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Nintendo Offers Chance To Win Mickey Edition 3DS XL And Disney Magical World

Nintendo and Disney have teamed up for a hardware and software bundle giveaway. For a chance to win a Mickey Edition Nintendo 3DS XL system and the newly released Disney Magical World game, text the keyword “Magic” to 347639. Entries are limited to one text per day and a total of five winners will be chosen. The sweepstakes period ends April 27.


    1. kinda lame too – actually… i mean who wants a Disney 3DS? But I guess the chances are greater cuz of that

      1. It’s whatever to most, but if you like Disney… go ahead and buy a 3DS. That’s fine with me.

      2. Who wants a Dis… DUDE. This is a FREE 3DS XL AND GAME! I already own a 3DS XL and I am sure as heck entering this contest. (Entering as we speak) Entries limited per day? Well heck! I’ll enter everyday! From 2 phones! LOL

      3. Real talk. Txt from me and my roommates phone number when hes sleep. Hell, he dont care lol

      4. i dont even know why there still focusing on the 3ds soo badly. typical nintendo.

      5. I guess sony should just give up on the PS Vita then if that’s you’re logic

      6. My wife wants to trade her Purple 3DS I just bought her for this one. Its perfect for her, although she already has the game

    1. Tell him i said Sorry. And sorry that his wheelchair needed a wheelchair when i was with him…

  1. I’ve been entering. It looks nice, and the fame itself seems interesting. All of you complaining about a free 3DS XL are idiots.

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