Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle Spotted In Europe?


French gaming website Gamesblog is reporting that a Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle will be sold in Europe. The bundle includes a 32GB Wii U Premium console with a copy of the highly anticipated karting title. It also includes a one week trail of Wii Karaoke U. The bundle will apparently retail for 299 Euros.


      1. Hvis du skal imitere meg så siter star wars figurer jeg pleier å sitere i det minste.

    1. titanfll xbox one bundle will outsell this wii u bundle anyway. wii u should be 500gb hard drive not no pathetic 32 gb.

      1. Didn’t Titanfall get beaten by InFAMOUS Second Son and people had mixed opinions on it at first? I love it when Xbots like Sasoriderardobi Mii comes a long trying to damage control… it’s funny to me XD

      2. people are still playing titanfall ps4 owners are already bored with infamous second son. xbox one> ps4>>>>>>>>>>>>wii u.

      3. People are also still playing Counter-Strike, and that’s 15 years old. What’s your point? One is an online shooter, the other one isn’t.

      4. He’s a damage controller.

        Xbox One is the reason why we PC gamers can’t have nice things… PS4 and Wii U innovate, Xbox One just steals

      5. You avoided to defend your Xbox Done and instead decided to use a history lesson that doesn’t support anything what you said, therefore meaning you have doubts on you own fail of a system. My logic innovates, your’s downgrades.

      6. So that explains the lack of Titanfall gameplay and less people talking about it… sorry kiddo but Titanfall was better on PC and even then it still didn’t sell well because of the shitty Xbone, you Xbots ruin it for us PC gamers.

        At least the Wii U and PS4 give us a hope that consoles in the future will be better but the Xbone is just… I can’t tell you how much of a flop it is.

      7. “people are still playing titanfall ps4 owners are already bored with infamous second son”
        That doesn’t prove how the Betamax One beats both of them.
        My logic>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Your logic
        My Valid argument>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Your invalid argument
        My PC>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everything else>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Xbone

      8. I don’t want to pay extra for GB I don’t even need…

      9. Yes because Titanfall TOTALLY sold a lot… oh wait… no it didn’t…

        This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a retarded Xbot Fanboy like you that keeps damage controlling every day.. You sir win the Social Rejects Award :D

      10. nope you nintendrones are already wining social rejects of the year awards.

      11. There you go again, damage controlling and you’re also using BlackB0ndages video… yep, you just one the Social Reject of the Century!!

        The prize is your face on ED

      12. Can someone please write an ED article about this guy? The lulz to be had are too much!

      13. FEZ is working on it hopefully, but it will probably Red Ring seeing how it’s going to be about an Xbot

      14. Wish I could, but I don’t know how to do the usual layouts, but if someone made an article, I have so much to contribute.

      15. Yes, but if quantity sold was any indication of quality, music wouldn’t suck today.

      16. You do realise that flash memory is much faster than a standard mechanical hard drive don’t you?

        It’s 32Gb of flash memory, not a 32Gb HDD. Christ a 32Gb HDD would get no one anywhere in this day and age.

      17. I believe Flash Memory is used in SSDs? because I remember someone saying that the Wii U was the ONLY next gen console to have a SSD with the console or something like that

      18. Flash memory….SSD…it’s basically the same. It’s more expensive, but you get a much faster R/W access than a standard hard drive.

        It would have been just as cheap to put a HDD in. But it might have bottled necked the console somewhere.

        And yes, X1 and PS4 use SATA HDD’s so they’ll be limited to a R/W speed, but for optimal performance, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had 7200 RPM.

      19. Right and I shouldn’t be seeing shitloads of Xbox One boxes hanging out in store shelves by now..which is exactly what the case is ATM compare to PS4 which is disappearing faster than your eyes can blink.

        Mario Kart 8 bundles on the other hand, you bet your ass it’ll start flying out the store shelves and doors on day one..guaranteed. So keep that optimistic hate BS in your pants because nobody is gonna care what you think or dislike since its all invalid.

        And as for hard drives, I hope you like the fact that 500GB in PS4/One is pathetic since many say and prove that their games fill that shit up pretty quick.

      20. Xbox One is still selling poorly, he is just trying to cover that up because he doesn’t want to know the fact that Microsoft is basically the Apple of the Gaming Industry, says they’ve invented something but really they only just “Improved” on it… and I say “Improved” lightly…






      22. lol at least you can plug in an extra HDD to the Wii U, which the XB1 can’t do.

