Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs Is Still Coming To Wii U

Ubisoft has, once again, reconfirmed that Watch Dogs is still in development for Wii U. A Twitter user recently requested the publisher to clearly state that the Wii U version of the upcoming open-world title hasn’t been canceled to counter skeptics. Ubisoft acknowledged the user’s plea and assured him that the game is coming to Nintendo’s console. The release date for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs hasn’t been announced yet.


    1. And its also more sad they’re screwing Wii U and people still believe they’re serious 3rd party supporter of Nintendo which they’re not.

      I’m smart enough to know the difference and know for a fact that the Wii U version is definitely finished but holding it back to hurt the Wii U even more. People need to seriously wake the hell up and send these hypocrite, money grubbing bastards a message that this old sabotage plan is outdated and we, Nintendo fans, will no longer tolerate this BS.

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  1. Considering that it is being released last, and long after it is released on every other medium, it’s damage control.

    1. Yep, agree. they will not confirm it is cancelled. It is probably not cancelled right now. Its on a wait and see, if it does well then release it otherwise don’t spend money on a consoles that will only sale 3% of the total. Wiiu is not a money maker for any publisher, other than indie.

      WiiU means 1st party and indie console, only now.

      1. So this is a repeat of Aliens: Coloniel Marines? If the other versions do good, then this version will be realesed?

      1. Because to say it’s still coming, just a very long time after everyone else in the world has already played it, is only buying them some time so that there won’t be any negative press to impact their launch sales on all the other systems. It just keeps Nintendo fans at bay for a little while. They can always say anything afterwards.

      2. If they don’t care what Nintendo fans want, then why is it relevant to keep Nintendo fans at bay?

      3. Too late for yours so stop trying so hard being intelligent or it’ll be reduced to rust.

      4. Who said that they didn’t care what Nintendo fans said? It’s just spin control for public image and to deflect the issue, so that it doesn’t affect sales of the versions that ARE coming out now. Public image is everything with companies.

      5. I guess. But if they really aren’t gonna support the Wii U, then I’d rather have them just tell me up front that this is the case. It won’t affect sales on other systems, I’m sure. Actually, if they just say how it is, I can buy the games for other systems instead of waiting for a version that may or may not ever come out.

      6. I completely agree with you. I work for a worldwide leader in a product and I understand public perception. But perception isn’t just built on what you say. It’s also built on what you don’t say and the actions you take over time. If a company is completely honest with me, but they say something I don’t want to hear, I would rather have that because I know exactly where I stand with them. I can accept it and hope for better results in future endeavors. It’s when I can’t trust the words they say, that they lose all credibility with me.

  2. If the version is coming after the other versions, then I don’t see how it will sell decently. I really want to get the WiiU version but the Sony versions have a 60-minute extra content as well as the limited edition. There is also the question of DLC for the WiiU version.

    1. Who knows, maybe whatever DLC was released by the time the Wii U version comes out will be included.

    2. It won’t sell decently regardless of it’s release. Ubisoft is expecting 5 million in the first month per console and their expectations are just not realistically possible.

    1. So they’re cowardly to challenge Mario Kart 8 by releasing another anticipated Wii U game first to gain some ground before MK8? This delay, whatever stupid ass reason it is, is a complete opposite of how they pulled off Rayman delay and then blindly launch it near GTA5 which is a far more anticipated game than Rayman and Mario Kart combined.

      To tell you the truth, regardless of which ever game comes first, I would buy both and maybe forgive Ubisoft after Rayman. But now this seals the deal of cease my support for these hypocrites for good.

    2. This can’t be the case. Everyone knows the exact day that MK8 will release. If this delay was because of that, then Ubisoft would make a definitive release date for Wii U Watch Dogs about 3 – 5 weeks after MK8 releases. Therefore, the fact that the Wii U version doesn’t have a definitive release date means that it’s not because of MK8.

  3. Oh well… I hope they don’t expect oodles of money pouring in for the title when they finally do shove it on the Wii-U’s platform!


    1. It’s pathetic really, they delayed Rayman to support other platforms but they can’t delay Watchdogs to support WiiU. I won’t even bother buying the game this way, why buy it months after everyone already played it on every other platform. So yeah, won’t bother with it much like I didn’t bother getting Rayman Legends on launch and ended up getting it used.

