Metroid: Other M Studio’s Parent Company Wants To Work On Mario

Tecmo Koei has expressed its interest in working on Nintendo’s Mario series. Speaking with ONM, Tecmo vice president Hibashi Kinuma revealed that his company would also like to work on franchises owned by Disney, such as Star Wars. A subsidiary of the publisher, Team Ninja, developed the Wii title Metroid: Other M alongside Nintendo in 2010.

“Disney, Star Wars and Mario are just a few of the various franchises we’d like to work with,” said Kinuma.


  1. Okay maybe, the Mario series has been on a spiral down for awhile (with some good games) so maybe they can help, but… I’d like to see a New Metriod Game first, if that’s not to much to ask?

    1. Am i the only one interested in Nintendo trying to replace Mario and get a new flagship franchise? I would love to see a new mascot.

      1. one thing is to make new games, no Mario games every year, and another is to change/replace your iconic franchise! I mean… is like Disney change Mickey Mouse! so NO, I dont want that.

      2. You should buy new super copy and past you and than when you beat that in hour go spend another 30bucks and buy new super copy and past butter shoes

        Great value you get 2hours of gameplay for 60bucks that’s 30bucks for a hour of play time

      3. … this comment makes me feel dumb. I love buying new super copy past you… every year! Obviously his supreme intellect has the last laugh when some poor bloke like me buys the same 2hour game for 60buck. Oh how I was wrong! I shall never have an opinion ever again! I will listen to all the true people in the world that have a supreme knowledge of copy and past. Sarcasm…

      4. Ha ha yeah, because that’s worked so well hasn’t it?
        I bet you didn’t even buy half of the “new stuff” Nintendo put out for you.
        Why would you, after all, you’re just a mindless idiot consumer swept up in the bandwagon along with all the other kids.

      5. You can’t just make things up man. Nobody wants mario replaced. Truth be told he is irreplaceable. We wouldn’t mind less mario games so as to preserve the quality of the brand but we don’t want mario to disappear.

      6. no. keep Mario but make sure his games are a bit less.
        to think, instead of Mario tennis we cpould have got f zero for 3ds………

      7. Speak for yourself dude. A new mascot could revitalize Nintendo and if he/she wasn’t aimed for kids, It could turn the tide against Playstation and NSA.

      8. You guys have to be like 12 which is ironic cause you act like you want something aimed at adults but you are still kids yourselves. You really think that getting rid of a 30 year old mascot that is literally the face of videogames and is known the world over is a good idea?

      9. YES. 30 freaking years. Mario needs to take a break and let someone new come in. Microsoft and Sony consoles don’t even need 20+year old mascots to help them survive. People have moved on from Mario. I bet you can ask literally anyone in my school about Mario and they would probably look at you and laugh as if you told a joke. I wouldn’t mind a new mascot. Seriously. We need to move on from this guy.

      10. Why would adults worry about what stupid kids who don’t even know how to wipe their ass right think?

      11. Mario is nintendo. If you get rid of one, you get rid of the other. There is no compromise.

      12. Sigh. Well, maybe you have a point. Without Mario, the Smash Bros games wouldn’t exist. But it’s just that he’s been getting overused a lot lately and it gets kind of annoying to see like 4 Mario games in one year.

      13. And are you referring the main Mario games or both that and its spin offs?

      14. We got 3 in 2013, 2 of which were basically the same CoughtNewsSuperMarioBrosCough

      15. The children at your school just have shit-tastic taste, and a crave to hear the constant chatter of the *PBPBPBPB* gas-simulation that I always hear when I am near a PS3, PS4, XBOX360, or XBOX1. In truth, Super Mario contains the funnest experiences that you will ever experience!

      16. Thank you! These idiots can’t realize you can’t replace or kill off a famously known character and franchise that has been praised for over 30 years that easily. Sonic however maybe the case of needing a replacement due to a shitty run of games since Adventures 2 but he’s also difficult to replace as well.

        Its that gamers today look at Mario as a cartoon and instantly say its for kids and games look too easy or a rehash of the last. But what these fucktards don’t get is how huge and important Mario is and its because of his star games with Zelda and Metroid back in the mid 80s, they saved the industry from annihilation because of Atari’s fuck ups with shitty console spams and also brought more competition into the mix like PlayStation which is everyone’s console for a long time. Nintendo does need help to improve their image right now but we must tell and show them what needs to be done for their own standards to handle. Better online infrastructure, new IPs and better advertisement showcases to truly reveal a console’s true power instead of keeping it quiet and leave people questioned, confused and even impatient that they’ll go say a bunch of stupid shit that ain’t proven or real.

        We as gamers can only change their ways by being constructively positive about their work. But either saying their company needs to die, produce only handhelds, go 3rd party status, develop for cellphones or even replacing one important franchise for another is never going to help Nintendo make better business decisions but instead have them going in a frenzy disarray and screw up somewhere wondering what these babbling, double standard retards want.