  1. Look extremely legit – which makes me VERY happy. Was hoping for a bundle :) Would have been amazing if the Gamepad had a unique design like the Zelda version, but nevermind. I’ll be keeping an eye on certain shops to inevitably lower the price by 50quid shortly after release to clear stock, and then I’ll FINALLY buy a Wii U!

  2. 6 years ago i got mario kart wii with my wii in a bundle. Now this i really want it now.

  3. for $500 the titanfall xbox one bundle is a better value than the wii u bundle($300).

    1. Titanfall is just an improved call of duty, return to castle wolfenstein and bioshock 2 multiplayer clashed into a frankenstein monster.

      1. Ghosts actually had better graphics…. and that game is horrible

    2. What you get in the Titanfall bundle:

      1 Online Only game that should have been only £20 and not £60
      1 Horrible console that will break outside of the box
      1 Shitty gimmick (the Kinect)
      1 Badly designed controller
      0 Respect from anyone

      Wii U Mario Kart 8 Bundle:

      1 Game that costs less yet contains way more value in terms of gameplay
      1 Underrated console that is actually a beast and WONT break outside of the box
      1 Controller that is actually good and feels better
      0 Gimmicky Camera

      Have fun with your Titanfail ;)

      1. I will keep it in a glass container so I can look at if forever -w-

        And then go outside unlike what Mr Naruto Xbot over there

      1. Funny how Microsoft is still paying for the Xbox 360 because even though it had great 3rd party ports… it still didn’t sale as well as the Wii and PS3.

        Microsoft copies what Sony and NintenDO

      2. What exactly is suppose to prove? That you have an invalid argument? If its true, than you you won the invalid argument award.

    3. its funny you say nintendo fans are rejects. when you give us a video with a nintendo fan who bought a xbox so that makes xbots rejects to.
      hope your happy to join the fun :)

  4. I only hope it’s true. It would be a very smart move for Nintendo to release this bundle everywhere they can, considering a lot of gamers are holding out for this and Smash Bros. before getting a Wii U.

    1. Well the Zelda Wind Waker HD Bundle was leaked a month before it was released and it turned out to be real so I’m guessing this is about 99% real.

      1. well its to differenciate between the premium and not. the premium has a eshop points deal where you can earn points whenever u buy games and spend them on eshop games .

        plus its black just because usually those are sold better- just business.
        thers white basic bundles too.

      2. Japan has white 32GB premium sets and it sells well, some people want a choice in color or had the white wii and accessories.

  5. Bring it here in the us please? I have a PS3 waiting for MK8 buying a wiiu soon I well get this awesome bundle

    1. if it doesn’t, then bad luck…………but buy them seperatley it will only be very slightly higher price.

      1. Nintendo wouldn’t be stupid enough to force people to do that.

        They know the situation of the console isn’t great right now, so this bundle would help out ALOT.

  6. Great bundle. Hope it is a worldwide release.
    I will be getting a physical copy of the game though.

    1. I bought my Wii U for £7
      My PS4 for £3.85
      My Xbox One for free, because my cousin hated it… and I don’t blame him

  7. To see all this hate on Microsoft makes me happy inside, I have a dream pf pure Xbone hate.
    Why you may ask?
    Rare… Rare….. Aaaand the fact that their consol is pure shit, I’m sorry every xbone fanboy out there, but you’re just as stupid as someone liking Miley Cyrus.. And even then, that wouldn’t do it.

    1. Your logic shall be rewarded young one…

      Anyone against the corrupted Xbots is always welcome to my forces…

      1. I bring with me 16 years of experience on Nintendo consoles, you can count on me x)

  8. And still just a boring, black console? Man, it’s like Nintendo is afraid to try new colors.

  9. Can someone ban this sasoridaraiobi xbox fan?
    His comments are getting kind of annoying. You don’t like Nintendo? Fine. Now why don’t you get the fuck out of here and go play with your Xbox fans friends?

    Now for this news, this is awesome, even if I already have the Wii U, I certainly hope it will boost the sales.

  10. Hello everyone, I have looked at the comments for a while but this is my first comment.
    This will sell brilliantly and TITANFALL SUCKS.
    I bow down to you Nintendo Commander.

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