Devs Behind The Pinball Arcade, Says PlayStation 3 ‘Stomps’ Wii U In Terms Of Power, Calls It Wii 1.5


FarSight Studios, the developers behind The Pinball Arcade, have said on Facebook that even Sony’s PlayStation 3 outclasses the Wii U with regards to power and claims that the Wii U is a Wii 1.5. The information came about as a Nintendo fan said that the Wii U was as  powerful as the PlayStation 3. You can see the response above.

Update: FarSight Studios has apologized for its recent comments on Wii U.


  1. It’s not as powerful when you don’t know how to use it correctly. Thats the diffrence

    1. Yea, I own a ps3, ps4, xbone, and wii u. The wii u trumps the graphics of the ps3. Let’s go talk to a real dev like the ones making project cars or platnium games. Super Mario 3d world looks way more beautiful than the last of us.

      1. FarSight Studios knows what they’re talking about. They aren’t afraid to speak the truth in fear of low sales for their Wii U game.

      2. Is the Wii U even on par with the PS2? We know that the PS3 stomps it now so it’s hard to say.

      3. What the fuck?
        Are you drunk?
        The Wii U stomps the Playstation 2 by MILES if not Light years.
        And in practice the Wii U IS INDEED stronger than the PS3. More up to date Hardware and better technologies. Stop talking out of your ass. I’m disgusted at how developers suck on the company’s peepee, like seriously, who in the fuck would say that?!

        Since it’s the new thing guiding everything by flops and gigaflops and teraflops…

        Wii U in Gflop count would be something around 380-360 Gflops of single precision power
        The PS3 has around 250-260 GFlops of single precision power.
        Are we clear? Yup yup

        Stop believing everything a developer says. It’s the same thing with the current kinnect scandal, Devs only say it shits out rainbows while the money lasts, then it all goes to shit.


      4. Mike, you fell victim to the troll…
        Do you know what this means…
        You’re dead!

      5. So they down an 8th generation console, but not a 7th generation, and still developing the console?

        Their logic is as high as the IQ of a sandwich.

      6. Sure, they might be exaggerating to a degree (1.5 is probably a bit out there). But so far, we haven’t seen a game on the Wii U that surpasses the graphics of some PS3 games. So far the evidence points to the Wii U being between Wii and PS3.

      7. I think it looks good, but not as good as Last of Us and a few others. I guess we’ll see later this year or early 2015 hopefully.

      8. The very fact that they are competing with The Last of Us is evidence that Wii U is more powerful. The Last of Us came out at the end of the generation, so the devs had 6 years to practice developing on that system. Not to mention that The Last of Us is a first party game. If Nintendo is competing graphically with it 2 years out of the gate, then that alone proves the Wii U is more powerful.

      9. but the ps3 has been out for like, 8 years. The longer a console is out, the better the results will look. I guarantee the later wii u games will blow ps3 out of the water.

      10. Have you been living underneath a rock? Look at fucking MK8 and Bayonetta. You guys need to give the Wii U more credit and stop looking at all of these half assed ports that wasn’t originally made on the Wii U in the first place. It doesn’t utilizes its power to the fullest. I have an Xbox 360, and is no stranger to the graphics of a PS3 nor the other next Gen consoles, but the graphics for MK8 puts all of the games on their systems to shame. And its the team’s first time working with HD. Yeah. “Wii 1.5” and “graphics being between Wii and PS3”. Give that shit a rest. Its more powerful than the PS3, visually and spec wise.

      11. Super Mario 3D World, Bayonetta, Mario Kart 8, X, I could go on…

        Funny, ’cause everywhere else people said the Wii U was 25% more powerful than the PS3, can the PS3 run games at 60fps?

        This guy is just a Sony fanboy, spilling lies and the sad thing is that people will take his hate and use it as facts when he’s just a troll.

        When his shitty pinball game looks better than Mario Kart 8 or Super Mario 3D World in the PS3, we’ll talk…

      12. Yeah 6 years for good games released for PS3 and you expect 1 year’s worth of a Wii U games to surpass PS3 games graphically. Great logic there

      13. Its actually 1 year and half if you know how to do your own fucking math and look at the calendar once a while like a real smart person would before preaching shit out of their mouths.

      14. Soooo… they basically want their game to sell like shit on the Wii U? They could have AT LEAST waited for the game to be out for a while before trashing the console they released it on….

        Brilliant, the world is filled with fucking brilliant people. -_-

      15. And its the extension of human stupidity..just like every other form of media on earth.

      16. The only reason that I found low sales happening for Wii U games are the fact that the Wii U has low sales, selling only about 5.9 million units since the console has launched. However, it has still sold more than the Xbox One, which has now sold about 4 million units. The thing is, FarSight Studios is the only one that said the Wii U underpowers last gen, so I’d take their word with a grain of salt. EA just called it “crap” so I’m not counting them. Also, the only thing that makes me buy a game is if it’s fun or not, not if the company dissed my preferred platform, though that just shows lack of respect.

      17. ¿which wiiu games?
        Farsight estudios hasnt developed any game forma wiiu, not even the pinball arca de, and he says clearfully ‘we heard’ that mean they havent made even a real test, and the last time some developer said something like this he had to apologize refering to that guy from thq who was más before thq bankrupcy.

      18. They can’t really be compared. Two completely different styles.

      19. Silent

        ”not really” says the idiot.

        False alarm, no serious comment here.

      20. I feel sad for you, sasori.
        You seem like you hate Nintendo just because you got banned on mii verse or your friends probably say, “Hur, hur, Wii U sucks; Xbox 360/One and PS3/PS4 rule!” and, “COD rules man! It’s definitely the most cool thing ever!” I also feel like you also listen to them maybe because they seem “cool” to you, and COD is “cool” to them, so you try to follow them to also be “cool”.
        Otherwise, you are a internet troll (the more probable choice); you deliberately come to a site that is bound to have fan boys, and you say that what they like is “kiddy” or “horrible” or “a waste of money”, and like almost every internet troll, you do it for entertainment with their responses. (This probably sounds stupid, and is probably “TL;DR” worthy, but whatever, I’m 13 hehe)

      21. Also, yes, I am biased towards Nintendo, but that doesn’t mean “Sony sux” or “Xbox sux”, I respect everyone’s opinion.