      17. mario is not important in the gaming industry. cod was an revelation that changed online gaming. there are other better games than mario. even rayman and knack are better than mario. mario games are just rehashed and cash grabs. just look how crappy super mario 3d world was…. nintendo just runs out of ideas. even my friends were laughing at how stupid the sm3dw presentation was… they stoped caring about mario. mario is a pathetic franchise that repeats the same thing over and over. cod may be a rehash but infinity ward experiments on new things to bring to cod series and no modes like the zombie mod and others.
        nintendo doesn’t even try anything new at all. just look at mario kart 8lol. theres nothing new. all they did is add the koopalins with no effort applied to it. look at smash bros nothing new but new character rosters and upscaled wii graphics. look at pokemon x and y, barebone pokemon designs, awuful graphics, terrible rpg combat and medicore story.
        nintendo is just a kids company just like disney and cartoon network. no wounder wii u is very underpowed because nintendo graphics in their games are barebones 720p and upscaled. no wounder 3rd party devs wont support wii u. nintendo didn’t even try to go to any 3rd dev unless it was an a kiddy game. wii u is going to misd out the best thrid party games this gen. its funny how idiots say specs dont matter because it really does. “if i want graphics i go outside” the stupidity of nintendrones are amazing.

      18. Mario isn’t important in the gaming industry, If it wasn’t for him we gaming wouldn’t be nearly as big as it is today

      19. What do you idiots mean, not important to the gaming industry?!?! Mario is the reason we HAVE a gaming industry! Without him and Nintendo, we would have never recovered from the Video Game Market Crash of 1983! Learn your history!

      20. The moment you mentioned knack I stopped reading your comment. I’m not exaggerating either, I really did stop reading your comment.

      21. in my school people stoped caring about nintendo in the 7th gen. nintendo killed their brand. mario rehash is as pathetic as pokemon rehash. wiiu is a huge let down. nintendo gave wiiu owners middle finger and want back to causals and 3ds.

      22. Your people just began puberty, your words means nothing…

      23. How is mario a rehash, minus the new super mario bros games, 3D world really brought some new stuff to the series and Pokemon really, pokemon is improving and improving each game, just look at the jump from gen 5 to 6

      24. Yupp, I agree!! Pokemon made a huge jump between 5 and 6 in graphics + new mechanics!! (Not being sarcastic, it truly has!!)

      25. Because their games will never become icons or legendary…

      26. Ocarina of Time, Galaxy 1 and 2, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64, Metroid Prime, Mario Kart, F-Zero, and Donkey Kong would beg to differ

      27. Actually i would like to see a new Nintendo mascot someday, I mean Mario would still be a popular gaming character but N wouldn’t focus on him all the time and create less games for Mario and more games for a new flagship character.

      28. Nonsense! You cannot replace Mario, Mario IS the face of Nintendo, Nintendo will never dare think of replacing Mario, that’s like asking Disney to kill Mickey Mouse, ugh moron

      29. He’s not only the face of Nintendo but, the face of Video Games in general.

      30. “Not only the face of Nintendo” =/= “Not the only face of Nintendo”

        He is saying that besides being the face of Nintendo, he’s the face of gaming as a whole.

      31. Disney is handling Mickey Mouse exactly as nintendogamer98 said Nintendo should handle Mario and it’s working for them. He’s there, but not very much. And instead of a new Mickey every year, they use many different franchises, the Marvel movies alone being extremely successful. Guess they’re ‘morons’ too, yes?

      32. Mario is a more widely known character than Mickey is. They should never try to replace him. They should, however, try to create another flagship title/series, which could bring another mascot.

      33. Mario is more widely known, but Nintendo is putting WAY TOO MANY freaking Mario games out. People bash games like CoD and AC for having annual releases, yet Mario games are always guaranteed to have at least 2 or more games in one year. And don’t try to pull the “but the rest are spin offs” BS. It still has Mario in it. Absolutely ridiculous. Mario Golf World Tour, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Tennis Open (Blegh), Super Paper Mario. Are you kidding? This series has had more games in it than literally any other game I can think. They will keep milking the LIVING CRAP out of it if you keep buying it too. Games like SM3DW are actually good, but WHY ON EARTH do you need to buy Mario Tennis? Stop showing Nintendo that they can keep making excuses to find any way possible to make freaking Mario games. Nintendo fans really do make me sick.

      34. i told nintendo fanboys this already. now there about 200 mario games while theres 13 cods. its pathetic rehash.

