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Super Mario Bros 3 Coming To North America In Wii U’s Virtual Console GBA Line-Up

Nintendo of America has revealed Super Mario Bros. 3 will be available on the Wii U’s Virtual Console next month. As part of the Game Boy Advance games line-up, North American Wii U owners will finally be able to get their hands on the much-loved classic NES title. Super Mario Bros. 3 can be purchased for $4.99 on Wii U or 3DS when it releases on April 17.

Earlier today, Nintendo of Europe detailed the virtual console line-up with a snazzy trailer. All dates for Europe and North America are the same, but here’s a list of those all important price points.

April 3

  • Advance Wars – Wii U, $7.99
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga – Wii U, $7.99
  • Metroid Fusion – Wii U, $7.99

April 10

  • Kirby & The Amazing Mirror – Wii U, $6.99
  • WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! – Wii U, $6.99

April 17

  • Super Mario Bros. 3 – Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, $4.99
  • F-Zero: Maximum Velocity – Wii U, $6.99
  • Golden Sun – Wii U, $7.99

April 24

  • Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 – Wii U, $7.99

89 thoughts on “Super Mario Bros 3 Coming To North America In Wii U’s Virtual Console GBA Line-Up”

        1. most people like to play snes and nes games on low rez TV because they play much better. up scaling doesn’t work for every thing, only things they should consider up scaling are n64 and gamecube really, but they probably won’t but that doesn’t bother me

        2. You’re such a tool…I’m not even going to get into all the other stupid remarks you made on this page, but feel the need to reply to this one since you and others are clearly misinformed.

          First of all, ALL Virtual Console games on Wii U so far are UPSCALED to 1080p or 720p on your TV (depending how you have your Wii U set up with your TV) and are at 720p on the Wii U Gamepad.

          NES native resolution is 256×240, which can go up to 480i using interlaced display. (480i looks horrible on most non CRT TV’s by the way)

          SNES native resolution is 256×224, which can also go up to 480i using interlaced display.

          GBA native resolution is 240×160.

          Now, if you could then pull your head out of your ass and actually look at the facts and actually play some Virtual Console games on a Wii U, you might not say something so stupid.

          I will add that Nintendo has done an amazing job upscaling the 20+ year old NES and SNES games, without filters. They do look best on the Gamepad @ 720p, but still look amazing on a 1080p TV considering the limited number of sprites on the screen and the sheer age of these games. I was quite dissapointed at how they looked on the Wii back in the day, mostly because Wii was only capable up to 480p running on my 1080p TV, but I have been quite happy in how they look on the Wii U. I am also shocked as to how NO ONE has commented on this! All I hear is uninformed DOOM AND GLOOM talk from supposed Nintendo fans that put out all this hate talk for no technical or logical reason!

          I am curious as to how they GBA games will look, given that it has a lower native resolution. I am confident though that it will be the highest quality possible, while maintaining the game original integrity. Nintendo strives to take the time to put out the highest quality products and is not “to cheap”. (It’s spelled ‘too’ and not ‘to’, by the way…might want to spend some more time in school).

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            1. Dude, chill out, he’s just trying to be helpful, why insult the shit out of him like that for no reason?

            2. First of all, do you even know what a douche bag is? Please elaborate…

              Second, I don’t need to calm down as I am not the one that felt the need to defend my boyfriend (Wii failed U) and call a stranger that I know nothing about “adouche bag”, “a faggot” and a “fucking faggot”…glad you cleared that last one up, I diddn’t know that I could be a faggot that also likes fucking! It’s a good thing that you hide behind your computer, because I don’t think that you calling strangers such things for no reason in the real world will work out too well for you.

              Third, I care as do many other people care, since we can’t understand what half the people are trying to say in their opinions because they either are:
              a) illiterate/ill-educated
              b) don’t give a shit and are just too lazy
              I’m gonna take a guess that your boyfriend fits in the a) category.

              It’s unfortunate that opinions are like assholes, everyones got one. While I appreciate being able to hear peoples opinions on such sites as this, I feel that we don’t need to hear opinions from people like yourself and your boyfriend, when all you do is talk trash against Nintendo products and against Nintendo customers/fans on a Nintendo SITE! Please fuck off and troll another site. We don’t take kindly to your types around here!

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  1. If they don’t want to release the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy, then I’ll settle for it’s sequels Donkey Kong Land.

    1. You know what that means. That DS games will be >$8. Or more than likely $10 at least. That’s if they are nice about it. I was hoping GBA would have been closer to $5.

      Seriously the NES should be like $3, SNES at $5, GBA at $5, DS at $8, N64 at $8. Gameboy/Color at $3.

      1. Wow. $8 is gonna break your bank! You have to be piss poor if you think the prices for VC games are too much.

        1. I am poor since I have over 50 VC games already, and many indie titles. I have dozens of games to play and I want to collect all of my favorites for the cheapest price.

          1. <– This guy gets it. I'm a VC collector, I'll be getting Mario & Luigi definitely (probably my favorite on GBA overall), but also less likely to get some others due to price. Japan has a buy 1 get one 30% off for GBA games. Why not over here?

          2. Amen. When you can get things like tomb raider 2013, castlevania lords of shadow complete, skyrim and mass effect for 4.99, paying more than that for 20 year old games youve already bought several times, that arent even the size of the average word processor document, seems nothing short of f’ing stupid.

            Really sucks that the only things the nintendo only crowd has to look forward to and be excited about for their console are over priced handheld games. Good job, nintendo.

