeling of needing to create or wanting to create games for those devices. I want Nintendo games to be played on Nintendo hardware.”

    THANK YOU! -_-


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