Brutal, Bloody Game ‘Aztez’ Coming To Wii U

Team Colorblind has announced that its debut game, Aztez, will be released on Wii U this year. Described as a “brutal, bloody, expressive, difficult, and replayable action game,” Aztez has players expand and maintain the Aztec empire through turn-based strategy while managing violent outbreaks via real-time beat ’em up sequences. The title is also in development for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One.

“We’re happy to announce that Aztez is officially coming to PS4, Vita, Xbox One, and Wii U,” the developer wrote on its website.

“Our first release will still be on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux), with consoles releases as soon as possible afterwards. If we could, we’d love to launch on everything at once, but really there are just the two of us and launching on a console is a ton of work. We’ll have more timeframe details as we get closer to release!”


    1. Psh, if the GameCube couldn’t shake the misnomer of being “kiddy” w/ games like RE ∅, REbirth, RE 2 through Code Veronica X, Dead to Rights, Eternal Darkness, Killer7, Product Number 3, Ikaruga, etc., the Wii U won’t fair any better. Hel, even if Thrill Kill was resurrected as a Wii U exlusive & sold millions, the insecure “gamer” would still distance themselves from Nintendo.

      Look @ the original Wii in. It offered plenty of hardcore games, many supporting the Classic Controler. But nope, a fleeting glance & the Wii was all about “goofy” motion controls. Never mind that they made shooters & sports sims more intuitive, or that subtle movements would suffice. Oh, & graphic whores couldn’t get their fix on Wii, so they wouldn’t be caught dead w/ one.

      The original Wii might’ve attracted the casuals, but both sets of twins proved there are a lot of posers out there, “gaming” being @ the bottom of their criteria. Generally speaking, of course.

      1. Yeah, just like bayoneta 2 is a wii u exclusive and people still calls it a baby toy, trust me this game stands no chance :/

      1. Actually…that’s…





        Ok this is make it five…right up there…Not to mention Aliens marines assault, Darksiders 2, Bayonetta 2. That’s three more to add to the fives so that’s a total of 8 games that are on wii u, OH WAIT…Tekken tag team tournament 2…so that 9…yeah.

        Oh right, sorry for showing my fanboy-isum on this…I do try to hold it off since I do play xbox 360 and one (yeah I actually own one now) and just returned my PS3 for in store credit.

      2. I have Ninja Gaiden 3 & ZombiU (brilliant use of the gamepad, & a true Survival Horror game; most importantly, fun!).

        I’m looking forward to playing Forgotten Memories: Sixth Sense & How to Survive (among others) on my Wii U. Dunno what’s weirder: that I’m also interested in Yarn Yoshi, or that I’m not ashamed to admit that?

        Wow. If T & M rated titles are suitable for babies, just imagine the monsters they’d “grow up” to become.

    2. the game is just an indie game. you nintendrones only play indie games because you got no real games.

      1. And i should know, i stick real games up my 15 year old ass for fun, ooo Call of Duty in my booty yummm

      2. Au contraire. Indies & Nintendo seem to be the only devs making actual games. It’s 3rd parties who are mostly making interactive movies, aping both Hollywood & “realism”. From RE 5 to MGS 5, more effort went/goes into a character’s hair than gameplay, put more effort into long cut-scenes than long gameplay. & @ what cost? Yeah, Capcom is doing great. THQ did the right thing.

      3. I guess that’s why PS4 is so popular…which such an influx on indie games and so few first party titles, who coyld go wrong?

    3. Okay let me give it a shot, you asked for it:

      They’re just stick figures, blood doesn’t look nearly realistic and it looks as “brutal” as smash bros.

  1. Wish the trailer would’ve shown the ‘turn-based strategy’ aspect, that’s what really intrigues me. Regardless, it’s another title to add to my long list of Wii U downloads. My Deluxe Set is gonna need an external hard drive stat.

  2. Wait!!!!!! Poor devs putting this game on Wii U!!!! NINTENBABIES like you dont play games with blood and gore….!!!! HahahHAAH…… what a waste of resources….!!!!! Nintendrones want a new game where Reggie delivers pizza hut and IWATA change his diapers!!!!!!


      1. Maybe he believes that Nintendo can bring a fresh new experience with it. Heck, they most definitely can if they wanted too

  3. Looks like shit, i could go to addicting games and fund a game like this for free haha! Ok though…. THE WII U IS SOOOO MATURE NOW! You guys are desperate for anything that its sad.

    1. So you’re buying a wii u this year? Cool, don’t believe what everyone says, the gamepad is awesome and a ton of fun, just ask rayman legends :)

      1. Yes…

        Hopefully a Mario Kart 8 bundle comes out…

        Almost inevitable that it will…

  4. A stickman side-scrolling beat-em-up, with red clouds indicating hits? Doesn’t look that fun, but haven’t seen much yet, so who knows? But what makes this more “brutal” than, say, Legend of Zelda are the red clouds, or am I missing something?

  5. The notion that video games have to be bloody and violent to be good is kind of ridiculous.

    1. I know but it entices the lesser life forms known as Xbots and Sonyans…

  6. change of topic.. has anybody noticed that the gamepad has an X and Y button..
    what does the that mean for mewtwo’s mega’s..

      1. Mewtwo may not even be in it. The Gamecube controller also had X and Y buttons.

      2. maybe it will be in it who knows
        the difference is that back then we didn’t have a mewtwo X and Y
        i think if mewtwo would have the smash ball and u click the X or Y button it would use it’s final smash to turn into one of his megas..
        i think that’s a kool idea if mewtwo is in it

      3. Xatu and Yanma also start with X and Y.
        Let’s just add them as playable characters according to your flawed logic.

  7. wii u is just geting sad. am already geting games for my future xbox 360. just got a free headset and gta 4 for 20 dallors.

      1. This^ Your blonde is showing again…then again its been showing everytime you reply. xD By the way, you just proved that xbox 360 is in more trouble…ITS GOT NOTHING TO SHOW THAT IS GOOD. LOL

      1. Whatever, I’ll just shove a horse knob up my ass! :D

      1. Not much bro, I came here for the news actually. I replied to a few trolls though.

      2. Considering you are a “Troll” I’m sure you understand their language perfectly…

        You should join our empire, we could use some translators to understand some trolls…

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