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Yoshi’s New Island Sits At 62 On Metacritic

The reviews for Yoshi’s New Island have begun to come in. The game has already amassed 23 critic reviews and has averaged a mediocre 62% on Metacritic. A number of highly regarded publications have given the game a low score with online gaming publication Eurogamer only awarding Yoshi’s latest adventure, four out of ten.

It might look a little like Yoshi’s Island, then, but it’s a worse game in every regard. 19 years on from the original, its design has been denuded of almost everything that made it great: a series once fecund with ideas is now coasting on past glories. Yoshi, one of Nintendo’s most selfless heroes, deserves far better – and may get it later this year, if Good-Feel can spin yarn into gold on Wii U. But on a console that has recently hosted more than one unlikely comeback, Yoshi’s New Island is the slightest return so far. If it were a toy, you’d make sure you kept the receipt

62 thoughts on “Yoshi’s New Island Sits At 62 On Metacritic”

  1. That’s abysmal considering what a well crafted and loved game the original was. way to resurrect and butcher a series nintendo.

    1. I dont think the reviewer relizes that yoshi’s story and yoshi’s island are 2 different games. This being yoshi’s island, and yarn yoshi seams to be a yoshi’s story game. The difference is that in yoshi’s island the art looks drawn, and you have to carry baby Mario around,

      and in yoshi’s story, you are just yoshi and the world is made out of found objects and patchwork.
      I think the reviewer is reviewing the game as if its a yoshi’s story game. And considering its bin such a long time in between games, I dont expect them to bring something crazy to the table, most customers probably have never played past games or even remember them that well. So in a way it is NEW lol.
      smash brothers on the other hand, I’m actualy a little worried that their going to over work the game till its to different

      1. Nothing the reviewer said seems to indicate that he thinks what you say he thinks. He refers to the original being 19 years old, and to the original being innovative (which Island was much more-so than Story).
        There really is nothing there at all that suggests that he’s comparing it to Story rather than Island.

    1. Yeah I like the good reviews. I love the original and remakes (skipped DS). I don’t care how easy it is or how similar it is, it’s yoshis island and it’s for the 3ds. It’s a no brainer for me. Sometimes it’s nice to have something familiar and easy. This will be an unwinding type game for me. Take it for what it’s worth I suppose.

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    This confirms that the problem is the High Commander that made the NSMB series and now this…

    1. lol the only good game brought to the table for the 3ds since ALBW is bravely default. this console is dying!

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I’m sure there are a few more surprises left…

        I really hope a Metroid game for the 3DS will come soon…

        1. No… A Metroid game for the WiiU… Need a proper console game. I guess they could release both though.

          Would be cool if they started integrating 3ds and WiiU together a little more. Sorta how MH3U could be played on both 3ds and WiiU. Streetpass is a valuable piece of the 3ds that wont be exclusive next gen (you can bet sony will rip it off for their next handheld)

      2. Kinda have to agree with you, the only good game I see coming that can give the console a bumb is Smash bros. 4

        1. So a little lull in terms of games being released means the console is dying? The 3DS has been kicking butt the last 2 years. It’s only natural there would be a break somewhere.

          Besides, all you people are disregarding Kirby: Triple Deluxe, which is coming in May.

          1. Yea 3ds may be “wanning” in Japan FINALLY, but thats because market saturation is completely full. Nearly every citizen in Japan has a 3ds or two.

          2. There is also the Mario Golf game coming shortly after, and although they likely aren’t gonna be out around that time, I believe Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call and Super Smash Bros. 3ds is supposed to come out this year also. And I’m sure 1-3 more new big games for 3ds will be announced at E3 this year.

            I’m actually happy for a break in game releases, I have both games to catch up on and games to buy. I can’t help but wonder if we, as gamers in general, regardless of who we support, get too greedy when it comes to wanting more.

    1. Loved, loved, loved all the pics! Totally awesome Yoshi story, as well. Looking faworrd to seeing Jasmine’s story.We had some nice weather over this weekend. It actually got into the 70s. Although, according to the weather report, the weather is suppose to drop again later this week. Bummer!Have a great week! TTYSHugs, Eden

  3. Oh well, I wasn’t interested to begin with, and this pretty much confirms it.

    I’ll save the money for Kirby Triple Deluxe.

