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Andross Is Now An Assist Trophy In Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed on Miiverse that Star Fox nemesis Andross is an assist trophy in the forthcoming game for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Super Smash Bros is due for release on both platforms sometime later this year.

“Pic of the day. Oh, Uncle Andross. He really isn’t very considerate.”

Thanks, Dekuplushdoll


    1. wow, such deep thoughts…..What if???? This would change the whole nature of the game, it’d feel not like classic smash bros but like something else entirely

      1. Amen brotha! Leave the shovelware for Nintendo such as “Andy Griffith U”..

    1. That’s the model old school players remember the most, because most of us bought a Playstation instead of an N64.

    2. Because the model from Adventures would scare the dicks off Smash players if they used that one. Not hard to use 64’s or Command’s versions though.

  1. You know how with a Pokeball, Goldeen does nothing? For an assist trophy variant, there should be the dog from Duck Hunt, which would laugh for a few seconds and disappear.

      1. Hmmm am I an idiot because I understand it or am I smart because I figured it out?

      1. Andross is “NOW” an assist trophy. The writer of this article clearly didn’t know he was in brawl. Considering the headlines for all new too ssb4 info compared to the headlines for content returning.

    1. It’s too much of a hassle for nintendo to remake a whole character model so they figure: “why not just port some old brawl models” it’s truly lazy and I won’t be paying $60 for this lazy game

      1. Miss out then. I’m sure you’ll be buying it anyways or begging your sister to buy it for you.

      2. No, I’ll just be picking up the 3ds version , which is a better deal and value than the wii U version atm

      3. No, you’ll be a dumbass and show how stupid you are then you’ll buy the 3ds version.

      1. StarFox Assault, StarFox 2>>>>>>>your precious StarFox 64, and this is coming from someone who’s played every game besides Command

      1. nostalgia biased games like that ruined it for me, besides 64 is shit compared to 64, and even Assault wasn’t as redundant as stupid StarFox 64

    2. Andross in Adventures is nightmare fuel, not that it wouldn’t be perfect since he did look amazingly designed and Brawl did have Murderous Ganondorf. If Nintendo has full rights to Krystal, I’m sure they have all the rights from everything else Adventures they could use.

  2. Wow so he just ported the exact brawl design and could even give him a nice hd re design??? Lol what a joke, and that’s how you know this game is being rushed to the max

    1. ”They just used the same exact NES design and couldn’t spoil him by updating it to some unknown model. What a joke! I’m saying the game is being rushed because of a model used in the game. Waah Wahhhh!!! Booo fucking hooo!!”

      Fixed and translated.

      1. Nothing like an empty and irrelevant response that has nothing to do with what I said

      2. Retro Andross is Retro because Retro is cool. That’s the entire reason why Sakurai chose this game.

        Plus, the original Starfox is one of Sakurai’s favourite games of all time, so perhaps this version of Andross is the one that left the biggest impression on him. Can’t blame the guy for being a fanboy.

      3. Compared to other series… he shows Star Fox a small amount of love since we haven’t really gotten anything Star Fox related to add to this game. There may not be a lot you can add to this game that comes from their series but there is more potential that Star Fox can show. He just seems to be lacking to notice them or not really trying to implicate them in Smash. Sure he listens more on the fan’s side and does what fits in better, which means all Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon related materia get an overhauling amount. Just his little pink puffball will always be the star of Smash Bros. as long as Sakurai stays in charge of it. I understand wanting to show a little extra love for his series in another series he works on but why was Kirby the star of Subspace Emissary and had to be the one we took charge of playing the most? Meta Knight’s halberd was hugely apart of the story from the beginning to the final location, and it’s thanks to Dedede that Kirby and himself can continue to fight against Tabuu, with or without the help of the others, depending on the players who saved or bothered to save whatever characters. Nintendo’s Mascot is reduced to less of a hero compare to Kirby in a game that gives meaning to Nintendo by having a bunch of its series come together.

    2. They work over shifts on this. Say stuff like that when it is finished not when they are not even in the finap stage. Wow trolls are stupid moat of the time.

    1. The less work he can do on Star Fox, the better for him. Which might mean no Krystal, no new idea for a stage, take out Wolf, keep Falco a clone, and still two Landmasters.

  3. Andross always freaked me out a bit. Whether he’s in the silver face form shown here, or his creepy ape face. He’s just creepy all around.

  4. The floating Monkey Head from 64/Adventures was a really dumb final boss for both games. It was a tremendous letdown in 64 when his “true form” in 64 was a giant floating head with detatched Rayman hands, and honestly disturbing when you had to fight his dismembered eyeballs and brain. It wasn’t Cool … just gross, annoying and lame.

    Even worse was when we were all cheated out of being able to actually finish off Scales at the end of Adventures just so we could shoot at giant monkey hands in space again.

    … and in BOTH cases, they were just ripoffs of nintendos own miniboss from the Mario 64 pyramid stage.

    By comparison, the VR telekinetic projection of a polygonal face that spits panels of hardened light matter at you is FAAAAR more timeless, unique and interesting, and exponentially more worthy of representation … particularly since it is nearly the only recognition Nintendo gives that the SNES original ever existed.

    As for HD remakes … *Facepalms*

    That face was never MEANT to resemble Andross or anything else. That EXACT low poly shape IS the face. If it were altered in any way, it would no longer be the Face Boss from Starfox.

    I hold firmly to the opinion that the telekinetically projected light matter boss pictured above is 10x more worthy of being remembered and celebrated than the recycled Mario 64 miniboss some of you are clamoring for … a lame final boss better slowly forgotten by comparison, IMHO.

