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Here’s The French Trailer For Tomodachi Collection

Youtube user Hans Schneider has uploaded the French trailer for popular life simulation title, Tomodachi Collection. The video was posted on the French Nintendo site but was presumably quickly taken down. Hopefully we should hear of a release date soon.


  1. dam u can do so much in this game, hopefully its as big of a hit as animal crossing! (but a tiny bit less, AC is beter imo).

    also love the fact you can do soo much PLUS play and use a Wii U .

      1. Why would Nintendo waste their money making this stupid game. Nobody wants to play this shit…

      2. it released last year. they just releasing it fopr west now.

        anyway this may be as popular as animal crossing, we’ll see.

      3. This game alone beats all your high quality, big funded PS4 and Xbone games. It has innovations, especially voice are customized. If it was made for phone, everyone will have friend collection.


        The PS4 and Xbox One are definitely missing out on a lot….

      5. I bet you’re thinking in such simple minded. Perhaps, you paid and played too much on pricey, rehashed, heavy funded, so called games.

        The world pities you. Many gaming companies laugh at you. The lazy CEOs is swimming in your hard-earning banknotes.

      6. Maybe a lot of people want to play ”this shit”. The world is not about you, bud.

      7. “The world is not about you, bud.”

        This shit isn’t what us gamers want…

      8. That’s the funny thing about this game, it literally took no time to make yet brought tons of cash for real games.
        I don’t see your point of hating it.

    1. lol. no they are relasing it to the west now.
      wii u is getting games , they NEED to loaclaise dragon quest 10 though ……………and maybe monster hunter 4 will come with a wii u version to west in 2015 like MH3 did.

      also, there will be a direct in april………possibly revealeding new wii u games!

    2. You sound concerned! ^_^ But I know you aren’t. Heheh. Oh! I’d been meaning to tell you, if you’re an eBay seller, Wii U’s usually fetch anywhere between $250-300 dollars. XBOX 360’s can be bought for $130. I’m not trolling. Just trying to help a brother out. If you wanted a current gen console. they really aren’t that hard to come by.
      Alrighty, I’ve made my peace. Keep it real, keep it fun. Keep it real fun.

      1. Well I was referring to the game because they would sell more but thanks anyway! =p Hug?

      1. From the rough translation from Google, I must say NC, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

      2. Just something a french NC said to some Xbots once…

      3. He fought against some Xbots and he is french? He didn’t run away at the sight of them?


      4. Don’t believe the American lies, not all french ran away…

      5. Twas just a little joke, I heard it when people first discovered Pokemon X and Y was in Kalos (AKA France)

        Everyone asked “Does that mean we can run away from Trainer battles?”


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