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Iwata Says Quality Of Life Project Was Inspired By Yamauchi, Will Focus On Fun

Earlier this year, Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata presented shareholders and fans with a new project focusing on Quality of Life. And while the company will continue to create video games, Iwata believed they needed to acknowledge and support society’s changing lifestyles. In a recent interview with Japanese tech site Diamond, the CEO talks about how the idea was built upon and why Hiroshi Yamauchi’s passing was an integral inspiration to QOL.

“Surely, a lot of people around the world must think ‘Nintendo is a company that is just for video games,’ about us, and I believe that there are more and more of our own employees who have begun to think like that. So, even if the fact that our focus being video games won’t be changing, I felt the need to take this occasion to say ‘Nintendo is a company that can do whatever they want’.

“This subject came to light when Yamauchi passed away, but I felt that our surroundings are greatly changing. We need to redefine what Nintendo must do, from this point on. However, I felt that saying ‘Nintendo will do anything,’ was also the wrong  idea for the company.

“Yamauchi was one to always say, ‘Nintendo is a company for entertainment, and it shouldn’t be for anything else,’ and he didn’t necessarily think that ‘entertainment equalled video games’. I’ve been wondering how to express Yamauchi’s feelings, and I’ve been thinking about it non-stop, even during the New Year’s holiday break.”

The CEO continued, “Lately, the words QOL (quality of life) have come up. Entertainment is there to improve people’s quality of life. After your basic needs, there’s entertainment. At the start of this year, I finally figured that improving people’s quality of life with fun, with emphasis to the ‘fun’ would be perfect for Nintendo.”

215 thoughts on “Iwata Says Quality Of Life Project Was Inspired By Yamauchi, Will Focus On Fun”

    1. More “wii-fit” bullshit.. really sick and tired of iwatas crap. Shareholders need to dump this guy already… wtf are they waiting for? 3+ consecutive losses.. Is it bc of the wii’s “success”? That success boiled down to people buying the wii sports bundle and a good chunk never investing in another game. It was a gimmick (although i loved the wii and have MANY games) and iwata is still chasing the casuals who have moved on to phone/tablet gaming and ARE NOT coming back. How stupid can this guy and his advisers be? They arent going to capture that market again. They shouldve invested the money from the wii into a no holds bar system that would have out competed sony/xbox. Buying up tons of studios and content shouldve been priority. Square Enix, Capcom, Platinum Games, possible Sega merger, ect. This “second system” mentality obviously isnt cutting it. Trying to play second fiddle to people who are already buying a sony/xbox system is not a winning strategy. This console is a lame duck and hopefully nintendo pulls its head out of its ass before its too late with the next console. I wont ever be a launch buyer with Nintendo again. Burned too many times.

      1. Well, the Wii did sell well and it was only called a casual console because the graphics weren’t as good as Xbox 360 or PS3. I don’t see why Nintendo can’t have a system to draw in “casuals” while having the Wii U and 3DS. If this QOL thing works better than anything else in the same market, people are going buy it. This would increase the companies overall profit, allowing them to put more money into hardcore gaming. Do you really believe Iwata is going to abandon hardcore gaming again after what happened to the Wii?

      2. Quality of life, is not just health and fitness, its also entertainment, music, education, film. Technically QOL could go all the way to things like air, water, food, parks and reck, even UI, security, or a cloud ☁ service…..sooooooo

      3. Heh… nice ramble.

        It’s loveable to see these “hard-ass-core” raging about the things that led Nintendo to massive success in the past generation. In fact, if Nintendo opted to main tain the Wii audience instead of creating the Wii U, they would be going successful again.

        BTW, the 3DS is doin pretty well. Why people like you doesn’t ever consider the handhelds? 3DS is raping PS Vita

    2. I’m putting this here because i find my idea really smart and it may change the wat people look at Nintendos Qol talk.

