Mario Kart 8 Features Four-Player Grand Prix Mode?

Mario Kart 8 will apparently feature a Grand Prix mode that supports up to four players. In previous installments in the series, Grand Prix mode pits one player against multiple racers that are controlled through artificial intelligence. The mode usually comprises three difficulty levels and eight competitive cups with four tracks each. Mario Kart 8 will be available May 30th for Wii U.


      1. The only way to achieve anything with this game is to ADVERTISE. Of course us core Nintendo fans will buy the game, but now we need to reach out to the casuals and bring them over. (Mario Kart games can do this pretty easily) Let’s just hope that this can boost the Wii U’s sales long enough to at least our real big hitters like SBB4 come smashing in.

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    1. Hello! I think this is pretty awesome news! Mother, William, Uncle Bobby, and I have been wanting to do Grand Prix together for the longest time! It’s gonna be a classic summer for sure!

      Uhh goodbye!

    2. yes finally i hated that they took it out in mario kart wii and 7 and you had to unlock stuff by yourself

    1. wait two months for a mario game.i lost interest in mario kart 8 back in the summer. this game is just a remake of a wii game to me

      1. It looks miles better then freakin wii. Plus snakeing is gone, better online, larger roster, better track designs(wii’s track design was okay, but only a few things sticked out) its already a huge improvement over wii, i’ve played the game several times. Its your opinion though, but don’t say something is remake when its not a remake.

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      3. am saving money towards a xbox 360 that has better games and experience. cant wait to get the 360.

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      5. I have a Xbox 360 S, only got CoD BO and Halo: Reach for it.

        It’s a pretty annoying console to use, stopped playing it years ago.

      6. Oh, look! This pathetic troll is still here saying 360 on purpose and not Xbox One to try to make the Wii U look worse! Ah, he’s here every day, right? Poor guy, sad this is the highlight of his day!

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      8. Nah. I’m pretty sure that when the game comes out, you’ll probably one of the first ones falling in line to buy it.

      9. Can’t afford it? It’s okay, there are other times you can buy it. Just try not to convince yourself that you don’t need it.

      10. Remake of a Wii game? Sure, if you also count Battlefield as being a remake of a slightly old PC game, or count Killzone: Shadows Fall as being a remake of a PS3 game.

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  1. Nice! I remember there was a cheat in Diddy Kong Racing that allowed multiplayer adventure mode and that was loads of fun. Hopefully this is too!

  2. Cool news, but why is Nintendo being so quiet about MK8? Something like this would’ve been great to know months earlier.

    1. My guess is a big direct trailer for MK8 is coming soon they haven’t announced much for it yet, hope we get the blue shell

    2. Same situation as Mario 3D World. They revealed stuff about it like a month away from launch. You don’t try to drive yourself crazy trying to figure them out.

  3. I hope so my bother and I always loved double teaming all the time in two player Grand Prix ! I could just imagine it with four players!

  4. Hell yea. Im sick of having to pass the controller back and forth to unlock stuff. Make the multiplayer actually meaningful

    1. Yes! Remember temco’s top gear? Two people worked on unlocking. Still such an epic racing game

      1. They could announce it in a MK ND though…

        Or announce that it will be supporting 2 Gamepad next year…

      2. I love Nintendo, obviously so do you, but they are desperate with the wii u! I highly doubt they are holding back info, business wise they can’t! The die hards are starting to second guess. So if they have star fox or metroid secretly in development, they need to say it!!!

      3. I’m sure they have several unannounced games but I don’t think they are that desperat yet…

        I Think that just like I have been waiting for, if Mario Kart does not sel as goo as expected, then it’s time to worry…

      4. I don’t really expect Nintendo to announce 2 GamePad-support anytime soon, if at all. They can’t really expect us to go out and buy another Gamepad, considering they cost more to manufacture than regular controllers / Wiimotes.

      5. In some ways, I blame the western parts of our empire…

        They should have had the knowledge and understanding about what the western gamers want or atleast know that you can’t have a new console today without advertising it…

  5. I wonder how this will work, but still will be pretty cool. As long as it supports online! Hopefully it’ll have it as another sub option to Grand Prix, or will it be in with normal Grand Prix?

  6. Sasori u dumb brainless jerk off if you going to troll without using a brain atleast try to pretend you have one

    I for one have played this game at e3 and it looks better then anything out right now even better then Kim Kardashians nookie

    1. dude forza 3 look better than this. am not wasting 60$ at any nintendo game again. nintendo games should be 30$ at best.

      1. That’s your loss, I don’t think Nintendo will lose too much sleep over you not liking their games. But really, complaining that Mario Kart has poor graphics is like complaining that Starbound or Braid has bad graphics. You’re technically correct, but you’re completely missing the point.

  7. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis is going to be killed next Tuesday in a car accident… “Please Understand”


    Have you ever imagined playing an old classic that you loved and wanted it to be online to show off your skills or even play with friends and family that live to far away to play the game with them. Imagine Super Mario World with online and voice chat, Mario kart with online and voice chat or even super smash bros! from N64 with online multiplayer and voice chat the list can go on and on this can be something that I know will be a hit! We together can make this happen if we show nintendo that we really want this! This would be amazing!

  9. This is what I wanted in MKWii and could never work out why it wasn’t at least 2 player. This announcement would be the icing on the cake.

    Please be true.

    1. At least it had 2 multiplayer online…

      But I agree, it should have at least 2 player multiplayer local again, but preferably 4 now that we have the Wii U…

  10. what was tthe big problem in mk wii, u just went to versus race set it for 4 races to run in order and u had a grand prix

      1. fire it up and have a look then, versus race then go to rules/settings turn ai on set it to 150cc, 4 tracks in order and hey presto u got a grand prix

      2. me and a friend did the whole 32 tracks set on random one day, obviously after a little shhhmoke, and the ai wer all there to enjoy it with us

      3. I know you can play GP with 2 players but I’ve never seen it with 3 or 4…

    1. Well the main issue is that you only unlock other characters and bikes by playing the GP mode. This means that if I play that and complete it then I’m already at a serious advantage when playing with others in my family. SASRT had two player career mode so there is no reason why MK8 can’t do the same, or better with 4 players.

  11. well I will wait and see before getting excited. As for the online feature I saw it with Mario Kart Wii people leave after they lose one race so what the point of having mario kart on-line when people will struggle to find someone to play with cause a lot of people will go off-line after they lose? I really don’t get why people want to play on-line that much…. honestly I really don’t get it. I bet those people just want the option but would not use it after 1 month.

      1. Well if you aim was to explain me why people go offline after losing one race I think I get the gesture of it before your explanation but thank for taking the time.

        Saying that you agree that people leave the game after losing one race therefore you still haven’t give me a valid point of having online feature which won’t be use that much.

        Please don’t think I try to be funny but from where I can see, people want a feature which won’t be use and will cost a lot of money and a waste of time for Nintendo.

  12. I was disappointed when it wasn’t in Mario Kart Wii. I wanted to play, but enjoyed playing multiplayer more. Double Dash had a co-op and competitive mode for Grand Prix. It made unlocking characters a LOT more fun. Glad they’re doing it in the new one!

  13. Cool, but does this game will support 5 simultaneous players like Sonic & All-Stars Raacing Transformed? Not adding a 5-player support through the Game Pad would be a waste!

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