      1. That’s when you only buy it used from Gamestop or something. Buying used means that the devs don’t get any money from the sale, right? Only Gamestop gets money this way, right?

  4. Arguing with internet trolls is like playing chess with a pigeon – no matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, then strut around as if it has won.

      1. Atleast they release some games on the system. Unlike yourself, people actually want to play games on their system.
        Now tell me, are there any releases DKTF and mario kart ? No. 2.5 months of well, nothing!.

        You just give a bad name to all nintendo fans. “commander”..? Oh please…..

      2. How do I give a bad name to fans?…

        I play Nintendo games almost every day at least a bit…

      3. I suppose Ubisoft have given support to Nintendo, at least, more support we get from other companies, it seems that the only major developers Nintendo still has for the Wii U is Ubisoft and Sega…

      4. Same falls for PS4/One. What other games from launch to now that are high on anticipation besides Thief the remake and Titanfall the single player-less COD with Mechs? Nothing else either so don’t try to BS the BS about Wii U.

  5. They should at least delay other versions like they did with Rayman’s only fair.

  6. Yep, not happening.

    I mean, really, saying this is just as easy as saying it IS going to happen. It’s not a substantial statement at all, especially when the evidence is highly discouraging and not at all representative of the easy statement.

  7. while i hate that ubi has to delay the game again for wii u, im happy that its till coming but i cant wait…literally. hope it releases sometime mid 2014 like early june or late june, either way is fine but i wont stand if its released in fall

  8. Yes, we’ll get the game months after the other versions, it will fail (because by then the people who wanted it will get it on another console.) the developers will say Wii U sales suck, and use this as an excuse to not make games at all for the Wii U.

    Their plan is working perfectly and many other developers will follow suit, leaving us Wii U owners with only first parties titles, which isn’t that bad by the way.

  9. I hope the Wii U version turns out the best, so that the Nintendo fans can gloat to the Sony and Microsoft fans.

    1. Sorry to burst your bubble but it most likely won’t…

      BUT if it is better than the other versions then I’ll take the Ubisoftians of the target list…

      1. It is going to be the best version if they use the gamepad has the hackin device.

      2. Which they already stated they wouldn’t do anything special with it…

      3. They want to sell it nicely on pscrap and xbutt first before telling everybody Wiiu version is using the gamepad as the hackin device…

      4. I believe they confirmed they ARE using the game pad in unique ways.

      5. Because I remember an article here on MNN saying the contrary…

  10. No estoy seguro if I want this game once I get a U. Yeah I call it that. Sue me! Hugs.

      1. Yo no lo quiero, prefiero Titanfall para mi PC. Mejor me enfoco en Mario Kart 8 y Smash Bros. y despues en X y Bayonetta que esta cosa que ha sido un si y un no desde que lo anunciaron. Ya da mucha pereza!

      2. Claro, Jugar juegos asi son preferibles en la computadora, por eso a mi no me queda comprar un Playstation y yo odio los Xboxes…

        Nuestro imperio tiene juegos que no se pueden jugar en otras maquinas y siempre son mejores…

      3. Si si claro, estoy esperando para un Mario Kart 8 Bundle…

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  11. Watch, the Wii U version is going to turn out what the PS4 version was suppose to look like and the PS4 and Xbone versions end up looking like last years last gen consoles version. That would be funny XD

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  12. How many of these articles you have already…
    But I will wait, only until PC version is 50% off, then I will inform Ubisoft the sale they lost on Wii U, and peanuts they got from the PC version because of this delay.

  13. My email from amazon said the game will be coming out December 31, 2014. That’s just what Ubisoft told them. Ubisoft has no clear intentions of when they are going to release Watch_Dogs for Wii U.

    1. That sounds like a placeholder, but that would be effective way to kill any Wii U sales they might have got.

  14. doctre81 – “The definitive version of all your favourite games”
    Anyway, ALBA you’re telling us stuff we already know.