      Nintendo has actually been doing stuff for our Qol a long time with subtle things like the Wii remote that has to be moved, the 3DS that has a built in pedometer and encourages going outside to meet people trough spot pass and the next thing in expect is a Geolocation game like the Pokemon thing Google made as a April fools joke. It’s fun and you are outside, pretty life improving over sitting inside…

      But this far a Geo location game is the only thing I can come up with that most people will enjoy, sure. Wii Fit is fun for a while but imagine how big the impact of their next gen handheld would be if they actually inserted a GPS chip in it for Geo games.

      The amount of street pass hits would increase allot and their product can be easily seen almost everywhere if they encourage you taking it somewhere and catching a Pokemon or so. It also sounds very cool and self explanatory, go to the nearest lake and catch a water Pokemon, go to a Forrest and find earth Pokemon etc etc.

    1. doubt they would waste SMG3 on a system with less sales than gamecube… most likely will be a launch title for the next console. If MarioKart and Smash Bros fails to drum up meaningful sales, you can pretty much guarantee that a new system will be streamlined for launch in 2 years.

      1. Which would likely mean a host of projects being held until the next system. Zelda would probably appear, but Im sure it would be massively scaled back. Or perhaps there wouldnt be a new zelda and just a few more HD upscales. Nintendo COULD come out guns blazing on a new system with a host of AAA titles at or near launch.

        1. So, you think they would want to halt projects for WiiU and lose even more money? You do know, they need to sell stuff to generate revenue, either make profit or atleast minimize losses, right?
          It would really piss-off investors and loyal fans, it’s like saying:
          “Sorry, investors, some of you won’t be getting much money for the next 2yrs and tat’s not including the dismal $ you got it 2012 and 2013 (stocks plummet). Please understand.”
          “Sorry, Wii U owners, those few games are all you’ll get, but make sure you save up to buy our next gen, please understand.”

            1. Not at all. I want some action from Nintendo to dominate again. I want to SEE some action and not just talk.

              1. Then asking for a new console so soon is not the way. They have over 5 million owners of Wii U that would be furious if Nintendo pulled a stunt like that.

  1. Fire that fucking dumbass Iwata, he is diging you a hole of deby you bitch, get you’re head out of your ass and fire that dick sucking pussy

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          If the CEO is incompetent, then can you please explain why he hasn’t been fired since he took over? Can’t explain that? Then your argument is mute.
          This” fire Iwata” bullcrap is just getting annoying to hear now.

          1. I believe its mainly bc he happened to preside over the Wii launch and its “success” among casuals. You cannot seriously tell me with a straight face that Nintendo’s direction is geared towards success. Less units sold than the gamecube, LESS UNITS SOLD THAN DREAMCAST.. its pretty sad. The fact that the WiiU was plagued with the exact problem the 3DS did, even though Iwata said “We learned our lesson and it wont happen again” in regards to launch titles and subsequent releases. The issue is being ignored that Iwata and team WERE NOT prepared for a new system and did no real back work. They figured they would capture the casual market again, even though all market indicators showed they moved on. Iwata’s proclamation that the WiiU was geared towards re-embracing the core players was a outright lie. The fact that the WiiU has the Wii name in it exposes Iwata/Nintnedo’s intention for a Wii #2 that would sell just like the wii did. I still stand by my assertions that Iwata NEEDS TO GO. His direction with gaming and the QOL bullshit is ridiculous. WiiU fit sold terribly, Iwata needs to take that as a sign and move on.. although Im sure we will see plenty of fitness related gadgets/ect try to be rammed down our throats.

            He has also presided over 3+ consecutive losses as CEO, as well as lacks any direction forward. There are a NUMBER of things that would immediately help. From starting new studios (working with ex-rare staff and giving them creative reign, spiritual successor to banjo kazooie) to acquiring existing studios with valuable ip’s AND experienced staff who can work with HD. The WiiU needs games and 3rd party is losing support in droves… what better way to buy them when they are weakened and you can get them on the cheap?! Where are these “acquisitions and mergers” we heard about? Merging with Sega could help buoy them with a huge workforce and a ton of exclusive ips

            Just because your a mindless drone, doesnt mean we all are.

                1. Im just saying that Im not some whiner complaining about a system he/she doesn’t own or support. I own and have supported Nintendo plenty and this is my perspective. Reading plenty of articles, it seems as though my sentiment is the sentiment of many.