      22. Funny he did get banned for saying XBOX IS BETTER and shit. I’m one the people responsible for his ban from Miiverse.

      23. ssb wii u is still in development you moron and the graphics could improve in the final release.

      24. Overly used realism visuals verses vibrant style?

        Yeah. Your choice of comparison is as good as a piece of moldy bread.

      25. smash bros on wii u looks decent, but it still does not impress. many of the backgrounds on stages seem poorly detailed for an HD console. mario kart 8 looks pretty, but nothing that the ps3 and 360 has not done and better. did you see the trailer for hyrule warriors?. it looks plain bad. hyrule warriors looks like it could have been done on the original wii.

      26. Really? So name a PS3 or 360 game who has global illumination, pbr, high poly characters and tracks, volumetric smoke, selfshadowing and physics on characters, soft shadows, per-object motion blur, a fuckton of animations, AO and runs at steady 60fps with AA and no dips like MK8 does.

        Also, these clowns who call themselves developers should really shut the fuck up instead of going around and spread disinformation.

      27. i’ve play both and its really up to developers if they try to make the backgrounds any better. so nintendo games actually beat all the ps3 games right now in HD.

      28. Hey osama bin hiden what shit you’re smoking HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      29. Do you have any idea how ignorant that sounds? First of all, from a subjective perspective, I would say absolutely not. But, more importantly, games with cartoony graphics like Super Mario 3d World can cut A LOT of graphical corners without looking bad. For example, lower detail geometry just looks stylized instead of low quality, and the cartoony art with lots of solid colors means that you can use way lower resolution textures.

        Subjectively, be as big of a Nintendo fanboy as you want and claim it looks better. But from a technical perspective you really must be on something.

      1. it expose nothing since they could have a late dev kit than the early ones.

      2. not really that
        the article exposes shit since they are not using the WiiU correctly, just using a fast port method from the Ps3

    2. Of course I’m mostly joking, but I’m slightly serious here: Say you really had the opportunity to bang Iwata’s wife (even if she’s not good looking) would you hit that multi-million dollar Princess Peach pussy just to say you fucked Iwata’s wife? I know I would tap that shit.

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    3. excuses. you ninty fanboys are making excuses to make it seem like it’s not a hopeless console, but the fact of the matter is that the wii u is a machine that no developer likes and that the market is not interested in. if they say it’s barely as powerful or not even as powerful overall as the ps3, it means that nintendo has some serious issues building consoles. wii u is a massive failure. admit it and move on. nintendo has always been known to use very outdated tech, and little by little it has bit them in the ass. yeah yeah, so the wii was a major success, but only because nintendo got lucky and introduced a gimmick that no one had seen before, thus convincing people to buy the wii on impulse simply because it had some cool gimmick.

      1. Anonymous: “…nintendo has always been known to use very outdated tech…”

        *x86 Architecture (in both PS4 & Xbox 1): 1978 (16-bit), 1985 (32-bit), 2003 (64-bit)

        *PowerPC (in Wii U): 32-bit/64-bit (1992)

        All 3 @ 64-bit. While Wii U’s came 1st, I call that an 11 yr. lead (from IBM) on optimizing the architecture @ 32-bit/64-bit, not “outdated”; it took x86 18 yrs. to leap into 64-bit. Plus, Wii U is customized (which has also been optimized since GCN’s development).

        & “According to Engadget, who spoke with IBM about the technology powering Nintendo’s new console, the system makes use of the same processor technology that powers Watson, the supercomputer that recently beat a bunch of contestants on Jeopardy. While IBM wouldn’t reveal the processor’s clock speeds, The Wii U uses a 45nm custom chip with, what IBM states, is “a lot” of embedded DRAM.”

        & NASA’s Curiosity rover (launched in late 2011) uses the RAD750, a radiation hardened version of the IBM PowerPC 750 chip. So NASA trusts PowerPC architecture.

        Anonymous: “….and little by little it has bit them in the ass.”

        Very little, it seems. Even though GCN (which 1st used a custom PowerPC architecture) was in 3rd place (despite being more powerful than 1st place’s PS2), & was the only 6th gen. console to generate immediate profit [the original Xbox, while 2nd, continually lost MS money]. The original Wii was in 1st place by a huge margin, & generated massive profits. Nintendo, who has no other business sectors to fall back on like Sony & MS, made a profit on GCN & mega profits on Wii & were somehow crazy to try & emulate (pun intended) Wii’s success? They certainly can’t willingly sell their hardware @ a loss, so how are they going to make an über powerful machine commercially viable, especially launching 1st? So…work smarter, not harder (both Nintendo AND their consoles). & hey, Wii U sold better in its launch window than Xbox 360 & PS3 did in their respective launch windows. Alas, HD development, bad marketing, & 3rd parties treating the Nintendo culture like the twins’ culture (but halfheartedly @ that), hurt Wii U sales. Perhaps that’s where your “little by little” comes into play?