  4. Here’s my data Nintendo, not buying! We don’t need another money-sucking platformed game! What a waste of money. They should spend on third-party support!

        1. Sentinel you are completely wrong. Nintendo do need GTA 5 (it really isn’t overrated either, it’s fantastic) and other such games to get people buying the machine. There are people who ONLY buy the yearly FIFA, COD, Assassin’s Creed and the GTA games yet the Wii U either has subpar version or no version. The longer that goes on the longer there are people uninterested in the (brilliant) console and the longer Nintendo loses out. It’s that simple. People on here can keep burying their head in the sand and say Nintendo don’t need those games and Mario, Pikmin, Mario Kart and Smash will save the console but the first two haven’t in any way (sadly) and I really can not see Mario Kart 8 doing any good either (again, sadly). Nintendo games aren’t appealing to non-Nintendo gamers any more. Personally I don’t know why but it needs to be addressed and quickly.

      1. That makes no sense. GTA is produced and developed by Rock Star. Nintendo aren’t the ones who would be spending money to port a franchise they have nothing to do with. You don’t know how the industry works.

  5. Looks like they made the game too easy and way too kid friendly. I love Yoshi, but even I have to admit the music and game play are lacking.

  6. NO, I refuse to believe it. Sony is just paying reviewers to bash games from other consoles as a distraction because their system isn’t true 1080p.

  7. From the get go, I felt the game just look like another attempt to appeal to nostalgia without bringing anything new. I’m not surprised it’s getting lackluster reviews.

  8. There are two different sections on Metacritic – User ratings and critic ratings. Random people can downgrade a game on its user rating (which is why the user rating is never ever taken seriously, nobody goes on Metacritic to check the user rating), but the critic rating can’t be downgraded so easily since it’s the average of every score it gets from reviews done by online websites such as IGN, Eurogamer, Joystiq, etc.

  9. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha another Baby Game from a Baby Toy Company bites the dust

    Nintendo should just throw in the towel and stick to making play cards lol

    Rip Weak U
    Rip Nintendo

    1. Baby Game!?
      You should throw yourself off a cliff and stick to letting us milk you for the lulz!

      Rip Aeolus
      “His skull always had an empty feeling.”

  10. The developer, Arzest, is garbage. There’s your problem. A shame, I was going to get this as something to do on my long train journey tomorrow. Might opt for Pokémon Link: Battle instead

  11. Just proves Nintendo are rushing out utter shit!
    They are running out of ideas and fast, they put together a mediocre game and again think the Nintendo guzzlers will rush out and buy it?
    If it was not for Monster Hunter the 3DS would be dead in Japan!

  12. I don’t know why Nintendo was making this in the first place. The second I saw gameplay, I thought to myself NO ONE WANTS A YOSHI GAME LIKE “THIS!” Why does Yoshi always get dummed down and stuck with the stupid baby Mario and Luigi? I am excited for Yarn Yoshi, because it looks like Yoshi is finally alone and perhaps they can actually make the game “fast” and “exciting.”

    Yoshi is a “speed” character in basically every Mario sports game you play, yet they make his games soooo slow and absolutely dreadfully boring (I am not a fan of the original Yoshi Stories either).

    Yoshi should be Nintendo’s Sonic the Hedgehog! Make a Yoshi game like that and I’ll bit, but I’m not buying into this sad, sad garbage.

  13. I expected less than ideal review scores. Still gonna get this game eventually, the original is one of my all time favorite platformers.

  14. Yoshi’s Island DS is by far the worst Super Mario related game I’ve played. As soon as I found out this is from the same people who made that, I refused to buy. Not surprised this is bad. Only good Yoshi games were Yoshi Story and the first Yoshi’s Island.

    Now on the other hand, Yarn Yoshi looks really good, I loved the Kirby yarn game and always thought it felt more like a Yoshi game than a Kirby game. Would love some news BEFORE E3.

  15. when i saw this during march or april last year . i saw it as a cash grab and rehash. nintendo will just keep rehashing until they run out of ideas.

  16. Here’s how Nintendo sees it– will the profits from this title exceed the low development costs of outsourcing it to non-talent at Arzest? Probably, yes. So it was a success.

    Nintendo got a taste of low development cost smash hits during the Wii era, and now they just can’t help themselves. Moneymoneymoney.

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