              1. There’s nothing to play on Wii U! 3D World and Pikmin 3 are fun great games but two is not enough! What’s the point of Smash when it comes months after the 3DS version compared to Wii U’s? Sure it’s more praised by the better graphics but we can’t expect too much change besides stages really, which should be the main focus to the game due to it’s fighting techniques but we all know the characters always center the spotlight on their worth more. Fine by me but we get no one new! Why limit down the next game’s potential just because a handheld can’t store as much.

                1. For all we know, they are releasing the Wii U version later in the year because they are trying to add more stuff to it. This is Nintendo we’re talking about here. They won’t tell us the full story til close to release.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Just because that is your opinion does not mean it is a fact. Nor is calling a mindless drone is going to help make your argument more credible, it just hurts your own argument therefore making you lose credibility. When explaining something to someone, try to be less of an asshole and more civilized because no one doesn’t want to listen to an asshole, look how that turned out for Sasori.
              Check Yourself before Sherk yourself.

              1. Its not just my opinion. The fact is you didnt provide any support why he should still be CEO. Calling my argument mute isnt rude? I just listed a ton of reasons. And calling you a mindless drone when you dont elaborate on your response except for the lock and stock “Im getting tired of hearing that, your wrong” response is pretty head on for a typical drone.I guess taking the time to respond with a lengthy and substantial answer does make me an asshole. Apologies all around.

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  I don’t have to, I was mere asking a question or something like that and you decided to insult me with the “mindless drone” when I asked said question, therefore meaning that you can’t really argue with me and all you have left now is personal insults. You we very believable at first, until you made an insult. Therefore, you are just like every other angry ape that gave into pointless hate. Also please don’t put words into my mouth that I never said your were wrong, I said I was merely tired of hearing the same thing over and over and you need to get over it because he may not be the guy you want, but he is the guy you got and you have to deal with it and stop complaining like a child.

                  1. You just cant let it go huh? You keep devolving into insulting me left and right yourself. You better stop while you are still a civilized individual that is above such a lowly ape like myself. For all the high and mighty talk, you always try to end on a zinger, whether it has any impact or not.
                    Your the one who threw a veiled insult first, so dont get your panties in a bunch.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      “You just cant let it go huh?”
                      Hypocrite much? Your very much doing the same.

                      “Your the one who threw a veiled insult first, so dont get your panties in a bunch.”
                      I must’ve rustled your jimmies. I’m sorry that your so easily offended by reasoning.

                    2. Oh yea… you “rustled my jimmies” you got me good. I GAVE you reasoning.. you just keep saying the same crap and treading water.

                    3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      I’m sorry, bullshit is not allowed on here because you still failed to explain why he should be fired when the good things he’s done outshine all the bad things. You seem to be only one treading water.

          2. because he’s an idiot and doesn’t know what he’s talking about wow just because he’s having a hard time we automatically have to think fire him sigh u people disappoint

            1. This is not automatically assuming anything. The fact that Iwata KNEW a new system was coming years in advance and didnt devote enough resources to coming out with enough roll out games is beyond belief. Especially after the 3DS went through the same shit. I dont believe the “im so sorry, please understand, we didnt know HD was soo much more work” excuse. They were just lazy, thinking that them being first out of the gate, coupled with the success of the wii, was going to be an auto buy for gamers and casuals alike. Iwata has also failed in fostering/repairing relationships with third parties.. he has even burned the indie developers that he is “so supportive of” Iwata is the CEO/president of Nintendo so any and every decision they make is reflective of his choices.

              THAT is why Iwata needs to go. He has failed. Period.
              Dont lump me into a group that is only screaming for Iwata to be fired. I have backed up my OPINIONS with points.

    1. And why is that the case for practing this when clearly every other company is doing the same?

      Fucking idiots…

    2. iwata just sucking yamamushi dick. no wounder nintendo still caters to kids only and make inefficient incapable hardware.

      1. lol Catering to everyone is not the same as catering to kids. I guess you think Disney is solely catering to kids, too, huh?