        Meanwhile, the PS4 & X1 both have off-the-shelf parts w/ minor tweaks, & architecture based in the late ’70s. Yep, devs know what it’s about & are off & running, but when a game like Resogun already uses 50% of the PS4’s power, & x86 architecture requires so many resources just to reach a certain point, the twins will be maxed out fairly quickly. If 3rd parties actually learned Wii U’s architecture, & focused on hardcore gameplay, they might actually succeed in the long-run. The twins’ max might ultimately exceed Wii U’s, but they’re going to bleed 3rd parties dry if they continually feed into the hardcore audiovisuals (THQ is a victim of this, & pretty much all 3rd parties are not financially safe). Then again, that’s really all the twins have going for them, that & their repective 1st party offerings. X1’s unique hardware features seem to be shunned by many gamers, much like the gamepad I s’pose. But for the most part, they gave consumers what they wanted. @ what cost? Their other business sectors are tanking, yet they still sold their hardware @ a loss. MS migh cut their gaming division go, & Sony’s in the red by over a billion (& both the original PSP & Vita were/are contributing factors). Wii U is far from being a Virtual Boy or Dreamcast (& they did alright w/ N64 & better w/ GCN), & 3DS is the most popular dedicated-gaming platform. Oh yeah, & indies are filling Wii U’s 3rd-party void, & w/ *gasp* gameplay as their main focus.

        Ultimately, it’s about the games & sales. I’m sure 6th gen. multiplats started on PS2 because of it’s popularity (though it was comparatively harder to develop for than N64), & were upscaled to GCN & Xbox. If Wii U’s sales improve, the same can happen, especially when most Nintendo gamers are unconcerned w/ audiovisual bells & whistle & whether a game plays well & looks fully realized.

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    5. I guess FagSight studios doesn’t know that. The Wii U is fine, I couldn’t care less if it sells or not, thats what people need to understand. As long as the games come, I’m good.

      1. Same. I could care less if it outsells every console ever made. As long as those good Nintendo 1st party titles come in, fuck the sales.

      2. For me, it’s not just about the 1st/2nd party games. The SNES was my 1st Nintendo console (before that, a garage-sale Atari). Then N64, GCN, Wii, & Wii U (w/ Saturn & PSone in-between). Each console library I have includes more 3rd party titles than 1st & 2nd parties, even all my Nintendo ones. However, I’ve noticed that 3rd parties no longer cater to the Nintendo culture, whether the games are exclusives or multiplats. My GCN & Wii libraries really exploded w/ variety, niche games, & many beloved genres. But w/ Wii U, I’ve noticed major 3rd parties have abandoned arcade-&-console gaming for sandboxes, guns, cut-scenes, & flashy, photo-realistic audiovisuals.

        Ubisoft, SEGA, Capcom, & Tecmo Koei did provide Wii U w/ some fitting games, but all 3rd parties have changed their focus & shelved a bunch of IPs & genres. Ubisoft probably won’t make Red Steel 3, & no telling when they’ll return to Prince of Persia, & there are no more No More Heroes or Tenchu games for them to publish. SEGA has so many IPs, but I’m not seeing a new NiGHTS, Skies of Arcadia, Crazy Taxi, House of the Dead, Panzer Dragoon, Shinobi (which is on 3DS), or The Conduit 3. Capcom’s RE series has mutated from Code VeronicaX (the last Survival Horror entry) into a 3rd Person Shooter but w/ RE’s skin; even their blatant RE shooter (on-rails) series Chronicles is finito it seems. While Tecmo Koei provided an ehanced version of Ninja Gaiden 3, I didn’t realize its “difficulty” was from its unpolished controls & cheap enemy AI (Ninty gameplay w/ out Ninty quality); Hyrule Warriors is a step in the right direction, but where’s Fatal Frame U, or a new Dead or Alive (which was on 3DS)? Or, for that matter, fighters w/ actual unlockables, not online character parity & DLC? Arcade Racers? Focused gameplay? Gone?

        Anyway, thankfully, indies & Nintendo are focusing on gameplay & supporting Wii U, albeit still not enough.

        So I’m hoping for higher Wii U sales, & that 3rd parties will treat it like GCN & Wii: plenty of niche games, a variety of arcade & console genres, & unique twists on games that “can’t work” on Wii U but can work on the latest set of twins (e.g. the last set of twins received RE 5 & 6, yet Capcom compramized & gave Wii 2 RE Chronicles & enhanced ports of past RE titles. Already played Revelations on 3DS, I want a true Survival Horror RE on Wii U, or a Wii U enhanced port of REmake).

        Seems AAA, multiplating, sequalitis, & investors killed the console.

    1. Yeah, and we’re supposed to listen to YOU instead? Some random kid on the internet who has ZERO development experience, with Wii U or any other console or platform?


      1. No, we are supposed to listen to every other Dev that HAS said it was more powerful.

    2. Don’t worry, I went on facebook and read all the comments and he said to somebody “I’ve already apologized for the mis-statement… I misunderstood a conversation with our WII-U programmer, and I made a false statement that I believed to be true, it was a mistake. Sorry for the confusion.”

      1. Who would buy that crap..both the weak apology and another pinball game not 2 percent of the world would care about?

  2. Their opinion is no more valid than anyone else. They produce pinball games for god sakes, not exactly graphically stunning. how do they even know what the Wii U is capable of?

    1. Man they sure are pathetic. Only building pinball games after more pinball and then dare talk shit about Wii U similarly said by every other prejudice dumbass in the 3rd party group when they haven’t even figured out how to program the game into it?

      LMAO @ these amatuer fuckheads.

  3. Say wut… IF its the case, I wonder why Nintendo choose to make the Wii U so unpowerful… just wondering XD

    1. “The Pinball Arcade” facebook page is commenting and making news headlines? Hmmm, yeah I’m good not believing what this says.

    2. Because otherwise it would be three pretty black boxes with controllers fighting against each other. No fun in that, someone has to be the underdawg.

    1. Could be just as funny without the f- bomb so many times. This is Nintendo. Kids may be here. Have respect man! Besides acid is better for the lungs.

  4. And yet Super Mario 3D World looks better than most PS3 and PS4 games I’ve seen in the last 12 months.

    1. Super Mario 3D World is a cartoon-styled game. It looks brilliant, but you can’t really compare it to games in a genre on the other side of the spectrum – like games that go for more realistic styles and designs.

