Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Will Include Boss And Minecart Levels

Nintendo’s given fans a sneak peek at the newly announced Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker over on the Treehouse E3 live-stream, followed by some extra information not shown in the Digital Event. Those who played Captain Toad’s mini adventures in Super Mario 3D World will have a fair idea how the puzzles work. However for those unaware, Captain Toad must be guided through a number of cubed areas, avoiding enemies in order to collect the star at the end of the level. But there’s one stipulation – Captain Toad cannot jump.

In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker players can expect a host of brand new levels to explore by collecting gems, coins and stars. A new addition to the levels is the ability to take on bosses, with a giant dragon shown on the stream, but without any form of attack players will need to time their movements with extra care to sneak around and avoid bosses.

The Treehouse stream looked at various areas including the spooky Mystery Mansion where Boos populate the area, along with a Minecart level where manipulating the gyro controls on the Wii U GamePad is the key to level success. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will arrive in time for this year’s holiday season for the Wii U.


  1. I never would have thought this little guy would have his own game. So who’s he saving Mario? And how can he beat bosses anyway. But I loved the game on 3D World! Worked the gamepad.


  2. This was a massive surprise.

    I too loved the Toad levels in 3D World.

    I’ve already got this game preordered, along with 9 other Wii U games. I might as well just give Nintendo my bank details.

    This has been a surprisingly excellent E3.


      1. I was not ready.

        I was expecting at least mild, if not major disappointment. Instead, I get an E3 where I want almost single game announced. Tremendous show. Wish we saw more of Zelda though.

        Guess I’ll probably have to start ordering some 3DS games too if they start announcing some of those soon. I think Project STEAM is being shown tomorrow on the Treehouse Live.


  3. They probably got my thought since years…

    I’ve been begging for a Toad game and now we got one…


  4. I’m literally hyped for every single game that Nintendo announced today… All of it is going to cost sooo much money too.

    Though, it looks like most of the stuff is coming out in 2015. So I’m wondering what they might have in store for us this Summer through Fall and into the early part of Winter ASIDE from Pokemon and Smash Bros.


      1. Ignoring you’re an idiot and didn’t answer my question. Ignoring you say ignoring way too much. Ignoring I never said 3D World was the only game he’s been in, just used it as it’s more recent and I haven’t played Galaxy in like 3 or 4 years. Now if you care to answer my question about this being the original Toad or not, then feel free to respond. Otherwise, don’t bother. And try to stop being an ass when responding to people.


  5. One of the best games announced on this year’s E3.

    If a handful of levels on Super Mario 3D World already had some pretty neat ideas, imagine what Nintendo will be able to pull off on a full game filled with those cubic levels.


  6. Nintendo’s going to surprise us about this game like they did with 3D World, although this game is already in a good direction since 3D World was well-received. Ironically, 3D World was commonly underestimated when it was announced at E3 2013.


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