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis you fucking dumb piece of shit when will you stop making excused for Nintendo.. pathetic….

    1. Yes, fun, which is something video games should be all about anyways. If you’re not having fun playing them, you’re doing it wrong.

          1. xD You poor soul. They are fun to the people that love & play them. Just like people like you love & play the rehashes of 3rd parties. But no matter. Have fun thinking you’re the exception.

          2. No retard, only a idiot troll would think that oh and haters…but he gets it, he gets what it means to be a real gamer…something you can never do. Games are meant for fun, not achievements. Games are not all about the power or graphics…they are meant for fun and fun only. Maybe instead of trying to “expose” fans, maybe you should listen and learn something from him…by the way, I noticed you seen SuperShadowMarioFan on youtube…talk to him and he might teach you a thing or two. I can’t believe he actually talked to you on youtube though…but that’s always ben his way, a curious type he is.

    2. WIIU first party games are the ones that scored higher in new gens games review ;)
      Why? Their visuals are good but arent the best but they ARE FUN son go and play your stupid infamous 2 infamously boring.
      (And no i am not a nitendo fan boy i have a gamecube a play station 2 a xbox360 and a wiiu so yes i just pick those one that looks more appealing to me without thinking in brands)

  2. quality of life is what a lot of people is searching as a way of life today, so it is not a bad idea for Nintendo at all. I’m curious to know how it will be..

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  4. I’m glad to see Nintendo acknowledge that many of us desire virtual entertainment that actually improves our quality of life versus wasting it in a semi vegetative drone state. I look forward to experiencing the new ideas Iwata-san and Nintendo have in store for us.

    1. I kind of like zoning out to a game, but I can see how a quality of life thing can work and why people who don’t like the same things as me would want it. I’m interested at how it would work of course and I don’t care what it does as long as I can still play some nintendo on the thing. Quality of life does seem a bit vague though. The Wii increased my Quality of life because it was entertainment and kept me from being bored.

  5. he is right, Nintendo is about entertainment first but the short, medium and long term will be to have a presence in the mobile/tablets market. Why not creating a sister company where the aim would be to develop mobile games/apps? Of course Nintendo will focus on console game and QOL but another source of revenue is needed and I don’t see anything else coming.

    As for QOL i think it’s kind of a rush idea and need time to develop. the announcement was premature (well in fact he wanted to save his a**e). I have the feeling Nintendo will cease the game industry in the long term and go toward another business.

    If Nintendo is about entertainment why have not investing fund into films? I don’t remember how successful was Mario but it should not stop them to invest in Asian films.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Whatever High Command decides to do, the worst thing possible would be to withdraw from the gaming universe…

      That’s what put our empire on the map to begin with and would ultimately take them off it if they ever did that…

      1. you must be well aware that Nintendo is a card company (AFAIK they still producing cards in small quantity) who evolved into gaming console company. It seems for me the company will change progressively into something else.They have done it once I don’t see why they won’t do it again. The change won’t happen now or the 5 next years but in the next 10 years it’s a possibility. I think that QOL is just the beginning IMO.

        1. I really hope that they don’t give up in the game industry..I’m aware that they were a card company in the 1890’s but quiting the game industry is way to radical, I think…They made their name making’s their image as a company.

          1. They wont give up on the game industry your forgetting that the 3ds is still around even if the wiiu fails 3ds will take its place and make new games for it 3ds will be like the ds original there wil be tons of games and probably be the best handheld over time

        2. I don’t see why they, as a company, cannot make more than one sort of entertainment. They could go on with games, and still explore other areas!

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I just hope they learn that if they want to do more things at the same time, you need to hire people and stop depending on a few…

            1. soo they should continue to make underpowed inefficient weak consoles. after how crappy wii u is. am not even buying any other nintendo consoles or handhelds again.

                1. He won’t. He needs it for video games til he can get an Xbox 360. Plus I don’t think his parents would take kindly to him trashing it.

