Batman Arkham Knight Isn’t Coming To Wii U As It Can “Only Be Done On Next-Gen”

Dax Ginn, marketing game manager for Rocksteady, has told NowGamer that the team decided to make Batman Arkham Knight only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One because the game wouldn’t function as well on Wii U, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Ginn cites the Batmobile as one of the reasons and says that “it’s highly technical – all of those things can only be done on next-gen,”

“It was the one thing we hadn’t done,” Ginn explained. “Once we decided we were going to commit to the Batmobile, all these other technical decisions were made for us.”

“We knew that we had to do it right – the imagination of the experience of driving the Batmobile that people have is that it’s fast, that it’s destructive, it’s kind of a tank in Gotham City, but it’s also highly technical – all of those things can only be done on next-gen,” said Ginn.

“Not in the way that people imagine it. It’s the power fantasy of driving this legendary vehicle; if it can only do a top speed of 25 mph that’s not the power fantasy and that’s why we couldn’t have done that previously,”

“We have to make our technology choices specifically with reference to the gameplay objectives that we want, so we choose the platforms that are going to give us that,” said Ginn.


      1. Yeah, they have money but they couldn’t even put in better components. RAM doesn’t even cost much.

      2. They are already selling the console at a lost. The controller cost 100 for them to manufacture. Meanling the console itself is only 200

      3. Never gonna happen buddy, Sony is looking like they might fold and Microsoft is pretty died in the water so really, Sony and/or Microsoft are more likely to turn 3rd Party.

      4. Um, no. Sony and Microsoft are both doing more than fine lol. You’re a moron.

        Both of those consoles are selling EXTREMELY well. Hell the PS4 is hard to find still even now in some areas. However, they can’t get GIVE away the Wii U’s.

        Here is a real, talented development studio telling us that compared to XBOX ONE and PS4, Wii U is NOT next-gen.

        Doesn’t matter how nice you think Project Cars or whatever looks, it’s still not as good as it COULD be on XBOX ONE or PS4, and it won’t run and well either.

        Just stop fooling yourselves. I love Nintendo games, but you’re absolutely MAD if you think Wii U is “next-gen” by comparison to all the other consoles.

      5. A console generation is not defined by tech specs but simply its release. Despite the original PS being half as powerful as the N64, it was in the same gen. Despite tbe Dreamcast & PS2 being less powerful than Xbox & GCN, they were all in the same gen.

        Also, we are now in Current Gen. Wii U was the 1st to release in the 8th gen. & not only does raw power mean nothing when defining a console’s gen, it also does not determine success. Every Game Boy & DS, the original PS & PS2, & Wii are prime examples of such. If Wii U had been properly marketed & catered to, it would’ve been more successful. Hel, it still has a chance to soar if Western devs would take gameplay & æsthetics more seriously instead of hardcore audiovisuals. The PS3 & 3DS took a few years to gain traction, so it’s possible the Wii U will rise above. But one thing is certain: Wii U is not a PS4 or Xbox1 & shouldn’t be treated as such.

      6. Oh, & Sony & MS are selling their consoles & handhelds @ losses. So the more their systems sell, the more those companies are in the red, meaning they will need to sell even more software & online access. Also, the other business sectors Sony & MS used to rely upon to help compensate for the hardware losses are also hurting.
        Then there’s the production costs & sales of PSP (in the past but still put a dent in current finances) & Vita.

        Yeah, Nintendo is selling the Wii U @ a loss & many are sitting on shelves. But the billions Nintendo has in the bank & the success of Wii (in the past) & 3DS has allowed them to hire more employees, buy more buildings, & offset their Wii U losses. Meanwhile, Sony has recently sold division & buildings, & laid off its employees. The MS brand ain’t exactly doing so hot either. Perhaps PS4’s success will generate enough profit to support Sony’s losses w/ Vita, their movie & music studios, & general electronics. Who knows, maybe they’ll make more than the billion dollars the recently lost & soar well into the black. It’s possible their games division could give back & help the rest of the company. After all, w/ out their other business sectors, Sony & MS would either never have made consoles, or would’ve sold them @ profit. Hmm… if the latter were the case, perhaps they wouldn’t be so eager for über powerful specs.

        Popularity does not always equate to financial success. The GameCube was the only 6th gen console to make its company a profit from the get-go & was in 3rd place. The Xbox, in 2nd place, didn’t make any profits for MS. The PS2, in 1st, took a few yrs. before generating a substantial profit. When Sony started seeing profits on the original PS, they spent it all deving PS2. Spent all of PS2’s profits deving PS3. PS3 lost Sony money for several yrs.

      7. I usually don’t comment. But you’re dumb. Wii u sells at a gain. That’s why it’s overpriced crap. However ps4 is also selling at a gain. (I believe Xbox as well) I think you meant the previous gen, and that was only for the first couple years.

      8. “Wii u sells at a gain. That’s why it’s overpriced crap. However ps4 is also selling at a gain. (I believe Xbox as well) I think you meant the previous gen, and that was only for the first couple years.”

        So…you’re saying PS4 & X1 are also “overpriced crap” since they too are selling @ a gain? Which required more units sold in order to do so.

        I find it interesting that the original PlayStation & PS2 had higher MSRPs than N64 & GameCube, yet Sony’s consoles were “weaker” than Nintendo’s & were still sold @ a loss, which also required more numbers to reach gains. Wii was sold @ a profit, too, though was only a hop into 7th gen & thus easier & less expensive to manufacture. Also interesting: Nintendo had the more “powerful” consoles for @ least 2 gens (5th & 6th), yet were beat buy the “weaker” competition. They pulled a Sony in 7th gen but w/ out the higher MSRP & Wii was a success. Too bad multiplats & AAA reign supreme, otherwise Wii U could’ve hosted a great deal more 3rd party games, & good, real 1s, too. Instead, it’s all about the graphics, photorealism, stories/cutscenes, FPSes, Open Worlds, & M-ratings; “games”, am I right?

      9. Oh, & while GameCube was more “powerful” than PS2 & less expensive, Nintendo still sold @ a profit @ launch.

        Taking inflation into account, PS4 is Sony’s least expensive console. That means the original PlayStation cost more than PS4, & that 32 bit console also cost more than N64 (64 bit), though N64 did see an early price-drop. Still, Sony somehow manages to overprice their consoles, even when they’re “weaker” than the competition. I’m surprised Sony fans shunned PS3, @ least ’til a few yrs. ago when the price came down &…the PlayStation brand looked more like the Xbox brand. Strange times.

