Fit Music Heading To Wii U, Website Opens


The official website is now open for Fit Music a new music based fitness title for Wii U published by OXYGENESRL. There’s a bit of blurb on the website about what the game entails along with an invigorating video for you to watch. The release date for Fit Music has yet to be announced.

The champion of fitness, Patsy Salviato, will be your personal trainer, guiding you through different game stages, with personalised difficulty levels, created in collaboration with SHRO of Philadelphia and the Human Health Foundation with whom Fit Music participates in the Fight Obesity campaign. Each section offers all the typical phases of the workout with warm-up exercises, an intensive training phase and a final relaxation phase. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface and a rhythmic and involving soundtrack, burning calories and toning your body has never been so much fun.

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  1. Here we go with the Fitness shovelware.

    Well this at least it tells us that some people are getting the difference between Wii and Wii U.

  2. this for the nintendo fanboys who can’t even go to a real gym. why would a causal pay 300$ for fitness while they could get better fitness and excise at a gym. wii u failure confirmed for the 43th time.

    1. sasorideidaraobi, sasorideidaraobi, here’s your chance that you lose some weight and suck my dick myself!

      1. You seem to have switched “common” and “dumbass” in your sentence accidentally.

    2. Yet you seem to sit around, watching anime and eating Doritos whilst chugging down a bottle of Mountain Dew… you Xbots are so hypocritical it’s funny

      1. Hey! I’m a Nintendo fan and I’ve sat down and watched anime while eating Doritos and Mountain Dew before (no joke) It was freakin awesome. XD But I had to wash my hands off before I picked up my GamePad :P (It’s white so that makes it worse)

    3. man, remeber the black fag pic? you’re sooooo fat lol
      xdrones don’t know what a gym is XD

    4. Dude, do you have an actual life? The KKK should’ve gotten rid of you ’cause you’re just black trash.

      1. “you ’cause you’re just black trash.”. lol nintendrones have even become racist.

      2. Even though I hate you Xbots beyond Everything, you’ll have to excuse my comrades as they have yet to evolve their higher intelligence…

    5. You know why wii fit was so popular on the wii? Because people could do it at home, no need to move to a fitness + you’re completely alone, not with all the fitness crowd. Can’t you see these game are not targeting people who go to the fitness??

    6. sasori, some people don’t have a gym near the house and live in a violent city..where you can’t go out to exercise..sorry if every person in the world does not leave in a developed country.

    7. Speak for yourself fandork. Think Kinect is gonna make you lose 20 pounds in a week or make your ugly ass slightly more attractable to sewer rats? Well, that last part will happen when Kinect (NSA Spy cam) will invade your dumpster home.

    8. Lost 30pounds just playing Wii fit for 6 months …can’t go to a gym (too busy at work) but 1hr of fit/3 days a week is better than nothing :) so…can’t see the failure here.

      1. maya search the fabulous black fag meme that features a nice pic of that fat black fag

    1. sasorideidaraobi, dad rape you, that’s it, a pathetic excuse he does not know what does!
      Go ahead child Go with God and sin no more!

    2. Yes, because a camera that is twice as gimicky and less as responsive than the Wii U gamepad is SOOOO much better… stick to being lazy and eating yo Doritos and Mountain Dew

    3. and you said: “this for the nintendo fanboys who can’t even go to a real gym” and now you are talking about a fitness game on xbox. Epic failure from you, lol!!
      xbots exposed!!!

    4. I’m thinking all the blowjobs you give to Microsoft is really messing up your way of thinking.

    5. Too bad most of that were merely rip offs from Wii Fit and Wii Remote’s motion control in the first place so try again brokeback.

    6. I have both consoles and games and Wii Fit U is a lot better. Especially when you can play that game with friends and Wii games works a lot better in small rooms than Kinect games.

      1. Sooo… I’m guessin you were too lazy to check the video… More proof Xbots are too lazy

      2. Another COD is crying out to you right now. Care to play another repeat reskin?

    1. if that’s the case and that’s what nintendo’s best at then how did nintendo fanboys ever come to be?

    2. No, no, no my good sir. You got it all wrong, you see, what Nintendo does best is shoving shovelware up your ass and that’s all you ever want.

      1. I’m guessing you are forgetting the line up of horrible kinect games… Nintendo consoles are the only ones with Shovelware ;)

      1. I can’t say I hated it, I’m only basing it on the little I have tried, and reviews.

      2. It was good for a little fun with family and friends, for me at least. I do have a big background in music so I guess that’s why.

      3. I played it a little bit and sold it. In my eyes it is propably worst 1st party “game” for Wii.

  3. anyone watched the trailer? creepy as hell. It’s just dance with weird fitness movements.

    This will be nintendo’s system seller I’m sure of it!

  4. Nintendo, are you effing serious? The casuals are LONG GONE.

    They left when the Guitar Hero fad cratered in 2009.

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