  2. Theres so many different ways you could play these games for free but its real good that the fans would rather support nintendo instead. Nintendo took forever to get these games out. Its like now they notice they have a wii u drought and its not even close to how bad it was before pikmin 3 launched

  3. VC games are twice as much as they should be. Metroid Fusion IS fantastic and worth it though.

    Nintendo needs to stop fucking us on VC prices.

    1. looking through price charting they are about right. most gamestores charge about over 10 more each game. Hell look how cheap snes games are vc then in a gaming store some cost from 20-200 dollars

  4. I think they SHOULD put this awesome games for 3ds VC too. I love Metroid Fusion and I’ve been waiting a long time for Nintendo to put it on sale, and now I won’t play it because it’s only for Wii U and I hate it.

            1. Just because there is no reason for you to buy a Wii U, doesn’t mean that there isn’t ACTUALLY a reason to buy it.

              1. I bought a wiiu on day one based on nothing but potential i saw and think he’s pretty much spot on. Wiiu is easily the worst console since pre-dreamcast sega.

                Theres a reason sales momemtum shows what it does and that reason is pretty much because nintendo hasnt had their crap together on any level whatsoever since before the initial wiiu e3 announcement.

                If they had any idea what they were doing, wiiu would still be sold out everywhere.

                1. I disagree of it being the “worst console ever”. In fact, its pretty dam good. You really don’t need a reason to buy it…at least to the real hardcore gamers. If you really hate it that dam much, good for you, don’t buy it or come to a Nintendo site…but I’m gonna fix your reason there by saying this.

                  “A true gamer, plays all”

                  It means that no matter what you like, you still play the game rather its not your type of system, graphical like, horrid looking, etc. You would play it regardless and really not say anything bad about it even if you hate it. Take Shokio and TechReviewUSA in this matter. To me, its not about the power or graphics, its about the gameplay, that is where the true fun lies in wait, Fuck the achievements, all they are is just a bonus, a score, an extra you earn for basically nothing. True Xbox has that deal going but that requires a lot of games to buy just to get them…where the fun in being broke? No my friends, the real fun IS with the people you meet and have a good time, I met plenty of Xbox Owners in my game plays, and became good friends with. There’s the real stuff. Trolls are on it yes, but I met a lot of good pals man.

                  True, Nintendo did need to learn how to use the HD graphics but their games are amazing still, Fuck the graphics I say, they only make the game look pretty, that’s all it does. By the way, want the worst consoles? Here, I give you a video…and by the way, Virtual boy was the worst Nintendo console easily, wii u is waaaaaaaay ahead of that.


                  Now I’m gonna tell most of you a good saying, and been proven right most of the time even though many don’t believe it.


                  That being said, it goes for everything, people, animals, cars, trucks, even gaming consoles. I admit that the wiiu is less in graphics but WHO CARES. in game play and memory, the wii u is tops, but if I wanted to get serious about the hardware, yeah xbox and PS4 beat the wii u but then again, a real gamer would not give a dam…Why? Because the PC beats all of them, and you can keep playing no matter what you’re on.

                  Think about it man, that goes for trolls too. Sticking to one system just says “I wanna be a hardcore so FCUK THE OTHERS, *said console* IS WHERE ITS AT”. But to someone like me, who plays other consoles if giving the chance and hears that, “You’re stupid, wanna be a real gamer? Play them all when you got the chance loser”.

                  I hope this says something to you…just think about it.

  5. they should be $5 cuz these are handheld games with bad resolution its hard to justify the cost its not like they had to remake the games

    1. resolution wouldn’t be that much different from other virtual console games, I’m sure they make the game look good even on a big screen TV. Plus they adding other features to these games, though I’m curious how multiplayers will work

  6. I’m most curious how Mario Kart Super Circuit Will play on Wii U and will look,

    Also I’m hoping they add like a multiplayer mode, not that crappy link mode where every player is the same character :/

  7. Are we positive this is the GBA version of SMB3??? Just odd that the price point is lower than Yoshi’s Island and that the naming convention doesn’t include the whole “Super Mario Advance” title….

    1. Yeah dude, I’m pretty sure the author of the article is misinformed or just wrote a confusing headline, all other news sources are pointing to the NES version, hence the $5 price point.

        1. Then I am even more confused…. releases the NES version as part of the GBA VC lineup??? Eh??? Whatever though. it isn’t important. I was just a bit lost in why this is being released like this.

  8. What I don’t understand is why Nintendo isn’t putting these out on the 3DS EShop. Especially the DS games and GB/GBA games. It would make more sense in the long run too me. Oh well. :/

    1. It’s because Nintendo knows that they don’t have any software coming up in recent months besides Mario Kart 8 so they are going to overhype the Wii U’s virtual console………….they really should have thought the Wii U through more. Don’t worry though, I’m sure in time you will see at least GBA games on 3DS virtual console.

  9. So instead of paying $1 to upgrade my wii version of SMB3 I will have to pay $5 if I want to play this on Wii u. That’s awesome…

    1. I think that this article’s title is misleading. Other news sites ( such as NintendoLife) are reporting that SMB3 (the NES version) is coming to the 3DS and Wii U VC during the same timeframe as the GBA games.

  10. That’s cool and all but I wish these titles would be available for 3ds as well. Id love to dive back into the world of golden sun. I’ll love it regardless though a 3ds version would be ideal.

  11. Why doesn’t Nintendo do the obvious thing and release Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire? Those games are a steal at $8. I feel sales would definitely pick up if they would release those games.

  12. these prices are just not worth it. I’ll just play them on my phone. nintendo thinks its games are that high of value. fucking clowns.

    1. If look at prices of games in game stores and price guides theses are fair(from 11-15 in game stores..if u can find them). They put some features into each one. aleast they are willing, to adjust prices for each game

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