    1. The N-Dub Nation are too delusional, they accept anything these Third Class Empires brings to the Wii U…

      1. However retarded I may be, an Xbot like you will always be several times worse…

      2. Definitely not me. If I hear any gimp, any excuse, any BS delay like this only involving Wii U, I’m not buying or supporting any 180 bastard.

      3. Indeed, I’m the same…

        You should join the Commander ranks instead and destroy these fools together with me…


  15. like that has any relevance

    it may be their current stance, but if they feel like cancelling it they will anyway

  16. I hope they go ahead and add a bunch of stuff to make the Wii U version special. Namely, fully integrating the Game Pad. Also, releasing it with all of the DLC. Call it Watch_Dogs Definitive Edition.

  17. they should just install some kind of bot that tweets “watch dogs Wii U is still coming” every 24 hours. :-)

  18. geez people are so impatient and utterly stupid. OK Ubisoft does not have a very good track record for supporting Nintendo. But those guys says the game is still coming and I can still read people who does not believe them.

    if they paused the development for the Wii U version, It would not be far from the truth to say they do not have any clue when they will release it.

    So it makes sense for me they don’t give any release date. Personally I see it as a good thing rather than a bad thing. Ubisoft knows they piss off a lot of Nintendo fans with Rayman and that. They also know they won’t sell as much as PS3,PS4 or Xbox 360 but I am sure they will make the effort to give that version some special and if there is any bugs they will be corrected.

    Those people who can’t wait the Wii U version and going to buy on PC or other platform you are such like impatient spoiled brats, where is your support to this console?

    I will wait and see I won’t buy the game when it comes out cause it would be very expensive and it will give me time to assess the Wii U against other version. not like buy the first available version and regret it later.

    It’s no wonder why the Wii U failing is not just because of Nintendo but gamer like you who can’t wait. Just to finish my rant how can you afford so many games? bleemy you must be loaded

    1. “But those guys says the game is still coming and I can still read people who does not believe them. ”

      because corporations will change their business strategy on a whim if it suits their needs

      regardless of what you may think: some promise made on twitter is not in the least binding to them and they’ve proven before that they have absolutely no issue with disappointing their consumer base/kicking them in the balls

      so yeah i won’t believe them either until i see WD released on the wii u.. not like that has any relevance to me anymore as i won’t buy it after this…

      1. “because corporations will change their business strategy on a whim if it suits their needs.”

        Yeah and we know what happen with Rayman. But if you followed the development of Watch Dog, it’s a different story. Hence why I think you should believe them for now. And from a business point of view it would not make any sense to cancel the game on short, middle and long term.

        “some promise made on twitter is not in the least binding to them and they’ve proven before that they have absolutely no issue with disappointing their consumer base/kicking them in the balls”

        Because they mess it up with Rayman, it also does mean they will do it with WD also this does not prove your theory either.

        can I tell you why I think they will release the game even if they do not put much effort on it. The game is already over budget, the Wii U development is way too far now to cancel. It was a good business decision to pause the wii U version cause the others version were already later.If I guess it right they paused the Wii U version when they announce the game will be delay for other version. And from what I can tell they did not have the time to figure it out how to make it works on the gamepad. The A team (Montreal) was surprise the B team (Bucharest) managed to get the gmaepad working so fast which also means the development should last 3 to 4 months (bear in mind it took Montreal an extra 6 months to finish the development). Even if the game will not have huge sale on the wii U, Ubisoft will at least gain the lost of money from the delay of every platform by releasing the game on Wii U even if it sale 30K copies.

      2. “Yeah and we know what happen with Rayman. But if you followed the development of Watch Dog, it’s a different story. Hence why I think you should believe them for now”

        why is that a different story?
        if ubisoft decides that resuming development on the wii u version is not worth the effort they WILL cancel it regardless of whether it’s a different story or what promises have been made on twitter

      3. “Because they mess it up with Rayman, it also does mean they will do it with WD also this does not prove your theory either.”

        my theory doesn’t have to be proven because it’s a fact

        i’m not saying it will be cancelled, i’m saying it will be cancelled if the higher ups at ubisoft decide it’s not worth the effort and that’s not a theory that’s a fact

      4. “the Wii U development is way too far now to cancel.”

        you have not the slightest idea how far advanced wii u development currently is

      5. funny you state fact when in reality it just your feeling and you don’t consider the business aspect. I can say the same thing you don’t have any idea what the higher ups in Ubisoft think. It does not take a genius to understand that ubisoft was developing the game for Wii U in the first place and paused it when they knew the development of the game was delay. let me keep you post when the game is release and prove you how wrong you are

      6. seriously? you’re saying that the statement that corporations try to maximize earnings and minimize losses is just a “feeling”? is the concept of capitalism alien to you or something?

