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Sony Says Nintendo 3DS Shows “Dedicated Handheld Device Has Not Gone”

MCV have ran an interview with PlayStation UK MD Fergal Gara and talks to him about a variety of subjects. One of the things on discussion is the 3DS, which Gara says shows that the dedicated handheld market isn’t dead as many would have you believe.

“Well that just shows that playing on a dedicated handheld device has not gone, as many will try to suggest. We want to have a healthy share of that handheld market. But we are playing fairly differently to Nintendo 3DS, when you think that is a dedicated handheld device with a very strong showing amongst kids. Vita is positioned differently. Yes it appeals to kids but also to committed gamers and as a companion device for PlayStation 4. 3DS shows that the sector is still there and that Nintendo is doing very well in it, so there is a market to harness.”

67 thoughts on “Sony Says Nintendo 3DS Shows “Dedicated Handheld Device Has Not Gone””

  1. Sony is dillusional. If their handheld appealed to anyone, that would be reflected in sales. The ‘difference’ in their approach is that Ninty make handhelds people love whereas Sony make pieces of crap.

  2. Nintendo Commander: “Let the Nintendomination continue as we continue to destroy the Sonyans and their precious Vita”

    You’re welcome.

    1. You’re not even worthy of spreading propaganda like the noble Commander…..

      And Sony does not win battles they win the war…

      1. Spoken like a true fanboy idiot. People like you are the reason console warring even exists. If you really truly loved video games, you’d be supportive of every system, even if can’t get them all.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          There is no love to be had for the Xbots or their corrupted machines…

          On that we and the Sonyans are on common terms…

          1. Why can’t people like you recognize a good message when you see it? There are no console wars, dude. =\

          1. No, people who aren’t fanboys don’t like console wars because console wars are stupid. Why is it that anyone who likes Nintendo is a “nintendrone”? I’m a fanboy because in addition to my PS3 and 360, I own a WiiU and 3DS too? I think all the systems are fun. That’s why I buy them all. Kinda seems like the polar opposite of a fanboy to me. I like all video games. Why do you let some stupid, nonsensical argument keep you from enjoying the full range of gaming options availible? Every systems has exclusives that are fun. Kirby, Fire Emblem, Ratchet and Clank, God of War, Gears of War, Fable, etc. Anyone choosing to pass on any of those franchises is truly missing out, end of story. You’re only hurting yourself.

      2. Uh… I think you’ve misappropriated the phrase. The phrase goes ‘you may’ve won the battle, but you shall not win the war”. But that pertains to one specific battle. If one side doesn’t win ANY battles at all, they will not win the war.

  3. translated from Sony: “3DS is for baby’s buy Vita if you want to play real games” Sounds like sour grapes by Sony masked by a half assed compliment cause they are getting their asses kicked in the handheld market.

    1. Indeed it is…..our empire caters to the hard core call of duty player not some booster hiding in a corner………..

      1. Call of Duty? Yawn. I don’t get involved in flame wars, I have a life. I was just commenting on how patronising and arrogant Mr Sony man from the UK came across in that statement. He actually might have had a valid comment somewhere in there but it got lost in the bullsh@t. Don’t worry I’m sure Microsoft and Nintendo has the odd tool working for them to just like Mr.Sony UK here.

        1. All ages commercials often focus on families or family-like environments, which generally feel at the very least very kid-friendly, if not outright kid focused.

  4. Why do the Nintendo loyalists bash Sony of this necessary commentary on the state of the handheld market? You lemmings are missing the point. The enemy is the mobile devices that have been sucking away developers left and right! Quarrel amongst yourselves all you want, but the more people who realize dedicated handhelds are still alive and well the better.

    You lot are all suspicious!

    1. Mobile games are the bane of gaming. Addictive simple programmed server based games that limit what you can do and requires micro transactions to even really enjoy them.

  5. That’s kind of petty. I’m pretty sure more gamers have a 3ds instead of a Vita because there are much better games available and it’s got games that you actually can (and want to) play with others.

    I have both and honestly the Vita feels like too much of an accessory rather than a stand alone system.

    1. I have to agree. I plan on getting one, but not until after I get a PS4. And I’m only really gonna get it because of how much I like gaming with the WiiU’s controller. Deus Ex on my WiiU was sooo fun. Also, portable Borderlands is fairly enticing. One of my bigger issues is the memory stick price. I’m gonna want a really big one because I have a whole bunch of purchased Vita games from Playstation Plus, but that’s another $100.

  6. *sigh* I love my handhelds, I really do, but my Vita could really use some games. Oh well, Conception 2 looks interesting and is coming soon.

  7. That was kind of a left handed compliment, Sony admits Nintendo is dominating handhelds but says it’s skewed towards children.

