Renegade Kid Is Apparently Set To Reveal Something On April 2nd

Renegade Kid have hinted to online gaming publication Destructoid that they’ll be launching a new Kickstarter on April 2nd. The company wouldn’t divulge exactly what it’s working on, but Destructoid says that Renegade Kid hinted that there may be first person perspectives and/or horror involved.


      1. I am currently working on a quick game that will probably be done in 2 months at which point I’ll put it on steam greenlight. After this project is done I wanna start working on another project immediately. Provided my current project gets greenlighted I will apply for a nintendo license. So while I have plenty of ideas, I would like to hear from you guys. What kind of game would interest you?


      2. An Arcade Racer, though that would require a large amount of effort, especially in 3D & if you’re deving alone. A turn-based strategy RPG? A slick bullet hell shooter like Castle of Shikigami, Magical Cannon Wars, Ikaruga, Shogun, Boomblastica, or even Silpheed. Really, I’d like to see more genres that haven’t gotten many entries this gen or even last gen. Or maybe a new twist on an old formula.

        I know you’re looking to profit, but the best games (or any technical/artistic endeavor) are usually the ones the creator is passionate about.


    1. Indies are one of the few who actually make games nowadays (major 3rd parties seem to develop actual games mostly on 3DS).

      Yeah, indies might have small budgets & teams (some one-man), but many of their games look charming, even fully-realized. Plus, they tend to be light on cut-scenes; heavy on gameplay, replay-value, & features; have unpompous presentation; & are quite affordable. More importantly, they’re fun & challenging.

      Currently playing Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Wii U) [deep, challenging, & oh so satisfying], & Mutant Mudds (3DS) [recently on sale]. I’ve a huge back-catalog of retail Wii, 3DS, & Wii U games, but The Cave & Nano Assualt Neo are high on my list. Already beat Trine 2: Director’s Cut & was very happy.


  1. Oh, & while Little Inferno wasn’t quite a game (‘least not in the traditional sense), I think I spent less than $1 an hour having fun. I think the most I’ve paid for a game was $10 an hr. since I beat Luigi’s Mansion in 5 hrs. & bought it @ full price ($50) for GCN’s launch.


    1. This is all well and good, but how many sucessful games do you need before you stop being “kickstarted” and “crowdfunded”?

      I’m definitely taking more to WayForward on this one…I think Wayforward make some nice games, some of which I own…but at what point do they stop being a startup?


    1. @Anonymous- Do you know how dumb you sound right now? PS4 has alot of great games right now. The Wii U isn’t bad at all, but it’s lacking good games. We will get our games this year. Both PS4 and Wii U are good. (And even the Xbox One is great.) Quit being a blind fanboy.


      1. um how do we have no games
        we got donkeykong tropical freeze,mario 3d world, pikmin 3, wonderful 101, nintendoland,wind waker hd (soon to be mario kart 8,smash bros, x bayonetta 2),zombie U, New Super Mario U, lego city undercover, monster hunter 3 ultimate, rayman legends, 2 acs, 2 batmans, another monster hunter coming, tons of indies, gba games, zelda u is coming, wonderful 102 is coming, e3 games to be announced there to be coming, so we dont have any games huh well check again because wii u still has games your just to lazy to find them


      2. To tell the truth it actually hit me of all the irony.

        I know more games coming out for Wii U than there are for the other consoles.

        Also if a console had no games, then how is it selling by itself? A piece of hardware cannot sell unless you’ve got software for it.

        Also to the comment above, PS4 has got great games? Please don’t make me laugh. There is nothing I have seen that makes PS4 look overly impressive if I’m honest. And that same thing goes for X1 too.


    2. Don’t be a blinded fool! Why do you think the people bought it in the first place!?

      They all want to play heavy funded Knack? Perhaps.

      …Nevermind your statement is kinda true. All of exclusive ps4 games I know right now are heavy funded, high quality, but very poorly gameplay.


      1. People bought the PS4 out of hype. They are idiots who didn’t even try to look at the selection of games. Both PS4 are filled with either new iterations of old games (BF4, CODG) or souped up ports (Tomb Raider, Rayman Legends). Btw Rayman Legends is good regardless of what platform you buy it on.


  2. No wiiu has no games but 3ds has lots aso I like naruto even if the wiiu falls 3ds will take its place making cool games so far I haven’t played one 3ds game I haven’t liked 3ds is that good of a handheld just as popular as ds when it came out back in the day and will continue to make awesome game’s in till the next handheld comes out


    1. And why exactly should the plug be pulled.

      I won’t compare, but looking at the sales of PS Vita, that’s doing horribly but Sony aren’t pulling the plug on it.

      Now if that doesn’t say anything, then why do you want the Wii U to have the plug pulled?

      I have to admit, it makes no sense. Too much hate for it, and I cannot see what there is to hate about it.


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