                    1. if he’s a man, he should make a video doing it, COME ON SASORI SHOW US THAT YOU HAVE GUTS!!! hahahaha

          2. I think that will still happen as long as Nintendo sells hardware and games. But if the next 10 years the so call expert are right and gaming is just mobile/tablets game and Sony/Micorsoft. Then Nintendo will move its core product to another business/market. I think the company release they need more than one source of revenue and prepare for the worst. Today Nintendo still doing card and video game. In 10 years + time they may be card, video game but their core business maybe something else. Also I am not saying They WILL. I am saying they just might and may start thinking about it

            1. As long as they stay in the entertainment buisness, as he says here, I’m okay. They are doing great in terms of games in the game industy though, so if they could just fix some of their flawed strategies, they would do better!

    2. I see Nintendo’s next console being a Tablet with AMD hardware that surpasses the PS4 and Xbox One combined in the next few years or so.

      1. it’s a possibility but giving the fact the mobile phone/tablet market is much competitive than gaming market it’s unlikely. Look at the Wii U lot of people dislike the controller which is a tablet dedicated to a console. The idea is brilliant but the world is not just ready for that.

        1. Lol just like virtual reality. Despite people complaining about hardware, Nintendo is obviously like 20 years ahead of the curve. The world is indeed not yet ready.

            1. Nintendo didn’t invent virtual reality, so originally, Nintendo copied others too, if you think that the mere usage of VR means copying the first person who thought of it. After that logic, the whole video game industry, or basically every industry, would be all about people copying each other.

      1. A film/cartoon about their IP may not be a good idea at first but start investing in films first and small independent film to gain experience would be wiser. I don’t think Zelda and Mario animes were so successful, they can do that from the start and giving Capcom and Squaresoft experience it would be a commercial failure.

        1. Video game movies and shows
          Suck. Just doesn’t work. Their focus needs to be games. Perhaps it’s time to play a bit dirty to get the 3rd party games. The snes got every 3rd party title, plus nintendos ips… They took the market

  6. I just hope it’s better than the nintreadmill thing that keeps popping up in my head every time i hear about this thing.

  7. HAHAHAHAHA! Yes Iwata will safe the Baby U with his “new” QOL approach! lololololol. Ever since that idiot got in charge Nintendo became the toddler games company. All they ever done since the original Wii launched is produce games for toddlers. Back when Nintendo had Rare and the rest of it’s western 2nd party studios they produced a variety of games for all sorts of different people, now they the one dimensional company that only produces toddlers games. Even Retro (the one western studio they got left), worked on another baby game, DKTF. (and before babies will mention the one or two games they might come up with, real gamers are supposed to play one or two games a year, sorry I meant one or two games during the whole lifespan of the Baby U? lolololol). This QOL thing is all about not producing any games at all so babies won’t have anything to play and go outside once in a while lolololol, and considering the amount of time all these Nintendo fanbabies spend commenting on this site they obviously aren’t having “fun” with their Baby U’s lolololol. (If babies haven’t noticed I used to comment a lot more on this site when I was bored with the Baby U because it had no games, but a few months ago I got a real next gen system now and have so much fun with it, something I wasn’t getting with the Baby U’s toddler games)

    Iwata’s QOL approach is all about making babies lives happy and “fun” lolololol. They will start producing diapers made of “new” ultra soft materials to make babies rear ends happy lolololol. Their new QOL products also include baby pacifiers made of bacteria killing materials so that when babies put them on their stinking mouths you won’t smell their putrid stench lolololol. All this “new” QOL things will improve babies lives and make them “fun” again LOLOLOLOLOL!

    All hail Iwata and his “new” QOL approach, he will safe the failing Baby U!

    1. the amount of “Lols” you say amuses me.
      your commentary is contraditory, if you are here writing this you are not playing your “next gen videogame”, so you are bored with them and came here to write a enormous comment with the same argument as ever. If you are not having fun with WiiU the problem is yours.

        1. Or him, like others, realized you can’t win against fanboy logic, so why bother replying or taking them seriously.

          1. Nope. Katamari is wrong. Anyone that uses baby to describe Nintendo, it’s systems, & it’s fans are clearly idiots & don’t deserve to be taken seriously. And anyone that agrees with him is just as idiotic.

