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Wii Sports Club Adds Baseball And Boxing In June In Japan

Nintendo has revealed that, in Japan, Wii Sports Club will add baseball and boxing on June 26th. There’s currently no word on when the two virtual sports will be released in North America. The company recently confirmed that the packaged iteration of the compilation will launch July 17th in Japan. The physical disc features all five sports, including tennis, golf and bowling. Wii U owners who download Wii Sports Club for the first time get a free trial pass that will let them play any available sports for a 24-hour period.

21 thoughts on “Wii Sports Club Adds Baseball And Boxing In June In Japan”

  1. The Baseball game was really good. The Tennis minigame is still my favorite one, but the Baseball mechanics were surprisingly realistic. I’m glad that I got the original release with the Wii, but this will definitely be fun for new buyers. I’d definitely take advantage of those free 24 hours!

    1. They needed a year to remake two incredibly simpe sports games and add online…wow, also they need almost a year to make a console update that actually matters, and sony and microsoft are putting them out every month

      1. Wait, so it’s GOOD that MS and Sony need dozens of extra console updates? And it didn’t take them a year to work on these… if you hadn’t noticed, they’ve been very busy working on much better games releasing later this year.

        1. yeah, two games…..but anyway, in other companies the OS and the software development teams do not overlap, and are always working in their own areas, but i guess nintedno is just filled with morons, also, yes, it’s good that they are updating their consoles every month, because they are adding additional things to them, if you want to see how many, google ps4 or xbox one updates

  2. I really hope they release a physical copy of the game here in Ireland/Europe. Something that I got ‘free’ with the Wii, and Wii Sports, I don’t think it’s worth the 50 euro purchase for the upgraded graphics, gameplay and online mode for now =/

  3. Its worth it for the new golf alone, i play against my brother cross-coast and its awesome…more challenging too

  4. The baseball game looks awesome! I would love this over here in the US, but only if its $30 or less. If it’s not I’ll stick to the regular Wii Sports, because this isn’t worth a full $50-$60 just for updated games… -.-

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      As if any sane Nintendite would ever listen to one of the most extreme Sonyans ever…

      Blackbond will soon be destroyed…

  5. I’m confused, because in some pictures like the picture in this article I see the Wii U gamepad with a “fake” analogue stick, and it’s concave too, while my Wii U has a actual analogue stick and it’s convex. What’s with the difference o.O

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