      35. CoD died after MW3. Same game over and over. Sure Mario is the same thing, but the level design is always different.

      36. Moron, that’s because Mario has been a franchise for more than 30 years starting from arcades to consoles and because game designs were far less complexed back then, Nintendo was able to make more games than you can count. Now back to COD which is only 11 years old and since MW2, has been nothing more than an unchanged “lather rinse, repeat” franchises with a change in history timeline. That’s it. Everything else is just a mask or reskin of so called “change” in what you see. COD hasn’t been fundamentally changed since COD4 with its brand new engine and time forwarded to modern age warfare. COD4 is what you call a change. Every game afterwards is just rehash reskins with overpriced DLCs.

        Stop attacking Nintendo with that lame ass rehash excuse because its getting old and debunked quickly. New Mario Bros. however you can call that rehash because it is exactly the same shit as the last game but its not an annual release franchise since only one system got one game (DS, 3DS, Wii, Wii U)

        Stop being so closed minded and retarded only because you love sucking off Microsoft’s dick for robbing your ass blind with DRM and Live which you can get the same thing on PC but FOR FREE and much more. Fucking moron.

      37. You two really is that much of a dam fool? you mean to tell me that you don’t see the 3 games of COD or the yearly releases of AC? If you ask me, that’s faster than Mario…and yes 6 spin offs to 2 originals is good. Its not really saying “I got a too a many a me’s” Its saying “I’m a got a something a new for a you”.

      38. even though mario started in 1986 and most of those are spin-offs made by entirely different teams, in terms of main mario games, there aren’t that many

      39. Wow, just give up, you sad fuck-up, and hand your head back to your mother so she can stuff it up her vag and have an abortion! :P

      40. Please understand all the mario games that came out in 2013 were diffrent genres and therefore diffrent games there hasn’t been a 3d mario game in a while jusy cause they have the mario name doesnt mean they are the same

      41. Fox can go suck Wolf’s dick. Nothing wrong with that! Star Fox can step up as a franchise though. Then the Krystal fan base can return and show the dumb fucks who run GameExplain, that how many Krystal fans who make edited images to include Krystal in Smash Bros. (Since she fits!) and to prove how she’s not a lowly requested female character and show her potential that Daisy has a harder challenge to prove.

      42. Wow, just give up, you sad fuck-up, and hand your head back to your mother so she can stuff it up her vag and have an abortion! :P There are only about 14 MAIN series mario games, no one buys the side-spins anyways, except a couple New Super Mario Bros games!

      43. The next Starfox game needs to sell as much as GTA or COD in order for that to happen :/

      44. Reggie Fils-Aime was accused of murdering his Down syndrome sibling in ’78. He was later acquitted of the charges after state prosecution couldn’t relate sufficient evidence to the accusations made of him. Several attempts have them made to reopen the case in the years since.. I was shocked to here about this. There is a few articles floating out there that go into more detail about the case. It’s a real interesting read. Kind of makes you think who these people really are that are at the helm of their respective companies…

      45. … You actually believe that? I have never heard so much bullshit coming from 1 comment, it’s the biggest load of crap, it is off topic, your a retard, get over it

      46. That’s exactly what would happen to Nintendo if they do the same to Mario or any of their popular franchise and they’ll go down like Crapcom with fanbase backlash.

      47. Am I the only one who doesn’t care about Metroid? Seriously. I just do not get how it became so popular in the first place. I tried playing Super Metroid for like 6 hours straight and it just bored the living crap out of me. Not my cup of tea.

      48. Metroid actually isn’t that popular and it just appeals to a much diffrent audience than most of nintendo’s other games

      49. I dont care about Metroid, but if you don’t even care about Super Mario, I’m just going to assume you’re an Xbox failure or a PSPenis! ;p

      50. I don’t think anyone really cares about Metroid, it’s just something the “hardcores” online claim they wished NIntendo would focus on.

      51. No you are not. I Wish this would happen because I am honestly seeing Mario games released so often. I think they should prove they don’t have to rely so heavily on Mario.

      52. I don’t think you fucking understand. Mario USED to be Nintendo. Nobody fucking cares about him anymore. Why do you think a great game like super mario 3d world sold so fucking badly? Gamer have moved on. Time for new blood. Mario is fucking lame now, sorry. ;)

      53. It didn’t sold badly, stop imagining things…

        The so called “gamers” today is not equal the entire world…

      54. Then tell me how much it sold and what’s the overall rating of the game by critics and fans?

        ..Exactly my point. Stop spitting so much shit without research or evidence just because you want to believe in fairy tales against something you blindly hate without even trying. Fucktards…

      55. That’s not the point. Super Mario 3D World sold even less than Knack. Do you know what Knack is? It’s an extremely boring, generic piece of crap. And it outsold 3D World? How in the World (heh) did it manage to do that? Because people bought the PS4 out of hype. Even if Wii U had no games, it could’ve sold like PS4 if it kept it’s hype. That’s sad, because Wii U is actually my favorite game system and 3D World is the best game I’ve played in years. Mario’s popularity has died down a ton since the old days and it just saddens me to see an amazing piece of world like 3D World get triumphed by generic FPS and boring puzzle games. If only they advertised more…

      56. It didn’t sell because so little wii U was sold at the time, the game got excellent news, reviews, and much more.

        “Nobody fucking cares about him anymore.”

