Inafune Still Wants To Keep Mega Man Legends 3 Alive

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune still wants to keep Mega Man Legends 3 alive despite the project closing down. Inafune says that he put so much work into that game and was devastated it didn’t happen. He said that if you ask him which game he wants to make most, it’s still Mega Man Legends 3.

“If somebody asked, even right now, what’s the game you want to create most? It’s still Legends 3. I put so much effort into that game, so much passion into that game, but it didn’t happen. It’s always a regret in my mind. Even now…”

“We all know that’s not going to happen, though, as long as Capcom holds the IP. But if they asked me to make that game, I could still gather most of the original team, even right now. Some of them have quit Capcom, some of them are still at Capcom, but I believe that team would be passionate enough to come back together and create that game. So…we’ll see what’s going to happen. You never know.”

“Let’s say that, if we have all seven Dragon Balls right here, right now, and Shen Long comes up and says, ‘What’s your wish?’ My wish would be, give me all the right tools, people, and environment to create Legends 3.”


  1. I’d still love to see a MML3… but Capcom will never make it, mostly because Megaman is just not profitable to them anymore (though even if they did, they’d just find some way to screw it up). They’ll never go back to Inafune, either, so I can’t ever see a MML3 in the future (unless the fans make it… which I can’t see happening, either.)

    1. Well now that so called “unprofitable” problem of Megaman has now become their own fault not the game series. If Smash Bros. 4 with Megaman proves anything is that the fanbase is still alive and as strong as ever. They are completely short sighted of what really in front of them and now their mistake has become their nail in the coffin and a time bomb of their own suicidal path. Nothing at this point is gonna save Crapcom from its deserved fate in the near future. If Inafune can save Megaman somehow by acquiring it back for Comcept to own and revitalize the way his team wants it, then there’s no point for Capcom to stay alive in the gaming business anymore. Capcom might as well surrender Megaman back to Inafune since they’re not gonna do anything with it and the fact that they pissed off the majority of its fanbase so if they try to make a new game, they won’t come back nor forgive Capcom.

  2. I think the problem with Mega Man Legends 3 movement was that people were hoping to take Capcom by storm, and they would give. But that is not how the cooperate machine works.You need to bombard the system and remain consistent for however long it takes.The fan movement did not take long to die away in obscurity. Look at earthbound people remained consistent and never died away in obscurity and we got earthbound on virtual console. We have to remain consistent to get Mega Man Legends 3 Legends 3..Lets DO IT GUYS!

    1. What does Capcom killing off and ditching MML3 have anything to do with the Wii U sucking? I hope your hate isn’t being directed at the Wii U, because it wouldn’t seem to make any sense for you to do so.

    1. I’d literally suck the dick of every Nintendo employee if they did that. But Nintendo doing that is about as likely as Crapcom making the fucking game themselves.

  3. There is too much politics in video game industry. Inafune (Megaman), Shinji Makami(Resident Evil), Hideki (guy who made DMC), all left Capcom, the main creators of Final Fantasy left Square Enix, everyone left Sega and Team Sonic, the guy who made Ninja Gaiden left Tecmo, the woman who writes Uncharted left Sony, the people who started Santa Monica are gone, Bungie left Halo and Microsoft, Rare left Nintendo and went to Microsoft and died, the team that made Darksiders went to Crytek because that company went bankrupt, Crytek also bought the makers of Timesplitters and put them on Crysis so no more Timesplitters, the guy who made Bioshock left Bioshock, Atari went bankrupt repeatedly, Midway went bankrupt and went to WB games, Lucas Arts is gone, Disney fired almost all of Disney Video Games Studios, Sony’s leadership is changing, the Microsofts leadership is changing, the main producer of Metroid, Metroid 2, Super Metroid died and that is why there was no Metroid on N64, then Metroid went to Retro and then the people responsible for Metroid Prime left Retro. The guy who made Ghost N Goblin left Capcom and made Tomba then he died so no more Ghosts n Goblin and no more Tomba either. Video games is volitile.

    1. What sadens me the most is midway, because most of their IP was co owned, so even now that WB owned (what is no netherrealm studios) they only have a small handful of ip. Which means gauntlet, carnevil, area 51, primal rage, rampage, mace, and many others are probably going to be gone for ever (they do still have spy hunter………)

    1. They wouldn’t buy it, then sell it (he couldn’t afford it any ways) but they would most likely bring him (and his company) on board to make the games

  4. I have to say the reference of Dragon Ball it is just pure genius. I love his passion and I am sure the team will do the game for nearly nothing. They want to finish a job they started and could not release and you have to admire them for that.

  5. Nintendo, buy MegaMan and hire Inafune to make it. Probably won’t happen but a man can dream.

    1. Actualy, Nintendo did announce they would be considering buying studios and IP, and its always possible they might pick up capcom or megaman.

      how ever its most likely going to buy platinum and Sega (which is still good news)

      1. Nintendo should save Megaman, hire Comcept/Inafune as partners and leave Crapcom to rot.

  6. If I ever have the money, I would buy the mega man franchise, and the first thing is do is have him finish the game. As well as create 2.5 D remakes of all if the mmx and original games (level by level, platform by platform)

    then I would work on a full reboot of the battle network series. From the ground up….something new and modern, something that would bring attention to MM in a whole new way, yet something fans could love….and I do plan to win the lottery lol

    1. You do know this is Capcom we are talking about they would have made megaman legend 3 a megaman version of sonic 06 because keiji inafune left. No wonder they stopped making megaman games after megaman xover. They probably thought oh man if we only can produce this bad of a megaman game by ourselves. We cannot make megaman legend 3 or it WELL be as bad if not worst then a fusion between sonic 06 and superman 64.

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