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Pre-order Mario Kart 8 At Best Buy And Get A Free $10 Gas Card

If you’re thinking of pre-ordering the highly anticipated Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U, then you may want to consider getting it from Best Buy. The US retailer is offering those that pre-order the game a free $10 gas card that can be used in any gas station in the United States that accepts MasterCard.

Thanks, Kell

79 thoughts on “Pre-order Mario Kart 8 At Best Buy And Get A Free $10 Gas Card”

    1. I don’t even have a Best Buy near me. I hate when they do special stuff like this and I can’t get it…

    2. As did I. I’m going to cancel my Gamestop preorder and ho with this instead. I don’t care for gamestop anyway.

      1. That’s Battlefield 4 Xbox One version you’re talking about. Better yet, its Titanfall so keep crying inside and pointlessly bitch plus looking butt fucking ugly outside.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Concerning how many millions of fat gassy people there are over there, I’m sure there are plenty of it to come by…

      1. Commander, I bet you are overweight. Seems to be a theme with you online nutters who take up some weird persona because your actual life is filled with loneliness and misery. You sit down all day in front of your computer and insult people because you hate yourself and are attempting to vent your frustration at others.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          The only thing I’m overweight with is with muscles and an education that will take me beyond this pathetic world…

          So no, I’m not the typical nerd with “no life”…

          And I prefer to be alone than with apes…

  1. Preorder Mario Kart 8 and buy any other Nintendo Wii U games (see more details to how to get it) half-off!

    I wouldn’t mind if Best Buy did that.

    1. its hilarious.

      not a artifact……….but…….. AWESOME :P.

      also it was supposed to be “millions” but only like 3-10 were found… far.

      1. I doubt they’ll find many, use to have a yearly thing were they would burn/break all the E.T. games they could find. It was pretty funny.

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Wii U is trashing Xbox One.
        There, Lucky I was there to correct you or else you might look like a bigger stupid ass than you already are, oh wait too late.

        1. Plus can’t achieve 1080p after all that BS big boy talk about “being powerful” plus fucking exploding running all of those dumbass pointless features like Kinect, voice command and…TV…

            1. XD I would say “look away” but I guess its too late then.

              Kinect Sports…wonder how much copies that POS sold and I’m anticipating this retarded, butt-fucking-ugly Brokeback nutjob (Sasori) to say something typically stupid.

  2. Not bad, but I’m still holding off my pre-order for when Nintendo World announces what event and goodies they’ll host. Which should be a week or 2 before the launch date. /:

        1. I don’t know what Nintendo World is, but you sure are lucky. I’m just gonna preorder to be on the safe side. I WILL be playing MK8 DAY ONE and there’s nothing you Nintendo fans who get more money than me can do about it! XD

          1. Nintendo World is a store exclusively in New York City.

            And I already got mine preordered so see ya slow pokes online. :3

            BTW, this preorder bonus is so damn cheap of Best Buy.

  3. Wow, all hopes been place on Mario kart 8. And I’m one of them that believe that this game is going to save the Wii u, just like mk7 save the 3DS, and as much of a great game that smash is, it doesn’t sell nearly as much as this game does. Mk8 the future of gaming depend on you.

    1. well mk7 helped along with 3d land.

      but the combination of kid Icarus uprsing and fire emblem awakening really pushed the sales up and up. and last year was just the best year for the system so far.

      1. Well, to be fair, Wii U has 3D World (which I think is superior to 3D Land) to help with MK8. And there’s a ton of other stuff coming too.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I still think SM3DW should have been the launch game and not that lazy rehashed NSMBU…

    2. Dude, you have no idea…in the gamestops in my location…nothing but Mario kart 8 posters everywhere…if the starbucks coffee stores wasn’t so close to them, I think the who lot would have Mario kart written all over it, real karts and all…I mean dam, overboard much? I did find out that they will not host a midnight sale though…stupid not too as big as this game is but that’s gamestop for you.

      1. Well…For what I’ve seen of this game, I’ll say that this game will disappoint nobody, I’ve been saving lots and lots of coins in my way watermelon pigi bank, and finally got enough :D yay

      2. Its not like that everywhere, my game stop gets like 2 extra copies aside from every preorder they get for every Wii U and Vita game that gets released.

        Its pretty sad really.

  4. I’ll be very disappointed when I can’t say things to my friends while we’re playing the game together like man that was a good track wow did you see that last corner that was a close race…. thats all gonna be missing from mk8 sadly

  5. That’s it? A fucking gas gift card? Who in their right mind would pre-order MK8 just for that? A $10 Best Buy gift card would’ve made better sense.

    I swear Best Buy is sometimes this cheap and stupid to their customers.

    1. Not all the time. They had the eshop card discounts. But then again… who’s going to even spend that much on digital games. Lol.

      1. Like WTF $10 worth of gas is gonna get you when its like 3.80 right now and why not just throw in $10 Best Buy or Nintendo eShop gift cards as a senseible idea because its concerning about gaming and retail stores, not fucking BP spilling oil again.

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  7. Nintendo Or Nothing!

    Man, $10.00 won’t even pay for the gas it takes to get TO Best Buy and back. But I suppose it’s better than nothing. Not really tempting enough for me to pre-order though.

    1. Man Target offers a better deal than this and if you have the Red Card and bank account linked to it, then you can get the game much cheaper with the Red Card and its $5 bonus gift card if you want to use it on MK8.

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