        If that’s true, then tell me why everyone is considering him number one. Tell me why a 1986 game is still leading champion of all most 100 favorited video games of all time. Tell me why people still buy his games even the spin offs. Go ahead, tell me.

      57. It sold badly cause the wii u is selling bad, nintendo can’t get it through their head that they need to advertise, tons of people still think it’s an add-on for the wii

      58. Replace Mario himself, not the Mario franchise. The games are amazingly fun and colorful just Mario needs to stop stealing the spotlight. Not everyone is obsessed with the main hero or heroic pair that Japan thinks everyone likes. So Mario and Luigi can go fuck themselves, make them optional to unlock.

      59. Lol you think mario and luigi should be unlockable characters? I don’t know whether to laugh at you or pity you.

      60. Considering how badly Super Mario 3D World sold, I would say that PS4 fans have already done all the laughing.

      61. I mean like SMG sales. People just do not seem to be buying the Wii U and I’m assuming that they just don’t care for Mario anymore.

      62. You cant expect 3d world to sell as much as galaxy when there were like 10 times more wii’s in homes than there are wiiU’s

      63. Well, can’t it at least get people’s attention? Seriously. I love the Wii U ALOT. (Even if I do seem to criticize them alot.) All gamers care about is CoD and violence in games. Why couldn’t the millions of people who bought a PS4 buy a Wii U? I swear, gamers are getting stupider with each generation.

      64. why do you idiots mention cod as an excuse to bash body wants to waste there money on wiiu. wiiu is very weak and getting no third party surpport.

      65. My thought exactly. If graphics and ultra violent, realism crap is all they care about, then go to PC/Steam.

        If you want exclusives, then buy the console of your choice or choices and just stick with it and express its ups and downs like a normal person.

        Seriously, its like dudes (the dumbass Nintendo hater below me) is what’s killing the market and having companies go greedy or stupid on our asses.

      66. PS4 laughing? Well I would be laughing too since PS4 ain’t got shit to play ATM compare to Wii U. What they got?

        Battlefield 4? A buggy POS BF3 2.0 reskin (COD Status). COD Ghosts? Lame ass rehash as usual but worse than ever. Knack? Just a strictly linear beat em up garbage that I got bored of playing in less than two minutes. What else? EA Sports? Those game spams, EA and Spyware “Origin” can kiss my ass. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zero? Just a $30 part 1 speedrun of Phantom Pain that you can finish IN 10 FUCKING MINUTES! The ONLY decent game PS4 got is Infamous: Second where is the 3rd game already so we can finish the story. Next big game coming for PS4 (which is a multi-port for all consoles) is Watch Dogs but by then, Mario Kart 8 will take the world by storm and afterwards, PS4 will have to wait months to a year for Phantom Pain, Kingdom Hearts 3, Uncharted 4 and so forth.

        So tell me, who’s laughing now? :3

      67. am laughing at this nintendrone lol.
        super 3d world =barebone REHASHED, up scaled hd 3ds game lmao, pikmin 3= pick a men of my last gen graphical ass, donkey kong tropical frezze just a rehash, last gen graphics,720p, no online multipalyer, terrible story and rehashed( gamespit review:6/10) lmao. nsmbu is just a rehash. sonic lost world had terrible controls and forced you to use useless color gimmicks that sucked.

      68. 3D World has new levels and more playable characters you dumbass, Pikmin 3: Look at the water in that game and tell me its not good looking. DK: The last installment in that franchise came in 2010, so no, its not a rehash. Also, did it ever occur to you that games on the PS4 and the One have games with last gen graphics too?Quit being a graphics whore man, I owned you on Miiverse and I’ll do it again on this site.

      69. Religion and prayers won’t help you in our empire…

        Leave Luck to Heaven…

      70. I’d like mario games starring the different characters, peach, rosalina, wario etc. these could make really fun and unique games

      71. Actually, I was thinking it would be really cool if Mario was dropped as Mario’s mascot and Link was moved up. I think that would be beneficial to Nintendo.

      72. New mascot is completely unnecessary to help Nintendo’s image. What they need now is new fun IPs like Nintendo’s own FPS or a new lovable character/franchise in a third person adventure like Ratchet & Clank or Sly.

      73. My main problem with that is that every link is different, they all look and act different while mario has been the same since he begining. I think pikachu or kirby could work as a new mascot but who knows

      74. Theres no need for new mascot. Mario describes what Nintendo is about really well. But new ips+franchises would be nice. Oh and StarFox should return.

