EAD Tokyo Already Working On Next Mario Game, May Come To Wii U

Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi has told EDGE that the team are busy creating a new Mario title, but wouldn’t reveal which platform the game will come to.  EAD Tokyo team leader Kenta Motokura said that if the game does come to Wii U then they need to figure out ways to make better use of the Wii U GamePad.

“Yoshiaki Koizumi says that while work has begun on the new game, it could not confirm whether it’ll be 3DS or Wii U title. “That’s still a secret!” he says. “I can tell you, though, that we’ve already started approaching our next challenge.”

 “There’s still a lot more room for discovery and invention, and we’ll continue to propose new and exciting game mechanics going into the future.” If follow-up to Super Mario 3D World is to be a Wii U game, co-director and EAD Tokyo team leader Kenta Motokura says his team “might need to make even more use of the GamePad.”




  1. Probably a connection between both systems then if it’s a “secret”…

              1. Because it’s Mario Kart…

                And it’s basically the near perfection game of any game in the series…

                  1. Yes it is but he is also right, “One grain of rice and topple a mountain”. Mario Kart can just turn it around just like Super Mario 3D Land did with the 3DS, but that’s a BIG “maybe”.

                  2. Please bear in mind you are talking to a Nintendo fanboy who pretends to be a robot on the internet… Everything he says is irrelevant

                  1. Monster hunter is a nitch group and had difficult controls not everyone can acclimate to.

                    Mario Kart is a 1st party Nintendo staple with a massive fan base and competitor respect.

                    It may not save the WiiU single-handedly, but sure as hell might stop the bleeding.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis’s mom has been exposed. She commits adultery on his father every other weekend which results in unwanted pregnancies. Some of these pregnancies are found to have Trisomy 21 in which she aborts at various stages… She once carried a Trisomy 21 pregnancy to 26 weeks in which she excused herself from a family dinner one evening at a restaurant, she then miscarriages on the bathroom floor of the establishment. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis’s mom exposed….

              1. Neither is Zelda U so far, all we got is a Dynasty Warriors version of Zelda at the moment.

                1. er its been stated several times zelda u’s into development? they were even going to announce it last e3 but felt it was too early. so yes it is a thing -_-

        1. How is the WiiU itself going to improve through the release of a game? Sure, sales may improve, but it’s not like the hardware of the WiiU will suddenly change when the clock hits midnight on May 30. What, will the gamepad suddenly transform into a better controller? Will the game library magically expand by 5453435657453 quality titles? What are you trying to say? How is the WiiU going to improve? No offense, but you make no sense.

        2. As a fan and someone that bought the Wii U on the first day that is something I doubt… The console has reached its limit thanks to that game because they have to drop the framerates to 30 when you play with more than two people, without gamepad usage and it’s not even possible to play with one person on the gamepad and the other on TV… that’s a shame, and it just screams that the Wii U is underpowered and it won’t last four another two-tree years…

          1. I’m basing it on the repeated history that was the 3DS…

            50% chance that the same will happen to the Wii U when MK8 is released…

            1. What do you base that percentage on? The 3DS didn’t need 1 1/2 years+ to get started. And even if MK8 does move hardware, what will happen afterwards? You won’t be seeing any new quality titles for another 5-6 months.

              1. Well standard percentage asumption since it can go either way at that point…

                True, but I’m sure Mario Kart 8 will keep most of us pretty busy for months and years alone…

                I just hope there is a special ND coming for new unannounced games right after Mario Kart 8’s release…

                1. Yea, it can go either way, but the chances of the WiiU not experiencing the same turn as the 3DS are higher. The WiiU has bigger competition. There aren’t many games on their for WiiU for the next months. The controller doesn’t appeal to everyone. Etc. Just because there’s only 2 ways it could go, doesn’t mean there’s a 50% chance for either option. It all depends on how many points speak against and/or for it.
                  And even if there was a Nintendo Direct after MK8’s release to announce new games, it’s not like they’d release those games so soon after announcing them.

            2. True but the 3DS had and still has no competition… Wii U is already outsold by PS4 and almost (?) By the Xbox one so people don’t really have a reason or need to buy the Wii U while they did have the need to buy a handheld console, everyone was standing on the ledge but they just needed the final push and Mario kart pushed all those bitches so hard they fell and almost broke their neck.

              There aren’t that many people standing on the ledge and needing that final push for the Wii U because they are already sitting in their couch again and playing PS4/Xbone, there are a few people waiting but I doubt that there are as many people as there were with the 3DS… I hope for the best but I doubt that the Wii U will gain much traction and will sell half the amount of the others.