      10. Those games don’t sell anyway.(Batman games) stick it to the man like that

      11. Those games don’t sell anyway.(Batman games) stick it to the man like that. I hope that Batmobile can sell system/Games. Those last game was not selling like GTA

      12. Origins was done by another company you know that. Arkham city was game of the year. It’s going to sell systems because people want to know how it ends. Too bad nintendo can’t sell systems because we all know how it was going to end before it started.

      13. Lol u again??
        How about stating some facts to back your statements, instead of just blatantly blurting out whatever comes to mind when seeing a negative headline.

      14. Yet they’ve been praising it like it was god… so yeah trying telling the Project CARS developer … Also, here is some Pre-Alpha footage and it’s looking pretty good to me and if the Wii U wasn’t next gen… they would have announce the cancellation of the Wii U version because the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions were cancelled so they could focus on the Wii U, PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of the game but mainly Wii U because they constantly talk about new things they keep finding in the Wii U hardware.

      15. Oh, yeah. Totally damage controlling. The game wasn’t even announced for the Wii U back in 2012.

      16. Opps, looks like I made a mistake.
        So why didn’t you reply to the other comment I made with the other Wii U gameplay which actually looks BETTER? You scared the Wii U is more powerful than the you thought?

      17. Your damage controlling and you don’t even know it, not only that, just because it wasn’t even announced for Wii U at the beginning doesn’t disprove the fact its already being developed for the system, your excuse doesn’t provide any relevancy but an attempt to fake us out.

      18. If it wasn’t announced for the Wii U & the console wasn’t even out in May 2012 why would Slightly Mad make a trailer for it?

      19. You make ‘damage control’ sound like a bad thing. Idealy, it shouldn’t be needed in the 1st place. Unfortunately, nothing’s impervious to damage, so when it inevitably occurs, fixes should be enacted. Simple as that.

      20. this doesn’t look like it’s the wii u version

        the wii u version reportedly runs at 720p however this footage is clearly 1080p

      21. Yes because YouTube TOTALLY can’t upscale into 1080p… You do know most PS3 and Xbox 360 gameplay has been done in 1080p yet most of the games were in 720p and lower…. just saying…

        Also, why damage control?
        Just because the Wii U version is getting more attention from the developer than the Xbone and PS4 versions.

      22. upscaling doesn’t do shit for detail
        if you upscale a video source it will still look 720p blurry there’s nothing to be done about this
        this video looks like native 1080p not upscaled 720p

        i’m not damage controlling, i’m challenging your apparent belief that all video labels and descriptions on youtube are correct, which most definitely is not the case

      23. Lol… you just made a hypocrite of yourself, this doesn’t really prove anything XD

        Damage Controller Alert! !

      24. You honestly believing it was powerful scared me. I realized I couldn’t win the argument with you. You were to full of yourself. To in love with that nindick. But like all things doomed to fail. I sat back and waited. And behold. Your system is weak. I hope you’re okay. I hope your mommy was there to give you higs and wipe your tears.

    1. Ya know, the developers of the games for the Xbox One have to work harder than necessary to bring their games to the same graphical power/FPS rate that is native on Wii U.

      And at least the Wii U has more good games than Xbox One and PS4 anyway. It just sucks that third-party developers are ignoring it, and just making excuses regarding why they’re ignoring it.

  1. Except the Wii U IS a next generation system, as time dictates a generation, not power. Morons.

    1. Technically, Wii U, PS4, & X1 are current gen. Next gen are the consoles coming out in the future.

      1. Wii U is next-gen. I told you bitch, I even exposed your lack of knowledge in hardware and I don’t even work with hardware! Exposed, bang and headshot.

        Your butt hurts doesn’t it? Need some ass cream to heal that sore ass of your or are you going to continue to have us all milk you for more lull?

      2. We are in the 8th gen. The 8th gen. is now & therefore Current Gen. Next gen. are the consoles coming in 9th gen.

      3. It is not, it’s current gen, it’s about the timeline not the power. So Wii was released with Xbox and PS2? And Wii U was released with 360 and PS3? No. You really should stop obsessing about this site, it’s really pathetic how you leave like 20 troll comments in each article.

  2. Bull. It can most likely run just fine. They just didn’t want to port it to the Wii u. He’ll, it could probably run fine on the ps3/360.

    1. Actually they said the whole batmobile takes up the whole entire 360 memory so it can’t run.

      1. How can such a simple thing take up so much gigabytes of memory in the first place?

        That doesn’t sound like the game’s well optimized if that’s the case.

      2. “The batmobile is so detailed it takes up around 160mb of memory alone due to the textures, shaders, and hundreds and thousands of polygons used. With the Xbox 360 only having 512mb of RAM and 256mb of that being dedicated to the CPU, that’s more than half a full Xbox 360 before anything else is even added. It’s basically a full Xbox 360 game”

  3. Youre all wrong just like that garbage…

    The Wii U, PS4 and Xbox Done are all CURRENT generation!

    Next generation is the 9th!

    1. Xbox Done? It’s not failing right now. OT the 3 new consoles are still considered by some as next gen and it’s sad that many consider an 8th gen system as last generation.

      1. They all hate our empire just because we owned most of the cake back in the 80’s…

      2. Well. His logic ismt quite wrong
        For some reason, 3rd party devs want to prove something that isnt needed: “we are better than a 35 year old company”
        If you see Sony’s and even MS’ opinion, they both awknoledge N’s presence and power. They both state that the fall of nintendo would be the downfall of the gaming industry
        Is just pure hate of the 3rd party devs that want to prove something irrelevant, specially since N can still be on the gaming scene even with big loses for at least 10 more years

      3. Nobody wants to prove anything. Being better than Nintendo is not why people decide to become game developers and develop games. Sure, they want to compete with others and want to create games that are better than what was seen before and all that, but I think it’s a bit funny to claim that all that developers want is to be better than Nintendo because they hate them. That’s non-sense, honestly. Nintendo isn’t the center of the whole gaming industry. Developers want to create games and they also want to make money with those games. The main reason why they don’t want to develop for Nintendo isn’t because they hate them, but because it simply isn’t a profitable thing to do for them. And if the work, time and money they invest in developing a game for a certain console most likely won’t pay off (in other words, won’t bring in enough money), they will not develop for that console. As easy as that.

  4. If it’s only on systems with “next gen power” why is it on Xbox One then XD ? I can understand PS4 but when the Wii U is “25Mph” then the Xbox One is only 50-60….