      1. By that logic, realistic games cannot be determined to be better graphically than games like Super Mario 3D World.

    2. Wow.

      You need glasses then.

      The game looks great, but definitely not better than the likes of Titanfall or Destiny. You’re insane.

      1. Æsthetics are subjective. But a better (not best) comparison might be Nano Assault Neo & Resogun.

        Resogun wins up front. But, if it’s pushing the PS4 @ 50% as developer Housemarque has stated (that’s 3 of the 6 cores dedicated to gaming; the other 2 are dedicated to the OS) w/ a file size of 460.8MB, that win comes w/ an asterisk.

        Nano Assault Neo barely pushes 1 of Wii U’s 3 cores @ a file size of 50MB, Wii U would’ve easily won; would’ve.

  5. Pikmin 3,Super Mario 3D, (Mario Kart 8)look great and M.K.8 PS3 would not have even run in 30 fps let alone 60fps.. LoL FarSight Studios! Ahaha.. Bulšit FarSight Studios!

  6. He must be confusing the Wii with the Wii U .. Because that same under powered system outputs Bayonetta 2 @ 1080p with 60 fps… the ps3 version of Bayonetta was lucky to break 30 fps at a resolution below 720p… The game was COMPLETE garbage on the on the ps3.

  7. He must be confusing the Wii with the Wii U .. Because that same under powered system outputs Bayonetta 2 @ 1080p with 60 fps… the ps3 version of Bayonetta was lucky to break 30 fps at a resolution below 720p… The game was COMPLETE garbage on the on the ps3.

    1. Considering he called it a “Wii 1.5,” he didn’t confuse the two. He’s just saying stuff he doesn’t understand.

  8. yeah it’s a bit more powerful than last gen, but nothing else. it’s in dark waters. you religious clowns better pray to your cloud fairy man that the wiiu succeeds. meanwhile the smarter ones need to analytically calculate its odds of success based on nintendo’s actions and amount of games release for the poor thing. and for the blind nintenbabies, cross your fingers.

  9. Yet other developers have said otherwise – developers who have made games on the Wii U…
    I’ve just been looking at loads of screenshots for Smash Bros. The PS3 cannot run that game at the same performance as the Wii U.
    A certain Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World and Wonderful 101 would like to say hello to these developers.

    1. Dude you’re crazy. Smash looks good but look at God of War, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 3, Metal Gear Solid 4… Those games look EVERY bit as great as SSBWiiU.

      1. Smash Bros. actually has very high levels of detail in it’s character models, everything looks crystal clear, bright and crisp. I don’t see stuff quite like that on other consoles. Believe me, I’ve seen all those games you’ve mentioned, they look different, not comparable to Smash Bros.

        And yes, Smash Bros. is not the greatest example, but the graphics in that game are more detailed than you’d expect.

        As a comparison to the games you’ve mentioned, you’ve got games on the Wii U that look just as good – going against the theory that the Wii U is not as powerful as the PS3: it must be at least on the same level.

        Bayonetta 2 is probably a good example, it looks better than the first game, has more going on at once and runs at 60 fps (native 720p I think).

  10. I agree he’s being dumb… But if anyone says Wii U stomps PS3 in terms of power, tell and SHOW me one game made for it that graphically could not be Done on PS3. The fact is Wii U is NOT a next gen system if you’re talking pure power. Its not NEARLY as PS4 or XB1. I hope Nintendo has learned that a weaker system cuts off third party support.

    1. Orry stop saying such stupid shit and do some hardware research. It’s funny reading you’re stupid posts.

      1. I agree it isnt a ps4 .. but to say that a ps3 is way more powerful is not correct. The ps3 has way more support than the Wii U does and is at the end of its lifecycle meaning everyone knows how to make games for it really really well.

        The Wii U is doing more with alot less than the ps3… look at Call of Duty .. It can stream player 1 on the gamepad while player 2 is on the TV .. you cant do that with trash .. Not to mention Need For Speed Most Wanted U ran better on the WiiU because the developers actually put time into developing it rather than a straight port job.

      2. We’ve previously proved it’s just as powerful as PS4.

        I think MK8 is proof of that.

      3. Are you kidding me? It’s nowhere near as powerful as PS4.
        Mario Kart 8 looks good. Really good. But PS4 outclasses it.

      4. Just one thing man.

        Mario Kart 8 run at 60fps in two player mode.

        Killzone ShadowFall ? 30fps in ONE player mode

        Now where the hell is your next gen ?

        and by the way, for the stupid guy who think PS3 is more powerfull than the Wii-U…

        Just compare Playstation All Star Battle and Super Smash Brothers for Wii-U…. If your eyes keep working, you’ll see the diference.

        Yeah The Wii-U is not as powerfull than the PS4, but for now she’s doing the same thing ! And the hardware will pay that diference in the futur but the fact is the wii-u for now propose a beter experience than all the games on the PS4 and the Xbox One, wait and see but Nintendo has always doing amazing things with the Hardware even it’s not as powerfull (remember Resident Evil 2 on the Nintendo 64…)

    2. A weaker system cuts of third party support? PS2, anyone? It was the weaker console of it’s generation, and I think it’s safe to say that third party support wasn’t exactly non-existent on that console.

    3. Why would I or anybody else care whether it is not as powerful as PS4 or XB1? Power doesn’t mean the games I want to play. It helps to create the games but power means nothing if not used.

  11. I own both Wii U and PS3, and I can assure you that Mario 3D World looks way better, smooth and colorful than anything I’ve played on the PS3, The Last of Us included.
    This guy might just be pulling some serious random bullshit out of his ass.

  12. What fucking idiots. They make a pinball game and say that? They do not understand the true graphical power of Wii U. Take a look at MK8 for crying out fucking loud. That game blows anyway anything PS3 has got.