        “I can say the same thing you don’t have any idea what the higher ups in Ubisoft think.”

        yet i never claimed to know what they may think

        i said that IF they decide it is not in their best interests to publish WD on the wii U they WILL NOT publish it

        i don’t get what’s so hard to understand about that

        ” let me keep you post when the game is release and prove you how wrong you are”

        i don’t see how you could prove me wrong when i never claimed that the game definitely won’t be released on the wii u.. i didn’t say that ONCE..
        try to prove me wrong on that one ;)

        now try to be attentive -> read and UNDERSTAND before you reply

      7. geez here the pot calls kettle black. man you were so like: “Ubi will cancel it and so on and so on cause it not in their interest FACT you said (read you own post) . After that we have the capitalism shit and a IF statement after. And that from your own words it was a Fact. Back in reality I try to tell it is not the case and i think I made a vaildate argument as to why.

        Here the facts: the game is being in development and it’s Bucharest studio who is in charge THAT’S a bloody fact. They were developing the game at the same time as the other and paused it when the other version were late that’s another FACT. Then they have to issue a statement cause otherwise false rumors will spread and twitter was a fast and dirty way to do it after an official statement THAT’S ANOTHER FACT

        What’s wrong with you?? Do not have a brain to understand that??????

        “now try to be attentive -> read and UNDERSTAND before you reply”

        for the love of god I hope you were talking about you man cause you completely ignore what I said and stay in your conspiracy theory. Listen it simple buy the fucking game when available, if you don’t think it will be on Wii U then buy the PC, PS or xbox version..

      8. “Ubi will cancel it and so on and so on cause it not in their interest FACT”

        i never said that, i said that they will cancel it IF it’s not in their interest and that IS a fact
        that is also why people aren’t trusting some twitter statement

        fucking learn to read

      9. oh and in case you’re either too stupid to read or too fucking lazy to look up what i ACTUALLY said here’s my original statement:
        “because corporations will change their business strategy on a whim if it suits their needs”

        and as a follow up:
        “i’m not saying it will be cancelled, i’m saying it will be cancelled if the higher ups at ubisoft decide it’s not worth the effort ”

        see that tiny word “if”?
        not too hard to spot if you have a working set of eyeballs

        don’t even bother to reply as i will ignore your bullshit from now on
        fucking mook

      10. geez I was about to say no point to carry on this conversation cause you really don’t get it and you seems to be confuse.

        to be honest you are the one who does read what you wrote and what I wrote back to you (on the top of that you are insulting me).

        I could tell you too fuck off, you being a moron and insult your intelligence (well if you have one) as well as inventing a bullshit like I have two people from Ubi Nancy and Montepellier who confirmed the game will be on wii U (btw it’s a lie) just to comeback at you and carry on this threat but one has to be the growing up.

        Since your are going to ignore it I hope that will be the end of it.

      11. just one last thing, why do you think it’s Bucharest studio which is now in charge of developing the game for Wii U? They are as good as the team in Montreal (if not better) they have the source good of the other version and they hourly rate is way cheaper than Montreal. Don’t get me wrong I am still piss off @ Ubi for the rayman story and as far I am concern I won’t buy Rayman (tbh I never wanted to) but I think you have to take the current history of WD as well as a logic business strategy, not just the bad decision for Rayman

      12. You forgot Ubisoft’s lack of common sense when they delayed Wii U Rayman, which was already completed and ready for Wii U console launch, to release it for PS3/360 at the point where most of the platforms fanbase were waiting for GTA5 that came barely days after Rayman. Because of that retarded double standard decision to release a completed game for the intended systems at a very bad time, not only Ubisoft lost a large portion of the retail sales to GTA5 out of stupidity but were also proven dead wrong about underestimating Wii U’s launch predictions since it sold the most copies and being called the definitive version.