    I guess I don’t have to talk about the PC when power is the topic….

  5. Other than that, these fools really come up with the most stupid reasons not to make a game for the Wii U or 3DS…

    Considering all the facts we have had since launch, it’s 100% certain that many of these western fools have been paid and corrupted by either the Xbots, Electrons or Atarians…

    1. I will repeat myself: the amount of crap you’re delivering is truly astonishing.
      Stop damage controlling, nobody paid anyone to not develop for the WiiU. Developers simply don’t see enough profit in developing for the WiiU, that’s all.
      It’s like you’re actually trying to make yourself look like an idiot.

      1. Doesn’t give them a right to lie to our faces, tell it straight and no bullshit. Stop damage controlling yourself.

      2. Wouldn’t the truth be damage control if it fixes the damage?

        But yeah, seems most big devs (East & West) in the current climate can’t afford to develop on anything other than PC hardware. Could there be a corrolation w/ ‘more power!’ Yet, does this Batman game really cater to Nintendo fans? I’m all for multiplatting, as long as it’s for the right audience. But these Batman games were geared toward the PS360 crowd. It’s not like it’s Batman Vengeance for GCN, PS2, & Xbox. Then again, what do I know?

  6. Wii U loses another game. A shame.

    Maybe the next Nintendo console should be a traditional console?

    1. Please no….I don’t play the PS and Xbox (though I have one of them) cause of the traditional system. I want something new and fresh, like walking into an arcade.

      1. You can get that kind of experience on a traditional console bro. There are a lot of great games that came out on PS3/360 download services as well, like Strider, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Giana Sisters, Skullgirls, etc.

        The Wii U is already closer to a traditional console than the Wii was, just put some of the money into making the system keep up with the others in regards to power. You’ll still get all of the good stuff Nintendo typically offers, along with 3rd party developers.

      2. Like I said I have NO. I have an Xbox 360, I rarely use it for games, there are a few good ones none of which you named. Giana Sisters is ok, in the same way Alex Kidd was a good game.

        Not really, neither of systems have a real arcade feel or do anything but serve up the same old. Wii U has a different feel even if the controller has some sticks and buttons. Sorry again they really shouldn’t go bland.

        But again I could ague with you awhile but you already lost me a bro.

      3. “The Wii U is already closer to a traditional console than the Wii was…”
        And yet, the Wii did better than the Wii U. So, you kind of gave an argument for the next Nintendo console NOT being a traditional console.

        Also, “You’ll still get all of the good stuff Nintendo typically offers.” No. You don’t get Nintendo’s stuff anywhere else. Nintendo also has the most unique experiences that you can’t get on a PC anyway.

      4. Nintendo captured the casual audience for the moment, but they weren’t there buying the third party and core games the Wii offered.

        They bought the console they saw on the news that had exercise games and stuff, bought it once, but then didn’t buy anything else. Sales were high for the Wii, but the attachment rate was low.

        Nintendo should focus on a more stable demographic — the people the should be catering to, the people who gave them their monopoly in the late 80s/early 90s, people who like playing games as a hobby. Nintendo fans like yourself are not catered to directly, and that’s a damn shame.

      5. Also, you misread what I typed. I said that you can still get the same kind of Nintendo experiences on a traditional console, not that you can get Nintendo games on other consoles.

        Also, there are a slew of games available on other consoles that are great, but no one ever talks about because kids today only care about their AAA games. There’s no reason to have only one console, especially since no one makes exclusive games anymore.

      6. No, I didn’t misread. I still hold by the fact that you just cannot get the Nintendo experience anywhere else.

        Is there anything like Pikmin 3 out there? Super Mario 3D World? The whole LoZ series? The Super Smash Brothers series? Sony tried to make a Playstation All-Stars game, but to little avail. To this day, no one has been able to create something comparable.
        Along with many, many other titles.

    2. Gamecube was the strongest one of its generation and traditional with no new ways of gaming, it failed hard and didn’t have much support either…

      So no, it doesn’t matter what our empire makes, they hate us…

      So in return, we won’t buy your games…

      1. The Gamecube had those mini-discs that made porting games difficult for no reason. =\

      2. Excuses, now we have normal disc and still nothing…

      3. Nintendo has a tablet controller that drives up the cost of the console itself and nobody wants to develop for it.

        I think you’re under-estimating how small things like this can screw over a developer trying to make a game.

        Let me put it this way: Nobody wants to make exclusive games anymore; there’s no money in it. So developers are gonna make one game, then find a cheap and efficient way to port it to as many consoles as possible.

        Then Nintendo comes out with the Wii U’s screen controller, something that would require more time and effort to develop for. What would you, as a company that wants to make money, do in that situation?

        It has nothing to do with “laziness,” it’s about the long term and how much money they’d need to make for it to be worth it.

      4. If they can make BF4 work well with their Smartglass and also that new NFS game then why can’t they on the Wii U?…

        And what makes me really feel sorry for the gaming universe is that western forces only makes games that looks like movies and not creativity…

        I play games to have fun and experience and see things I cannot see in real life, all they do is the complete opposite…

      5. People over here are more willing to experiment with Xbox-related stuff because Xboxes are almost guaranteed to have a large install base over time. Again, they’re thinking of the long term. The Wii U is a smaller install base, with zero indication that that is going to change significantly over time.

        Western developers made Castle Crashers, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Skullgirls, the Rayman games, and many many more that I’m probably missing. The Japanese aren’t the only ones who create good games and you know it. That’s an excuse; you’d find them if you looked for them.

      6. Well I like Retro Studios, Blizzard and all these Indie Tribes…

      7. Then you’ll love Humble Bundle, it’s really good. You get great games and can support the developers directly.

        I’m not into Retro, but I respect them since they made the new Donkey Kong. Looks really good.

      8. Damage Control: Failed.

        Thanks, goten1986. :) This website needs more people of your kind. You know, those with common sense and intelligence.

      9. As if I ever was damage controlling, you trolls are so blind…

      10. Here it is ladies and gentlemen. The gaming industry is so polluted, games and consoles have no place for innovation anymore. Innovation = failure.

      11. In the great words of Cranky Kong,

        “You think I’m cranky? Check out some of the message boards out there!”

      12. Also, producing games isn’t a “polluted” process, just overly expensive. AAA games in the old days weren’t nearly as expensive as they are now, so devs are taking fewer risks.

        That’s why I want people to play more Indie games. Indie developers are the future.

