Here’s The Launch Trailer For LEGO The Hobbit

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has uploaded the launch trailer for LEGO The Hobbit. Fans of Tolkien’s world and TT Games’ previous LEGO Lord of the Rings game will adore exploring Middle-earth once again in the new release.

Gamers shall experience the areas of the lazy yet tranquil Shire, the dark depths of Goblin Town, the haunting Mirkwood, Lake Town and finally the Lonely Mountain, all while stepping in time to some classic TT Games humour. We hope you’re ready to fight a dragon, unfortunately there’s no opportunity to “fus ro dah” the beast here. LEGO The Hobbit is due for release on April 11 in Europe and April 22 in North America where you can purchase it straight from the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS eShops.


  1. Lego games are so overrated…

    Anyway, after having watched the Mario Kart 8 videos here and there and the totally destructive (for our enemies) news High Commander Sakurai will reveal later today, will put the Wii U back in power…


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