Watch Dogs Will Launch On All Platforms On May 27th, Apart From Wii U

A leaked trailer has revealed that Watch Dogs is finally coming on May 27th. The action packed game will be available to purchase on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC on May 24th. Ubisoft has yet to reveal when the Wii U version is coming after announcing that it has been delayed. This ties in with the announcement earlier today from Ubisoft who said that they have something to reveal at 6pm CET.

“We are pleased to be able to reveal to gamers all over the world the new release date for Watch Dogs,” said Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ubisoft. “We are extremely confident that the additional time we afforded the dev team to refine and polish the game will be more than worth the wait.”

Watch Dogs 
will be available on Sony PlayStation4 computer entertainment system, PlayStation3 computer entertainment system, Microsoft Xbox One the all-in-one games and entertainment system, Microsoft Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system and Windows PC. The Wii U version will release at a later date.


      1. Mario Kart 8 releasing near Watch Dogs explains the delay? My ass. That still didn’t stop Rayman Legends when they chose to delay the original Wii U plan and release it near 10 days before GTA5, ironically the most anticipated game for both PS3/360 which they thought by delaying it for those platforms will score more sales.

        In the end, they fucked up everything about Rayman Legends and Wii U from the start. Now they’re doing it again and saying or thinking Mario Kart 8 is the reason? They wanna give Wii U/Nintendo and fans the bird? Well, we’re giving it back. We’re all tired of this shit.

        1. Wii U will be the definitive version because they won’t be working on PS3, X360, PS4, X1, and PC at the same time. Just like how Rayman Legends was definitive on Wii U and not rushed out like the rest.

        2. Wow, the News was that it releases May 27th…
          that’s kinda dumb considering that they have to compete with
          Mario Kart 8
          the same week…

    1. That isn’t the reason, otherwise they’d have to delay the release on all platforms, otherwise it only hurts the Wii u versions sales as anybody wanting the game may now get it on another platform.

      Plus, most of the hype will surround the initial release, so when Wii u version releases there won’t be as much hype to sell the game. If they were really worried about Mario Kart digging into their sales they’d still be better off releasing the Wii u version at the same time as all others, if the game sold slower because of Mario Kart the worst that would happen is the copies might sit longer on the shelves, but at least they’d have the chance to sell. What they’re doing now is guaranteeing the Wii u version has the worst chance of selling. Hopefully they don’t use the poor sales as an excuse later to not support the platform.

      1. I have both a WiiU & PS4 i had this on order for my WiiU but i changed my order to the PS4 version a few weeks ago because of the delay.

          1. Sucks he just gets to play the better looking version without use of the crappy gamepad dying every 2 hours?

            Get serious.
            That gamepad does about as much for gaming as kinect. As in nothing.

      2. Sadly, I can already see them using it as an excuse to not support the Wii U anymore. (I hope I’m wrong.)

  1. Awesome, I switched over to the PC version. And I have 3 months from launch to play that game!

  2. It’s a bugger that it’s been delayed, but with Mario Kart coming out three days later, I wouldn’t have got it anyway. So I suppose it works out quite well

    1. How IRONIC that PS4 and Xbone One have no big releases in May, so Ubisoft decide to release it then and delay the Wii U version just as Wii U owners have Mario Kart the same week?

      1. Because of Mario Kart they should release it earlier, after Mario Kart comes out people who bought it will be playing it exclusively for months…But they will once again have an excuse to say it didn’t sell well on the Wii U when they basically sabotaged it from the beginning just like they did with Rayman…

  3. i perfere watch dogs and gta v over super smash bros. i after i bought super Mario 3d world for my wii u back November the game never had any great levels and the game felt like a rehash, i got sm3dw day one and when i played through it i felt i was scamed. i gotten the felling that all Nintendo is going this generation is trying rehash their games and 1 or 2 new features to try and convince their fanbase to buy it. COD ghost may be a rehash, but at least the series are still fun to play especially online while suoer Mario 3d world felt more like a repeat of sm3dl with hd graphics and cat suits. i just completely lost interest in Nintendo games this year. why does Nintendo keep making kiddy games and rehashing the same game over and over and over again. Nintendo is not the king of innovation, and fyi the gamepad was never innovative. most of the Nintendo fanbase on this website are just Nintendo fanboys. thank god the mods on this websites are not fanboys. that why i will always use this site. i stoped caring because the mods with a bunch of Nintendo fanboys who banned me for no reason. i love this site but don’t like the nintendrones on the comment section.

    1. I was going to entirely disagree with you. Based on overall replay value, BO2 was better than Ghosts. Ghosts was full of rehash, However, the “Dog” feature we all made fun of, was actually Very, very fun for me.