      13. Actually original shitbox was more powerful than GameCube I believe. Developers want the most powerful system, with regular discs, and ease of porting games. Some developers say Wii U IS powerful but they took their time to figure it out, and who knows HOW powerful. Other developers aren’t willing to take their time. They don’t want to learn new code or whatever is needed, they just want it the same as the prior generation. I do enjoy the gamepad but it hasn’t changed gameplay all that much. I’m going back to Wonderful 101 recently and realizing that the game kind of proves the gamepad isn’t necessary at least for that game, cause you can just use the pro controller. Nintendo needs to make a game that can not be played without the gamepad and truly shows something to wow us. Maybe then developers will see potential and put time into learning the system. But even then, unless whatever hypothetical game Nintendo makes to show off the gamepad is a HUGE success and sells a ton of games AND systems, I don’t think 3rd parties will care.

      14. As a whole, our empire has failed misreably so far with the Gamepad…

        It makes me take a look back about what Lord Iwata said, -We won’t make the same mistakes as with the 3DS-

        He was right but on the wron direction…

      15. Unfortunately yes they have failed lol. I enjoy the use of the gamepad for things like wind waker HD having the map was great! Saved me time and made sailing fun and uninterrupted. But it obviously wasn’t needed.In wonderful 101 I enjoy it, however when you get to parts where you look at the gamepad screen to move and stuff, the controls feel iffy. I took a good long break from the game though so I may be forgetting one of the buttons to reset the camera or something, the game has a lot of controls to learn and I’m sure I forgot some, so I don’t want to say anything negative when the issue may be my fault. I do know that in nintendoland using the gamepad to aim and shoot for the metroid game was not too much fun. You have to stand up and literally move in circles to keep aiming at stuff flying around you, and that’s fun for a little while, and a good arcade experience, but if all my games required me to do that, I wouldn’t enjoy it. I’m sure there are plenty more things they can do with the screen, for some reason nobody has come up with anything though. Star Fox would probably make good use of the aiming if it was on rails. Once I have to stand up and turn in circles, I’m turned off. And not cause I’m lazy, I enjoy being active. But for gaming, I don’t wanna be all over the place. Someone should make a blog or something about ideas for the gamepad, and everyone who has ideas should throw them that way, and send it to Nintendo. I feel like gamer fans could probably come up with much better ideas than any developer has come up with so far.

      16. Probably, the only downside with gamers is that once they implement their ideas, it almost always end up being worse than what they complained about…

        Ironic isn’t it…


        But I’m sure 1 or 2 would have great ideas, unfortunately they are always never game makers…

      1. It’s not, but they marketed it as one. That’s bad to do, for any console maker.

      2. Only teenagers even care what gen a console even is. And only teenagers spend every day on every post hating on a system. Hope your teacher doesn’t catch you posting in class with the smart phone your mommy and daddy bought for you for your 14th birthday. You’re such a big boy now!! The big 1 4!! Did you get evwyting you wanteded? Did widdle baby get lots of new toys?

      3. wtf. lol am bored with my wiiu. the console is a piece of shit last gen console. i wished i own a xbox 360 or ps3. nintendo is just a kids company that make games for kids.

      4. so trade in your wii u and get one of those lol. They aren’t even expensive anymore. and why would you wish for them instead of a ps4 or xbone? And if you hate nintendo and are done with them, that’s totally fine. but why do you come here and shit on people is what I wanna know. But if you enjoy doing it, have at it.

      5. And still, they make games tgat are deemed as masterpieces
        The argument of “kid company” already lost relevance as most of the games right now are suited for ppl over 15
        Man, someone even made a research over kids playing thos kid games you mention and most of them were mot able to get over world 1-1 on mario

      6. Then get the fuck out of this website and stop trolling, if you posted this on IGN you would be banned for life! Seriously, all your comments are lies and stupid shit to try make Nintendo fans mad and don’t you get tired of the same troll gimmick every day?

  7. This is total bull about power. I have a feeling it about x86 porting and having to deal with difference to squeeze the code to produce what they want which takes time and money.

    But all I see it bull there, nothing more, especially after seeing the game.

    1. i.e. seeing the game means videos on the net from previews, before some jumps on me and says have you played it yet.

    2. What’s funnier is that they say next gen when an x86 is a fucking dinosaur, a Power PC is way better than that thing.

      1. Indeed, they have been so brainwashed by the Xbot media…

  8. Here come the trolls saying things like “Haha Nintendo’s death is confirmed!” Man, those people really need to give it a rest.

    1. Lol no its not ….the games that do run at 1080p on wii u are not very graphically intensive and r ayman legends runs at 1080p on ps3 lol the only game that has been confirmed to be 1080p and is pretty impressive on wii u is bayonetta 2. Mario kart 8 was confirmed to be 60fps but was never said to be 1080p ….the ps4already has games with improved intensive visuals in 1080p ….thief….AC4 …..I believe infamous second son aswell….

  9. When you sit there and tell me that the Wii U is current gen…GEN MEANS GENERATION, I’m gonna call BULLSHIT on you’re claim FUCKERS, The dam system was released LAST YEAR STILL MAKING IT NEW! New = Next generation! GET YOU’RE FUCKING IGNORANT FACT STAIGHT AND QUIT BLINDLY HATING, YOU ASSWHOLES OF DEVELOPERS WITH AN OLLLLLLLD ASSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKING GRUDGE!!! It’s dead and gone in the past!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!1!111!!

      1. -Almighty Commander- is actually Lord Iwata’s title…


      2. Dude, breath in and breath out. They’ll get what’s coming to them soon.

    1. Generation in terms of people is the birth of children… Essential if you have a 13 year old son and a 21 year old son they are of the same generation… So applying this to machines UNTILL the next system come forward what is now is the current generation

    2. i told this dude wiiu is last gen. ps4 and xbox one are current next gen consoles.

      1. And I told you’re mom to use a condom, but she wouldn’t listen. Then you happened.

        Big mistake, she said. Big mistake.

  10. So by his logic… we won’t see this game until the PlayStation 5, Nintendo Fusion and Xbox Two are released because I could have swore that when all three hardware companies release a new console means it starts the new current gen… the Wii U is a current gen, so is the PS4 and Xbox One.

    This guys logic is flawed beyond belief.