      75. I don’t think they should make any new Ip’s at least not yet. I mean we haven’t seen F-zero or star fox in over a decade

      76. lets not forget they have other IP’s which haven’t appeared for a generation. I agree with news IP’s but i think they should bring back those that we haven’t seen in a long time. I also think that Mario games shouldn’t be released do frequently.

      77. That won’t happen, Mario is not only the mascot of Nintendo, but also the mascot of the whole video game industry.
        I like the li’l red plumber…

      78. I wouldn’t want the Mario series to go away, but a new big series for Nintendo would be great.

      1. Oh and COD, Resident Evil (since 4), EA Sports, Assassin’s Creed, Megaman, Spyro, Need for Speed, Crash Bandicoot, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Battlefield, Ratchet & Clank, Sly, Little Big Planet, Metal Gear Solid, and so on hasn’t been the same or similar as their last game too?

        So what your one track mind is saying is that Nintendo is the ONLY company on earth who rehashes their franchises repeatedly and yet OTHER COMPANIES DON’T when I just listed other well know 3rd party games above here that does the same right in front of your dirt-covered eyes?

        You sir are such a dumb fuckhead.

      2. Lol like your opinion matters, we all know your mom gave birth to you on the highway. Y’know the highway, which is the place where most accidents happen, including you.

  2. Stars wars would be an interesting game if it was made by them and I would like to see how mario would turn out to be like as well.

    1. I agree, Other M was not as bad as everyone says it was. Especially with the gameplay! (it does have it’s short comings though)

      I think they could make a really awesome Star Wars game if it was like an original story with original characters and stuff!

      1. I feel like if they used the nunchuk it would’ve been awesome, I say they should port it to the wii u, Or make a new one that works too

      2. Yeah the nunchuk would have made it easier to control, but I liked the idea of changing from a horizontal Wiimote to a vertical one.

  3. Nintendo should let them! It would be rather interesting don’t you think? Wouldn’t be your average Mario game :P

    1. The only way Nintendo will make me buy a Wii U for over 200$ is if we got a Mario sunshine sequel and a new Metroid game.

      1. They’re gonna say its Brawl 2.0 like I hear every-fucking-where. I swear nothing satisfy these idiots anymore besides flashy ass graphic heavy games with DRM, Microtransactions and shitty ass or unchanged gameplay.

        Let the new game market crash cometh.

      2. And the best part is, our empire will be basically unaffected and we will reclaim our lost territories once again!

      3. it is brawl 2.0 just like how ultra street fighter is super street fighter 2.0

  4. 3d world was a sick game. At e3 i bet we will get a mario sports title and the year after that a mario game thats going to be as good or better than the galaxy titles.

  5. If it’s not another 3D Mario, then I don’t care! No more NSMB rehashes! SM3DW and SMG were AMAZING! Make more of those or don’t even attempt to make another game.

  6. they actually did a good job with other m it was the creator I believed that screw-up things for the game. The controls should have have multiple options. Not to mention tge story needed some help, and liner design needed to more open. I know tons of people hated samus’s voice actor but her voice fits her. He could had written her character better but he did okay. Over maybe let them try

    1. The main downsides to Other M was being linear, the limitations of controls, exploration and power ups followed by the story itself being a bit contraditing of Samus’s character. Prime example: Ridley re-encounter cutscene where she acted so suprised and had a mental breakdown (like WTF) of seeing Ridley again..for the 4th time in the Metroid story timeline and why when she encountered him so many times which shouldn’t be a surprise to her anyway.

      That was the gripes of Other M.

  7. Mario kills his enemies like Samus kills hers. Imagine Mario stomping a goomba into the ground then he kicks it in the forehead. Brutal!

      1. because they’re fun and well made, why wouldn’t you want a new game to a series you enjoy

      2. Yeah… I guess. Just like PlayStation fans wants another Gran Turismo and God of War, or how Xbox fans wants another Halo and Gears of War. What was your point again?

  8. Tecmo =/= Team Ninja.

    Tecmo and Nintendo working together could come up with some great ideas. I’d prefer new IPs than potentially alienating people again.

    I’d like to see a Luigi’s Mansion x Fatal Frame crossover, could be pretty neat.

      1. “a waluigi sand box game”? -_- A Waluigi Sandbox game?…


        WALUIGI?!?! He is literally the most insignificant,most unpopular, most annoying character in the history of Nintendo

        He is literally just a place filler to create the illusion that WARIO is a doppleganger of MARIO,

        And you think that making him the star of his own game will save Nintendo? I could literally vomit a better idea

        EVERYONE, this kid is calling us immature but his hero… IS WALUIGI?!?