      I could do with an entire CoD where you play exclusively as the dog, including the multiplayer “zombie/monster” mode. +1 for dog mode.

      1. Also, Dogs are more human than humans in my opinion.
        For every violent dog, you have an equal or more violent human making them that way.

    2. I have to disagree with the bulk of your comment. I thought 3D world was way more than just a rehashed HD version of 3D land. While much of the game play itself was similar, the level designs were definitely more intense, and had more stuff to do including those captain toad levels and multiplayer game play.

      I also think the game pad is definitely innovative and many good things can come of that. It can be gimmicky if used incorrectly, but that goes for anything. The Wii remotes were gimmicky on many games that used them incorrectly, but we also got the ability to play shooters with point and shoot, near mouse accuracy. The game pad can bring that same innovation level, or even simply enhance experiences a little, like black ops 2 overhead map and calling in killstreaks and changing load outs without bringing up menus. Not to mention the local multiplayer aspect.

      Anything can be made to look gimmicky of you not implemented correctly or reported on with a bias.

      Also, Nintendo doesn’t make “kiddy” games as much as they make games everyone can play. Adults and children can both enjoy Nintendo games because they make them that way. I’m sure to some, Zelda is just as difficult and fun to play as Assassins Creed.

      To each their own of course.

      1. More intense? 3d world was the easiest Mario game I’ve ever played. I only died because the awful camera.
        My GF and I beat 3d world. I sold it. And I hope I never play it again. It was a rip off…

        Also, the guy talking about cod…
        Black ops 2 is definitely better than ghosts. The controls were just so bad on wii u. So clunky. Ugh.

    1. Sure.. sure, dont buy any games for the wiiu and then dis the developers when they decide to cancel games on the wiiu

      1. i will be getting this for my ps4 now & not my wiiu because the online will be better on the ps4 & also it will be cheaper.

        1. How you know online will be better? And cheaper? You have to pay for ps4’s online. I smell troll.

        2. Online cheaper?! Its not even free..!! Aghh… so far , we havent even seen a lot of footage either, kindly refrain yourself from acting like a retard.

      2. LOL shut up. I am a massive Nintendo fan, but if I own another system, I have the right to purchase for that system too. For example, imagine you had all three consoles, yet you just purchased all games for Wii U. That’d be ridiculous. I support Nintendo and all third parties, but I am not going to be waiting around, possibly till 2015 to play this game on my Wii U. Besides, 3 days after I get watch dogs on another system, I then get Mario Kart 8. Still supporting the Wii U.

    2. Ubisoft has made good Wii U games and shouldn’t be dismissed like the other 3rd parties, though stuff like this is worrying.

      May as well wait and see what the Wii U version offers before jumping the gun.

      1. Yeah, but I don’t want to have months and months to have the same experience, if it does go to 2015. All these Ubisoft Wii U delays are somewhat annoying me. I certainly would of purchased this version if it wasn’t delayed.

  4. EPIC FAIL once again by Ubisoft!!!!
    They released Rayman Legends the same week GTV was released and then wonder why it sold shit on the PS3 and Xbox 360!!!
    I actually think they are doing it on purpose, as trying to go up against Mario Kart the same week the Wii U version will sell like crap and then Ubisoft will brag well we told you Wii U games not sell much!!
    PS4 Xbone One have NO big releases in May!

  5. Love the double standards from Ubisoft. We had to deal with a delay for Rayman Legends so that the other consoles could get it at the same time, but ask them to do the same when it’s Nintendo users that have to wait? Tough luck.

  6. They think its a wise idea to delay Watch Dogs for Wii U, which I bet its near completed by now to follow a simultaneous release, to avoid Mario Kart 8’s hype train and then release after it winds down and expect adequate sales after everyone has one?

    This is gonna be Rayman Legends all over again and luckily I know Nintendo gamers are smart enough to not fall for this same BS twice. I’m officially done with Ubihypocrites/Ubiliars, whatever. This game for Wii U was their last chance for redemption and respect after Rayman and Splinter Cell nonsense and they royally and deliberately fucked it up.

    1. EXACTLY they will release it for the Wii U later when all the hype as gone down?LOL
      The ONLY reason they are doing this is to get more sales for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions,as people who were thinking of getting the Wii U version will not wait and just pick up a last gen copy!!
      Sorry but the Wii U version will be canned.Ubisoft will see the reaction of the game on all 4 systems and if it sells well Wii U version will be dropped, but if it sells like crap they will release the Wii U version to try and get more money!!
      It is a big F U again to Nintendo fans and about time Nintendo fans said FU to Ubisoft!!

      1. Not to worry. Nintendo has its own big guns coming and we all don’t need the selfish 3rd party screwing us consistently again.