      1. I always find it stupid when people put lolololol, when it’s used as a higher meaning to lol (Laugh Out Loud) and yet how does lolololol make sense? Laughing out laughing out laughing out laughing out loud? Yeah… makes no sense to me. You sound like a squid’s mating call with your lolololol. Now I laugh out loud to that. :D

    2. You are trying way too hard to damage control against Nintendo XD
      Microsoft already did it but failed… it’s called the Xbox One XD

      1. The way Nintedo’s heading and the amount of fanboys and morons defending them, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if their next iteration of console were similar to the Xbone. They’re already implementing incomplete games and charging you for DLC and other forms of microtransactions, all they need left is to charge you for playing online.

        1. Incomplete games? Really? Where? Nintendo always makes sure that their games are complete. And DLC is good if it’s done the right way; this is Nintendo, not EA where they offer you DLC through Season Passes that was probably data removed from the game at the last minute to weasel more money out of it’s fans. And what microtransactions? I haven’t seen any from Nintendo.

      2. You clever little boy. No sarcasm intended, you made me laugh out loud. Instead of my squid’s mating call of lolololol. :) Katamari is a squid.

    3. Awh, this Baby U you’re talking about sounds awful! Glad I never heard of it. You should get a Wii U, it’s awesome.

  8. Nintendo Or Nothing!

    The trolls on this site never seizes to make me laugh. Their pointless Nintendo hatred entertains me.

      1. If he doesn’t care about what I, a supporter of the company he is the president of, have to say, then he needs to retire all the more. The president of a company needs to care about everything any supporter of that very company has to say, regardless of whether he agrees with it or not. Without those supporters, he wouldn’t be where he is now, after all.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          He doesn’t care about trolls, that was a troll…

          But obviously I agree, High Command should start listening to the fans a little more sometimes…

          1. It was the same person who made the last two comments, me. And I am not a troll. I must admit that going with a username probably would make more sense, though. Next time, maybe.

          2. Nintendo Or Nothing!

            I don’t think Nintendo EVER listens to their fans. At least, not me. I used to send TONS of letters to Nintendo back in the day with suggestions and ideas. They probably all got shredded instead of seriously considered.

            They even returned some of my game ideas to me, saying that they’re not allowed to use any unsolicited ideas. I’ve had this certain idea for over 20 years, and still haven’t seen any company make it. *sigh*

            1. That’s ’cause they know the fanboys will swallow up anything Nintendo. Reggie even said fan petition mean nothing to them, they’ll continue on their course, win or fail. Hahaha, hey, send me some of those letters, I’m low on toilet paper!

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Ideas for video games will not be listened to I’m sorry to say…

              I’m mostly refering to the idiotic ideas that has been done with the Wii U and our empire as a whole the last 3 years…

  9. pretty much saying we need to branch out to different forms of entertainment, like movies, theme parks, cartoons ect. I wouldn’t Mind if nintendo got with some one to make a metroid movie

        1. How about a Metroid themed roller coaster to start? The roller coaster goes into this dark void, where you can only see planets, stars, and other extra-terrestrial objects. Then you enter Zebes for example. Metroid chasing after you, Ridley flying in and out, and at the end, Mother Brain shows up. The roller coaster will stop all of a sudden while Samus is fighting her. Mother Brain notices us in the carts, then she will walk towards us. All of a sudden, WHAM!, the baby Metroid sucks Mother Brain, and Samus defeats her. Then the roller coaster escapes the area quickly. The end.

            1. That was from the top of my head actually, lol. Just all of the rides Nintendo could do with all of their franchises. Zelda, Mario, DK, Metroid, Starfox, F-Zero, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Wario, Punchout, Earthbound, Kirby, Kid Icarus. Imagine being able to escape to those worlds through the use of different attractions. The possibilities would be endless. It would be like Disney World, but in the style of Nintendo.You just need to think creatively.

  10. I still have no idea what this means. What could they possibly have in mind for development??
    If not video games then what, Movies?
    I’m really excited to see what they mean.