      1. Please don’t damage control, kid. Only Rayman Legends is 60FPS and that’s 2D.

      2. Just message me on Miiverse..
        NINID – Bookmarks
        NNID #2 – Beyond IX
        NNID #3 – Onyx.GB
        NNID #4 – Valcoid

      3. *looks at your earlier comment* Damage control? Excuse me? Take a look in the mirror pal.

      1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. ANYbody who says things like “EXPOSED!” has no fucking life or friends. If you’re gonna knock people, at least stay away from retarded online dialogue made by people with no lives.

      2. lol I wasn’t mad just stating something that needed to be said. Have a great day raisin bran :p

    1. Trust me wii u cant run a game like infamous second son the same as ps4. Wii u may not be able to pump out as intensive of visuals but its good enough and does amazing with stylized games like mariokart 8 and zelda….but realism …sacrifices must be made for a wii u version and devs dont like to deal with that especially on a platform that wont sell and if they have hardware like the gamepadforced upon them…..idk I have my wii u and im not going to touch it till may 30 ….Reggie lied……”we wont have a games drought like last quarter”……… :( just indie titles and other shit

      1. Yeah maybe haha. Your either a nazi nintendo fanboy or douche bag fanboy with a un original hatred for nintendo in these comments…. im just dissapointed in them and there platform but I dont hate them .

      2. Or a fucking sarcastic that takes residence on the gray area of neutrality. Like me
        I do support nintendo and i hate it being treated like this. But N’ first problem was the marketing
        You got almost a YEAR and did nothing
        Worry not, you will find my sarcasm quita amusing as many take it as rant when i simply laugh at my bait

    1. Sony Pony contradicting himself!!! BLACKB0ND please make your fans look stupider than before so we can milk them for the lulz!!!!!

      1. Why do you think I’m a Sony Pony? BLACKB0ND himself isn’t even a Sony Pony. Milk? That’s gay dude.

      2. “Milk? That’s gay dude.”

        You have sick fantasies, nor do you have the intelligence to actually understand how I implied it.

      3. Are a fan of nintendo that is just pissed off with them? Or do you just hate them so much that you waste your life telling fans how stupid they are for liking Nintendo? Doesn’t really matter to me what you prefer, I don’t even know you and never will so nothing you type could ever phase me, and nothing you like or dislike could either. I am just genuinely curious why you are here.

      4. “hate them so much that you waste your life telling fans how stupid they are for liking Nintendo?”

        When you can find a quote of me saying that. Then get back to me.. If I wasn’t a fan I wouldn’t have bought it day one.

      5. i bought the console during the summer because i was a nintendo fanboy at the time. the wiiu is a shitty last gen with no good games,terrible online network with kiddy miiverse.

      6. No it’s not cause the definition of fanboy is someone who blindly follows a company no matter what they do. Going from a fan to a hater that quick, sure. But a true fanboy bleeds their company or whatever they are a fanboy of.

      7. & yet, those “negatives” you mentioned have Nintendo’s philosophy

        Perhaps you should look to the West for the types of games you seek. Nintendo, Sega, Platinum Games, & indies are making more traditional, Eastern-style games, even w/ some modern touches. But the West now dominates, & its vision can easily be seen on the PS3/4 & Xbox360/One. 3rd parties, even some in the East, have shelved many IPs & lost many devs. 3rd parties stopped making more traditional games w/ the Wii. Perhaps, if Wii U could generate the same or similar success, they might starting making those games again. But by then, it might be too late. An era is in its death throws, & the masses don’t care. “Progress”.

      8. I didn’t say you said that at all. I was actually asking you that seriously lol.

      9. I love nintendo and as of now im dissapointed with wii u …me not being a fan of donkey kong has made the last few months just a huge drought….even if I did like dk this would still be a pretty big drought… all the games I want arent coming out till this holiday and we will likely have to wait for zelda wii u for another year. There is no sign of any metroid in developement….idk I feel nintendo is just making more mario Kirby zelda games and as great as thise are ..we need new ip bad.

      10. I agree. I love donkey kong but I would prefer more games as well. I’m a fan who is disappointed, think there is a lot they need to do.

    2. Im amused how wrong you use the term
      Techinally, you posting here is a sign of show off or attention seak
      Damage control is a 100% denial while your’s is the need to be accepted
      Have a nice day

  12. I so highly doubt they even tested the Wii U at all and just say this kind of BS just because every other retard does.

    I so believe the size of Gotham in Knight is as about the same size as Chicago in Watchdogs, if not, smaller. I remember Arkham City open world isn’t that huge and if its 5x bigger, I wouldn’t imagine it being too huge fot Wii U to handle.

    This is just BS of Rocksteady to just spur out and I know they haven’t even tried the Wii U anyway.

    1. “I know they haven’t even tried the Wii U anyway.” Oh, so you’re an inside source?

      You nintendrones seem to forget that the Wii U only has 1GB for games. “The Batmobile itself uses 160MB of memory.”

      1. the nintendrones claimed wiiu could run ps4 games with just 1gb of ram. lol

      2. Why do you even CARE what ANY Nintendo fan does? Why are you even here? Go get fucking laid dude!

      3. The infedel probably doesn’t even know what it means…

      4. Yea I doubt it. He’s probably not old enough anyway. Pre-teen pregnancy is a serious issue.

      5. When you are told the truth and have no comeback(exposed)……I guess you can start attacking there personal lives…….you child

      6. Was that in response to me? Cause what truth are you talking about if so? And as for attacking personal lives, I just told him to get laid, nothing too personal. I’ve seen him countless times call everyone here nintendrones, idiots, etc. so I don’t respect him.

      7. Like how you claim to know all about the x86 and Power PC, yet all you displayed was holes in your technically knowledge. Exposed again.

      8. It uses that much of MB and it still ran on Wii U!? Yeah what about the rest of the game?
        Oh boy, you seem to forget your valid arguments today.

  13. Of course it would work well on the Wii U, but it would take some effort, and it wouldn’t sell well, so it’s not worth it to them.

    1. Exactly, they’d spend a ton of money to even make it work properly & then it wouldn’t sell because Nintendrones don’t buy games.

      1. I’m a “Nintendrone” but I mainly buy 3rd and 1st party games on the Wii U…. just sayin… stop damage controlling

      2. You’re not “damage controlling’ (jesus christ I hate when people use terms like that) you are ASSUMING that every Nintendo fan only plays 1st party. I don’t know any Nintendo fans that only buy 1st party. I have plenty of 3rd party on my Wii U. Shit I literally bought some knowing I probably wouldn’t even play it just to support 3rd party in hopes it would help keep them coming back. But I’m not buying shitty ports just to support 3rd party like mass effect 3 for instance. I got Need for Speed cause they did a good job and put a lot of effort into, and I literally played it once for 5 minutes. Not a bad game just not what I want to play at the moment. I like the older ones on PS2 and GameCube.