        We won’t care if they all excuse themselves from Nintendo’s way of business permanently. What Nintendo needs is new partners that have fair sense of gaming for all platforms alike and not think out of quick cash grab tactics like EA.

    2. One of the reasons the Wii U version of the game isn’t hitting the same release date as every other platform is because it’s the only version not being developed in concert by the team in Montreal.

      “We have our studio in Bucharest working on it, and we wanted that team to have the time to explore the GamePad and be able to have fun with it and see how far they could push it,” he said. “It’s also an interesting platform, because it has its own strength, which we want to take advantage of, and we didn’t want to delay all the other platforms for that one. So we’re going to take the time we need to make sure the game is good (technically) when we ship it and that it also, game design-wise, makes good use of the specifics of the Wii U.”

  7. I hope this does decent numbers on wii u for ubisoft. I doubt it since people with other consoles might as well pick it up if this is something they really want at launch.

    1. Even if this actually released along with other systems, the wiiu version would still sell like crap.

      1. And how would you know that?

        Same was said and thought about Rayman Legends before and after the delay and the Wii U version still sold more than the others and still considered the best version by most.

        1. Does it change anything , though ? The division and the crew will not be coming to the wiiu , Batman isnt coming…. no other 3rd party games have so far been announced for the wiiu :(

  8. Why is everyone assuming that watch dogs is getting delayed because of mario kart?? They never even confirmed that. Jeez doesn’t anyone stay optimistic. We pretty much need to be for the wii u sake.

      1. I understand everyone’s frustration, but the way I see it, is at least Ubi still makes games for WiiU.

        Miiverse is probably shitting bricks right now. :(

        1. All the Nintendo fans are asking for is fair, equal treatment meaning contents and simultaneous opporutnity upon release so they won’t feel abandoned.

          But all these 3rd party asshats give in return is BS after BS after shitloads more of BS.

    1. LMFAO!
      You would want me to be a faggot you rambunctious gay!
      Hey, like you said, I’m always speaking the truth. :D

    1. And what’s so special about next gen besides slightly bumped visuals and cramped PC 8GB RAM to make them sound powerful when even Xbox One still can’t do 1080p?

  9. Kart has nothing to do with it. It’s delayed because it’ll sell about 8 copies on the Wii U, so they put resources on other aspects and dropped the Wii U version for a while. They’ve said as much.

    That said, anyone who doesn’t buy a game because of a delay or because it’s available on other consoles is robbing themselves of a good experience.

    Rayman Legends was a great game on Wii U. It sold poorly, as expected, and they were right to put it on other consoles.

    1. why should they waste the time for Weakest version of watch dogs.#NintendoStepUpOrShutUpE3-2014

    2. Rayman sold poorly on Wii U? You do know that’s the exact opposite of reality?

      Because of Ubisoft being incredibly stupid enough to do 1. Delaying a completed version of a game thus help tarnishing a system’s launch window and later Rayman Legends Wii U sales as a fallout from pissed off gamers in waiting and 2. Decided to release it for other systems at a bad fucking time near GTA5’s eve of launch whivh most gamers on those platforms were aiming to buy. The sheer irony of all this is: They delayed a game for a multiplatform target but release it at thr same platform at a terrible time costing its own target sales and then the other version they dare tried to put down out ended up selling the most out of all versions and still being considered the best version even beats PS4/One ports.

      Short to the point: Ubisoft delayed Rayman for nothing and thats their own fault for underestimating Wii U from the beginning.

      Hope this lesson sheds more light on how slick 3rd parties have become scamming money from millions of suckers on so called better systems and condemn the only few fair gaming companies left out of blind greed and hate because of what they believe in gaming.

  10. I have both a WiiU & PS4 i had this on order for my WiiU but i changed my order to the PS4 version a few weeks ago because of the delay.

  11. Has anyone even thought of the possibility that they’re releasing it after Mario Kart 8 is released, so they can benefit from the additional user base?? Once Mario Kart 8 comes out, you can guarantee that there’s going to be a lot of people buying Wii U’s. (It would actually be smart of Nintendo to have a new Wii U and Mario Kart 8 bundle) This is actually smart of Ubisoft…wait until Mario Kart 8 is released, let it’s release increase the Wii U user base for them, wait for the hype to die down, then right around E3 time in June when everyone is thinking about new games, bam! release Watch Dogs Ultimate Edition on Wii U! The extra time would even allow then to polish up the Wii U experience a bit more. I think the Wii U edition will be the definitive version, just like Rayman, allowing it to make full use of the game pad. I would way rather have better gameplay and use of the tablet controller than slightly better graphics on the PS4 or XBone (probably won’t be much better on the XBone anyways). I could give two shits about PS4 or XBone at this point anyways.

