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Nintendo Launches New eShop Website Showcasing Indie Titles

Nintendo has launched a new website to showcase all the wonderful indie titles on offer within the 3DS and Wii U eShops. With the slogan, “get the games you want, when you want them,” Nintendo has provided fans with information on all titles that are currently available on the gaming platforms.

With a smart user interface, consumers can browse through the website collection, which includes Steamworld Dig, UnEpic and Moon Chronicles, plus new users can find information on how to add funds and download on the eShop, as well as links to a host of other 3DS and Wii U games. With new Kickstarter campaigns launching every week, indie developers are fast becoming an integral part to Nintendo’s catalogue of games. You can check out the new indie website, here.

24 thoughts on “Nintendo Launches New eShop Website Showcasing Indie Titles”

  1. It’s great that this site can be viewed with the 3DS browser. Too bad this doesn’t apply to the links on the site… Can’t the 3DS handle a better browser? If not Nintendo really should make an effort to do their sites compatible with the browser of the 3DS.

      1. I know I’m looking forward to Candle more than any “real 3rd party AAA game”, if anyone still remembers that game’s coming.

      2. Sorry mate but I didn’t say casual. I owned both the Spectrum ZX and NES when they were launched and have seen games turn into a pure money making exercise over recent decades.

        If indeed the so called ‘real’ AAA titles are better then why indeed do they flog to death I.P’s that could have lasted forever but instead they washed and rinsed and repeated, now they are last years news (Halo, Battlefield, COD, Splinter Cell)

        If you are talking about MMO then this is a different angle.

        Those guys are proper hard-core gamers and although I can’t stand playing those types of games I respect the level of detail they provide. (Also, does Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Minecraft, The Cave, WoG all get put into this AAA preium bracket or do you have to have a million + employees?) The fact is a great game can be made WHATEVER the environment, and people sat at home designing what they believe to be a great game.

  2. How does this showcase indie games? I went to the Wii U link and it is the entire eshop. You can’t even filter on indie games!

  3. Not really a showcase when you only list six games, five of which happen to be on 3DS. As said if you click the links and it just takes you to the regular shop where you have to find titles on your own like it has always been. It just doesn’t just list indie games for either Wii U or 3DS.

    Maybe the page changes over time and displays different titles? I don’t know but I wouldn’t call six indie games a showcase, there are way more indie games than just six on both Wii U and 3DS.

  4. But indies aren’t simply filling the void left by 3rd party neglect. Indies are really providing games that 3rd parties no longer make.

    Now, 3rd parties did create more traditional games for Wii, even managed to incorporate motion & point-&-click mechanics. But, w/ the Wii U & it’s increased power, they decided to favor their multi-platting practices & provide Hollywood-style games. While I envied the twins for getting games like Panzer Dragoon Orta, Rogue Galaxy, Catherine, Lollypop Chainsaw, Mirror’s Edge, Tales entries, etc., none of their mainstream titles piqued my interest.

    Otherwise, Ubisoft would’ve already provided Red Steel 3, or @ least announced it. Rayman Legends would’ve remained an exclusive, or @ least a timed exclusive. Sega would ‘ve provided Conduit 3, a Skies of Arcadia sequel, a new NiGHTS, House of the Dead… Ah…remember Crazy Taxi? It was open-world but was still fun & focused because it kept arcade elements. Space Channel 5? More interesting than Just Dance; I’d actually have more than Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Thief, & Theatrhythm (neither are console games) in that genre. Jet Set Radio? Where’s Prince of Persia? Assassin’s Creed might be bigger in both popularity & environment, but that has no puzzles, it feels neutered. 2 steps forward, 1 step back, I s’pose.

    Said it before, but the industry has changed, & 3rd parties just refuse to create those tried-&-true, solid, focused experiences. I mean “Tomb Raider” & Resident Evil are shells of their former selves. Yeah, I really enjoyed RE4 on the GameCube, but it didn’t feel like RE, & I remember watching the RE4 trailers before it mutated into what it became. It’s was no longer about Survival Horror but more a 3rd Person Shooter. Again, fun, but not RE. I played the 1st Tomb Raider (on Saturn), but seeing what it’s become? Well, no thanks. I wanna raid tombs, moments of silent dread, even peace, & a T-Rex. Online FF? No. For me, IX was the last mainline entry, & VII (as well as VIII), kinda stripped out the ‘fantasy’ part, though I guess 2 & beyond stripped out the ‘final’ part.

    Meh. The current climate & state of the Wii U prove to me that I’m a niche gamer & that the Wii fooled me into thinking that tried-&-true formulas & oddities were still relevant. Indies certainly help comfort me, but I guess this is what they meant by “Don’t trust anyone over thirty,” because I guess the tastes of those 30+ will have already become outmoded. Hel, I still listen to Tool & NIN, but they ain’t exactly as big as they once were. @ least they’re still making music. @ least indy game developers & Nintendo are still making games. But when a hardcore game like DKC: TF is laughed @ by the mainstream, something ain’t right. But, I’ve digressed.

    Anyway, the indy site isn’t quite what it claims to be. As some have already stated, it’s really just a link to the eShop’s desktop site.

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    1. I’m pleased you enjoyed my post.

      No, I’m not a blogger, though I used to write GameCube & GBA previews & reviews for an amateur gaming site in the early 2000s (it’s currently defunct). I’ve thought about starting a blog but, for whatever reason, never did. Interestingly, I’ve been told that my texting–similar to my posting–can be more like blogging due to the length & breadth of my texts. & thanks to you, I’m again considering becoming a blogger. Perhaps when my life settles down a bit, I’ll seriously sit down & start a blog.

      😆<[Thanks for your vote of confidence, TRUE!]

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