    There isn’t even enough RAM for PS3 to render on 1080p yet alone. And they called developers? Don’t make me fecking laugh!

  13. Wow. How can he stand by his stupid dumb claim that the PS3 is more powerful than the Wii U. Graphics don’t really matter to me because PC will always be more powerful than any console ever made but still… the ignorance…

  14. If the Wii U is not even as powerful as the PS3, then Nintendo must be using black magic to make their games look as if they curve stomped the shit out of the PS3’s graphics. Mario Kart 8, am I right?

  15. That game dev sounds so childish. lol “stomps it” really? ‘Lemme stomp you. In your dick. jk

    1. Wii U’s GPU:

      eDRAM designed by Renesas and both eDRAM and GPU are produced at Renesas (also produces eDRAM for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 after merger with NEC in 2010).
      eDRAM is embedded directly into Latte which is proven by die shot from Chipworks[6][7][8]
      3 separate blocks of memory:
      1 block of 32 MB of eDRAM (MEM1) with bandwidth of 563.2GB/s (1024 bits x 8 macros) [9]
      1 block of 1 MB of SRAM or 2 MB if its high density SRAM – Used in “Wii mode” as texture cache (MEM0)
      Used as L2 Cache in “Wii U mode” for dual core ARM Cortex-A8 CPU (MEM0)
      1 block of 2 MB of eDRAM – Used in “Wii mode” as framebuffer (MEM0)
      CPU Espresso has direct access to Latte’s eDRAM pool (MEM1) and can be used for CPU as “fast scratch memory” for CPU intensive tasks.[10]
      Stream processing units (SPU): 320? clocked at 549.9 MHz
      Floating-point operations: 352? GFLOPS (number of SPUs * 2 instructions * clock frequency)
      Raster output units: 8?
      Maximum Pixel fillrate: 4.4GP/s (number of ROP’S * clock frequency)
      Texture mapping unit: 16?
      Maximum Texel fillrate: 8.8 GT/s (number of TMU’s * clock frequency)
      Derived from Radeon HD 5000 series or Radeon HD 6000 series GPU’s

      Wii U’s GPU is 146.48 mm2 (156.21 mm2 with protective shell)
      85 mm^2 is purely available for GPU, power consumption of Latte is around 15-25 watts.
      Current SDK/firmware may not have access to all resources available.[10]
      Unknown amount resources (SPUs/shader) are currently unavailable for developers according to Project CARS render code
      OS/Background/Security CPU; Dual core ARM Cortex-A8 clocked at 1 GHz
      Same die as Latte or possibly on another separate die with access to 1MB of SRAM in Latte’s die
      Single ARM9 “Starbuck” core for backward compatibility with “Starlet” in Wii with core clock of 567Mhz
      120 MHz ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller DSP core clocked @ ~120 MHz from NXP

      PS3’s GPU doesn’t touch this. Pinball games of all things. Yeah….because they REALLY push a console to the fucking limit don’t they!!!

  16. Some devs say the Wii U is more powerful, some say it’s a lot weaker and some say it’s on par with the PS3. I just don’t even care anymore, I’ll let the games speak for themselves. High specs or not, a good looking game is still a good looking game.

    1. Good call. Let’s say it is actually weaker? Who cares if the game quality is better… Shit I still love galaga! And other old titles like that strictly for game play

    2. What I really love about Wii U’s CPU is that it can output up to 3 instructions in each clock cycle per core. Plus it’s got 5 EU’s on each core, so technically speaking it’s decoding and executing code very quickly.

    1. didnt you nintenfauds say wiiu is next soo ps4 uses 5gb for games while wiiu uses 940-970mb of ram for games. wiiu is a ps3.3

  17. Who the hell cares if the Wii U has less power than the PS4 or Xbone? The games are better, the graphics are awesome, and it’s the first time the world has ever seen Nintendo’s games in HD. That’s all that matters.

  18. lol the wiiu is just a barebone ps3 with about 1.3 extra ram capacity. as a wiiu owner myself this console has soo many failures and missing features from 7th gen consoles. i would call it wii1.5 with hd and gimmicky controller.

      1. nah am not selling my wiiu for 360. am just saving up for a 360,7 bargin games priced and 120gb hard drive all for 265. i already have $80 soo i have to save up harder. life sucks

      2. Well you did say that you are basically struggling to earn money for your 360. You have a new console that you have no interest for, so as long as your console is in great condition, that’s a guaranteed 150-200 dollars.

        To me, you still seem interested in the system, despite your hate for it

      3. i hate the because it doesnt have an accout system,it doesnt an achievement system,you cant customize hard drive or remove it, miiverse is just horrible with all the restrictions,wiiu drm and not alot of thrid party games i want like doa 5 or gta.

      4. ok, why did u buy it? If don’t like the games on the system why did u buy the system, why not the xbox 360, then u wouldn’t be here all the damn time, people will like what they want, if they find it fun they find it fun .

      5. Motherfucker, either you stole it from a pawn shop to sell for pity money or you come to visit your cousin’s house to record a session of yourself talking dumb shit with your flip-phone camera once in a while because you can’t beat a simple Mario 3D World level?

        None of your BS isn’t working. Retire and stay retired because if this is your life, you’re nothing but God’s waste of time and creation.

      6. He obviously doesn’t. Every crap he said and still saying is the same old shit we already heard from every resources possible that’s been spamming since GameCube days.

      7. Although I agree with the Miiverse part… you are saying that you hate the Wii U because of it has flaws? Geez if you go by that philosophy, then you must hate everything…

        If you wanted a console that has a good achievement system, a hard-drive you can customize, account system etc, then you should have gotten a PS4.

      8. @ sasorideidaraobi
        Every reason you just gave for hating the Wii U are all things I don’t give a CRAP about. I think I’m starting to see why so many people are complaining about the Wii U. Because they all like features that SUCK and aren’t even necessary to have. Although better third-party support would be nice.