        That’s it I give up, he is a fucktard above all fucktards, I I just don’t know what to say

      2. He is losing braincells faster than the Sonyans are losing bases…

      3. Waluigi… WALUIGI? Just… wow… he discredits us for being Nintendo fans and therefore immature, but he is willing to spend money on a game starring a a deformed Luigi clone, that was just made to make Wario more similar to Mario, what the hell are the 15-year-olds of today smoking if they think a character that just says “Wa… Wa” makes for a “mature” or even decent game…

      4. The sad part thing is that they aren’t even smoking anything, they just worship their pathetic monkey gods like Justin Beaver and Lady Gaga and other nonsense apes…

      5. You don’t like Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber? huh, interesting…

      6. Why should I worship pot-smoking, drug-sniffing troublemakers that doesn’t give 2 cents about people or nature?…

      7. Actually Lady Gaga is a really nice person, but Beiber, well, yeah your completely right on that.

      8. and you wounder how stupid nintendo fanboys are these days. idiots like you make all the other nintendrones look like idiots. it would be great a gta game for wii u but you idiots just damage control everytime because you think your helping nintendo. nintendo doesn’t give a shit about there fans. the give the middle finger to all us wii u owners, the lied and deceived us before wii u launched and we were scamed. 1/3 of wii u owners tarded there wii u for a ps4 and xbox one

      9. Well guess what, just because you can’t deal with disappointment doesn’t mean that you speak for the rest of us, I have 2 Wii Us and I am more than happy with them, just because you have a short mans temperant (understandable since you are a little 15 year old) doesn’t mean jack shit to Nintendo, you hate the Wii U? good for you go yell and bitch somewhere else, if you can’t deal with a little dissapointment over a video games console, life is going to shit over your face and kick you in your little vagina in the real world, now return your Wii U, don’t return your Wii U, I don’t give a flying fuck, learn to deal with disappointment, just like how your parents did when you were conceived you little shit

      10. piece of shit nintendrone. no wounder everyone laughs at nintendo fans. nintendo is a joke to gaming industry. microsoft took over 7th gen because of the stupid wii and 600$ ps3 lol. now sony is taking over this gen. just look at how shiity nintendo has become ever seens they left the console war or competition. all there consoles are pieces of shit, third parties find nintendo as a joke, nintendo focused on causals instead of their fans and peoole how got the gamecube. nintendo is becoming the new ea…. lol even ea has better games than nintendo.

      11. jez, why are you even here, shitting on the comments section? -_- FUCK OFF TO DUALSHOCK 4RUMS!!!!!!!!!!

      12. …And you dare have the fucking nerve to say that after bashing Mario?

        WTF cares about that POS waste of a character Wailuigi besides your dumbass?

    1. I’d go out and buy a Wii U just to play that. I haven’t seen anything scary in a Nintendo game since that fucking piano in Super Mario 64… and some of the stuff in Majora’s Mask can at least qualify as creepy.

  9. Me too.
    mario is a king, but its time for anew franchise.
    i have enough from mario.
    too much marioin the last 4 years.
    i buy a nintendo console just because i love zelda and like metriod.
    starfox and f-zero is awesome too.
    hey sony make a lot ofnew games.
    naughty dog (okay uncharted has enough games for a while) makes mostly different games.
    same as quantic dream.
    in the last 7 years, there was a lot new franchises from other studios.
    what came from nintendo?
    non! okay pikmin i guess and 101.
    its time for a story telling acion adventure.

  10. speaking of tecmo koei, they should do a pokemon conquest 2, i did like conquest and it should come out for 3ds and cameos of DoA characters and ninja gaiden characters

    1. You’re not the only one. I too have had such a fantasy! What a missed opportunity for the late Year of Luigi!

  11. No! Make Koei’s development team work on strategy games for Wii-U, please! Like Nobunaga’s ambition series and Three Kingdom series.
    Imagine in star war version…I guess a dream is a dream. *sob*

  12. God, I hate reading the comments on this site. I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered such a consistently stupid group of people on a gaming site before. Seriously, it’s embarrassIng to think that some of you morons represent Nintendo’s fans. I’m hoping it’s due to the fact that most of you are like 13 and will eventually grow up and stop being shamefully ignorant and thoughtless. But I’m afraid it’s really due to the fact that most of you are actually just the degenerate losers you seem to be.

    1. I agree. It’s a freaking shame to see people act with such stupidity. I guess that most of them are still little kids. The comments here are god awful. People here have no common sense. What losers.

    2. Watch out, the blinded zealots will quickly labeling you as ‘hate’ and making the false assumption, that you have other consoles.

    3. Damn man. You very much hit the spot on this one. There’s just too many idiots right now in this world and I’m more afraid of that than any typical asshole or tough guy imposing queers I’ve ever met and will meet.

    4. Not to mention all the fucking idiots who sling as much trash as the people they call kids, waste their fucking time trying to convert Nintendo fans that don’t want to be converted, and KEEP. COMING. BACK. and saying the same “Nintendoom, Nintendo gimmicks, fanboys, nintendrones.” the same, boring, self-righteous, “talk sense into people” – wasting their fucking time like they have no life.

