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Indie Game Stick It To The Man Should Be Coming To Wii U

Zoink Games, an indie game developer based in Sweden, has told IGN that it plans to bring platforming-adventure-puzzle game Stick It To The Man to Wii U. The game is already available on the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 3. Stick It To The Man is also coming to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Thanks, Jester

23 thoughts on “Indie Game Stick It To The Man Should Be Coming To Wii U”

    1. Honestly this isn’t news, we already knew about this because its on the Eshop videos. I love the scribblenots meets boogerman feel. It also kind of reminds me of death jr.

      1. Hi Sickr

        As much as I like coming to this site, I don’t see why you feel the need to say that this game is also coming out for X1 and PS4, considering this is a Nintendo site.

        All it would have needed to say was, that this game is out on PS3 and Vita and coming to Wii U. As to why it’s going on the other consoles seems highly irrelevant to me.

        Just thought I would express my opinion. But you’re the admin.

      2. Honestly the over posting of negative Nintendo /wii U content is what you should ditch. Its not constructive, nor is it what we come here to learn about.

  1. another indie game….good thing i dont surport indies at all neither will i ever buy any of them for my wiiu or 3ds. this indie satruation of games needs to end.

    1. The developers have to start from somewhere and I can can’t stop thinking that these developers are going to be someday major programmers for other bigger companies or even better, for their own. So why not giving them a chance? Opportunities and hope, that’s all the videogame industry needs.

    2. Whoa. This ain’t like the video game crash in the 80s. Indies are actually making quality games, more so than most of the big 3rd parties who’ve shifted more toward hardcore audiovisuals. I’d rather most of my money go toward a product offering gameplay than a flashy interactive movie. Not only that, but the most I’ve seen an indie game go for is $15, yet it has more gameplay hours than many $60.

  2. EVERYONE needs to play this game, its hilarious, fun, and the story (although not tripple A) is very good and engaging. The characters are great and the VA is superb.

    Ps: the dream sequences are so good.

  3. Yes. I wanted this game ever since I saw it on Sony’s platform. I was kinda jealous to be honest, but not anymore! I’m so glad it is coming to Wii U! :D

  4. My Wii U’s wishlist for indie games has already far surpassed my 3DS’.

    Anyway, Stick It To The Man looks fun, cool, & will use the gamepad for something other than Off-TV Play. Can’t wait.

  5. After already playing this heavily on the PS Vita, I seriously recommend that all Wii U owners pick this title up. Really great game and such amazing artwork.

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