              1. Well I think it’s safe to say that the Sonyans won this generation if things still go as they go…

                But I do believe that the Wii U will take off heavily once the secrets are starting to unveil…

                But if MK8 doesn’t at least push the sales by a minimum of twice as much as SM3DW then I think the Wii U will be a Gamecube at best…

              2. wiiu will fail. who would pay 300$ to get a last gen with the same old mario,zelda,kirdy and pokemon games. not my poeple i know dont care for wiiu. one of friends was like wiiu got no games and its not getting any. lol

          2. the wiiu is underpowed that why its desgined for kids. nintendo thinks they decieve kids by making an sd graphical character modle look more hd with upscaled 720p. kids,teens and adults are wise and wont fall for the wiiu like they did for the wii.

    1. I was thi Ming that, hopefully we can see a big Mario game, id like to see spin off games from smash bros. “Mario smash” was Mario has more parcore based moves, a combat system for the powerups and is maybe even a T rated game. (this could be done for other characters to, star fox, metroid, dk, Kirby, pit)

      but at the same time if they do it for both systems id like to see a “Mario galixy 3D” ware its a single player game on the 3DS and a different set of 1-4 player levels on the Wii U version. With some cross play of some kind involved if you buy both versions.

  2. Please a new full blown 3D mario game. Either a sequel to mario 64, sunshine or just an all new idea.

  3. I couldn’t careless if they’re downgrading or rehashing. As long there’s online to play with our friends, around the world! Please Nintendo!

  4. Coming to Xbone, PS4 and Vita? Cool! Can’t wait!
    (C’mom guys, control yourselves! Don’t feed this troll!)

  5. My vision of the Sonyan future and the next generation console from our empire will ultimately crush everyhting…

    But everything starts now…

      1. all of us here knows that you have a secret crush for Nintendo Commander, it’s ok. No need to go all tsun tsun

  6. Ditch the Gamepad completely instead of forcing developers to use. If it doesn’t come naturally it’s not meant to be. The whole thing can’t even be remotely compared to the Wii Remote + Nunchuk combo.

    1. The thing is that imbeciles like you think the gamepad always has to have some sort of functionality or it doesn’t matter, so the developers feel hard pressed to put in some sort of stupid gimmick to please you.
      Does every Wii game need to use motion? Does every DS game have to use the touch screen? Does every 3DS game has to have mandatory use of 3D?
      NO, they don’t, the thing is just an OPTION that is there so it can be used by games like Zelda Skyward Sword, Kirby Mass Attack or Super Mario 3D Land.
      And just like them, the Wii U gamepad is an option that can be integrated skillfully into a game, like with Lego City Undercover.
      So why are idiots grilling the Wii U gamepad when a game, such as Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, dares to not make its use mandatory?
      Would you rather have gimmicky games like Sonic Lost World that force the use of the gamepad for broken mechanics and gameplay-disrupting tutorials?

      1. It’s an option yes, but for our researchers in our own empire it’s almost a demand…

        Otherwise if not even we use the Gamepad like today then the Wii U is just overpriced…

      2. that game sonic lost world shows wiiu gamepad is illreavelent. ditch the gampad and drop the price to 150$.

        1. Ok, here’s the thing about that, all 3 systems (Xbox one, PS4 and Wii U) are all made at a loss, so…they need to sell games to make a profit. The gamepad if you haven’t noticed is also key to many games, and offers the off tv play, as well is a integral part of apps like Netflix, web browser, eshop, and miivers (I guess you don’t use those?) point is that 1 the cost of the controller is about 80$ not 150$) the system is what cost the higher price, so ditching the gamepad in the end would still require them to sell the Wii U at 300$ dont fool your self in thinking that the price would change. The reason for the game pad is to offer new kinds of game play, this leads to equlisives, new kinds of games, and experiences exclusive to the Wii U, experiences that can’t be on Xbox or PS. So your comment means little in the long run, and since the Xbox one and ps4 are 400$ more and Xbox well be coming closer to the 400$ mark by holiday season. And the Wii U is already the cheapest of the systems, fucking around with structure is a stupid choice and would also be catering to the winning of softcore gamers who dont understand ideas behind innovation, or that its a bad business decision to screw over preinvested consumers

  7. If follow-up to Super Mario 3D World is to be a Wii U game, co-director and EAD Tokyo team leader Kenta Motokura says his team “might need to make even more use of the GamePad.”

      1. :( I am a little surprised. They put out a Mario, got DK out of their system, I kinda wish they’d make a mature (or PG13) Metroid that has the same great single player experience, with a multiplayer feature to compete with some of the FPS.

