Indie Game Sadness Will Be Revived As Wii U Exclusive For 2016

Long forgotten Wii title Sadness is being revived by HullBreach Studios and Cthulhi Games. Those looking forward to the game should know that the game has a projected release date of 2016. The developers say that the game will be exclusively developed for the Wii U. The video above is from 2006 and accompanied the original announcement of Sadness for the Wii.

Thanks, Barry D



  1. Looks interesting… though I’d actually like to see some gameplay of this rather than just some random Black N White Live Action stuff… unless that is the game?


  2. It’s worth noting they’re changing the game so much, it’s pretty much just a new game with the name “sadness”.

    They’re adding puzzles and rpg elements. And most disappointingly, making it 2D.

    This will be Limbo, with an rpg system.

    Hardly the Sadness game it was originally meant to be.


  3. What the…?! Maybe we can get this other game, which name I can’t remember right now, too? It was a horror game in snow.


      1. Winter was supposed to be for the Wii but it got canceled. One of the perks was trying to stay warm throughout the whole game.


  4. I remember following this game when it was announced for the Wii and being disappointed when nothing came out of it. I guess we’ll see if this new version of the game will be decent.


  5. If the Hulls and the Cthulhi manages to succed in releasing this game unlike the original creators, it’s something to look forward go I’m sure…


  6. Excited at the fact that it’s returning for the Wii U super excited that we finally get some true survival horror on a video game console but I’m sad that it’s coming out all the way in 2016. 😑


    1. ZombiU is true survival Horror, a rare breed of game these days since Capcom fucked up Resident Evil.
      Yes, I’ve played through over 3 times.
      No, I have not been hit with game breaking glitches. They patched most of them. The game is awesome dammit!!


      1. Zombi U was really good. All these zombie games like Dead Rising and Resident Evil, it made zombies not scary anymore for me, sure some were fun, but I didn’t think zombies would ever scare me again, it was an always an action game at its core with “survival horror” slapped on it. Then Zombi U came, that’s a true zombie game, finally made zombies scary again for me.


  7. since this trailer, I want this game. for me a most wanted. no other game I wanted as tight as this.
    please dont play with me!!!


  8. Now that Sadness is coming to the Wii U in 2016, I wonder what it looks like now that it’s confirmed that it’s gonna be powered by the Unity engine.


  9. Looks more like a movie than a game.

    I have to say, I despise the Wii remote gameplay in most games. Golf games was totally ruined. It’s probably for the best that Mario Golf never made it to the Wii. Having to hold the Wii remote like a real golf club makes golf games SO tiresome and frustrating. There’s only a small handfull of games that the Wii remote gameplay worked perfectly for (Mario Galaxy, Skyward Sword etc.).

    As much as I love Nintendo, I always wanted to slap them whenever they emphasized motion controls and acted like it made games more fun. I always wanted the Wii to get it’s own zapper gun (like the NES one). But instead, all we ever got was stupid pieces of plastic that went on the Wii remote. Why couldn’t they have just made a wireless zapper gun? I know this has nothng to do with this paticular game, but seeing how this trailer was highlighting that horrible motion gameplay made me realize what I always hated about the Wii.


  10. I remember this game, the trailer was followed by some artworks before the cancellation and those were really inspiring…have a look.


  11. Did anyone else get confused by the title? It looked like it was saying Indie Game Sadness- meaning lack of indie games. I was unaware of this game though so maybe that’s it. XP


  12. It’s basically not the same game though… they’re making it 2D instead of 3D.

    Essentially, the story will remain largely the same, but the game is completely different. Hugely disappointing.


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