        If Ubisoft launched Rayman Legends as planned for Wii U, it would’ve benefit both sides and have a better Win-Win outcome: Nintendo/Wii U’s reputation and sales would’ve been better than now and Ubisoft would’ve been praised mire by fans. Far too late to fix that now. Ubisoft fucked up Rayman and now will fuck up the rest of whatever Nintendo-Ubisoft fanbase they have left for not being honest about how they really see the Wii U.

        Stop over looking their mistakes and try to hint or blame the other side for THEIR poor choice of support. The truth is in the common sense. Go find it and I mean the real deal.

      1. For them to keep unnecessaily delaying shit only and conveniently for Wii U?

        Not a damn chance in blue hell on earth.

  19. Dam why cant ubsoft just make up there minds its either comeing to wiiu or not is it so hard to get a straight answer like yes or no first they say is coming than there like no its delayed a week later its not delayed a month latter its not delayed its coming soon

    1. They have made up their minds… it’s other morons who keep asking. Watch Dogs was never cancelled for Wii U and Ubisoft has said many, many times that it is coming, but people just don’t seem to believe them.

      1. Yeah. The same morons are just dense. Ubisoft is a fucking business. You do NOT sacrifice the main stream of revenue for a small minority of gamers on a system that is barely on life support. It’s a goddamn miracle we even get watch dogs. Instead of being thankful, Nintendo gamers keep bitching. Nintendo is fucked if it’s fan base is just as stupid as their marketing team. Ubisoft has put twice the effort Nintendo has in development for WiiU.

        Nintendo’s own first party games are under par as they lack detail and online game play. They “practice”HD programming on Windwaker, when they should have been doing it when developing WiiU. What the fuck was Nintendo doing for years as the last Gen died a painful death?

        after this post, I’m leaving for a while. You’re a bunch of impatient, ungrateful spoiled gamers, and thanks to your ignorant rage towards any third party who puts software on a system knowing damn well it won’t make them a dime, instead of saying thank you, you LITERALLY want them to leave. You TRULY want nothing but indie games.

        Fuck. If this is the fan base Nintendo is breeding with their lazy, blind strategy, then the gaming industry can just go to hell and I’ll find another hobby.

      2. I guess you’re a flip flop about being a Nintendo fan.

        Unless this hasn’t occur in your mind or knowledge yet, Nintendo fans and only them have been going through this BS run of late multiports, gimps, no DLCs, excuses and lack of answers of these businesses’ s true intentions and feelings about Nintendo and their consoles. They’ve gotten sick of these games of the 3rd parties just to make the consoles, games and them look bad.

        You obviously misunderstoon the feelings of the fanbase because I know damn well you’re another fanboy from another world invading to spur your so called “truth” about us when its just nothing more than deliberate misconception to further insult and blame the group.

        Please take that shit somewhere else or invent a better constructive train of thought by experiencing what we have first. I too am sick of this shit because the excuse for modern gamers have such embarrassing rate of mentality to buy games and consoles only for cheap ass, overused hollywood realism CGI and illusion of powerful hardware = better gameplay experience which is still currently few generations late compare to PC standards.

  20. I’m going to take Ubi’s word on this since they have been one of the best third party supporters of Wii U. However, I am a little concerned that Ubi doesn’t have a release date and won’t even commit to 2014. If the game comes out in 2015, I highly doubt anyone with a Wii U will want last years game that probably doesn’t have the DLC and is being outsourced to a studio in Bucharest.

  21. this is just anther thing wrong with Ubisoft from not giving DLC, to the stalling of Rayman legends, even the European version of South park the stick of truth was censored without any reason. this company is just screwing us about treating their customers like chumps. well if they are going to F*#K me then they should at least take me out to dinner be for they F*#k me

  22. notice how nintendrones want the wii u version to be the best. wii u doesnt even have achievement system. LMAO its going the worst version

    1. Wow..a lack of achievement system = worst system ever…

      Then I guess many great consoles that served true challenges and achievements before the Xbox that came & screwed everything (Rareware for example) were terrible because it doesn’t follow the typically shallow Xbox Live standards which nobody bothers to care or check anyway?

