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Club Nintendo Adds Kid Icarus, Yoshi To Rewards Catalog

Club Nintendo has been updated with four downloadable games. Members of the loyalty program can swap their coins for Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters and Number Battle on Nintendo 3DS. They can also redeem download codes for the NES classic Yoshi and WiiWare title Bonsai Barber on Wii U. Last month’s Club Nintendo update offered Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Donkey Kong Jr. and PiCTOBiTS to users.


    1. Hey i ts the dude that said he liked your videos the other day, I was wondering if you could make a video that says “fuck you vigor” as a personal favor f or a fan thanks lol

      1. Hey its not really me :-)

        Go to YouTube !
        Just write : Screwyouchannel In the searching bar and youll find his Channel :-) and maybe ask him …

  1. i have a pc to play these games. no way will i spend my coins on this scam. pc can even play wii u already

      1. Nice, another Commander to aid our forces!

        The hostiles will soon be outnumbered by Commanders alone!

      2. Titanfall has launched comrades we must be on high alert and team up to take on the xbot invasion….

      3. To you……Our empires must work together to fight the blight that is the xbot republic titan fall is their greatest weapon we must fight back to back for this one…….then continue to be enemies after….

      4. Well, too bad us 2 cannot do much other than try influencing our people to come together to destroy the Xbot menace once and for all…

    1. Wrong
      There is no public WiiU emulator right now
      The Wii support came no so long, I doubt the WiiU has one already
      Specially since I browse Gbatemp. I would know it already

    2. Lol, if you owned a pc, you’d have very little reason to want an Xbox 360, which you’ve been loudly bragging about substituting for your Wii U.

      1. Especially if he actually could run a Wii U emulator on it lol.. Which obviously is a lie but there aren’t even Xbox 360 or PS3 emulators out yet or not any that really work too well if at all.

        I think someone is finally making progress with a PS3 one but yea like I said it doesn’t work much and still probably has years before it will be close.

        I mean it took those PCSX2 guys 12 years to get their PS2 emulator working the way it is now.. No way in hell someone has fully emulated the Wii U already.. If they did that would be one hell of an achievement and probably would be the hottest topic on the net right now.

    3. And yet you want a dated Xbox 360…

      How pathetic your primitive brain must be…

    1. I heard if you download the Subwars game (free version) you get a post play survey for 10 coins. Not sure if its true, but worth a try.

  2. So I have a question, I recently ordered the Link Between Worlds posters on Club Nintendo, but I check to see if my order had shipped but all it says is “Order accepted/back ordered” does this say this on anyone else’s account? Or can anyone tell me what this means? I’ve never had this happen before, I need help! :(

  3. Son of a fucking bitch………… They could have AT LEAST put Yoshi’s Island on there…………………… I should have just got Super Mario RPG. Fuck. Originally I wanted to get the Animal Crossing posters, but those assholes just had to put them up for an arm and a leg and take them down soon after. Cunts.

  4. Sigh I still have so many coins and no reason to spend them, I was just shy of the Luigi’s Mansion Figurine.. Kills me I could have wasted them on that but it sold out too fast before I got enough.

    Oh well guess I’ll save them forever until another cool figurine comes out by then I should have plenty more. That super mario accessory box is alright but I am not using 700 coins on that.. I know I will regret it later when something better comes along.

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