Nintendo Reveals Tomodachi Life Will Come With Two Free Demo Codes

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed via press release that every physical or eShop copy of Tomodachi Life will come with two free demo codes. Downloading the demo from the eShop will allow friends, family or internet friends access to Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version, where 3DS and 2DS owners can create up to three Miis, feed them, dress them and watch them react within their weird and wonderful lives.

But that’s not all Nintendo has up for grabs, as once the demo is completed, players can unlock a special panda costume in a choice of eight different colours. As a side note, the panda suit is also available in the game if you choose to skip the Welcome Version, but does not immediately unlock. If you choose to purchase the game at retail or eShop after playing the Welcome Version, you can transfer all the Miis created, as well as the rare panda suit onto the game’s save file.

It’s clear Nintendo are looking to market Tomodachi Life to a broad range of demographics, which is only cemented with the demo promotion for select platinum US Club Nintendo members. Will you be picking up the full game when it releases on June 6, or are you more likely to wait for the demo? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. I got one of the demos from Club Nintendo promo.

    All I can say about it is this: I’m kinda glad I bought and have Animal Crossing New Leaf instead.

    I’ll probably try Disney’s Magical World which is like a Disney version of AC.

    1. Animal Crossing is driving me nuts lately, mainly because it becomes so tedious to maintain a good town and a lot of the actions in the game are tedious in general, what bothers me the most is the inventory being so small and having to put all my tools in every letter slot I have which makes things even more tedious. I have to spend about an hour and a half each day on New Leaf just to keep up, which is about half the battery life of the 3DS (I always use 3D).

      I love Animal Crossing don’t get me wrong but they really need to streamline a lot of the mechanics, by the time I get done watering all my flowers, shaking all the trees, checking the stores for items I don’t have, buying tickets for rare items, digging up everything, updating my dream suite, searching for new things for the museum, organizing my inventory to free up space or my locker/dresser and trying to get bells for upgrading your house or for projects and pleasing your villagers when they ask for something.. By that time, I don’t even want to play the game further, after doing all of that, all I can think about is getting off the game and playing something else.

      It is so much nicer when you have a bare town and you can actually enjoy the game, now it just has become work, literal work to make sure everything is in good shape and I actually have enough bells to progress in the game. Damn lazy villagers contribute nothing! They don’t pay rent, they don’t work, they mooch off me and they barely put any money into work projects which you basically end up paying all yourself anyway.

      Ugh and my flowers give me nightmares. I wish you could just pay Leif to water everything for you, as watering all my flowers is about 30 minutes out of that hour and half I have to spend on it everyday.

      Speaking of which it’s about that time to endure the torture of being mayor.

      1. My town is death itself, I don’t care about watering flowers and other garbage…

        1. Lol! That is how my sisters town is, her town is basically nothing but weeds.

          On another note the ability to move more than one item at a time would be god send, like how you can sell items. That can get annoying at times also moving each thing individually when you need to.

          It is mainly my fault for being a perfectionist but small additions like that would be welcoming and separate space for tools would make my Animal Crossing life a crap load easier..

      2. LOL EXACTLY! You described everything perfectly! It takes years to keep the dumb town in shape… It just gets SO boring! Animal Crossing will literally sap 75% of your game time and you barely have time for other games. And if you stop playing it, your town slowly dies. I got my 3DS in March and I have Animal Crossing New Leaf, Mario Kart 7, Zelda ALBW, Pokémon X, Mario Golf World Tour, and Kirby Triple Deluxe. I already get like 80% of my day taken away by school and homework. It’s crazy. And in ACNL, they even have day specific events and certain times you have to do stuff. And that’s makes it 3x as worse!

  2. Wow! Nintendo’s making some good decisions lately! They are really going hard with Tamodachi life! Almost makes me want to get it!

  3. I’m looking forward to getting the game by release date! I played the Move-In version yesterday, so i’m looking forward to it! ^-^

  4. Great idea! Mostly invite only demos sounds something like the South Park method in the episode Cartman buys an amusement park

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