Atlus Picks Up RPG Citizens Of Earth

Atlus has decided to publish the quirky comedy RPG Citizens of Earth. The game was originally flaunted on Kickstarter, but Atlus USA decided they wanted a piece of the pie and are now publishing the game. Citizens of Earth is coming digitally to PC, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo 3DS in both North America and Europe in 2014. You can watch a trailer of the game, above.

Thanks, Justin


  1. Iwata’s scrotum and specifically his semen is filled with Trisomy 21….

  2. This game looks to be inspired by Earthbound, so I’ll sure as hell give it a chance. Love the hell outta that game.

  3. Ps4 is not selling out ever where. Heard walmart in my home town are stocked up. WALMART of Waverly Ohio. Guess that doesnt mean much.

    1. Every local store here (Target, WalMart, and Best Buy) have several in stock where I am from. The hype has died hard around here. Based on the latest MediaCreate numbers, it has died very hard in Japan, with the PS4 barely outselling the Wii U’s *current* numbers, let alone where it was at this time last year.

      1. Its funny how doomed sony are and xbox are. billions of dollars wasted..

        and I heard the attach rates for yhe games are terrible only 1.1egames per system. thats like 1 extra game for every 15 system.

        Nintendo was nearly 2 per system at this pont though.

  4. Looks way to graphically similar in art direction to Mother seried but inspiration from the classics Isnt bad, hope the story is good. Funny witty and intellectually dark also. Plus Mother 3 on wii u would be amazing. Whatever happened to the fan made mother 4?

    1. I believe the fanmade mother 4 is supposed to come out next year. Also, this game is supposed to take inspiration from Earthbound.

    1. It’s an indie game. It went to platforms where they thought it would sell well enough. I’m pretty sure everyone playing X1’s are couped up playing Titanfall and Killer Instinct anyway. Xbone don’t seem to be indie friendly.

      1. EDIT: This is from Atlus? Nvm the indie part then. Wait, is Atlus an indie company?? Nvm. I guess they just hate Xbone. Lol.

      2. The game is being developed by an indie studio. It was originally a Kickstarter that failed to get funded. ATLUS picked it up to publish it.

    2. Neither did I. Just like one piece golden whatever is also not showing up on either the xbone or xbox360. If this was a generic fps yes microsoft machines would have it. Great observation Carlos.

  5. Thanks do u think Nintendo will release it on eShop… I have a feeling mother 3 will be localized this year to.

  6. So will Atlus fix the game up a bit? You can tell there are some “ammature-like” problems with the game.

  7. Hey Guys I’ve been doing my troll impersonation EXPOSED!( … what does that mean who’s exposed and for what reason?!?!)

    1. A word Xbots and Sonyans brought up because they don’t know the meaning of the word, so they just use it randomly likes apes on drugs…

  8. When I first saw the trailer on kickstarter I didnt really think it looked good besides the earthbound mechanics. Maybe Atlus will help touch it up a bit

  9. I just can’t get behind this art style or the animations. It all looks so generic, like a free flash game you would find on the web.

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