  8. The Vita is a great little system with some great games on it, but like the Wii U, people bash it for no reason, just because it’s trendy to do so.
    Though, Sony should give up on this “3DS appeal to kids bla bla bla” stuff, this argument is outdated, they have to stop repeating it over and over again, only fools fall for it. Kids may represent 30% of the 3DS owners, the rest are adults.

    1. Isnt it funny how both Sony and nintendo fanboys can be such hypocrites its fun to watch though but lately the arguments have gotten stale.

      1. OMG dude ! You still here ?!
        Damn, I’ve been seeing you for like 2 weeks now, always trolling all day long. Holy shit, your life man… Y_Y

  9. here the paradox for Sony, we know sony is in the mobile market (unlike Nintendo) and even propose some game via the PSM platform. You can even plug a Dual shock 3 if you want. But in another hand you have the PS vita (PSP before that), by playing into many fields, the company has one division is in competition against another division…. looking how the PS vita perform and how eager is Sony to compete against Samsung and Apple is not difficult to understand to sony’s strategy.

  10. Sony is nice to say this, but you can tell he’s also trying to prop up his Vita system, made by Sony, by saying the 3DS is for kids; this is obviously not true, I am in my early 30’s and a tone of my friends have them.

  11. Excuse me, but, how is it that Vita wants to take a different direction? Sadly for this guy, the 3ds is not a product mostly aimed at kids. Sure, it’s filled with family friendly titles, but I’ve seen more teenagers and college students playing with their 3ds’ than kids. If they’re aiming for a different audience with vita, well, they’re not quite reaching that audience.

  12. The 3DS appeals to GAMERS. It’s as simple as that, Sony. Don’t try to undermine the 3DS’ wide appeal. This thing has games for everyone.

    1. Hey! I like my Vita! Even if it doesn’t have many games, they games it does have are awesome! This is not to say I don’t also love my 3DS, but I like them for different reasons.

  13. Im sick of nintendo, all they do is talk in riddles and shit and dont solve ANY FUCKING PROBLEMS. ALL TALK NO DOING!

  14. Weird way to advertise your product.

    “Our competition is doing well for themselves appealing to kids. Buy ours instead!”

  15. The vita is great at everything but getting games and even if it did, it wouldnt make much of a difference. He’s right when he says 3ds is aimed at children, though. Not because of the graphics or available games, but because the sony demo is a lot more likely to have a smartphone capable of keeping them entertained that they have to carry around with them everywhere anyway.

    In saying all that, hes 100% wrong about their being a large market, aside from children, for the vita as anything other than a companion handheld for the ps4. Theres no way in hell the average core gamer is walking around in public in dire need of a gaming device to play.

  16. Sony is right in saying that they are appealing to children, they are children games that adults play. Lol many of their games are fairly simple, yes way more complex than iPhone and droid games (which are what are truly dominating the mobile gaming market, which may be because the games themselves are simple.) but none the less simple. For instance, pokemon is undoubtedly a children’s game, yet most of the players are adults. The game still aims at children though. Sony aims for console quality gaming and always has, which is why we get games like assassins creed and killzone which are essentially console games with reduced quality due to it being a smaller system. They want to have games comparible to their big brother system, ratings (e-m, so that they appeal to more gamers in maturity), titles, and actually gameplay. That’s all that was meant, he was also commenting that the mobile gaming market isn’t dead, Nintendo is proof. Yes it was a slightly backhanded comment. Oh well.

  17. The 3DS has a cheaper install thanm Vita. You buy a 3DS, it comes with the SD card, you’re good to go. Vita you need to buy a memory card separately, which are expensive. So that’s a bit unappealing from the get go. It is a great handheld and offers a gaming experience unique from the 3DS. They both are great handhelds and I love them both.

    1. Memory cards (and a game) have been bundled with Vitas since August 2012. But yeah, if you want to expand the memory, it will be expensive. It’s pretty crappy, but this was the same situation with the PSP during its first few years. I just hope Sony strikes another deal with SD for cheaper alternative memory cards again – SOON!

      Main reason – I feel – for the Vita’s troubles is marketing. Plain and simple. PlayStation had no clear direction for the system or target demographic. The price was a bit high at first too, but again – the PSP started at the same price at launch and also had a memory problem (proprietary expensive memory cards). Yet, the PSP turned out well enough, selling 70+ million units.

      But yeah, the 3DS and Vita are both great handhelds. The 3DS has a spectacular library and the Vita has some of the best hardware ever seen in a handheld gaming device. It’s a shame more people aren’t open to playing both – and it’s a shame Sony has kind of made the Vita its bastard child.

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  19. With the success of the Nintendo 3DS reaching 43 million, quality of software with interesting and exciting experiences proves that such things can flourish and will survive even with the the ever changing markets of today. Trends are just a trend, you either choose to follow it or create your own.

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