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New Kirby: Triple Deluxe Trailer Emphasises Cute Factor

Nintendo has uploaded another new Kirby: Triple Deluxe trailer in the run up to its release at the start of May. The next weekly upload has given us an insight into the pink ball’s overwhelming cute factor, with his fire-breathing, hammer-wielding platform skills and colour-sucking Hypernova mode.

This time Kirby takes us through an underwater level with new items and an ice level where perfecting a Snowman is the key to unleashing even more cutesy-pie shenanigans. Kirby: Triple Deluxe is due for release on the Nintendo 3DS on May 2 for North America, and May 16 for Europe.


    1. So true. Nobody can even come close to his awesomeness. God I’m so glad I pre-ordered this game…

    2. Kirby games are made for kids. Nintendo needs to grow up and get real games like The Witcher 3 and Destiny. Screw Kirby.

      1. lol, i forgot to take my smart pillz today. god im so stupid ^_^. PS4 feel so good up my butt.

      2. Kirby games are made for people who appreciate games. Nintendo is one of the oldest gaming companies in existence. Real games are not only rated M. You fail. Gtfo.

      3. How about Kirby is made for gamers? Even a dudebro can enjoy kirby if he puts his mind into the game…If they happen to have one, of course.

      4. To be honest, I didn’t really like Kirby all that much to be honest. Until I played Kirby’s Adventure. This game looks to be the best in the series. And yes, a dudebro can enjoy Kirby. My hardcore CoD fan cousin likes to play SM3DW and Kirby. So yep. It’s awesome.

      5. i doubt nintendo can make a game look like battlefield. witcher 3 would be a death treat to there devs lol.

      6. Because Nintendo doesn’t need one. They’re not the type for gritty realistic games outside of perhaps Metroid. That’s more up Sony’s alley. Nintendo has their own style.

      7. They don’t need it, those games look better on the PC which will always destroy your obsolete kiddy consoles xbone and ps4. Also, witcher is a borefest compared to X and Xenoblade.

      8. You praise these games so much but without the countless of cinematic scenes on these games, the Graphics don’t look that good…

        While the games made by our empire looks almost as good as the cinematics…

      9. Indeed, if these Xbots want graphics, they should become steambots instead and the Xbot threat will be nothing, not like it was a threat in the first place anyways. Leave it to your empire to create most of the actual good games and inspire our republic to create games as great as your empire sacred gem, maybe not as great, but we’re getting there with a few of them, if we ever learn to count after 2.

      10. nobody want your 13 pieces of shit steam boxs. may in the future i will get one for bargin bin.

      11. Sorry, we don’t sell top notch hardware that ass stomps you pathetic Xbone to retards.

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    1. This isnt funny. It’s like joking about cancer and the holocaust, these are very serious matters.

      1. Exactly. If I found out WWIII was happening, I’d be panicking like heck. That stuff isn’t funny. My heart was beating crazy just reading that. ~sigh

    2. Which means that the Xbot territory will kneel Before the holy N and do whatever we say…

      Sounds utterly Lovely!

  2. I’ve liked every Kirby game I’ve played so far, but I’m so hesitant to play the new ones because Kirby games are so damn easy. Is this one at all difficult?

    1. I’m fine with them being easy. I got my ass handed to me the first time I fought Cracko. Lol.

    2. Well they aren’t made to be hard, the challenge comes with finding all the collectables and they are just made to be enjoyed

    1. No, it isn’t. Everytime a really good rumour about Wii U happens, it’s always 99% fake. I’ve stopped believing in that BS.

  3. Come on Wii U gamers. Join the Playstation side of the world and experience truly epic gaming with immersive graphics and the best next generation games. Also, if you don’t prefer us, join the Xbox club. Become one of US. #psnation #xbox

    1. Immersive graphics? That’s it? No good, fun gameplay? No value? I know a place where you’ll find the most immersive graphics you will see in your lifetime, It’s called outside, you should try it but you need the ALife to play it.

      1. No good, fun gameplay? Clearly you have never played FF7, God of War 3, Uncharted, Sly Cooper, Gravity Rush, GTA San Andreas, Chrono Trigger, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, Twisted Metal, Midnight Club, Dynasty Warriors, Infamous Second Son, etc.

      2. We are in fact jealous sony and microsoft franchises. Might wanna learn english. Also we’re the ones with the awesome IP’s

      3. Xbot is jealous our steambox makes the xbox one and ps4 look like shit.

      4. Most of what you mentioned is not fun. FF7 is overrated overhyped borefest full of the worst franchise fanboys, last of us is shit compared to Uncharted, Chrono Trigger is dead, Beyond Two Souls is a movie not a game, Infamous doesn’t last long in fun, Dynasty Warriors is a multi-plat, midnight club is also multi-plat, everything else is fine, either way PC ass stomps your pathetic barebones console.

    2. Our steam box offers better than than your unpowered PC.

      1. Well, no shit. It’s a PC. And unlike your PC, PS4 is conveniently placed at a retail price of $399. It is just as powerful as a high end PC. And if I recall, most of you fanboys say you prefer gameplay>graphics so talking about how much better PC’s graphics are is contradicting yourself. Wii U is weak and has no games. #fuckyou

      2. I stopped reading after” PS4 is just as powerful as a high end PC.”

        You have to be inexperience as fuck with PC’s to believe that or just fucking retarded.

      3. Keep dreaming Sonyan…

        Even my 10 year old dated PC is twice as good as your PS4…

      4. pc is for social rejects like the wii u. get a ps4 and xbox one… a real mens console.

      5. Good to know you have such a classy view of people who just prefer certain consoles over others.

      6. It’s funny you say that when the majority of people who exclusively play the PS4 are kids and teenager much like yourself while lots of adultsplay things like kirby and pokemon

      7. You cannot deny our superiority to your barebones consoles. Only Wii U can compete with a better edge, while your consoles for real ignoramuses rely heavily on third party and will die when our superior system makes any game look better, but we won’t let your rehashed Narutard trash into the console, so your butthurt is understandable.

      8. The best part is that PC versions of all the games even costs a bit less at retail than on the Xbox Done and PS4…

      9. And they look better, but the Wii U has an edge over in one area with the PC and our Steambox, the exclusive and sacred games your empire has that inspired our sacred games.

      10. Indeed, I appreciate your respect towards our empire and of course, you have mine…

      11. I have nothing for respect for you Empire. Our republic would’ve never existed if it wasn’t for the NES.

    3. No thanks I’d rather have awesome gameplay over slightly better graphics, I’m not even gonna bother with the PS4 until either arkham knight or kingdom hearts 3 comes out even then PC is better

      1. Do we really have to resort to insulting other consoles, can’t we just all get along and play the games we want to

      2. That’s a little unfair, if they enjoy their Xbox just leave them and let them play it, unless they start insulting people and their games for no reason

      3. They can enjoy their Xbox and Xbox 360 but that’s the end of the line for me…

      1. Ah yes, I totally agree. Fire Emblem is my number one favorite out of all Nintendo’s franchises.

      2. Personally, I loved Shadow Dragon, everyone thought it was a disappointment, but I thought it was a perfect remake.

      3. Yeah, I liked it too. If anything, it’s a remake that shows how Fire Emblem worked in the NES days and that was good enough for me.

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