Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn Heading To Wii U

Developed by Big Deez Productions, Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn will be dribbling its way onto the Wii U after reaching the $450,000 funding goal on Indiegogo. Based on the legendary former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal, Shaq-Fu’s remake will distance itself heavily from the 1994 game, which is widely known as one of the worst 2D fighting titles.

Yesterday, the new and improved Shaq-Fu game met its hefty target goal and raised a total of almost $474,000. The 2D fighting title was originally planned for PC, but when the campaign didn’t quite hit the ground running, console versions were promised and helped Big Deez Productions to reach their goal.

Shaq-Fu: A Legend Reborn is a modern-day take on a classic beat ’em up stylised game – you can check out the teaser trailer above, which sees an oversized, hyperbolic Shaquille O’Neal taking on various goons. The game is set to release on PC, Wii U, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.


    1. This game gets funding but an original awesome game like cult country doesnt. Theres something wrong with this.. I hate gamers. Fu all.

      1. Maybe some people just didn’t like what Cult Country looked like it was going to be. This game being funded represents less than 10% of the gaming community so why the Fu all? Or was that a ShagFu pun XD

    1. Apparently they do, it got $470 000, $20 000 more than the $450 000 it was aiming for. People have different tastes. If you are a gamer of the new evolution stick to your fps mirage consoles. The WiiU is diverse and full of wonder. Mario Kart is coming and the SNES 2 is rising.

  1. Not digging it with this crap. No offense to Shaq. I rather get Smash Bros. 4 and that’s it for fighters for me.

    1. Only Americans would fund this…

      Because nobody outside the US cares about Shaq…

      1. I’m american I don’t care about Shaq who is that guy? Odd why would people fund this?!?!?!?!?!?

      2. Probably all those EA sport lovers over there that funded it…

  2. What the hell is this shit and how the fuck did they raise over 400K? No wonder I’ll never see Metroid and wait eons for Zelda, THIS is the kind of shit people are funding?

    The gaming market has really gone to hell. What really pisses me off, is the survival horror, Cult county never even got close to it’s goal.

    I think it’s time Bowser gave the mushroom kingdom a break and invaded our dimension to wreak havoc.

    1. Dude you need to buy another platform. Nintendo isn’t catering to its fans and more like saying screw you. I honestly can’t believe people just settling for nintendo when they just leave their fans in the dark with nothing to play and lack so many things that should be standard. You should honestly get a ps3 so you have more games and variety to play. I remember seeing you say you might just get a 360 but i can tell you, especially if your a nintendo fan that you would be glad you chose ps3.

      1. Imo PS3 is worth it for the exclusives. I played GOW3 and LBP. If you mainly plan on playing multiplats though, I’d have to go for 360.

      2. Thats all you played? Your an idiot. The ps3 has by FAR the most exclusives and variety. The wii didn’t have enough exclusives and a lot of them were the always to come mario kart or crap like wii fit……. it did have some great games but its a crappy system overall.

        Yeah i agree if you want to play MAINLY for multiplats go for 360 but you can still get them for ps3, there not to far off in performance a lot of the time.

      3. Yeah that doesn’t go for me but more towards these slave nintendo fanboys.

      4. Moron you are on a nintendo site calling us slave fanboys. Who are the 3 to 4 million idiots that bought the DRM xbone? We as nintendo gamers bought 3DSs and WiiUs cause our company makes the best first party games that maintain their Selling and value decades later. Halo and that sack boy plus knack shall be forgotten; do not misuse words you cannot fathom.

      5. Only a fanboy himself would speak like this. Exposed on spot.

      6. Someone having a different opinion than you doesn’t make them an idiot. I’ve had both systems. If you want to play mainly multiplats, it makes more sense to go play the versions that are better in performance. I buy many 3rd party games for my PS3 and at the moment, PS3 has alot of great exclusives, but I don’t even particularly care for any of them besides God of War. Last of Us looks interesting, but it’s on PS4 now, so I’m not gonna bother with the PS3 version. It’s all a matter of opinion. If I could, I’d choose PC> both of these dumb consoles.

      7. WiiU has the highest rated games of this generation :

        1) Pikmin 3
        2) Windwaker HD
        3) SM3DW
        4) Backward compatibility
        5) The best COD ( why ) blops and Ghosts with two player split screen game pad and television.
        6) Blacklist
        7) Resident evil revelations; the best RES since 4
        8) Mother ( earthbound ) for $2
        9) Mario Kart 8
        10) Arkham city begins
        11) Monolith’s X
        12) need I continue?

      8. You’re list is going to get a lot shorter with Nintendo losing gamers and 3rs party devs. If it weren’t for the Indies, Nintendo would really be hosed.

      9. I was considering xBox360 because that’s where my friends/family gamed. I’d want to take advantage of the multiplayer coop games, and my peeps are on the 360. PERSONALLY, I’d like a PS3 more, but I don’t feel like making new friends. ;)

  3. This will get the money but shadow of the eternals won’t. People don’t want good games and sadly nintendo fans would rather buy this shit than a spiritual successor to eternal darkness.

    1. Dyack the producer of shadow of the eternals was a big reason it was not funded. Also Knights were ordered to pay EPIC money for fraudulently using the unreal engine in games and categorically embezzling so to say epics name and money. After this wonderful history lesson, are you going to use your wisdom to rephrase your post.

  4. Wow all the hate.

    I have never watched an NBA game and from the UK. But I backed this because for £9 or whatever it looked fun.

    No wonder people say Nintendo fans hate 3rd party stuff. A game was just announced for Wii U, and all people say is “what is this crap”.

    I didn’t back cult county, because it looked a little boring, and was asking for $20 minimum.


      If your happy about this coming to Wii U it really shows the desperation for games.

