London Newspaper The Metro Still Thinks The Wii U Is The Wii


It looks as though it’s not just consumers that are still confused about the difference between Wii and Wii U. London newspaper The Metro has published an article today asking whether Mario Kart 8 can drive sales for the original Wii console. Obviously the game is exclusive to the Wii U and won’t be appearing on the Wii. It seems Nintendo still has a long way to go to explain the difference between the two consoles.


  1. Or they called it a Wii in the same way people call an XBox One an XBox or a Playstation 4 a Playstation…

      1. that’s a slight chance but this is a news paper… they need to be more professional than that.

      2. if you click the image and zoom in you can see the mario kart 8 bubble says wii u in it. so yes, that is it.

    1. I suppose you’re right. My mom calls my Wii U a Wii wven though she knows what it is. Is one letter really that hard to say?

    2. Of course the normal consumer (not gamers) doesn’t understand the name ”WiiU,” it hasn’t commercials, very few good games, almost the same name of it’s predecessor and the advertising is too weak..

      1. Advertising is better. I’ve seen both Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past on opening day and both times saw a Mario Kart 8 commercial. My friends have been hearing about it as well.
        The commercials also stress that it’s for Wii U.

    3. @Thomas,
      “an article today asking whether Mario Kart 8 can drive sales for the original Wii console”.
      If this was really the way it was printed, then they even specified that it was for the original Wii. But…..if they wrote this, then it also proves that they knew there was a NEW Wii console as well. You know, for them to have called it “original Wii”. I’m confused. : /

      1. Nobody cares about the Metro anyway – it’s free rubbish for a bus trip.

    4. The difference being that it’s in a publication and should be referred to as the proper name to differentiate it from the Wii. Really, they should have just dropped the name “Wii” and came up with something unique. I honestly think the name has killed quite a few sales simply out of confusion. None of the other consoles share names. The Gameboy did, but that even caused some confusion for a while. They don’t keep in mind that parents buy their consoles (and considering they’re terribly pro kid games and consoles) and therefore are easily confused if they don’t play them themselves. Parents may not know if their child has the GameBoy Advance or Color, or the Wii or Wii U. It’s confusing, it’s misleading, and I can’t tell you how many times I had people return items opened cos they didn’t realize it was for a different system.

      1. And yes, I realize that Playstation and XBOX use the same names, but the biggest difference is that they don’t use the same controllers. Using a Wii remote really just pushed it to seem like an “Upgrade” and their US commercials saying “Upgrade to Wii U!” really didn’t help.

      2. Playstation 2, 3, and 4 & Xbox 360 and One are just upgrades to the original Playstation & Xbox. It’s sad that we have to put a generic number beside something to let people know it’s a new system. And the design of every Playstation & every Xbox controller is the only thing of their controllers that actually change with maybe a few new buttons. That’s hardly new controllers. As for a unique name, I think it’s time Sony tries to come up with a new, more unique name for their video game console. With how good they are at marketing their consoles, they could easily let everyone know the new console is a successor to the Playstation.

      1. Don’t even get me started on you young Xbot…

      2. Afford a brain first then we will talk with you uninformed and ignorant young Xbot.

      3. @sasorideidaraobi, so you cant afford a wii u but you can afford an
        x-bone? wii u is $200 cheaper than x-bone, how can you not afford it? that is like saying water has cholesterol

      4. Sad, really. He talks a big game about how the Xbox One is the best system, yet he wants to buy the Xbox 360 instead. Quite the little poser he is, huh. xD

  2. NEXT TIME……….Nintendo should use NUMBERS instead of letters because the world can be very stupid…….

    though no one did such a thing before sooo at least this was experimental. I cant blame Nintendo for using the U cos it does sound better, and I don’t think they would possibly know it would confuse the filthy casuals 2 years later.

    1. You’re mistaken, I bet you anything Nintendo knew this was going to happen and they gambled on this. By naming it the Wii U they said it themselves, would make the casuals that bought the Wii know that it was in the same category, and would hopefully buy it also. Things just didn’t go according to plan because they put one of the most important aspects of a new console, the name, in the mercy of the casual gaming market and their 3 second attention span. If I was to describe casual gamers I would put it into one word “cattle”. You can’t expect cattle to know the difference between a new console and the last one, because they don’t give a shit.
      Nintendo just gambled on the wrong thing, if they would have focused on the core market, which is HUGE, they would have had fast sales and a long lifetime just like the ps4 is currently having and is going to have.