    1. Can you tell me what is good about any console that have ever existed? If the answer is anything other then games, then you failed.

    2. That’s funny 1. Taking weak comments from the “How to Troll Nintendo for Dummies” book to sound original and funny..NOT! & 2. Wii U = Wii 1.5 with HD and gimmick controller? lol I think you obviously got Xbox 360-Kinect confused with something else because that’s exactly what it is and newsflash: 360 LOST LAST GEN!

  19. I don’t know what’s more stupid on this: a pinball game producer wanting to talk about graphic power, a Nintendo news site (mynintendonews) doing click-bait or the fact the idiot describe exactly what the PS4 is, a PS3 1.5 ..

  20. It really annoys me when people think graphics are all that matters. Gameplay >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Graphics, gameplay is so much more important.

    1. if gameplay matter then why does nintendo the re use same gameplay with just 1or 2 twist to claim a game is “new” but not “rehased”. sony does what nintendont again lol

      1. He’s a poor, lower class bastard who hates his own life of unfortunate twists and turns so how does he vent about it? Picks something to despise the most like a fucking inanimate object taht did absolutely nothing to screw his life and can’t seem to find any ounce of satisfaction from that chosen inanimate object because he lacks good taste and healthy mentality.

        Trolling in the internet from a library or Best Buy store computer is his life and its just so fucking sad that I could cry myself to sleep..if I were a huge ranting pussy like him.


        No logic found, just an ass full of shit.

  21. You know the graphics could be a lot worse and I wouldnt give a hoot! I still love Nintendo and nothing I repeat nothing will change that. When Nintendo dies I die ok? Who cares what that moron says. Nintendo doesn’t need top notch graphics. Rock on Nintendo. Trust me Nintendo will smoke the competition with their next system.

    1. Amen brother. :)

      And from what I’m hearing about project “Fusion”, I think Nintendo is gonna unify both portable and home consoles as one with many universal features like accounts, games, awesome backward compatibilities and even match or surpass the powers of PS4. If that’s true and also embrace other gameplay features like VR and 3D/4K TV, then Nintendo will destroy any chance the competition has of taking them again. Also Fusion will make PS3/4/Vita link comparison look like a desparate joke.

  22. okay..some guy developing pinball machine software says something about hardware performance… why exactly should anyone listen to him?

  23. Fresh from Facebook: “I made a huge mistake when I said that the PS3 was more powerful, it’s not, I was wrong, and I’m sorry.” Maybe worth an update? The guy doesn’t need more flak if he’s saying he’s wrong.

  24. I find it funny (I’m the one who originally posted the question on their facebook page) that the conversation has now been deleted. My original question was this.
    Okay I know the Wii U version is on hold, Nuff said, but can you give us any positive about what you are working on. Like do you like the gamepad, off tv play, lighting or anything else that would keep us interested in buying your product.

    I guess they made the mistake when they replied with that answer to me. Made me feel like they sorta didn’t really care. But I didn’t intend for this to get this big! I have an Xbox 360, A Wii U, and my son has the ps3, and wii, as welll as we have the 3ds, and vita.

  25. I wish people would stop using the words “next gen” so incorrectly. The Wii U IS the next gen console from Nintendo. The Wii is current gen/last gen. Power doesn’t determine an entire generation of video games.

      1. Plus none of the consoles, in truth, can match PC anyway so why is this petty dong measuring deabte still going among 3 “inferior” console brands? XD

      2. Because they don’t want to admit that their consoles are inferior to something else. Which is a bit sad & pathetic considering a PC is practically built with hardware & software that both Sony AND Microsoft make.

  26. Its common sense that if a console is out longer you will be able to get better results. It’s like being used to a screwdriver and being better at using it when a power drill comes out. This is one guy compared to the dozens that have confirmed that it is more powerful (check out reviewtechusa’s video on the topic)

      1. Definition: action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error.

        ‘Cuz shit went bad after he said what he should have not said. Now he is trying to minimize damage. It’s obvious that those comments were unprofessional and make the company look bad, of course one should apologize weather or not one means it.

      2. This definition is more appropriate for the situation: “any efforts, as by a politician or a company, to counteract unfavorable publicity, curtail losses, or the like”

      3. Except he actually said he misunderstood based on a conversation with an actual developer. Read the quote from the article I posted:
        “Those comments were made based on a conversation I had with the developer who’s been working on the WII-U version, he was unable to get the console to perform anywhere near what the xbox one and ps4 were capable of. I was misinformed in that I said the ps3 was far more powerful… after speaking to him again, I was told that while the system still does not compare to XB1 or PS4, I was incorrect in regards to the ps3 comparison, and for that I apologize.”

      4. Whether or not WiiU is weaker or if it was a misundertanding, he, as someone using the co. name, should not bad mouth a partner’s or potential partner’s platform. It was clearly unprofessional, if WiiU is indeed clearly weaker, it’s best to say nothing or atleast don’t say stuff like “Wii 1.5”.
        It created bad publicity, now he is trying to backtrack = Damage Control. It’s different from how people on this website use Damage control.

      5. The person was stupid and I agree about the unprofessional behavior. Calling the Wii U the “Wii 1.5” is an “insult.” You don’t insult a partner, especially when you are unprovoked.

        If Nintendo for some reason got mad at “The Pinball Arcade” and called their games crap, then I can understand the backlash, but this guy went off for no reason.

        It just looks bad. He won’t recover from this. Nintendo fans aren’t going to buy his shit now and he is flying way too low on the radar for Sony or Microsoft fans to care.

      6. But someone even tried to correct the guy and asked if he meant the PS4 and the guy shot back saying no he did not make a mistake…

        Now all of a sudden he realized he made a mistake? How could someone in the video game industry mistake the PS3 for the PS4 in the first place? I can understand a name switch, but it sounds like he “Actually switched the PS3 and PS4 MACHINES around.” That just can’t be possible unless he is the dumbest video game developer who ever lived.