    5. The 14 year old ~hardcore~ PS & Xbox fans versus bitter Nintendo fans comments does get a little old.

    6. I wholeheartedly agree, not just in the cases of the Nintendo proponents and opponents, but in the matter of people in general. I wish intelligence and decency were standards to which most men held common.

  13. You get 3rd party companies saying they want to make a Nintendo IP game, yet they don’t do it.

  14. hyrule warriors………now this?
    that’s what happened with next level(doing ninty games succeslfully) and later they became 2nd party recently.

    Nintendo should let them ……….just………….just maybe.

    but the other m thing? NO THANK YOU.

  15. As a big Nintendo fan it pains me every time Mario’s name appears in a game that is not about Mario, Mario party and kart are obvious exceptions but things like the Olympic games are just too much.

    Nintendo needs new IPs badly, star fox and f-zero are long overdue, a good idea would be to spend some money buying back rare IPs because it’s obvious that ms can’t do shit with them and, while we are at it how about rouge squadron, oh! And, go help the guys behind the sequel to eternal darkness and make it wiiu exclusive.

    Mario as a gaming icon is irreplaceable but too much of him is also tiresome.

  16. @sickr, alba, and silvershadowfly. You all should be ashamed for allowing such a degenerate and horrible comment section. This really is the worst comment section for nintendo gaming News ever. Never again will I come here and I will just stick to,, because at least those sites actually have Good moderation and doesn’t let things turn into a flame war every single article. Take notes from them, because this site is truly the most awful nintendo news site every

    1. its the wii u owners vs wii u fanboys. nintendo fans vs nintendo fanboys. lol sickr loves these fanboys.

      1. Then WTF are you here coming from the peanut gallery that is PS4 still waiting on more decent games? Hmm..doesn’t that sound familiar?

      2. no, it’s *sony* people like you that waddle over here every article to take a piss!

    2. I actually find it kind of interesting. Those “good moderation” sites are just filled with robots spitting out bland comments because administrators are looking over their asses. Comment sections where people can speak their minds are the best.

  17. It is hard to read…must be young…200 Mario games? Just cause he is playing tennis does not make it a true Mario game.. Also if new super comes out on home console and one on the handheld I don’t think that’s to much cause guess what? Even though I want a 3DS have never owned a Nintendo handheld….think about it…that means if Mario is over played I have played 3D world(excellent) two galaxy games(awesome) and just two new super games…two of them in my life! Unless you include luigis DLC, then three….so I have only miss out on two new super games one from the DS, played the wii one, and the excellent 3D land in the recent years where punk kids think it’s over played…maybe I’m attached since my first game was Mario back in the 80’s maybe it’s because I have owned every Nintendo home console…I dont know I love games and play them all, even call of duty, but to put what Mario and Nintendo at the same level as what activison and ubisoft have done with some of their games is silly

  18. I’d like to see a slightly more mature Mario game. No, not Mario with guns. And not sexual innuendo. It would be cool to hear Mario talk more in the game. It would also be interesting to see a major graphical overhaul, where the characters had a more realistic sort of look.

    After all, even Mario himself looks just like those people who walk around Disneyland dressed up as Disney characters. Mario looks like a costume instead of a real person. Hehe. I think it’s his head. It’s just too darn big.

    But I’d rather see a true sequel to the original Super Mario RPG than anything else. That game ROCKED! The Paper Mario games just aren’t the same.

    1. hmmm… No, I just don’t see a more mature Mario happening, each Nintendo franchises suit a different market

      Metroid for the more “mature” Nintendo fan
      LoZ for the more fantasy, role-playing oriented adventure lovers
      Mario for the more platformerist gamers
      Pokemon for the more strategist, competitive roleplayers

      you see where I am getting at?

    2. Umm no. You sound like one of those idiots wishing for Nintendo games to exist on PS or Xbox so that this illogical wetdream of making him mature and realistic would happen.

      Please. Just back away and go play your GTA5.

  19. How can anyone criticize Tecmo Koei working on Mario, before we see whether or not they were any good working with Zelda?

    I personally am very excited for Hyrule Warriors and think they could do a good job with the game.

  20. I’m so sick and tired of the terms, “Kiddy” and “Mature”…

    Everybody talking along those terms are imature themselves…

    1. That’s true. I remember being really scared of anything that could be considered “immature” when I was a teen, I wanted so badly to be treated like an adult. But now that I am one, I no longer give a shit. I play whatever games I happen to enjoy, doesn’t matter if it’s Gears of War or Pokémon.

  21. Holycrap, these haters surely went full retard, the nominees are:
    @Sasorideidaraobi, @HollowGrapeJ, @originalbloodace, @Lioness, @Anonymous, @Frost.