      3. And it’s a pretty dumb experession too…

        -Damage Controlling-, it should be more like Damage Fixer or something…

      4. Should I get ZombiU later?…

        It only costs 5 euros…

      5. I don’t have it myself, my brother and my roomate have it, they both liked it. I can’t give an honest recommendation for it myself though. Getting a wii u soon?

      6. If everything goes well, I am thinking of buying the Mario Kart 8 bundle, atleast I’m hoping there will be one…

      7. Me too lol. I’m getting the special edition but it would be so stupid of Nintendo NOT to make a bundle edition with the deluxe system. My friend said he would buy if they do that, and would even admitted that mario kart 8 might be the only thing he gets for the wii u. But there’s probably lots more who would buy the system for mario kart, and even more if they knew they were getting a badass mario kart themed system. Damn it Nintendo, you had it so right with N64 and GameCube with your color options of controllers and systems! I’d love an Orange Wii U for instance! Color options do entice some people to buy.

      8. Of course there will be a mariokart 8 bundle nintendo would have to be stupid not to release one. That will sell like crazy mario kart is the most beloved franchise that sells tons even more than zelda im pretty sure its there best seller.

      1. lol on a website making fun of something you don’t like to people who do

      2. Using a show from 70 years ago to show how much you didn’t want a game not coming to the Wii U. Only Nintendrones.
        You’re crying at the fact that you will never experience this game.

  14. One of the biggest games I wanted this year, and it’s not coming to Wii U cause Nintendo failed yet again! I don’t have a PS4 or an Xbone, so I’m stuck with this Wii U. Hopefully I can get a good PC soon.

    1. Lets be honest this is going to be amazing its developed by ro cksteady….the people who brought us arkham city and asylum………… will be epic and is sadly not on wii u. Remember they did not make arkham origins that was WB montreal ew

    2. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. Send me to Mars, but set up Wi Fi and a teleported to send me games when they come out.

      Then I’m good. Otherwise, I fear for this generation. There’s people that are good, but most of them…let’s just say most of them need therapy.

    1. @ggregz, they think wii u is last gen when in fact its next gen, the now current gen, xb360 came out during the final days of the 6th gen but no once called it the current gen of that time. next gen is next generation, someone has to start a new gen of consoles, xb360 started the new gen and wii u started a new gen. wii u, ps4, and x-bone are next gen a.k.a. the 8th gen of consoles, if you dont believe that wii u is next gen then not even divine intervention can cure your stupidity and retardation

      1. @ggregz, i forgot to mention that i agree with you and my comment is not directed to you, its for stupid people who think wii u is last gen.

  15. Well, that’s really unfortunate. I thought that game console generations were determined by their release date not by their graphical capabilities. Furthermore, I sincerely doubt they even tried. This is just lazy. Having said that I’m not really surprised. I figured that this would happen after the debacle with the DLC for Origins. To be honest I saw this coming months ago. the real question is would it even sell? I love Batman just as much as the next nerd, but I gotta say , I sincerely doubt the majority of people would play it on the Wii U simply because the superior version will be on the PS4 or Xbox one. And us Nintendo fans would just get screwed over with another crappy port that barely works. At this i point, I think it’s fair to say that developers aren’t giving the Wii U a fair chance. Except for maybe Ubisoft. But even at that, it’s been confirmed that the New Assassin’s Creed Unity won’t be coming to Wii U.

  16. By using Dax Ginn’s logic, Batman Arkham Knight can COMPLETELY be done on the Wii U Platform.

    I’m not saying that he is wrong about Wii U’s GRAPHICAL POWER (if that is what he wanted to say at first), all i’m saying is, that contrary to the popular belief, “Next-Gen” (take note) IS NOT defined by ANY terms of POWER (including graphical power, resolutions, functionality, etc.). Net-Gen (or Next Generation) is defined as a cycle of TIME, and for gaming, a cycle of time that takes to one older system to be replaced with a newer system. PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U systems are all included in this new cycle of consoles, so the three of them are Next Generation systems. Dax Ginn’s statement is implemented incorrectly.

    I can’t believe that a Marketing Manager (also including AAA developers) still don’t know the very BASIC definition of “Next-Generation”, depressing…

  17. When the Wii U first came out, people were saying that it was more powerful than a PS3/360. That’s not forward thinking at all; you want to focus your console to compete with the consoles that are about to come out.

  18. well like other batman games I will hack it on PC and not bother to look at the console version like I did for xbox 360 and PS3. I won’t even feel guilty about it

  19. Of course, by putting it on weaker hardware they could not do their vision justice! (Their vision being better graphics, shiny batmobile, slightly bigger world, and the same gameplay) Nowadays hardware power is pretty meaningless to make a good game. Just look at phones that already have fantastic looking games for what they are. And dont forget that the game of the generation was made on the f*cking Wii last gen.

      1. Tell that to all those aclaimed 8 bit indie games
        Man, you keep serving them easily for us to hit them

        I want a valid argument for once a while

  20. I’ve never seen a worse excuse for simply not wanting to develop on a Nintendo console. Seriously. The batmobile makes it impossible? Tell me an another one….

  21. i just don’t get why people get so sensitive about next gen. all i see from these three consoles are hardware updates, nothing really new. i could be wrong but we’ll see.

  22. He could’ve just said “it can only be done on PS4 and Xbox One” but I guess that wouldn’t rile up the fanboys as much. I’m starting to hate the console wars.

  23. I’m starting to question why nintendo refuses to get more third party support like Sony and M$. And their whole “it’s up to the third parties” excuse is complete bull.

    If nintendo doesn’t get its act together with the Wii U, I’m trading my console in for an Xbone because fulgore looks badass in the newest KI trailer.

    1. I heard this is the last batman game, and it needs to be. Why are people so excited? There has been a new batman like every year now just like COD and assassins creed. And yea Mario has had a few adventures too many the last few years, but at least they are different in some aspects like being a 2D or 3D game instead of just 3D mario every year. It’s sad in the gaming industry when the same games come out every year now and are all hyped up so much, and sell so much to fans who don’t mind getting the same stuff, no matter what console you are on, year after year. I haven’t even played the first batman and I have the armored edition (was gonna play it after getting the first) but now there are so many batman games I don’t even wanna jump in the series. If I had a brand new 3D zelda every single year, I’d be pissed off. It’s charm would wear off. When did it become standard to release the same game EVERY year. Once or twice a generation is fine, but literally every year is ridiculous.

