Big Ubisoft Announcement Coming At 6 pm CET Today

Ubisoft has teased on Facebook that it has a big announcement to share with gamers at 6pm CET today. Clearly speculation is rife regarding what the announcement will be about. A release date and trailer for the highly anticipated Watch Dogs appears to be the best bet. However, it could be the reveal of the next Assassin’s Creed.

Big news tonight – be ready at 18:00 CET!

Update: It looks as though the news has broke early and it’s the release date for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC version of Watch Dogs on May 27th. We already know that the Wii U version of the game is delayed.


    1. Ubisoft:: due to 0.15% of causual gamers who create over half of mobiles revenue… we decided we will abandon consoles and focus solely on mobile because u know fuck the real gamer. Also assassins creed 2015,16,17,18,19 will be an episodic quintrillogy and will take place on modern day mars. The rover has become sentient.

      1. Wow the News was that it releases May 27th…
        that’s kinda dumb considering that they have to compete with Mario Kart 8 the same week…

    2. even though its sad that it would happen this comment is hilarious – This Is Gamer, Peace Out

    3. Ey douche bag. Quit being a hater. Just because you don’t like the Wii U doesn’t mean others can’t.

  1. Let me guess: The big announcement is also gonna be Ubisoft’s grand “fuck you” moment for Nintendo. I promise everyone they’re gonna do it.

    Imagine: Assassin’s Creed 5 either game or DLC canceled for Wii U, Watchdogs Wii U either further delayed or canceled with no real explanation besides the usual Wii U install base/sales/power BS. But wait, they say they’ll reveal something “big” for Wii U to make up all of their deliberate BS towards the system and gamers on Wii U platform and its called…wait for it……CATS&DOGS! And it’ll be launching next week at its half ass baked completion….

    Seriously Ubisoft, fuck you cause we’re done with your hypocrite “We’re Wii U enthusiasts” BS like EA’s fangirl rage over Origin rejection and terrible reputation of killing many game franchise they touches, WB turning their backs on Wii U for nothing and Activision conning everyone with overpriced contents.

    1. Well said bro !!!! Yes fuck U ubisoft!!! I will not buy anymore games from U !!! And I will burn my raymand disk!!

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