      7. Rushing out to make “amends” in an effort to sale shitty products is never a real apology but a desparate PR stunt.

        Have you overlooked how EA “apologizes” when all they’re doing for Nintendo is talk shit and even lie through their teeth about “having a great partnership with Nintendo”? They never apologized about that “Wii U is crap” comment nor even made a single game since Wii U launched not even for the popular 3DS when its clearly whipping PS4..hell, every console’s ass in sales ATM.

        They know the Nintendo fans have had enough of this charade and are sensitive to the next insulting comment like this because its gonna cost that studio their window to design games for Nintendo if they wanted to afterwards. So again, you honestly think any of these asshole’s apologies are real when they clearly haven’t proven themselves to be wrong besides just saying two little easy words over the internet “I’m sorry”?

  27. sounds more like someone hacked his account. no way a real dev would say moronic things like that unless they worked for EA

  28. FarSight Studios huh? What could these fucktards know about a good console when all their games are shitty shovelware. The Pinball Arcade? Don’t make me laugh, what a piece of crap.

  29. “but other than that it’s the same as any other platforms” Um excuse mesir but I believe you just owned yourself… idiot….

  30. Even is the Wii U’s performance seen thus far is comparable to PS3, you’re still talking about a maxed system vs a new one with untapped potential. I agree with everyone else though, there are games seen and played already for Wii U that show improvement over last gen.
    Feel sorry for everyone who can’t handle the truth. PS4 wins the specs contest, good for them, but the difference between PS4 and Wii U is by far smaller than what PS3 and Wii was. This will be an interesting decade ahead of us.

  31. Who the hell is “The Pinball Arcade” and why does anyone think their comment has any merit? The Wii U “stomps” the PS3. It’s been proven visually and more developers have said so themselves. The fact that this guy/girl says otherwise only proves one thing.

    He/she’s wrong.

  32. HAHAHAHHAHAHA! It is a fact that the underpowered running on 7 year old hardware baby excuse of a toy console Baby U is minimally superior to the PS3 and xbox360. The Baby U is the Wii all over again. 3rd party support is minimal, only games it will get during it’s pathetic lifetime are Nintendo’s own baby games and lame indie games lololol. Even Ubisoft is already ditching the Toddler U lolololol! But don’t worry, Iwata will save the Baby U with his “new” QOL and “non wearable devices” approach lolololol!

  33. Incredibly fancy statement, Mario Kart 8 has graphics pretty comparable to certain PS4 games. It was the very first Nintendo game that popped my eyes because of its graphics.

  34. Poor little fanboys, they pissed because they can’t have a console as powerful as a PC nor the franchises Nintendo has, PS4 and XBONE are stuck in the middle of the two real deals.

    1. Only shitty Pinball games that are no different than the last or the other variations.

      How fucking pathetic of them.

  35. “Sounds like this dev spends too much time on NeoGAF….. The Wii was only 12 gigaflops. If the Wii U was only Wii 1.5 it would be 18 gigaflops. 18 gigaflops wouldn’t be running ports in higher resolution than the PS3/360.

    Blacklist Splintercell is sub 720p on PS3. It’s a full 720p on Wii U…. And why is this game subhd on PS3 and x360? Because those systems are not powerful enough to run this game at 720p.

    Most games on Wii U are a full 720p/60fps. Most games on the subhd twins are well, subhd and less than 30fps (hence their nickname)

    I’m sorry, you don’t produce higher resolutions and double the frame rate with a weaker GPU (while rendering a second screen as well) with better looking games, it’s just physically and technically impossible. This dev sounds like he never understood the difference between a GPU and CPU.

    CPU in the PS3 murders the Wii U’s CPU…. Heck the PS3’s CPU murders the PS4’s CPU…… But GPU? The Wii U’s GPU is far more advanced and has already proven to be much more powerful (Nintendo’s first party games are just not possible on a technical level on the PS3/x360.

    Dynamic lighting. One of the most GPU taxing effects from 2010 and back. The PS3 and x360 couldn’t run dynamic lighting without chopping the frame rate in half. The Wii U has been showing off game after game with dynamic lighting while maintaining a solid 60fps….. And it does all this while rendering TWO screens. I’m sorry, the GPU in the PS3 is just not capable of doing it.

    This dev is either intentionally trying to mislead or he has no idea what’s in the Wii U and is going off some article he read back in 2012 when every outlet was trying to dog pile on the Wii U before it even released….. Wii 1.5, Bwahahahah come on.”

  36. “The Wii U is not less powerful than the PS3. That is utter complete BS…. Where did you read that?

    Pikmin 3, SM3DW, NSMBU/NSLU, MK8 all use dynamic lighting without any loss in frame rate. The PS3 is just not capable of doing so. The very few examples of Dynamic lighting on the PS3 are riddled with frame rate drops into the teens, the system just can’t do it.

    On a technical level, MK8 couldn’t run on the PS3, let alone at 60fps. Shader model 4 is just not possible on the PS3… If MK8 were downgraded to shader model 3 and removed all of the dynamic lighting it still wouldn’t run above 30fps on the PS3.. Compare MK8 to all of the kart games on PS3. Every last kart game on the PS3 is ugly even on a technical level and runs just under 30fps. Nobody can say the PS3 is more powerful with a straight face”

