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Steamworld Dig Coming To Wii U eShop

Image and Form have announced that Steamworld Dig will be coming to the Wii U eShop. The game sees you control the main character, Rusty, who arrives at a small Western mining town called Tumbleton, after having received a deed for a mine from his long-forgotten uncle. Image and Form say that they decided to bring the game to the Wii U as the fans had asked for it and also they’re huge fans of Nintendo. They’re aiming for a fall 2014 release on eShop.

Thanks, WiiUMasterRace


10 thoughts on “Steamworld Dig Coming To Wii U eShop”

  1. After I just bought and beat it on my 3DS not too long ago -__________-‘

    Would’ve enjoyed it on Wii U and it’s a great game but I don’t know how soon i’ll be wanting to replay it. That said I may still buy it so hopefully if they go through with the sequel it’ll come to Wii U too.

    1. XD I actually saw you playing that game for awhile now on the friends list. :p I’ve been thinking about getting it, but if it’s in HD on the Wii U, then it’s pretty obvious I’m gonna get that version instead.

      1. Yeah I played that game almost exclusively until I beat it lol. I didn’t want to play anything else. It’s nice to have it portable but you can get so caught up in it, it’d probably be a lot better on a TV screen in HD.

        btw just let me know if you ever wanna play anything. I’ll be getting MK8 tomorrow morning and then probably watching E3 most of next week but since we’ve got time until Smash if you wanna play something else just hit me up on here or Miiverse or something.

        1. I’ve actually had Mario Kart 8 since day one. My Wii U just isn’t back from repair yet. I have no idea when I’m ever gonna get it back at this point… Hopefully within the next two weeks. I have been dying to play Mario Kart. So much in fact that I went and bought 7 just to hold me off until my Wii U returns…

          1. I figured you had 8 already but had no idea your Wii U was being repaired. I would’ve had it day 1 but decided to lend the money I had set aside for it to a friend who needed it badly, and of course they never paid me back even though they promised so i’m getting it out of this week’s check.

            Getting your console repaired kinda sucks, my original GamePad/screen stopped responding and I couldn’t log into my Wii U, so I had to send in the system and GamePad. About maybe a month later I got it back (with a completely new GamePad) and was excited to play my old games again but then the disc drive wasn’t working at all, and it always took like 10 minutes just to turn it on and boot up. So, I had to send it in AGAIN, and that time with a couple games but so far i’ve had no problems since. Have you gotten the email saying that Nintendo received it yet? I think it usually takes about 19 days from that email to get it back.

            1. I’ve received plenty of emails, but nothing has happened yet. And, 19 days? I sent my Wii U in March 10. Almost 2 months ago. If my Wii U never makes it back, then that’d be a disappointment. I don’t have any plans on buying anything game related for awhile having just received Mario Kart 8 and all. So yeah, that’d be really disappointing.

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