      Like most modern gaming douchebags, you got no fucking taste in gaming, creativity or achievements. I think playing COD must be REALLY hard for you. *sarcasm*

  23. Why not hold back & release on all platforms like they did with RayMan Legends ?

    I have cancelled my pre-order for the WiiU version of WatchDogs Deadsec & gone for the PS4 Special Edition version instead & got inFAMOUS: Second Son with the money i saved.

    1. Infamous is being over-marketed by gaming websites…
      In reality, its nothing but a GTA clone with people flying

  24. What you Xbones and PS Fags need to understand is that the Wii U is like the Celine Dion of the video game world, singers write and sing songs and they are great then Celine comes along and does a cover of that song and its fantastic. The same applies to Wii U any game that comes out such as watchdogs will always be the definitive version because of the Wii U’s unique features especially when were talking about a game (Watchdogs) that’s based around a guy pulling a gadget out of his pocket and hacking stuff, I very much doubt hes pulling an xbone controller out is he it will have an interface and screen on such as the Gamepad! See what I mean. The Wii U is Celine Dion and the gamepad is her amazing Unique voice. The Wii U will come into its own this year and next you mark my words. run scared fuckers run scared.

    1. I’m still getting the Wii U version.You guys understand what amount of 3rd party support we will get later on is based on this game,so buy it.For the sake of more third party.

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  26. this will be as close to a GTA the wii u will get… also the fact that it has online multiplayer free roaming should be pretty fun with friends.. hope we get it by late summer to be honest..

    1. Oh I bet the multiplayer will be either omitted like Batman Arkham Origins or glitched without patches like Splinter Cell because of the whole “small install base” BS.

      Well, it ain’t gonna work now since PS4/Wii U are closely even at sales numbers so no more excuses except it being Nintendo fans only buying Nintendo games.

  27. preorder watch dogs on wii u on amazon, and just received an email with the delivery date for 12/31 !?

  28. trying to make wiiu fans feel a little better. don’t expect too much from this version though.

  29. Five reasons why we know Ubisoft is actively trying to destroy Wii U and hurt Nintendo:

    1.- No relevant 3DS support.

    The fact that the Nintendo 3DS is the best selling console of the generation yet Ubisoft hasn’t published a title for the console since late 2012 (Ironically, the moment in which the Nintendo portable started to pick up and literally dozens of 3rd party studios started developing games for it) seems more than a little fishy.

    Seeing as the final end of a business is to make money and putting a game on 3DS at this point is as much a risk as eating a leaf of lettuce, it kinda feels like Ubisoft is trying really hard to NOT put games that may help give the console even slightly more impressive sales numbers

    2.-Too much Wii U (Supposed) support.

    For the quantity of developers who are jumping ship on Nintendo’s latest home console it’s interesting to note Ubisoft is not doing so despite only 2% of their sales of last year coming from Wii U. For the common individual this may seem like Ubisoft is trying to help Nintendo; the intelligent observer will however notice something does not add up.

    Out of the six relevant games published (Or to be published) by Ubisoft for the Wii U (Zombie U, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed 4, Child of Light and Watch_Dogs), five have been surrounded by major controversy.

    Zombie U released to mediocre reviews and backlash, which turned potential consumers off; Rayman Legends was delayed twice, eventually going from a launch window exclusive title to a year old stab in the back which turned potential customers off, Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed 4 were both rated as mediocre and inferior, and accused of being meaningless and half-baked ports which turned potential customers off and Watch_Dogs has been delayed in virtue of the PS, PC and XBOX versions of the game, which has turned potential customers off.

    See what these games have all in common? They are actively creating a poor image for the console and TURNING POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS OFF of it, deterring attention from the 1st and 2nd party releases with their shiny looks and overhyped titles and failing to deliver positive consurmer experiences.

    There’s a saying that goes: “Keep your friends near and your enemies closer”. In the past it has proven ineffective to just have people talk shit of Nintendo to ensure them going out of business, so perhaps an inside job is proving more suitable.

    3.- Rayman Legends

    The first and probably most infamous delay of the Wii U’s lifetime, which was at one point a launch window exclusive that eventually got a three month old launch release, only to be pushed seven months further so it could become a multiplatform game and launch first on XBOX.