    1. *I just realized I didn’t quite complete my comparison as I was thinking it in my message*

      Andross from SF64/Lylat Wars was sort of like a fusion of the SNES Andross and Mario64 miniboss with nightmare fuel eyeball and brain fight tacked on for bad measure.

      Memorable for all the Wrong reasons.

    2. I was never disappointed with Andross in 64, and fighting the brain and eyes WAS cool, NOT gross and disgusting in my opinion. Sure maybe it’s similar to the Mario 64 mini boss but I’m sure there are TONS of games that had a similar boss before the pyramid dude, and after. Ocarina of time has the Bongo hand dude that you shoot arrows at for instance. I’m fine with whatever either way cause I don’t really use items when I want a serious match.

  5. This game is gona Tank like windwaker hd,will sell 1mill lifetime sales MAX

    Wii CAN’T save U
    Wii Rushed U
    Wii Underpowered U
    Wii Screwed U
    Wii Cheated U
    Wii Robbed U
    Wii got no Games
    Wii Conned U

    1. PS 4 losers
      PS 4 the lose
      PS 4got about the fans
      Xbox 1 and done
      Xbox no fun one

      See, I can do it too

      1. The difference between his and yours is that you did it bad and weren’t funny, while his was actually funny.. You just tried to hard there and failed

      2. And I am to take your “unbiased” opinions coming from someone named “Wii failed U”? Yes the logic is flawed in this one…

      3. It has nothing to do with “biased” it has to do with you just trying to hard there and failing at it

      4. You still don’t get it do you, how do you as a Nintendo troll have any credibility as to what you say when judging insults between a Nintendo fan (myself) and a fellow Nintendo troll (like you)

        That is like having a man testifying against his mother, can he really accuse a family member like that.

        point is: you are like him, just a member of his Nintendoom preachy troll family

        do with that as you wish

      5. No, it does, because ignoring your problems won’t get you to anywhere.

      6. Though this game I am sure will be fun to play it just has lazy stamped all over it. Same character models just upscaled to HD with a few new characters. Its a shame this game is being rushed and for that it will fail. We wont see a true next gen level Smash Bros until maybe Nintendos next console assuming that they go forward with one

      7. Agreed 100% this games potential is being wasted on the wii U and the he has a deadline so expect and rushed and incomplete game when it launches.

      8. I agree 100% that your brain is being wasted because your not using it at all. Or is there nothing really blocking traffic in-between your ears?

      9. So you know who else reuses textures each game? Assassin’s creed…

      10. So does COD, and lets not talk about rushed games (Forza, Infamous, Killer Instinct, Killzone, Titanfall) all lazily thrown together and rushed pieces of junk

      11. To be fair I’ve played inFAMOUS Second Son and it doesn’t feel rushed at all. It looks fantastic and the only thing that really makes it feel “rushed” is the fact Delsin’s Legs like to glitch through things during parkour.

      12. The Xbox 1 and done is pretty funny among the others you can’t deny that hater. And the fact that aelous used the incredibly overused Wii Hate U Wii Fuck U jokes that have been going on since Wii U was announced as the name, is staler than 10 year old bread.

      13. Agreed, he can go on with all this weak Wii U metaphors but as can I

        watch what I can do with Microsoft, It’s like Aelous’s dick, micro and soft

      14. The difference between the comment from Aeolus and yours is that… oh wait., there’s no difference. You’re also an idiot and a stupid prick like him.

    2. So if something applies to you it’s:

      Wii Can’t Help U
      Wii Hate U
      Wii Feel Sorry For U
      Wii Laugh At U
      Wii Owned U
      Wii Banned U
      Wii Torment U
      Wii Don’t Like U
      Wii So Will Not Waste Anymore Time With U

      And so on…

    1. It was in brawl. I’m not against it being used again, but using it twice is not stylish.

    1. I signed the petition and gave a lot of detail as to why it was important to me. I don’t have much hope but it would be nice if others did the same and and make it painfully obvious to Nintendo that much money will get paid in response.

    1. I feel like Star Fox 64 has the most reused quotes of any other video game in history. Just full of classic gems lol.

  6. To all the nintenyear old Nintendogs Iwata and Reggie has this to say to all of you

    “please understand Wii lied 2 U
    Wii disappointed U
    Wii Raped U

    My body wasn’t ready for u”


  7. To all the nintenyear old Nintendogs Iwata and Reggie has this to say to all of you

    “please understand Wii lied 2 U
    Wii disappointed U
    Wii Raped U

    My body wasn’t ready for u”



    1. To the retard here ^ Iwata and Reggie has this to say

      “Please understand that you are a fool, if you think wii will fall even after the wii u, wii will still be a head of you by 5 steps and will never go 3rd party. Thank you for understanding you fool”.



      1. Are you a troll or a pissed of Nintendo fan? You seem to be new here, havent seen you till a few days ago (though I took a break for a few weeks from checking the comments section). I’m a Nintendo fan myself, but I know they have made plenty of mistakes with the wii u and still are. Also side note, fuck the real triforce johnson no offense lol. Why do people like him? Cause he has no job and sits at a nintendo store for months to get their systems? Wow you have no life and no job and sit around with your power glove waiting for a system. I’m so impressed. Yup, he must be the number one fan. Lol sorry to hate on the guy, he might be cool as hell, but I think it’s ridiculous to do that just for the attention. That’s all it is really. He would get his system if he pre-ordered day 1, so the only other reason is attention. Anyway I’m done here.

    2. “My body wasn’t ready for U”
      That’s what your mom said when she realized she was pregnant. You’re a mistake of nature…

  8. Assist Trophy… cool, but how about finally porting the original StarFox, where the trophy’s likeness comes from, to the VC?

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