      1. I thought they meant that the casuals would know its the Wii Brand so they would recognise it.

        imo Nintendo should just stick to some brand for a long time, like the DS but not the wii actually.

      2. Wii U” isn’t all that different sounding from “Wii 2,” to be honest. Nintendo has always been a bit wacky anyway, so I’m not sure I expected anything better.

      3. Still, the 2 shows succession. The U shows a different model. Obviously Wii U is a successor, but that’s not what it looks or sounds like.

      4. Totoro the ps4 is a waste of time and money!!! Open your eyes !!! Sony is stealing people their money.

      1. hell, alot of things would be better, I always wanted Nintendo to make a console called the Nintendo Nexus

      2. They should make a game called “Nintendo Commander: Xbot Destruction”

      3. Of course, but I guess you are blind to the countless of Nintendo haters on this site yes?…

      4. Or why not just call it the ‘Nintendo’ U instead of ‘Nintendo’ Wii U.I emphasise the word Nintendo because I add it in lol

      5. I know right? Even the Wii’s codename, the ‘Revolution’ was awesome! What I think Nintendo should have done was called the Wii the ‘Revolution’ or ‘Wii’ (like they did obviously lol) and call the Wii U the ‘Revolution’, Wii’, or simply ‘U’. Even I call the Wii U as the U to my friends lol. Sorry if all that was really confusing :P lol It’s crazy still after 18 months, the media is still confused with the name….=/

    1. Why not GameCube 2? I always hear how great the third party support on that console was and they tried to do that again with the Wii U, it had classic controls like Wii U sort of has and it sounds cooler than Wii…

  3. Eh, it’s the equivalent of saying “Will Watchdogs drive Playstation/Xbox sales.” I can’t imagine Sony/Microsoft fans getting worked up that they didn’t call out the specific iteration of that system.

      1. I’m sure any fanbase has their share of kids. Xbox probably has the most.

      2. Nintendo Commander you’re full of shit. Always talking like you’re from Star Trek and immaturely dissing consoles and assuming negative things about their fan base. I love Nintendo but my good friend likes Xbox and he’s one of the nicest, most intelligent people you’d ever meet. Just fuck off Commander, grow up.

      3. I’m done explaining how I see things…

        Assume what you want, I know a few Xbox fans and Playstation fans that I have nothing against in anyway…

        Except the Xbox fans are against the Xbox Done so that’s good…

        The ones who likes Xbox Done I don’t respect because clearly they love to be fooled and doesn’t care about their own rights…

      4. And maybe you should grow up and realise that games are nothing to be so serious about…

        Everybody taking gaming so seriously is what drives it to the ground…

        Maybe someday you’ll all understand…

      5. Yes your points may be valid but sometimes people like a certain product because of their past experiences. I enjoyed my Nintendo 64 then I moved on to GameCube then Wii then onto Wii U. Same thing my my game boy advance, moved onto ds then dsi then 3ds. Maybe some people had an Xbox, moved onto 360, then saw the Xbox one out and decided to move onto that. Everyone has their own personal preference and I am aware of the Nintendo haters/Trolls on this site. Don’t follow them up just ignore them and respect other fan bases. Gaming is meant for fun but now there’s pointless arguments and hate. Lets just all be friends, all gamers, all races, all genders, all sexualities no hate no arguments.

      6. I understand that…

        By the way, don’t take all my “hating” comments too seriously, in reality I don’t talk like that…

        All my classmates this semester were Xbox fans but I don’t bash them for it…

      7. Glad we’re on same terms Commander. Excuse my vulgarity on the first comment and although I think Xbox is a shitty console I still respect it.

      8. No problem, I know I can be somewhat of a so called “pain in the ass” sometimes…

      9. How about you shut the fuck up and let commander do as he pleases, he’s a nice person so back off….

      10. this retarded wii u drones doesn’t even own a wii u. XD

      11. Yet you don’t own that Xbomb that you claim to love so much. Hypocrite much? You’ve been exposed again.

      12. You don’t EVEN appreciate Nintendo so maybe you should be the one to shut up for once since at least Quadraxis appreciates the company for what it does do.

