Win A Trip To E3 With The Nintendo Smash Bros People’s Challenger Contest


Nintendo is offering the chance for gamers to get the opportunity to visit this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles in the Smash Bros People’s Challenger Contest. To enter the competition you need to upload a video file that explains why you should face against one of the winners of the Super Smash Bros Invitational Tournament at E3. The offer is available to Smash Bros players in the United States and the rules and regulations are posted right here.

Thanks, JesseAwesomeness


      1. Nintendo and boobs in the same sentence? Blasphemy!!!! Also, my guess is somebody who really sucks at smash bros will win.

  1. Nintendo is DEAD… this game looks like garbage, no better then an early Ps3 gen game. Why could it not be at the level of Mk8 which actually compares to some xboxone and ps4 games. Such a lazy copy paste slap hd piece of shit. Fuck you Nintendo, fuck you Iwata and fuck you Nintendo Commander ,,, bitches

    1. Considering the graphics was the first thing you mentioned, it means you’re a Sonyan…

      Sonyan, go home…

    2. I guess he likes looking at his menu screen on ps4 … at least we have games to look at and play lol

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