    While this can be read simply as Ubisoft catering to Microsoft’s nazi publication politics, it may hide a darker intent.

    It’s common knowledge that sidescrolling platforming games have little to no market outside of Nintendo platforms, Sony has made a good case for them with the Little Big Planet and Puppeteer games in PS3 and PSV (Though even those have had mild economic success), but Microsoft really has not. So why push back a game 7 months so it can release first on a console in which it will undoubtedly do poorly? This seems like a deliberate attempt from Ubisoft to turn off Wii U users from the game by creating a general sense of dissatisfaction, which would in turn transform into poor sales and either damage Wii U further or give them an excuse to jump ship by claiming “games don’t sell on Wii U”; or both. It doesn’t really help that the game’s launch date was switched from a clear drought to the eve of the arrival the heavy hitting The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Was this done to create more contrast and diminish the sales even further?

    Anyway, if this was their intent it ultimately failed since the game did poorly on every console, and yet did its best on Wii U.

    4.- Watch_Dogs

    At this point dwelling on speculative speech is moot, so let me just say it like it is: This game has become the second attempt at the same strategy, the poor sales of which will arguably become the final scapegoat for the publisher.

    The main difference with Rayman Legends is that this game caters much more to the audience of the Sony and Microsoft consoles, thus ensuring it doesn’t tank on them while still killing any chance the game has to do moderately well on the Nintendo platform by delaying it indefinitely, to a point in which the game may very well be irrelevant to Wii U users due to the existence of 1st and second party titles such as X, Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros 4 or the still hypothetical Zelda Wii U and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

    Contrary to what most people think, I don’t believe the game to be cancelled, but it will most probably be a poor PS3 or XBOX 360 port with no GamePad integration.

    5.- Lies and double standards

    Much has been speculated and discussed about Ubisoft’s poor management of their Wii U development, however, we’re in a point in which the lies start piling up and becoming inconsistent with one another.

    The most glaring of these instances happened recently, when Ubisoft announced that the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs had been stopped full on to focus the resources into PS4 and XBOX ONE development.

    This creates two problems with previous statements from the company.

    Back when the WIi U launched, many companies including Ubisoft stated how hard it was to develop for it, and how they wouldn’t be putting as much effort on it due to this. But now that PS4 and XBOX ONE have launched it seems imperative to redirect all resources WIi U development may have had to develop on them. Why is it that Wii U deserved the boot for being hard to develop in, but PS4 and XBOX ONE deserve all the attention and care they can sqeeze off of the Nintendo platform when they’re in the same situation?

    The second issue is even bigger as it has to do not with man power, but with administrative decisions. While Wii U users had to wait an additional 7 months to get a chance at buying Rayman Legends, now that the situation is reversed and is the Wii U version of a game which will take longer to complete, the other versions will launch without problem on the intended date.

    It would be absurd for a company as big as Ubisoft to not have a PR department that does not understand how this treatment can hurt a market branch, so the “It’s just them being dumb” is not a valid option here. What can be inferred is that this is being done with a specific intention, whatever it is may be or not be what I think it is, but it is still clearly intentional.

      1. By deliberately pissing them off with inconvenient but also convenient lay offs, delays and shit.

        Open your eyes. All of this “Ubisoft = Nintendo’s best 3rd party supporter” is all an illusion to shroud their real intentions towards Nintendo: Pulling their strings for blind support for only as long as they want.

    1. Don’t worry. We’re on the same page and I learned the same obvious truth a long time ago.

  30. Might get the Wii U version when I see it for under $20 like I did AC3, Arkham City and ME3 to see what it’s like. I’m purchasing Watch_Dogs for the PS4 on day one.

  31. Watch dogs on the wii u was my most recent purchased ubisoft game. I brought it in 2015 because i spent my money on pokemon omega ruby and ssb for wii u. I have 10 flash drives in real life, 32 gigabytes. Each has a save file of watch dogs. I killed Maurice Vega on all of them. I wish watch dogs 2 and a good splinter cell game were on nintendo switch. The splinter cells i like are the first 3, double agent, conviction (but it’s xbox 360 exclusive), and blacklist.

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