Platinum Says Original Bayonetta Wii U Took Year And Half To Make, Were Helped Out By Bee Tribe

Bayonetta director Yusuke Hashimoto has revealed that the original Bayonetta, which comes bundled with Bayonetta 2, took around a year and a half to develop. Hashimoto said “We thought it would be awesome to let fans play both on the same console.”Hashimoto also mentioned that they ending up outscoring some of the project to Bee Tribe, but this was carefully overseen by Hideki Kamiya.


    1. That said, I prefer digital games, I get points back, I can’t damage a disk (or loose it) , if Nintendo makes a new system I can download it again, and digits games load faster, (and my hard drive is USB 3.0) so…… While I do want b2 the digital game seems to not have b1 included

      1. Isn’t the Deluxe Digital Promotion supposed to end this month, though? By the time Bayonetta 2 releases, you won’t be able to get points & eventually “free” money anymore.

        1. Deluxe Digital Program

          Promotion timeline

          Earn points on all digital purchases made through Dec 2014.
          Exchange points to receive activation codes by Mar 2015.

          Activation codes earned must be redeemed at the Nintendo eShop by the end of June 2015.
          There is no deadline to use funds once added to your balance in the Nintendo eShop.


          Although I’ve only earned about $20 since December 2013, mostly from Indie games. I did buy one “AAA” 3rd party game, though, on sale for $40 & Best Buy had discounted eShop cards ($50 card for $40, so I saved on the game AND pocketed $10). Surprisingly, Wii U games “bought” w/ Club N Coins also counted, as did the free game w/ MK8 promotion. But yeah, I managed to eek out $20 from the DDP.

        1. Also the fact that they took that long to port it either means they added a lot of content or they had one guy doing all the work lol. I wanna buy this game because it seems like they put a lot of effort into it, because maybe we’ll get more mature games on the console, and because it sexualizes women. The problem I have is that it appears from the trailers that they are using Abrahamic beliefs and using them to make their game. Anyone here who has played the first game care to clarify? I won’t give my money to someone who offends my Faith.

          1. It’s called fiction. Don’t keep your mind so closed. That’s why we got those extremists over in the Middle East & those pieces of filth at the Westboro Baptist Church in the United States that go out & picket the funerals of dead soldiers & gay people. I guess you also didn’t watch the movie Legion where God got tired of humanity’s crap over the last 2000 years of his absence & decided to just send all of Heaven’s angels to wipe humanity on earth out once & for all. Except for Michael who went to earth to save humanity from his Father & the entirety of Heaven’s armies, effectively pulling a Lucifer, in a sense, & turning his back on God. Of course, he was giving God what he needed, not what he wanted.

            If I’m wrong and you did watch Legion and enjoyed it, my bad.

            1. I don’t even know wtf legion is but it sounds stupid. Anyway no some things are far more important than entertainment. If I made a game where Jews willingly chose to die at concentration camps people wouldn’t like it. People care about their Faith more than their race.

  1. what’s actually different about the wii u version of the original? is it graphically better?

      1. Locked 60 FPS, Nintendo costumes, New stages/content to go with those costumes for starters. Watch the Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3 for more details.

        1. I did and was amazed how beautiful this game looked and played really shows that wii u is indeed next generation

      1. Oh yeah, they confirmed Off-TV Play and touchscreen controls. You can play both games entirely with the stylus and switch to analog controls at anytime.

    1. 1080p, faster frame rate, off tv 📺 play, Nintendo based cosplay , and touch controls.

      (how ever, at this point its only included with the physical copy)

  2. wau…
    18 month for a port!
    im very thankfull for this.
    2 games for a price of one :-)
    1st day buy, because of the work they made in honor.
    i guess i dont like bayonetta, but i support it :-)

  3. So they were already on it, when I started bitching about it?
    Can’t wait for October,
    Starting with Bayonetta 2, and then playing both through again.

    1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fuck yes! Ubisoft better be taking notes if they want Watch_Dogs to sell on the Wii U! If they don’t, a lot of the people that are defending Ubisoft’s delay of Watch_Dogs for Wii U will most likely turn on them like rabid dogs.

      1. Ubisoft better make Watch Dogs good there are a lot of exclusives coming out for Wii U around that time. If its a shitty port then ….you know.

    2. Yes ea is probably kicking themselves now now that the install base is growing and that games like this show of the Wii U’s power and capability hopefully Ubisoft is doing the same for watch dogs wii u

  4. And btw, can we finally get a different picture?
    That pose just looks weird and unnatural.

    1. Not really. Some women, even some men, can actually pull a pose like that off with ease.

        1. Would you rather see horribly impossible cringe-worth anatomy, like a persons leg bending all the way backwards in 360 degree angle?

          1. no?
            Just saying (with all due respect to artist), that this could be one of the worst fan arts they could have chosen.
            And that pose does not make any sense.
            Is she jumping or stretching or just laying there in an uncomfortable position?

            1. I’m just saying it could be a lot worst. You do not know the horrors I’ve seen…
              Or maybe you have…

              1. Petric22 should stay away from the Silent Hill movie. That one scene in the bathroom with the pedophile twisted up once the darkness came again. *shudder*

                  1. ^Ha ha! I know, right.

                    That’s the biggest difference between the Resident Evil & Silent Hill movies, though. While Silent Hill actually used a lot of the video games’ creatures, Resident Evil only used the zombies, cerberuses, lickers, infected crows, The Executioner, & the Las Plagas zombies. If the final Resident Evil movie doesn’t include the multitudes of others, I hope the reboot of Resident Evil, if they do reboot it, actually uses them.

  5. Where the fuck is Donko!? And I mean the real one! I want to shove this article down his throat for the shit he said to people on the other article when we said this game is probably the reason Bayonetta 2 was taking so long to release. xD

    1. He’s too busy thinking all night about a comeback to use against you, then he’s going to tell me shut up and make an irrelevant sexist comment about women on their period like he did with Kurisu and me on occasions.

      1. Or he’s going to pull a sasori & hide away like a little bitch because this article proves his previous comments dead wrong.

  6. Awesome! But sickr I believe you meant “outsourcing” to Bee Tribe and not “outscoring” Bee Tribe although I am sure they could outscore Bee Tribe in their own game :P. Anywho, this was one of the best announcements of E3. Can’t wait to play these games.

  7. I don’t think this is for me. I tried TW101 and it was too frenetic for my tastes. Too much happening at once. This looks similar. I might get it just to support it though

    1. This game won’t be like The Wondeful 101. This game is more focused on the Bayonetta character and will be much more manageable since this is purely an action game. I’m sorry The Wonderful 101 was not a good experience for you. It took me a while to get the hang of it but once I did and played through it, I fell in love with it. The story was absolutely hilarious and very intriguing. I loved the characters, especially Chewgi, and I really hope they make a sequel. But The Wonderful 101 was like Bayonetta meets Pikmin and I believe the Pikmin part is what may have caused the too much happening at once. I really do hope you will give Bayonetta a chance.

    1. It’s not that simple. If you actually read the article itself & not just the title, you would know they were fixing the game up with better graphics & adding tons of new stuff into them that wasn’t in the original game.

  8. I am actually considering getting the game now that this bundle was announced. I honestly was not going to buy it before and I’m sure there are many people who feel the way I do seeing as how bayonetta isn’t a particularly famous game

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