      1. Desperation for games? Third parties have been abandoning Wii U left and right at this point that’s it’s a miracle to hear somebody announce something for it. At this point, I don’t even care what comes as long as I get games at all. I can’t believe it. The lack of Wii U games is making me seriously consider getting Call of Duty Ghosts on Wii U even though I hate CoD games… XD

      2. Quit your bitching. This is great news. You are only mad the WiiU is getting the majority of indie games. Shaq-Fu shall be fun. There is serious talent at this indie studio. Are you mad your little Xboneless is being out gunned? By e3 it will be WiiU vs PS4.

      3. Yeah the ps4 is the most indie friendly, i seriously can’t believe people are exited for shit. Only nintendo fans huh……

      4. No probably PS4 fans… supported this more. No Nintendo fan I know would even look at this game if it was a naked woman or man.

      5. I am a Nintendo fan and one of the ones buying this. I know Sony fans that funded this and they are gamers not Sony drones. Also am sick of people belittling the US when all the UK plays is shooters fps at that. Alien colonial marines was number one in the UK really!?

      6. I’m sure as hell not and besides, 3 words: Super Smash Bros.

      7. Ya, if it’s good then why not both. If it gets shit reviews don’t buy it. That’s how I’m playing it

      8. The devs basically said “hey, remember that really terrible game from like 2 decades ago… Imagine if we remade it…but good”

        The developers had nothing to do with the original, and don’t mind giving it jibes.

        … And most of all, it does look quite fun.

    2. Wii would have rather had cult country but no… this game looks fun says a stupod idiot cause its nine pounds… I would rather wii u release a premium fame such as cult country of shadows but no… we get crappy side scroller beat them ups…rather have snes mortal kombat on VC instead of this.

      1. Look i found a normy, you get it! Seriously i can’t believe nintendo fans.

    3. We don’t hate 3rd party stuff but we are forced to because the only third party games we get are crap.

      1. Indeed, they think we should settle with any garbage we get…

    4. Maybe you missed the part about this being a shit game…go read it again. People think if they throw money at shit it will turn to gold, well, ok then.

      1. Well if you throw enough money, it will probably be worth as much as gold, but you might want to touch it with gloves.

  5. Kickstarter games should not define how good a console is as kickstarter is for funding and donations only…

    No one is forced to fund a game in there and if anyone in there wants a chance to get funded by our empire, it sure must be exclusive to us…

    1. Cult County’s Kickstarter was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. They had no gameplay at launch and only around three pieces of concept art. Shaq Fu had gameplay ready from the start and evidence of a successful concept.

      1. Yeah but RK makes great games. Its sad we will never get a good survial horror game.

      2. Fatal Frame WiiU just got your number and is now dialing your bluff.

      3. Yeah, because it’s not a new game, it’s a new skin over a shit game. And wow, it sure did work though. People paid for it, so be it.

      4. Renegade Kid has a very strong gaming development history. This game has a history of having a predecessor that’s widely claimed to be THE WORST GAME OF ALL TIME

    2. The tools that were making cult country should not have removed it from it’s original console of one year development, the 3DS. Don’t blame the funders of shaq-Fu; blame the wishy washy developers of cult country.

      1. The tools tht you call RK made one of the bestindie games for the 3DS

  6. Ugh is coming to PS3 fk u kickstarter and sqasuck lamos. Leave wiiu alone and ps3 don’t put this trash on our great system wiiu I only need SSB4 that’s it u Sqasuck

  7. No offense to anyone excited for this game, but by the time it comes, Wii U will have already found it’s success. It’s 2014 after all. I’m not getting this at all until I see the reviews.

    1. With Shaqs resources and the numbers the WiiU shall have, Big Deez studios shall be bigger and work on other projects. This game might get a third installment. Maybe it should skip the UK, cause prejudice seems a smear too common in those parts. The rest of the world has moved on and is leaving that tiny island behind. China is set to become the world’s biggest games market. Add Yao-Ming in Shaq-FU 3 and you know the rest.

  8. I actually don’t care if the game turns out to be rubbish, I just want to unleash a Shaq Attaq or two. Damn, I’ll throw a few bucks at any game that’ll make me smile like this one does. That’s what’s great about having a steady income; you can afford to waste a little every now and then. Whiners should try it out sometime.

      1. Glorious God Gamers Owning All Platforms can afford to ;) We don’t have to resort to partisan discourse. But I’ll get this for my Wii U, just to show Ninty-indies some love.

        On another note, it’s a great console. Still waiting for a PS4 game that can match those on Wii U. Xbox One came fairly close with Titanfall (best multiplayer FPS ever), but Wii U is still reigning supreme.

  9. Why does it resemble Street Fighter? Oh god,, shit games here we go.
    (Street Fighter is a good game series btw.)

  10. We all had nightmares about the original, this looks like it shall be great. If you are mad that a WiiU headed game is fully funded blasting past all it’s goals, it now not even a wonder the UK has become the bane for real gamers. FIFA and COD have to be dethroned. Here is a tip UK, France is about to dethrone you as Europe’s biggest gaming market. They are clammering for nintendo goodness every other week. Their little developers are breaking ground; i.e the makers of mysterious cities of gold. Ubisoft is bigger than any existing British third party. Wake UP you once glorious kingdom.

  11. You people are idiots arguing over why this game is. The original was actually pretty creative on how it was set up but people just wanna be like shaq and fighting thats stupid then rag on the game for 20 years. It go funded so it has support and its happening so deal with it. Don’t like it dont get it

  12. I’m getting a mario kart 8 wii u bundle this summer. If anyone care enough to race with me go ahead that is if u can beat me.

  13. YES! I love Shaq, he’s such an awesome, funny, nice guy. I so want to play this game.

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