  4. Really wish they had branded it completely differently. From the moments before its reveal I was pleading them to call it something completely different because I know consumers can find it hard to realise it’s supposed to be a new console.
    And it doesn’t help that they focused so much on the controller when they announced it. They don’t seem to have recovered from the damage that did because journalists clearly still haven’t realised it’s a completely new console and not just a new controller for the same system.

  5. Nintendo Fanboys should be considered man child’s for their love of kiddie non mature games and lack of sexual interest. Im looking at you Nintendo Commander.

    ..P.S. Valve Glados committed suicide last night

      1. He’s gay for them which I for one have nothing against gays but if he is and just hiding it, that’s a damn shame. XD

      2. He isnt hiding anything though? Im gay an dont care what random people on the internet think.

      3. Your own arguments are degrading. Now your just using insults to defend yourself in a debate while everyone else is still using logic. I laugh at your fails.

    1. Human apes like yourself who defines games by “mature” and “kiddy” are imature themselves and I couldn’t care less about sexual lust or interest, ipso facto, I’m way more evolved than you’ll ever hope to be…

    2. Man-child? Lack of sexual interest? LOL the only tits you will ever see in your life are gonna be while you are playing GTA…go playstation w/ yourself!

    3. You are a devolved human being. Maturity is something you have yet to understand.

    4. I’m sorry to hear that your favorite foreign porn star died. Well, you have to move on and find another favorite porn star to satisfy your sexual frustrations on.

    5. Fanboys, manchild, kiddie, non mature games, mentioning lack of sexual interest, mentioning Nintendo Commander, and saying a supporter of Nintendo committed suicide. These are all red flags of a troll trying to get attention from Nintendo fans, fanboys, and any mature person that has sense to know a game doesn’t have to be mature with tons of adult content to be mature. Look out for these signs, everyone. They might just save you from wasting your time with someone that is just going to keep saying bullshit to piss you off.

    1. I call it my “Nintendo system” – I’m sorry, but I just hate the name.WiiU… :/

  6. I think I just let stupid, but sparrows know that the new Wii console and Wii old. That’s nonsense, pure sanotaža on Nintendo account!

  7. Nintendo doesn’t have to do anything else. They’ve explained the difference well enough. This is just people being stupid.

    1. a agree.
      the first launch commercials actually said its a new console in the wii brand.

    1. Year and half into Wii U’s life and people STILL can’t differentiate between them…

      1. Wii and Wii U’s physical design is significantly different and people still can’t tell the damn difference.

      2. Wii U is a weird name, but it’ll stay in our heads because of that fact. while it’s not the greatest name in the world, we’ll instantly remember and recognize it.

  8. …*face palm* Are people seriously THIS stupid?

    Compare both systems physically and then compare both system’s menu layouts, graphivs and resolutions. Does both systems really look EXACTLY alike?


  9. Super Wii would have been much better and less confusing. Nintendo —> Super Nintendo. Wii —> Super Wii. It would have forced people to have thought “well what’s different?” And upon any research or questions would then learn.

  10. It’s a typo.

    I read that article and they refer to it as a Wii U in the main body. obviously did not.

  11. Whatever. Maybe a newspaper that is so incompetent to be able to report correct information should’t be a newspaper at all. Also, it’s not like the Wii U would sell any better in England had this newspaper known the correct name any way…

    At this point it is not Nintendo’s fault. It is the morons behind the paper’s fault.

  12. The Wii U name refers to how you play with the console, as in We (Wiimotes) and You (on gamepad) hence Wii U.

  13. It clearly says Wii U in the article, pretty sure it’s like Thomas said in the first comment. They refer to the Wii U as the Wii just like people refer to the PS4 and PlayStation and Xbone as Xbox.

  14. to “name” the new console wii u was one of the worst decisions ever and nintedo has to pay the bill….

