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Here’s A Look At The Simple Mario Kart 8 Manual

Jose Otero, the Associate Editor at IGN and host of Nintendo Voice Chat, has posted the Mario Kart 8 game manual for all to see. As expected it’s a rather sparse manual, but it shows off the game’s simplistic controls and features some cute racing pictures.

Thanks, Dylan

104 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The Simple Mario Kart 8 Manual”

    1. Lol no. Not really. They are basically just pictures nowadays. If I open my Need For Speed Wii U case, there is literally nothing but a white and gray piece of paper telling you to view the online manual.

          1. Oh you’re talking about the blue stripe at the top of the case. Yeah it would’ve looked special if it was red. You got a point

            1. yes, it would be awesome . But when they design a logo and brand in general, they have to create some rules, especially with colors, the color will create an association with the brand, changing the color could broke this association and may confuse people.

              1. I see what you’re saying, but they did the same thing for Super Luigi U. Also, the commercials on tv state only on Wii U, which is visible on the front of the box. So people should know going into the store that they need a Wii U to get MK 8. Consumers should do some research before spending their money..

                  1. It looks so much better with the colors matching right? But whatever, only 9 more days to play it! Only thing that sucks is that I’m taking summer classes.. 2 sessions.. so I basically only have a 2 week summer break.. 😅🔫

                    1. yes, it totally does. And I can’t wait for MK8 omg. Good luck for you =s but i’m in the same, I will have to defend my final project from university in july, and man, it is giving a lot of work, but after this will be totally free *_*

            1. He gave me a shout on his video :3

              He thought I said the Wii U had a HD 8000 series…. yet I said it had a custom FirePro 4000 series Graphics Chip, I think we are getting to him

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                      Also you are probably the funniest anti-Xbot I’ve ever seen…


                  1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                    I found 1 or 2 of the secret courses challenging enough but otherwise the game itself wasn’t hard…

  1. Wow!! Look at all those pages…. All 1 of them!! Serious, instruction manuals aren’t as good as they used to be.

    1. This game is pretty straight forward with no change in gameplay button commands beside the motion controls and Gamepad along with anti-gravity mechanic.

  2. As box art gets uglier and manuals get smaller with less effort being put into them, the convenience of digital purchases starts to become the more appealing option in most cases.

    1. The box art still look pretty hot. The only thing I wish they would’ve done was make the Wii U banner red too.. I also like having a physical copy of the game in my hands. Feels more complete lol. But that’s just me.

      1. The box art for this and most 1st party Nintendo games are great, but some games are just kind of… eh. The MK8 disc looks especially cool, so in cases like this I may lean towards the physical copy for nostalgic and cosmetic reasons lol but crappier boxes and manuals are popping up more and more frequently as time passes. I still have the epic N64 manuals for all my games like SM64 & MK64… so many pages lol.

        1. Lucky! I didn’t care for them at the time (I was like 6 years old), so I stupidly threw them out.

          Yeah I agree that some games having no manuals is a bummer, but it is sadly the way of the future. I’ll still be buying the physical copy when that does happen though, as I still enjoy having a good collection and an actual copy of the game in my hands.

  3. i will buy this game from the eshop. for a title like this it makes sense to me. it´s weird, for the 3ds i still prefer physical media but on the wiiu i actually buy digital releases a lot. really enjoy having these little cartridges. discs.aren´t that exciting :)

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Mario Kart 8 is just one of those games. And we don’t have to worry about a fucking “better” version coming out the next year. *cough*Call of Duty/Madden/Fifa/etc*cough*

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Nintendo Commander Quodon…

              Nintendo Commander Qahax…

              And something else, then he just gave up and called me, Nintendrone Commander Quadork…

              He really loves me and specially Stranga…

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      He hasn’t mentioned me in any of them, has he? I don’t have time to bother watching his crappy “I’m a whiny brat” vids.

  4. Manual… Pffffffffft! I played MK8 for the first time today! not Knowing the controls I GOT FIRST PLACE ON THE FIRST RACE! HAHAHAHAHA so instead i used my MK7 Controls Memory and It’s basically the same controls! Just the only difference is that intead of the X Button to use items its the R Button!

  5. Ahh how I miss old game manuals.. They had some nice art in them. I can see the future now; no physical games or consoles, you just pay to have a console/game to be uploaded to your brain XD

  6. I always use to hang up manual guides or any cool looking info page that came with my games glad nintendo still does it its much better then a aaa fps 4 page black and white company info blah blah po box 123 wa 917468

  7. You can view a more comprehensive manual of any game on the Wii U by accessing the Home menu while a game is running.
    The Manual option is right there, and it will be far more informative than the inserts…

  8. Thats because theres a digital manual included. I just bought W101 and it had no printed manual with it, instead they use the in game manual when you press home

  9. God, I’m so glad I grew up with 80s and 90s manuals. They could often be pretty flipping cool. It’s a shame the Virtual Console service doesn’t offer scans of them unless it’s a title emulated by M2. Because they actually care about the legacy of past games.

  10. I don’t call that a manual. It’s more like a brochure.

    I hope this Mario Kart game has a decent challenge. I don’t want to win the gold trophy on every race in just a week. That’s what happened in Mario Golf: World Tour (the Forest, Seaside and Mountain tournaments). I’m at a complete drought of good games right now, and I’m in serious need of a fun, addicting and challenging game.

  11. Eco-case, probably? Wish Nintendo would just switch to a smaller case instead of puncturing gaping holes into the current ones.

    1. I agree. Those holes ruins the overall quality of the cases. ESPECIALLY Wii and Wii U cases. I e-mailed Nintendo one time, complaining about these cases. And they gave me some crap story about how they’ve been tested and proven safe etc. etc.
      But I’ve bought several games (and DVD’S) that had these cases, and many of them have damaged cover art due to the holes. I’ve always hated these so-called eco friendly cases. Sometimes I’ll switch them with regular cases if I happen to have any.

  12. erhdshtchahvsrdbjntujryeh64ve57i8to;,i

    Remember the days when manuals were bright and fun? When each page was filled with art and even expansions upon the story? Ah, how manuals were actually worth looking at in those days…

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