      1. Every year? There has been a 2 year gap between the Batman games.

        Batman Arkham Asylum – 2009
        Batman Arkham City – 2011
        Batman Arkham Origins – 2013

        This is the only game that’s coming out a year after, but that’s because Origins was developed by a different studio and was just a prequel/side story. Arkham Knight really completes the trilogy.

      2. alright I didn’t google my dates ya got me lol but still I think most game series are being over done and every other year is still too much I feel.

      3. I try to faze arkham origins out of my memory cause it wasnt made by rocksteady….IMO IT WAS BLAND6/10. So to me its just right for a rocksteady batman

      4. yea I have heard a lot of people saying it wasn’t as good as the rocksteady ones. and lots of complaints about the game having glitches and things wrong with it.

      5. Yeah I bought the wii u version…….I had an infinite fall glitch that had batman falling into gray nothingness forever….you have to start a whole new file……the frame rate dropped alot….and the characters were not as polished and what I mean is this game lacked personality it was just so gray …bland. and sadly it is just a rehash in the end… I no longer have any faith in warner bros montreal with the batman games…I really hope they do find a new studio if they are too make another….since rocksteady is leaving. I would love a bay man beyond game.

      6. That’s just my opinion, and I won’t take anything away from people who enjoy these games, I just think developers are playing it too safe and creativity is disappearing from the industry.

      7. No, I agree with you. It ruins a franchise when a new game comes out every year. There’s little to look forward to with those kind of franchises.

      8. Yea. I can’t say I blame developers unfortunately with the economy sucking and studios shutting down, they wanna make sure they get their money. From what I hear they bit themselves in the ass wanting so much power because it costs so much to develop these high-end games and unless they sell a ton they don’t make their money back. Maybe they got too much power too soon? I don’t know though lol I just play games and don’t try to act like I know all the costs and coding and such. I just hope this slump turns into a video game renaissance.

  24. I respect Rocksteady’s decision. At least they’re making a decision based on the requirements of their game; had it yet been on PS3/360, the calling of bullshit would be in order.

  25. This is just their excuse. Of course they could put the game on the Wii U, they just don’t want to, because the Wii U has no install base of people who will buy Batman games.

    Sorry if you like Batman games, but your in the minority when it comes to Wii U owners. I know I personally have never played a Batman game ever in my entire life.

  26. That is a terrible excuse, especially since the Wii U IS NEXT GEN!! Why can’t people get that through their thick skulls?

  27. So wait, he said only to next gen consoles? As far as I know, we are at “current gen.” So PS5, XBox2 and Wii U2…

  28. Meh. I bet this game is like a movie again. Which anyone can watch thus youtube. Plus I saved my 60 dollars.

    But I think it’s unreasonable to lie. .Just say it’s not profitable, jerks
    Just for information, I bought their first game for wii-u.

  29. What an asshole, just to spit fire in the console war he says that, the Wii U is “next gen”, actually it’s now current gen with the Xbox One and PS4.

    The thing is that it is not as powerful as those two, just like the Wii was, and they still didn’t release the first two Batman games on Wii ’cause it wasn’t that powerful too, but the Wii was current gen too, this ignorant asshole doesn’t now that next gen and current gen are the consoles that are released in X generation, not how much powerful the new ones are or aren’t. I guess I’ll think it twice to buy this game on my PC to not support this ignorant asshole troll.

  30. Basically what Dax is saying it’s that the people working in this game are a bunch of lazy idiots. Works for me!

  31. So basically, this game is now going to be about cars and that’s the reason? Fuck that, good riddance I say.

    Can’t even be bothered to buy those on Wii U, when there are better games. This is for those who bought a PS4 and have no game to play because it’s full of shovelware lmao! Well, they are going to have another shovelware coming soon.

  32. How much technical power do they really need in order to create and run the Batmobile? Hell, if they’re just gonna focus on the car, they might as well not have Batman get out of it and fight his enemies but rather just run them over.

  33. Dumbass nintendo faggots. The Wii U is weak, face it. The devs arent lazy… this is ROCKSTEADY…the people that make quality games. NINTENDO IS A SHITCUNT COMPANY that make weak consoles and kiddy games. Nintendrones damage controlling by showing Project CARS footage LMAO …how desparate are you cunts…

    1. Both Super Mario Galaxy have better score than that shovelware series , try harder next time you piece of shit dick sucker.

      1. Shovelware? Really? Arkham city was GOTY for 2011 and the series is a lot fucking better than the mediocre milked mario games. Wii U is dog shit system thats only for kids, soccermoms and handicapped people Lmfao

      2. Both Super Mario Galaxy were GOTY on their respective years, suck on that faggot. Sad that you only buy shovelware? I bet you are, you’re crying like a baby lol, but don’t worry your mom is soon going home, she was busy getting fucked in the ass.


      The technical lengths the devs went for the Batmobile alone prove how hardcore the audiovisuals are, but how much of an afterthought the gameplay is. I wish Western devs, all devs really, would return their focus on gameplay & treat graphics as an afterthought. If indies had a few more resources, would they start losing sight of what’s important, too? The Wii U could handle the physics & everything could still look fully-realized. But oh no, we’ve got something to prove so let’s kick the graphics into overdrive. Oh yeah, there’s a gas pedal. Nah, it’ll zoom on it’s good looks alone.

  34. Guess rocksteady is comprised of incapable programmers or liars. Either way they’re losers in my book.

  35. I can’t believe that so many game companies have their head stuck up their asses. MAN……I wish Nintendo would suddenly release a super POWERFUL new console and blow the crap competition out of the water. I’m sick to absolute death of everyone acting like the PS4 and XBone are so GREAT, and then they turn around and take a giant dump on Nintendo. I don’t like the generation I’m living in right now. Everyone is mentally disturbed.

  36. I bet dollars to donuts that had the Wii U sold as well as the Wii did at this time, they would have found a way to port the game to Wii U. Sure it would have been a watered down version quick cash-grab but it would have been on the platform nevertheless. Hell, I even remember when Wii got the first Dead Rising port. In a way, this lack of third party support can be blamed on Nintendo for not knowing how to market their console and/or not coming up with a good idea for the successor to Wii. Don’t get me wrong, I love off-TV Gamepad play but I feel they should have beefed up the 3DS to do that (like the Vita) and built a powerhouse of a console that can compete with PS4 and Xbox One. But again, that’s just me.