        I honestly don’t know how much Metroid makes, but I’ve never bought a Nintendo system for Mario. I’m all about the Zelda, Metroid, Eternal Darkness, Xenoblade type games.

      1. Metroid Other M was a great game and probably one of the hardest games of the 7th generation…

        Just because they somewhat ruined Samus’ portrayal and had the useless slow sections at times doesn’t make the game horrible…

      2. They didn’t ruin it. Metroid Other M was a good game. Seriously, the only people that complain about that game are those that had a false impression of who Samus really is and have never played the past Metroid games, because they don’t realize that meeting Ridley again would be a crazy paranoid situation for anyone to be in.

        You couldn’t see or “feel” Samus’ emotions in her lesser “pixelated” form and Nintendo had always left Samus as a silent protagonist. Well now you know what she is like with her input in each situation. IMO, Other M is one of the better Metroid games. Samus isn’t a robot, despite her mechanical exterior, she is a lonely woman who lost her parents to a bruting monster… you can’t tell me that doesn’t leave a mental scar.

        1. Exactly. I agree completely. Other M is in my Top 5 Wii games and I found the experience to be pretty awesome. Are there some things that urk me? Sure (like the lack of a real MB fight) but oh well. Nothing’s perfect.

  8. Rumor has it from other Nintendo sites that this is going to be a 3d remake of the original Mario Galaxy for the 3ds per “source Insiders”.

    1. I’m sick of remakes… seriously. STAHP NINTENDO! I didn’t buy DKCR on 3DS, because I already had it on Wii. I don’t buy classic VC games that I have already played. If I played Wind Waker on GC I wouldn’t have bought that either.

      They should focus on new games not old ones.

  9. I hope it’s a Wii U Mario game that’s less like 3D World and more like Mario 64.

    1. I would like that. I just hope they keep Peach, Luigi, Toad, and Rosalina as playable (maybe add some other playable characters too like Yoshi, Daisy and Birdo). I would like to see a new bad guy aside from Bowser. Why not make Wario and Waluigi a tag team against Mario and friends.

      Maybe Bowser teams up with Mario and friends to defeat Wario and Waluigi who have made a surprise attack against Bowser and took control of his castle and his army and also took over the mushroom kingdom?

  10. I’d enjoy a sushine sequel, I don’t want another galaxy game while sunshine gets no love again

  11. Sunshine 2 for Wii U. They could use the gamepad with a new F.L.U.D.D machine somehow. Maybe you have to twist a nozzle on the gamepad to activate the vacuum pump to suck up water when you are in a pool, or flip different levers that change the pressure of the water and when you change the water flow you change the amount of water you use.

    I think that this idea has some potential.

  12. I hope it´s a Galaxy 3. Not because i want more of the same but because i think ithe space offers near endless possibilites. You can have any set of terrain you want, big worlds, small planets, upside down, mix themes beetween planets in the same stage, whatever.

    If it´s gonna be another 2d/3d hybrid then have the stages longer and get rid of the timer except for handful of stages.

    Please don´t make a M64 collectathon, that stuff belongs in the past when developers did not know what to do with 3D.

    Please try to find a good use of the gamepad, something that feels more useful than gimmicky, blowing on the gamepad was pretty dumb mechanic but thankfully it was only used 2 time i think.

    1. Yeah, that’s what truly makes the Galaxy games so fun. Outer space offers so many possibilities, hence why I think the Galaxy games are the most creative Mario games to date. A Galaxy 3 would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I see allot of people crying that Super Mario 3D World isn’t 3D but it is because you know, Mario can run around in a 3D environment…

      Just like the Wii U is last gen… The only problem is that the term generation stands for a period in time and not improved power.

      Why do people change unchangeable facts for the sake of finding something negative to complain about?

  13. I love Mario but even though I did excpect it I’m really disappointed that they are making another Mario game. :(

  14. Knowing how things are going, this will be a game for both platforms, 3DS, because it is the console that can bring the money back in sale numbers alone, and the Wii U, because Nintendo need to show that they are not completly neglecting that console.

  15. Here’s to hoping they make a Super Mario Universe or Super Mario Galaxy 3 with an open world element to it like a much larger version Super Mario Sunshine. Maybe include a second player like Luigi and one person can use the Gamepad screen and the other person could use the TV screen. Or they could finally make a game that takes advantage of the second Gamepad and have at least three people in it or four if they were able to split the TV screen. Maybe the could also introduce the co-op element like in Lego games where when you are close together it’s one screen but it breaks up into two the farther you go apart.

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