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New Sonic Boom Character Announced Called Sticks (Video)

Sega has revealed a brand new character called Sticks for Sonic Boom on the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. Sticks is described as a jungle badger who has spent most of her life living alone in the wilderness.  Sticks joins Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy to form the core ensemble featured throughout the Sonic Boom franchise.

“Sticks is new to Sonic’s circle of friends– actually new to friends in general– and as the most primal character in the Sonic universe, she is a force of nature in every way.  Sticks is wilder than the other members of Sonic’s team with unparalleled animal instincts and extremely sharp survival skills.  She’s a fearsome combatant and a tenacious hunter who’s armed with handmade weapons at all times, most notably a handmade boomerang that she keeps in tow.”

“Her wildness means that her social skills need plenty of work and she’s not the most trusting individual. Full of outrageous suspicions, Sticks’ instincts often prove to be accurate. While the concepts of sharing, compassion and friendship are foreign to her, Sticks has a good heart and a genuine desire to get closer to her new friends, particularly Amy, who helps Sticks adapt to civilization. Sticks and Amy quickly become best friends, with Sticks willing to go to extremes to protect her new pal, a quality that will play out through new Sonic Boom content. Her eccentric character adds an endless amount of humor and surprise to the Sonic team.”


      1. Look her up on Wikipedia, she’s widely known. If you’re old enough to remember Hey Arnold!, she was Olga. Nothing I hate more than a boring voice actor, lol. She has great enthusiasm!

      2. Yeah, I was gonna say too that this woman has voiced characters many, MANY times before. So I think they know what they were doing when they chose her.

        Also, Aeolus must not have heard the description of the character which is that she is a little wild and crazy… so it makes sense that her voice reflects this… hence why they have a voice actress that sounds wild and crazy.

    1. She’s a veteran voice actress, you must be twelve to not know that. Plus, the character is suppose to be crazy.

      1. Yep shes a voice actress that I love and cant wait to hear for sticks :D ! I love sticks already ! She reminds me of Pinkie pie lol .

      2. That used to be my show ;D !! I need to look it up but I think it is her voice honestly

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  1. Putting aside what I would have expected from a Sonic game,I really hope this game is a great platform/adventure.

      1. Sonic Boom Sticks

        Boom Sticks


        anyone else get to that?

  2. She looks so shit in my opinion. She actually ruins the show/game. It had so much potential, and this talentless voice actor waltzes in and thinks random humour is funny. God dammit, Sega.

    1. Fucking dumb Nintendo fanboy, she only says what she’s supposed to read off the script Sega gave her, so it’s Sega’s fault for having the shitty lines.

      1. Just because he’s bitching doesn’t mean he’s a Nintendo fan boy. Quit being an asshole.

  3. Was they trying to make the most obnoxious character in Sonic history? If so, then kudos, you did it.

      1. Yeah I watched, but there is a difference between crazy/whacky and just plain annoying, this falls into the latter. Crazy/ whacky has been done far, the go to example being Joker from Arkham games. I know this isn’t designed specifically for an adult audience, but that’s no excuse to have voice acting that even children would find rather irritating.

  4. Jesus… That has to be the shittiest voice acting I’ve ever heard in ANY game… Fuck sonic, always disappoints. This is no exception

    1. She’s a veteran voice actress, look her up. Her voice is iconic, you’re just some twelve year old without a clue.

      1. She could have done better, bitch. Don’t be the fanboy that you are

      2. Lol, any response you find insulting you use the key-term “fanboy”. Proves me correct, you’re nothing but a 12 year old.

    2. Shittiest VA ever? I’ve heard worse like Conduit 2 or Dusk’s Dawn MLP fanmade video on Youtube. That’s what you call shitty VA.

  5. Nika Futterman?! Awesome! I am loving this voice cast so far. Looking forward to more info on this game!

  6. Awesome character choice! Here’s to Sonic Boom being (hopefully) the best 3D Sonic Adventure ever done.

    1. Agreed! I’m rooting for this game, but I also understand I shouldn’t keep my hopes up…

  7. So its a “new” character that looks either like a fanmade version of Marine or a rejected character designs from The Croods movie, named after the definition of “faggot”?

    XD I’m already LMAO at this silly ass character.

  8. Nika’s voice of Sticks sounded both evil and funny. SEGA and Big Red Button Entertainment have officially added the newest Freedom Fighter member. Let’s hope that the CryEngine powered Sonic Boom gets a release date before Cartoon Network airs it this Fall.

    1. The design of Sticks reminds me of a Naughty Dog character. I forgot what name it was…

  9. I love crazy loners! I’ll take excitable squeakiness over Blaze’s creepiness any day of the week.

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