Kamiya Hates The Logo Of The Bayonetta 2 Box Art

Platinum Game’s outspoken designer Hideki Kamiya has revealed on Twitter that he strongly dislikes the logo on the Bayonetta 2 boxart. When questioned about it he said that he didn’t have any control over it and wishes that he had.

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    1. Not even.
      He managed to get Bayonetta 1 bundled with Bayonetta 2, alongside exclusive costumes and weapons.

      Definitely not corrupted.
      He just doesn’t like the logo, that’s all.

      1. But why? Because it is blue? Because it is not Black with red? Because those seem to be the only things that are diferents between the logo of the 1st game and the logo of the 2nd game.

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  1. Then just ask them to change it? You don’t have to be a little baby over Twitter whining about it. Either way, still getting the game with or without the new/old logo. Who cares?

    1. Actually, if he read the tweets, he says he loves the artwork, saying “Of course the art is good. Cuz we made it.”

      He dislikes the logo itself, which is just a blue version of the original Bayonetta logo (which could be found in the top right).

  2. Damn.. that dude is always winning about everything. =/ Hate that dude. Love what he doing with the games but… he’s like Patcher. sometimes.

    1. Indeed, did you see the Xbot conference?…

      He was so uttertly irritated the whole time he was up there…

      I mean really, is he 6 years old?…

      1. Yeah yeah, he was like “Damn i hate to be here”, wtf dude =_= he’s an asswhole. Is he’s job to be gentle, happy, etc with games. He’s just gaining a bad reputation.

      2. And most importantly, he should be a proffesional…

      3. Exactly!
        Every week i think he talks to fans and respond in bad terms. -_-

  3. …I don’t see the difference other than a color change and the circle in the middle, the butthurt is strong today.

      1. No, he said he loved all three box arts, but doesnt like the how “Bayonetta” is displayed.

  4. What he must be hating is how the heck they change the Long Hair from the character, because i think it sucks now.

    1. Probably because he is a satanist and it doesn’t look devilish enough or something…

      1. lol so professional of you, you hypocritical piece of crap. oh and go bash on other people for not posting facts in their comments, but it is okay if you post baseless retarded shit about kamiya being a satanist.

    2. They removed the crescent behind Bayo & put full moon & changed the color of “2” in red. JUNK. RT @clefairyirl what would you have done diff – from Kamiya’s twitter

      I don’t really see that big a difference, but eh, that game is kind of his baby so of course someone changing something would anger him.

      1. yeah, I understand him being upset, I would probably be a little peeved if someone did something like this, but he talks as if the game is ruined, haha

    1. Nope, he should stick scalebound on the back burner and publish some more stuff for the wiiU.. ;-)

      1. Nooo Scalebound looks awesome. It’s easily one of my favorite E3 reveals so far. Platinum games is doing an amazing job, both on Wii U and Xbox One.

  5. I don’t really get what he doesn’t like. It would help if he was a little more specific…

    1. Agreed. When I first read the tweet, I was trying to figure out what the fuck he was whining about. >.< He's complaining about the way the title of the game is shown on the box art.

  6. He’s talking about the “moon” logo? I find it very well suited for the new changes in the game. In fact the first trailer began with that, it link us to the game visually.

    1. Well that’s the way he is. I forgive him, because he IS the one who gave us Bayonetta afterall…

  7. the fuck?
    looks the best out of all those 3

    he should stop whining so much, usually a decent enough guy

  8. I like the red one better, but that is because I think it fits Bayonetta better.

    I think overall, the boxart still looks really good. It will catch the attention of anyone interested in… you know ;)

  9. At first, I was trying to figure out what the fuck he was whining about. But after reading some posts, I discovered it was the way the title of the game was designed. I don’t really blame him, though. If this was my creation, I’d be pissy about the box art too if it wasn’t what I had in mind.

  10. The red logo would work better with the yellow/gold moon, with crescent or not, but wasn’t that blue logo already out when they made the videos and announced the game? What’s ugly is that big circle about Bayo 1, why can’t they make it appear seamless at the bottom of the box art?

    Anyway, I still want one and hope they work on more Wii U games in the future…

  11. I think the new one is better. It’s more legible and aesthetic from a designers point of view. I think he is just upset because it is changed and he was hoping for it to stay the same.

  12. I kind of understand where he coming from and I also respect the dude to be honest about it. At the end of the day someone asked about his opinion and he replies be fair I don’t think that will damage his relationship with Nintendo as long as the game sell well and they promote his game the same way the do with 1st part game…. no scratch that better than they do. I like his passion and he delivers good games I will gladly play a vanquish rather than a COD.

  13. what they should do is add the bayonetta cover on the flip side of the bayonetta 2 cover… so you can just reverse it…..when you want

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