  11. Nintendo is my Blood

    hmm… Quality of Life, video games… hmm it just doesn’t make sense

    bringing a healthier lifestyle to the video game industry was done with the invention of the Wii so what can they mean?

    Quality of Life…

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        Argh… I feel uncertain, I feel like Iwata is making a big mistake, ARGHHH!!! I cannot take it anymore!!! We… need to… DO SOMETHING!!!

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            I… don’t have a good feeling about this, Iwata seems to be slipping and we don’t have Hiroshi-san to say otherwise, Iwata may ruin Nintendo

              1. Nintendo is my Blood


                Urk… if Iwata chooses to change Nintendo into something that the world won’t receive very well, Nintendo may be ruined forever

                Why won’t Iwata be… ugh direct with us? Why is he giving us these vague statements? If we wait too long it might be too late, for all we know he might change Nintendo from a video game company into a franchises of gyms or health centers!!!

                No more Zelda, no more Mario, no more Pokemon, urggg our childhoods, our livelihoods… gone

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I wasn’t joking either…

                  If he did that, it would be the worst thing that has ever happened since WW2…

                  Imagine the wrath of us and our people…

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

                    I am seriously considering that we should contact them, we need to campaign, I don’t want to see Nintendo go down like this, not now, not ever

                    But how can we do this?

                    Maybe we should phone Nintendo of Japan?

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      It has actually crossed my mind aswell…

                      I think we must, I contacted our base in EU, they barely had anything worthy to say…

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      This is the report I got from them:

                      -Dear NC Quadraxis,

                      Thank you for your email.

                      We regret to inform you, that we currently do not have any further announcements with regards to future games that will feature online multi-player.

                      We therefore apologise as we are unable to help you further, however you can keep updated for any further announcements or updates directly from us by signing up to our newsletter at or by subscribing to the Official Nintendo Magazine, or alternatively by turning on your ‘Home Notifications’ on the Nintendo 3DS. Additionally you can find further information and updates using the Nintendo Wii U and Miiverse application.

                      Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment caused.

                      If you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                      Kind regards,

                      Ryan Lee-

                    3. Nintendo is my Blood

                      Ugh I didn’t know where to begin so I emailed Nintendo of America in hopes that my email addressed to Mr. Fils-Amie reaches him, if only I spoke Japanese I would contact NOJ and hopefully speak to Mr. Iwata

                      Uhhhhhhhhhgg we are screwed

                    4. Exactly! A massive company like that won’t listen to you. Hell, they won’t even listen to their shareholders!

                    5. Nintendo is my Blood

                      I know but I need… comfort, besides it’s worth a shot right?

                      ugh, we are totally screwed

    1. what I understood is the quality of life thing will have a different approach, it will not link with the videogame area, they will be separated projects

  12. Com down every body they aren’t going to stop making video games because he said that it doesn’t mean it has to be video games and fun to put it simple he’s saying we are Nintendo we do what ever the fuck we want to do with the company and telling people to shut up but they aren’t going to stop makeing video games what he was saying about it doesn’t have to be gameing doset mean they are going to stop makeing them take a deep breath and relax people lol

      1. I’ve only played 1080, but I heard the other 2 were great as well. I have a big feeling that Metroid will be shown this E3 though. I just know it.

          1. Yeah Zelda even more so, but I based on all the clues, (Reggie wearing a Metroid pin, Metroid easter egg in DKCTF, and so on), I have a good feeling Metroid will be shown as well.

            1. Let’s hope those really are clues to them working on a new Metroid. A lot of people are probably, if not most likely, hoping it’ll be a game to retcon Other M.

  13. Nintendo is the king of ip’s what xbox got halo and gears? Whats Sony got……killzone and the last of us ? Meh I like colorful games with shapes

  14. lol anothet weak hardware from nintendon’t incoming. they dont even give a shit about the wii u owners, their just focusing on QOL trash that has nothing to do with gaming or advanced tech. this is way wii u might be my waste hardware i ever buy from nintendo.