    And the winner is… *Drum Rolls*
    @Sasorideidaraobi for insisting so much in “Mario should be replaced” CONGRATS! You proved your extra chromosome more than anyone ^.^

    1. And that will make you not dislike the Wii U?…

      When I buy anything I make sure I have several reasons to buy it, not just one…

      1. Lol I don’t dislike the Wii U, I just dislike what Nintendo has been doing with it.

        Look, I like the whole idea of the gamepad and how it changes the way you play games; the only problem is that it’s not being used to it’s full potential.

      2. Look noone likes what Nintendo has been doing with the Wii U, but it is up to us to make or break them, and your profile pic doesn’t help either

      3. Lol! To those who owns a Wii U is equivalent to Nintendo flipping them off :P

      4. As a Wii-u owner, I fully agree. It’s like only Ubisoft is doing the gamepad and they’re not selling well in the console. What a shame.

        Also, I apologize for calling you a ‘simple minded’ in previous article.

      5. Even though he’s an ass, Anubis made a good point. Along side the advertisement, the Gamepad’s potential hasn’t been fully unleashed or used differently. If Nintendo would’ve made it with far better battery and the feature to upload a full game or two into the Gamepad device and play it on the go like a portable handheld, that alone would’ve won so many consumer’s interests and help boost its credibility so much that 3rd parties wouldn’t be bitching much about its power but instead be glued to its incredible revolutionary use. The Gamepad alone could’ve been used aa a handheld device for home console games or a game streaming tablet with its own wifi function.

        That is what Nintendo missed that could’ve made Wii U huge plus the console name too could’ve been different like “Nintendo Stream” or “Nintendo Tab”

      6. They better come up with good ideas to the Gamepad when they announce entirely new games in the near future…

        Otherwise they’ll be angering the most loyal of us as well…

      7. I agree but sometimes it seems that you dislike it too much…

        I think the Gamepad idea should have beeen better for next generation considering they still haven’t done much with it…

        I hope Mario Kart 8 has 2 player online with one having the Gamepad…

        Otherwise that would be a waste of potential…

      8. Yeah, sometimes i get carried away… Trolling is fun, but I rather have legitimate discussions/arguments here.

        I mean since they’re having trouble with the gamepad now, it’s better for them to get used to it now so that they can have a better understanding for how they can develop games for it.

        I hope so too because they need to start somewhere…

      9. This website will never be troll free, for every troll that walks out another just comes in.

      10. What would be cool for smash would be 4 players vs a boss and the player with the gamepad would be the boss. and the gamepad would let you do special moves with that boss

    2. Galaxy 3, 3D World 2, Sunshine 2, Mario 64 2, or new Open World Mario game…


  22. Metroid Other M was the worst Metroid game is the series. I am not a fan of Tecmo or Team Ninja. I don’t think they can make a good game, much less Mario.

      1. Which is it then? Lol, I’m a noob at being able to tell what’s first party, etc….
        And I, for one, bought every main stream handheld Pokemon game of the series since gen 3!!! Lol…

    1. No, they’re kinda second-party. They aren’t owned by Nintendo, but they make games exclusively for them with a few exceptions. For example, they made Pulse Man for the Sega Genesis and Click Medic for the PlayStation.

  23. So, the company that churns out the uber-boring Dynasty Warriors games and the ever worsening Ninja Gaiden games (seriously, did you see how bad the new one is? lol) wants to work on the greatest game series of all time?

    Good luck with that guys. You have ZERO chance.

  24. “Some creatures use the powers of others to capture their prey. Watching that disgusting Koopa, I felt as though it was feeding off my Mushroom as well.”

    Thanks for the interest, but no, please!

  25. I doubt Nintendo would let them develop a Mario game other than a Mario rip-off like Golf or something.
    They care too much about the quality of the main 3D Mario games to let someone else develop them.

  26. Why can’t it be a Monday through Friday kind of day today, so that these sad trolls can go back to school? :)

    1. Well, Sakamoto wouldn’t be involved, so there’s an improvement considering many of Other M’s design choices were his ideas, not Team Ninjas.

  27. Wow, just one sub-par game and it’s like nobody trusts Tecmo Koei anymore. That’s really sad.

    Other M’s gameplay was very good, only the story was really lacking. However, Mario games don’t depend on story most of the time, and I imagine that Nintendo would work very closely with Tecmo Koei to make sure they make something that both of them like.

    1. only story and awhat sakamoto did to samus.

      its like changing Mario and making him AFRICAN OR WHATSVER. 100% different persoanlities! ___

  28. Tecmo Koei doing a Star Wars game? Sign me up! Especially if it’s a game with you playing a Jedi & using light sabers.

  29. I love the Mario series, but it’s getting repetitive with its “plotline”, but since Tecmo is interested in making a game I’m totally down for it! Maybe they’ll add dramatic moments

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