    1. I think your points are valid. But, while Nintendo could’ve waited to see the specs of the other consoles, they wanted to open the 8th gen. Ironically, Wii U’s launch was likely due in large part to Wii being “under-powered”. Plus, Nintendo doesn’t really have the same production resources as Sony & MS, who have multiple business sectors. Even if Nintendo, IBM, & AMD (or whoever) made Wii U the most powerful of the 8th gen., they’d have to sell it either @ a loss or @ a razor-thin profit margin. That’s also due to not having other business sectors to try & keep them afloat, as Sony & MS rely upon. 3DS couldn’t pick up the slack, especially since it took awhile for it to gain ground. Maybe QOL is an attempt to gain revenu that can support the financial model of selling hardware @ a loss. True or not, that’s a matter of next-gen.

      Nintendo also believes in both the concept of diminishing returns & of putting gameplay above graphics. & for me, I haven’t been wowed by graphics since Luigi’s Mansion, Wave Race: Blue Storm, REbirth, & the 1st Baten Kaitos. Sure, graphics have improved, but I’ve played games on PS3 & Xbox 360 & was unimpressed. One of the reasons the GCN discs were small was to help relieve the pressure on devs in terms of graphics. But hey, multiple discs was an option (several PS games were 4 discs [e.g. FF VII], PS2 [Grandia III], & even some 360 games were on 2 [FF XIII]. 3rd parties now, like Square-Enix, Capcom, Ubisoft, THQ…they seem to’ve bitten off more than they can chew. But instead of spitting out the big chunk of candy & going for a more sensible piece, they’re choking. In a way, those that emphasized graphics have created a monster they can’t so easily escape. But gameplay, æsthetcs, & gamers themselves are left to suffer (though for many, ignorance is bliss, @ least in the short-term).

      But for a supposed professional (& there are others) to refer to next-gen in such a way, I’m reminded of whenever Sony references the competition. The most positive things they’ve said are still backhanded compliments or passive aggressive. But Sony’s biggest & most blatant slight (to SEGA & gamers) was when they painted Dreamcast as a child’s toy & that it didn’t cost enough; never mind the fun factor or bargain. Consoles were deemed as “kiddy”, which started haunting Nintendo (since GCN). & so consumers & apparently devs think that unless multi-media boxes are über powerful & have a high pricetag, it’s a waste of money.

      “Limited edition, let’s do some simple addition,
      Fifty dollars for a T-shirt; that’s just some ignorant bitch (sh**),
      I call that getting swindled and pimped (sh**),
      I call that getting tricked by a business.”

      But I’ve digressed. I agree, Nintendo should’ve tried harder, advertising better & making better use of the gamepad’s potential. ‘Course, Nintendo saw how console-interest in Japan was dwindling & that many families there have only one TV (whether it’s financial or simply space), & they rationalized the main hook for the gamepad should be Off-TV Play.

      Since I don’t need to worry much, if @ all, about graphics, I was able to “overpay” for a console & still saved over $100, comparatively (online is free; I bought a bundle w/ free games that total $80 @ retail & download; there’s the Digital Deluxe Program, which has already given me $10 back (& counting); & great exclusives now & in the future). Oh, & I’ve used Off-TV Play for NetFlix, & the gampad makes navigation so intuitive, saving me time & eliminating frustration. & the browser is great, too. Minor details, but they add up. &, since 3rd parties have decided to stop developing certain franchises, genres, &, more importantly, play-styles, I’m not missing much. Seems Wii U’s upgraded power hurt it, because 3rd parties were treating it like a Sony & Microsoft machine from the get-go (except SEGA & Ubisoft), ’til they quit doing so. But we shall see. It took a while before PS3 & 3DS became lucrative. Wii U still has a chance, especially when Mario Kart 8 is only months, maybe even a few weeks away.

  37. The Wii U isn’t that weak either. It’s not coming to Wii U because the Wii U isn’t selling.


  39. So I read through ALL OF THESE POSTS( Most of these posts), and I just have one thing to say as a retort to the trolls, I think it might be really useful:

    Wii U, at the beginning of it’s time on the market, renders games slightly better than an Xbox 360 and/or PS3, LATER IN IT’S LIFE.

    Let me repeat:
    Wii U at its beginning is as powerful as the 360 and PS3, at their ends.

    My conclusion?
    IF Wii U is as powerful as the 7 gen twins, at the beginning of it’s cycle( as compared to Wii maybe being as powerful as the Xbox, Ps2, and Gamecube at it’s beginning), then imagine what it could do at the end of it’s life….

    …I’ll… just be on my way…

    1. Nintendo is doomed? nintendo can lose $250 million every year and still survive until 2052, nice try my little newcomer :)

      1. Joke.. it.. it was a joke…
        Excuse me, I’m making perfect sense, you’re not just keeping up!

  40. I have one question for the Nintendo faithful. Why do you feggatrons accept this? Pull a Virtual Boy and buy the p.o.s. system and then maybe big N will get out of the slump they’ve been in since the end of the 90’s. I’m selling my Wii U with SM3DW, W101, and MH3U. I’m hoping to receive enough money to be able to purchase a PS4. I’ll probably pick up the Wii U in a few years once it’s a $100 bucks and games are like $20 a pop.

  41. Bull shit most game developers are fan boys only care about Microsoft and sony god I hate gay fan boys fucking faggets wiiu isn’t next gen shut the fuck up fan boys your disgrace to the gaming community

  42. You fanboys need to stop telling your self that the Wii U is ‘next gen’. It simply isn’t. The console is a complete and utter failure and will remain so until Nintendo releases their next console. I was (and pretty much still am) a big Wii U supporter, but you cant sit here and lie to yourself. The Wii U’s specs just aren’t up to par to the PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo shit another brick again. First with the Wii, and now the Wii U. Nintendo decided to go with a measly Power PC hardware console with a gimmick, like the Wii. Let’s just hope Nintendo’s next console has innovation AND power.

  43. Hilarious that this decision was made before XBone was release & WB thought the install base would be bigger. Truth is, people from Playstation camp are still iced over Arkham Origins & not a lot of people buy these games on PC. Why Rocksteady claims this can run on xbone & Wii U is beyond me, if sales are the issue… Wii U’s install base is bigger than xbone’s now & probably in Oct.

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