  37. Last of Us ran at a terrible frame rate. The whole game hurt my eyes, especially with the unneeded motion blur. And the game was basically 60 dollars for a fucking movie. The game barely had any replay value and multiplayer doesn’t even have as much content as other games. Even on the hardest difficulty, the game was easy, and the length of the game without the cut scenes is completely laughable. That lesbian bitch Ellie wasn’t that great of a character anyways. The whole game is full of clichés. Uncharted on the other hand ran much better and actually had content. Especially on the multiplayer side of things, but most of it became stupid micro transactions in the end. Last of Us is overrated and very few people even look at its flaws. All they do is go gaga at the graphics and high production cut scenes. PC looks way better folks. There wasn’t even much innovation in the game and basically the puzzles come down to swimming in water with a pallet calling Ellie and holding a ladder calling Ellie. Halo 4 was trash and the graphics were alright but the low resolution textures were really bad, and the water took a major hit. Naughty Dog should just go back to Jak and Daxter, because those games were good and brought engaging gameplay. Maybe not Lost Frontier but the trilogy was good. And 343 needs to get their shit together and put some Halo Games on Steam since Gamespy and Games for Windows Live is shutting down. All I use my PS3 for is Blu-ray now. I’m glad I own a 3DS and Wii U, because Nintendo never ceases to amaze me with their exclusives. PC for third parties and Wii U/3DS for Exclusives. What more can anyone need!

  38. Ok, the guy is getting shit tons of hate on his Facebook now and he now responds with this:

    “I’ve already apologized for the mis-statement… I misunderstood a conversation with our WII-U programmer, and I made a false statement that I believed to be true, it was a mistake. Sorry for the confusion.”

    It looks like he was just an ignorant developer that just read fanboy Sony forums and never cared about the Wii U and now he is apologizing ’cause he has to or the game will sell like shit and they also want the hate to stop or he learned that all he said was lies and ignorant shit!

  39. ………’s a pinball game. Like come on taking a developer that makes a pinball game seriously????

  40. Apologies are for the weak, now I’ll add these corrupted Sonyan supporters to the list…

  41. Even more ironic is that they are called -The Farsights- but they can’t see far into their stupidity…

  42. As you know the PS4 and XBOX One have a 8-core x86 CPU code named ‘Jaguar.’ They also have 8GB of system RAM. It is said that the PS4 GPU is either a 7870 or a 7850 and the XBOX1 GPU is a 7850. x86 architecture uses what is called CISC or (Complex Instruction Set Computing.) This allows for the hardware to do the majority of the work and gives developers most of the power available right away.

    The Wii U has 3 CPUs. A custom tri-core PowerPC750 built to run like a Power7 code named ‘Expresso.’ It also has a dual-core input/output ARM processor and a dedicated sound CPU. So altogether the Wii U has 6 available physical cores. PowerPC runs on what is called RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing.) This approach uses a much smaller memory footprint and has much faster communication. For those who are lazy this is kryptonite, but for those that are ambitious and talented this is a dream because it allows for better performance with very low power consumption. Once you actually take the time to figure out the architecture and make a engine making games will be just as easy as making them on the PS4 and XBOX1, but with better results.

    No only that, but PowerPC technology is more efficient than x86. One core of a PowerPC is worth 2 cores of an x86 So to put that in perspective. If you look at the fact that the Wii U has 3 CPUs with 6 cores between them that would be an equivalent to 12 cores of an x86. To show how this plays out in captivity, Resogun for the PS4 uses HALF of the 8-core PS4 CPU. Nano Assault NEO only uses on core of the Wii U. Nano Assualt NEO on the PS4 would use 2 cores. Not only that, Nano did not use any of the eDRAM on the Wii U GPU or any GPGPU functionality. And it was ported off of a last-gen engine. The games look virtually the same in terms of graphics.

    So as you can see at WORST the Wii U is capable of doing anything the PS4 can. At best (probably 1st-party games only) we may see games that actually look BETTER on the Wii U than the PS4. People will never accept this and that is fine but I’m just glad I know the power the Wii U has. It didn’t even rally need to be this powerful but it’s nice that it is. This kind of reminds me of the GameCube vs XBOX debate. On paper it looked like the XBOX was more powerful but the GameCube actually was more efficient and outperformed the XBOX. It’s all about optimization. That’s what Slightly Mad has done for Project C.A.R.S. and what Criterion did for NFS:MWU.

    1. You should be allowed to post an article declaring these facts openly so these high graphic/specs drooling retards can finally learn the truth of Wii U’s true potential and STFU with trashing Nintendo over these so called “weaker tech” that they never bother to study both fandorks and lazy ass developers who are too high on the notion of kissing broke Sony and monopolistic Microsoft’s ass for a video game sale fortune that they’re never gonna see.

  43. ok the guy probably said some stupid things. its different architecture and stuff. there are games that have better graphics on wiiu than ps3. AC4 looks better on wiiu than ps3. but still it is probably just 50% more powerful. no game has proven that its much more powerful. and no, X and bayonetta 720p trailers dont count. besides they look pretty much like ps360

  44. Tell us something we don’t know. Seriously, any moron can boot up Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2 and then boot up any upcoming Wii U game and they’ll see that the Wii U can’t stack up to PS3 games prior to 2010. Don’t even get me started with Uncharted 3 or the Last of Us, there is no comparison. That’s why Nintendo always opts for a non-detailed, kiddy art style because they know their p.o.s. console can’t run the real stuff. More interesting are the fanboys on this site looking up Wikipedia for technical specs that they don’t understand just to prove to themselves that the Wii U is better than Dreamcast . . .

    1. Oh look, a pathetic sonyfag who doesn’t know shit of what he’s talking about. What a surprise.

  45. Another reason not to buy anything from Farsight. Putting aside their complete screw over of the XBOX360 community. Their consistently shitty and buggy releases (mobile quality sound files for their PS4 release) it does not surprise me in the least to see them post such inane comments. They can’t put out a decent – bug free game so they resort to bashing things they do not have the talent to develop for.

  46. Now I get why these amatuer rejects call themselves “FarSight Studios” and this typically cliché Wii U hate comment is their studio name definition.

    lol And what’s even worse, they only make pinball games? They can’t design an originally fun game to save their own asses.

  47. I don’t care what console this game is on but who in the heck even plays these shitty pinball games!?

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