  15. Well i’m sorry… I’m a huge Nintendo fan since my 3 years old, but i’m agree with the opinion who say “Iwata should be fired”.

    I mean listen just one second alright ? I don’t care about this project of QOL but i also think i’m not the only guy who have bought a wii-u and maybe this project can be interesting for some people.

    BUT ! I’m sorry but this project is coming at the worst moment in the life of the Wii-U. That project must come only when the wii-u is in a lot of house but right now that’s not the case. Just tell me, how many gamers are waiting for a game and then they will buy a wii-u ? How many gamers are waiting for X ? Metroid ? F-zero or Starfox ? And now Iwata get out with this QOL project ? Are you serious Iwata ?

    I can’t be on the side of Iwata when i see his politicy. Make games less and less difficult, only listening the japenese public, don’t make any efort for the US or the Europe, and for god sake, make a link between home consoles and portable consoles…. What the hell ?? Iwata don’t listening every one, gamers want games ! During 10 years we are waiting for a new F-zero and the wii-u can do that ! And what nintendo says about that ? “Well no we don’t want to do that”. We have the creator of Super Metroid who don’t want to work on the Metroid series anymore, Eiji Aonuma is tired of the Nintendo’s policy. And this year Iwata is starting to ruined the year of the wii-u. Yeah ! 2014 is supose to be the year of Nintendo ! The others don’t have games, Nintendo should take his chance ! And the result is ? Donkey Kong Country TF is failing because of Nintendo don’t give a sh*t about games who don’t come from them (the same things can be say for the japenese public who don’t give a sh*t about every games coming from outside than Japan). We have Mario Kart 8 who is comming and that’s a good things. There’s NO new informations about Bayonetta 2 ! WTH ! No informations about the new Zelda, about a possible new Metroid.

    Well excuse me for my words but what i wanna means it’s simple. Nintendo should be doing this project onlyt when the gamers has what they want. I know Nintendo is doing what they want and it’s respectable, but they must thinking about the gamers in the world (and not only in Japan !) aswell. And now… For 2 years… We will not have what the gamers wants. No Starfox, no F-zero, i don’t understand why they make Luigi’s Mansion 2 for the 3DS, they promote SSB4 for the 3DS, i’m sorry but with all the bad things Iwata’s doing, he must be fired. A PDG who doesn’t give a sh*t about his fans and making things when this is not the right moment should be fired.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I agree with most things but I suggest we wait for the final verdict after Mario Kart 8 and E3…

      If things are still going at a slow pathetic pace, then I suggest a new leadership is needed…

      1. I will wait of course. But I’m really scared about what’s going to happen at the E3. If Iwata come with really great announce like Metroid and Zelda i’ll be more positiv but if he use the E3 for this project…. I’m sorry but in that case i will be very happy when he will be fire

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          It would be very very retarded if his lordship did that…

          Then yes, he should retire at once…

    2. Who’s going to replace Iwata though? They’re going to want someone who stays true to what Nintendo is as a company.

    1. There is a lot of country outside the US you dumbass. My skill in english should be show than i’m not an american or an english ;)

  16. Wasn’t Iwata the president over the Gameboy advance? And also the DS? And also the Wii? And also the 3ds?.. So thats four consoles that Iwata was behind that sold historically well. Made Nintendo millions if not billions of dollars. But yea, lets fire him becouse the Wii U has sold poorly it’s first year. And I personally believe the Wii U will sell well eventually, and Nintendo will make a profit in the long run off it.

  17. Anonymous, your going on a rant right before E3? Chill out dude, Nintendo has many great games coming our way. The new zelda is going to be so amazing it is literally going to explode peoples heads clean off thier necks. Don’t listen to the haters, after E3 the jealousy will start.

  18. Tell me, what would be the point? Cut off one head, two more takes its place, continuing to exert it’s influence over the land it’s directly located at. One man cannot spread it’s reign to all places. It’s impossible. Nintendo requires a multi-faceted procedure, to appeal to all people, in all places. Imagine, Mario Strikers for the European market! Metroid Other N for the American market! And Tomodachi Sequels for Japan, since it makes them happy.

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