    1. Even if they started selling the game before MK8 released they’d still be able to benefit from the increased user base just as much as if they released it after. If copies of the game sit on shelves a little longer it wouldn’t affect much. Only difference is that by releasing after, they guarantee the Wii u version will lose sales due to people who own multiple systems buying it for whatever system they can get it on at release.

      1. I see what you mean, but I don’t agree with you entirely…The first week of sales is usually the largest, it typically tapers off after then. So if Wii U had a larger user base after MK8 is released, then the first week of sales for Watch Dogs Wii U should typically be larger than before the release of MK8, or one would think. Plus, releasing it in June could also be a better time given that there isn’t really much else being released for that month for Wii U, plus it’s E3 month (be a good time to hype up the release for Wii U). I do agree with you though that some people won’t be patient enough to wait for the Wii U if they have another console or even PC, but myself being one of the patient persons, I believe there’s lots more of me out there that will wait as I believe that the Wii U version will be worth the wait.

        I’m just trying to be optimistic by the way, I don’t know what their real plan is, just trying to see the good in it. :-)

    2. That sounds like a fucking smart idea man. I hope thats true. But I ain’t waiting till fucking summer to play the damn game.

  12. I was wandering if they are some Ubisoft employee reading this blog. If I have a discussion with one of them I think I will inform them about their managers stupid business decision. I mean how can you piss off so many people who were behind the company before the rayman scandale (let’s call it the rayman’s gate)? They say well Wii U is just 2% in 2013, they took the decision during the launch of the Wii U and they still wondering why people don’t by their products…. now with this watch dog situation they hoping people will be happy about that??? They better have a very good excuse i.e. we want to make sure the game is bug free and incorporate the gamepad functionality as well as throwing some free exclusive content which will make the game to sell more and make some sort of apologises. I don’t buy the mario kart’s release bullshit. On the top of that, it’s my understanding that rayman ‘s legend sell more on the Wii u than any other platform????

  13. I am betting everything on that they’ll be canceling it. They’re probably holding it back, because they’re hoping that Nintendo will turn the Wii U around. When that doesn’t happen after the first week of Mario Kart; that’s when they’ll pull the

  14. Mk8 will sell more copies then watchdogs on every platform combined.

    Aaa market fears the jumpmam

  15. The delay of Watch Dogs is because they want to use the gamepad as advantage for Wii U version. I know that everyone is mad but I’m glad because at least the game still coming to Wii U.

    1. You’re so naive. They last said they why they delayed Wii U version was to shift focus on other resouces” meaning other versions.

      And now I’m hearing Ubisoft reconfirming the same story. Now they said “its on paused so they can focus on other versions”

      I was right. Ubisoft never gave a shit about Wii U from the start.

  16. Thats the difference this epic game isn’t rayman its watch dogs. theres actually a chance of a a awesome game coming for the wii u and it gets delayed, this is probably a game that would sell alot of copies. Its not another game where you jump on green shells, no I believe this game has a chance to sell well. Why don’t you other fucker understand that.

    1. Its not the game. Its how 3rd parties itself are treating Nintendo fanbase like a third wheel that doesn’t even matter in their equation. Why the fuck bother making games if they intend to keep pissing on us like this? There’s nothing wrong with the system. And how the fanbase is low because of how they’re abandoning the console and its gamers long before it came to light.

      The core of Wii U’s bad reputation was because they put a nasty taste in everyone’s mouths about it and some of Nintendo basically did nothing but watch it happen.

  17. They could just be finding new and better functions for the wii u gamepad, so that could be the reason for the small delay.

  18. One of the reasons the Wii U version of the game isn’t hitting the same release date as every other platform is because it’s the only version not being developed in concert by the team in Montreal.

    “We have our studio in Bucharest working on it, and we wanted that team to have the time to explore the GamePad and be able to have fun with it and see how far they could push it,” he said. “It’s also an interesting platform, because it has its own strength, which we want to take advantage of, and we didn’t want to delay all the other platforms for that one. So we’re going to take the time we need to make sure the game is good (technically) when we ship it and that it also, game design-wise, makes good use of the specifics of the Wii U.”

  19. THAN WHY NOT JUST COME OUT AND SAY IT THAN. They already developed the game for the system, it’d be a waste of tome & money just to cancel it at the last moment. Instead they could keep improving the game on the wii u so instead of being a half ass unpolished game, it’ll be fully ready with nothing left out. I assume they’re hoping to see alot on all consoles man.

  20. to be honest i think this is just crap they spend all that time and effort on ps3 and 360 versions but stop work on the wii u version because of it. they should had dumped the PS3 and 360 version better yet not even make them in the first place and concentrated it on the next gen and pc versions

  21. Poor weakU.. glad I bought a ps3. To play watch dogs I don’t care about graphics as long as the gameplay is good for my ps3

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