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XSEED Says Rune Factory 4’s European Release Was Cancelled Due To Technical Difficulties

Marvelous AQL announced earlier this year that it would – regrettably – cancel Rune Factory 4’s release in Europe. An official statement was released by Marvelous saying it was just “not possible” to secure the 3DS game’s arrival on European shores. Though there was no specific reason given by the company, it was widely speculated that the bankruptcy filed by the title’s developer, Neverland, was the cause of the cancellation.

After many months of silence on the issue, the franchise’s US publisher XSEED has stated that the cancellation was due to technical difficulties. Due to Neverland’s unfortunate circumstances, the game’s main coders and programmers are no longer working for the company and, while the current team did everything they could, it inevitably caused heartache for European fans. Here’s what XSEED said in response to a fan on the Facebook page:

“Wish it was that easy as obviously everyone involved in the project would love to see it released in Europe, but it’s very difficult from a technical aspect since the people closest to the code are all gone (the Forbidden Magna team does have people from Neverland, yes, but for example the main programmer for RF4 is not one of them).”

11 thoughts on “XSEED Says Rune Factory 4’s European Release Was Cancelled Due To Technical Difficulties”

  1. I don’t give a shit about this game anyway but tbh, if the game is release in North America, I don’t see any difficulty to have it in Europe unless they don’t have any distributor/Publisher in Europe. I don’t see anything in the code which could prevent the game to come in Europe… I will welcome any suggestion on this matter. I just feel gutted for the fans.

    1. Each region requires some changes to the code… Not sure how it works but there is still stuff to do. Even if they keep it in English only.

      1. I do agree with you but that’s not technically impossible to do, really!!!???? How/why they managed to get a release in NA but not in Europe I mean it’s that so hard to do????? I am not a software Engineer but I can understand enough and still wonder what is so hard to change in the code. I far prefer they say: “well we can publish the game in Europe cause we don’t have any distributor/publisher rather than technical reason in the code”. Anyway thank for your explanation.

        1. Yeah it seems easy at first but there’s probably a lot more in the clockwork than we realize. That’s why they should have just kept the console region free but nope. :/

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