  15. What is the wii u? Is it a new controller add on for the original wii that boosts graphics?

  16. I read it this morning, right after the headlines the writer says WiiU throughout the article. Still, I wish they wrote WiiU on the headlines :/ it’s a good article though cause they were praising Mario Kart :)

  17. Let’s be honest. I can understand someone in the general public still getting confused with the console, but this is from someone who works for a Newspaper who should know exactly what they are dealing with. Fired this idiot and hire someone who knows something about the games industry.

    1. why should they fire the news paper person because he or she didn’t properly mention nintendon’t last gen system.

  18. Reading the actual article it is very clear…VERY CLEAR they understand the difference between the 2.

    Most likely someone other than the writer created the headline.

  19. don´t know if it´ll be a bad thing in the end since nintendo really want to go with the wii / mii brand. i believe that their next console will be a wii in some shape or form as well. they will stick with it. at some point, all this will pay off.

  20. LMFAO reviews of Watchdogs are in and average scores are 7.8-8.8…..EPIC FAIL once again by Ubisoft over hyping a game yet again to try and drive sales!!!
    Mario Kart 8 has OBLITERATED Watchdogs in reviews…..poor Crapisoft!!

    1. I knew it. No wonder Ubisoft went stir crazy to say early reviews are fake. Now they can’t say shit this time when the “legit” reviews come out saying the same thing.

      I so can’t wait for MK8 to come out and deliver a shitstorm on all the haters and Ubisoft when both it and Wii U sales soars like crazy.

      1. AC with a cell phone.. Told you guys! I just hope they’ll loose a lot of money on this one. They diserve the worst because Rayman delay did hurt Wii U sales at launch.

      2. watchdogs the game of the century!!!! (in ubisoft’s staff mind of course)

    2. its funny how most people are hyped for watch dogs in my area and are buying it, most of my mates in schools and anywere else are taking about watch dogs. nobody cares for the generic mario kart 8.

      1. Sasori, stop lying to the internet, we all know you don’t have friends.

      2. MK8 generic? Im sorry but 4 sites gave it a perfect 100 and 34 others gave it a 90 on metacritic, so nobody cares about your opinion..

  21. People call the 360 “Xbox” all the time. That doesn’t meant that there is or was ever a confusion between the 360 and the original Xbox. Now if the article itself continually referred to the Wii U as the Wii that would be something different, but we don’t get to see the article here.

  22. Wait…… I thought it was called a Wii. So I’ve been lied to :O. I thought that thing next to the name “Wii” was just a little blotch. So that is a U…… Wow :O

  23. They should have called it Wii Advanced

    Advanced graphics
    Advanced gameplay
    Advanced online

    Can’t wait for Mario kart 8

  24. The big mistake that Nintendo made was calling it “Wii”. They should have called the Wii U something different. Something that would have truly set it apart. The word Wii was stupid in the first place, and then they go and name another console with that same, horrible name.

    1. This is what I replied to someone above:
      “I know right? Even the Wii’s codename, the ‘Revolution’ was awesome! What I think Nintendo should have done was called the Wii the ‘Revolution’ or ‘Wii’ (like they did obviously lol) and call the Wii U the ‘Revolution’, Wii’, or simply ‘U’. Even I call the Wii U as the U to my friends lol. Sorry if all that was really confusing :P lol It’s crazy still after 18 months, the media is still confused with the name….=/”

      1. Then why not just call it what it is, you don’t call your TV a radio. Smartass.

  25. It says Wii U right on the 2nd page. Are you going to make an article every time someone calls the Xbox One an Xbox as well?

  26. *London, Mario Kart 8 launch date. Waiting in line to buy MK8*

    Guy A: “Hey, you’re waiting to buy Mario Kart 8 too? :)”
    Guy B:”Yeah, but uh, why are you buying a Wii?”
    Guy A:”To play Mario Kart 8 obviously”
    Guy B: ._.

  27. Wii U is a failure and Nintendrones are pathetic for defending such a horrible console.

    1. Then what are you? Hanging around on a Nintendo news blog yourself. Someone’s in the closet here. What a sissy.

  28. Wii U should’ve been called the Nintendo U. That’s a cool name, I guess. Anyway, people STILL don’t see the difference between Wii and Wii U? …

  29. I was on Target’s website the other day, and they had the WiiU listed in the handheld game system page of their site.

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