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Grab Bravely Default For $32 On Amazon

Square Enix’s latest handheld JPRG Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS is currently only $31.66 on Amazon. The well-received game generally retails for $39.99 and includes free shipping. Bravely Default currently has an average score of 85 on Metacritic.

Thanks, Wario64

12 thoughts on “Grab Bravely Default For $32 On Amazon”

  1. I’ve pretty much gone fully digital. All my games are downloaded to my 3DS so I don’t have to carry around my games and don’t have to worry about losing them. Downside is I can’t take advantage of these kinds of sales.

  2. Glad I waited to get this game. I knew the price would come down. I have some money on Amazon from turning in old textbooks for college. I can totally use that money to get this game! :D

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