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Three More Exclusives Rumoured To Be Coming To Wii U

The person who previously leaked that Devil’s Third would be a Wii U exclusive also said at the time that there were three other exclusive titles heading to Wii U. The unannounced games should be announced this year through Nintendo Direct presentations. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen as there were a few people who guessed Devil’s Third would be on Wii U.

“The guy that teased/leaked Devil’s Third being a WiiU exclusive said in a gameblog E3 reaction video that he knew back then that there were 3 similar exclusives (not necessarily violent, but originally multiplat/not exclusive) that were going to be announced this year.”

Thanks,  iceazeama

98 thoughts on “Three More Exclusives Rumoured To Be Coming To Wii U”

  1. lol even gears of war 2 looks way better than this game. what the heck is up the graphics of devil’s third on wii u. it even looks inferior to the original ps3 and xbox 360 footage. out of all the good games nintendo could have bought for thq they decided to cheapest that was out there because no other publisher is wasting money on this turd lol.

    1. yeah, you know everything about games development…but you’re only a idiot who spend half hour complaining on youtube

        1. i paid 330 for this 230 for my 3ds 250 for my 360 and soon to be 400 for the ps4 yeah and i got what they got out of them(except the ps4 of course saving up(about 100(just bought a wii u :P)

        2. Well what did you expect? For the graphics to be lifelike? Seriously get over yourself. Games are meant to be played and to be enjoyed, not to be watched like if it was a movie. You complain that the Wii U is last gen, YET YOU WANT TO BUY A 360, WHICH IS ALSO LAST GEN. Seriously you flip flop so hard that I get the feeling that even you don’t know what you want

          1. I just hope they add in gyro movement for aiming. It really helps when you want to move it just a little.

    2. None of the footage shown was made on Wii U, so first off these are the original THQ graphics that would have bin on 360 & ps3.

      Second because of the pre developed work, I dont see them going in and making the graphics look better.

    1. nobody cared too much of the game. they destiny, rainbow six seiges and far cry 4. wii u owners have this turd. wtf this is why japanese fps are trash.

      1. The Real Sasoriobiniamii

        Why are we getting Far Cry 3.5, Rainbow Counter Strike or Haloiny… Seriously, you don’t see it in front of your eyes, those are real REHASHES…

      2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Look at the name of all those rehashes. Destiny is just a reskinned rehash of Halo. Accept it. You’re a double standard bitch. You despise Nintendo’s games for being rehashes yet you talk about how games like Destiny, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Far Cry 4, etc are awesome even though they are rehashes themselves.

  2. I just wonder about the person who always concern about graphic. I mean if we want to have really nice graphic, please buy console machine and TV that can play Ultra HD or 4K graphic.

      1. I know thar. But I am afraid if there is person who does not know that UHD is 4K. Btw, thank you for your explanation.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      They are highly likely to be just as shallow in real life concerning cars, girlfriends/boyfriends, house, clothes etc etc…

      Pathetic waste of life…

      1. Nintendo Commander Phazon

        Agreed, but the game does need some polish but appears to be quite interesting. I wonder what the other 3 exclusives could be…

          1. even the gampley from the e3 demo looks cluncky and glitchy. pop ups, terrible ai shooting off target, even cod world at war has a better ai than this.

            1. The Real Sasoriobiniamii

              Hmmm maybe it had something to do with it still being developed… Also WaW didn’t have those level of detailing in their character models.

            2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              You claim next gen games are way to go, yet you use a last gen game as an example. You exposed yourself again.

    2. I say graphic freaks minds are corrupted to think that’s all games are. Just visual power, Plus violence too

  3. Oh man, I wonder which fantard faction Nintendo is likely to piss off next?XD

    I’m glad they’re getting all of these new exclusives; it’ll be nice if this becomes their ultimatum to a lack of attention from people like Bethesda.

  4. Wii U is shaping up to be a little gem for ‘true’ gamers by the looks of it. An innovative console full of high quality first party games along with third party exclusives that cannot be found anywhere else.

    By the way, I have a feeling about Shemue 3 being a future Wii U exclusive. I am calling it now :)

    1. i dont care about nintendo games and there barley any third party game that i want for the console.

      1. The Real Sasoriobiniamii

        If you don’t care than why comment you faker?
        You seem to care a lot about Nintendo if you keep coming back here wasting your life by pointing a camera at your screen and getting a million thumbs down because even the Haters of Nintendo think you’re an ass clown

      2. you care about nintendo. accept it if you don’t why you always come here and comment lol you’re a pathetic loser

      3. your gonna complain when you have a boss because you seem to complain all the time
        you need to stop or you wont ever get a job and live on the streets if you complain about the simplistic of things like video game consoles

      4. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Then get rid of it for your precious Xbox 360. Or show some real support for “next gen” & buy the Xbox One. Why keep a console that probably will only have 2-3 games that you like? Pathetic & foolish child.

  5. The game looks interesting. Although the character design needs to be improved in my opinion. Different tattoos maybe? Looks like everytime he kills, it is represented by a tattoo. Hmm…

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Because he actually owns the Wii U. Unlike sasori, the console obviously has a lot of games he wants to play.

  6. I guess one of those Titles is the Game Ubisoft doesn’t want to unveil until WiiU has sold more Consoles.

    And I think that is BG&E2 (…yeh… maybe).

    1. No, the folks behind Good & Evil 2 are holding out to completely use all the strength of the newest consoles. Like Arkham Knight BG&E2 wouldn’t fit on Wii U… I’d love an HD remake of the first like they did with Wind Waker. That would be sweet!

  7. Looking forward to Itagaki’s 3 Wii U exclusive titles from Nintendo. The “Bayonetta Syndrome” is already in full effect.

    1. The Real Sasoriobiniamii

      Hmmm, high detailed models, some really nice lighting, some low res textures. Looks like a game still in progress but damn it’s looking good, lets hope they fix the frame rate issue.

    2. Three words– WORK IN PROGRESS. Valhalla Games Studio are using the Darksiders II engine in making Devil’s Third. Itagaki’s team are working harder on improving the graphics and unique game play mechanics. This Nintendo published title looks bad ass and promising. Let’s hope they’ll keep up the great work and release the official launch date.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        It’s using Darksiders II’s engine? Sweet! The gameplay is definitely going to be fun then.

  8. I’ve learned not to complain about graphics after Xenoblade Chronicles. That game truly looked like shit at a time when even other Wii games didn’t look that bad. Was a good game but holy shit it looked terrible.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      I wouldn’t say the game looked like shit, though. It wasn’t great looking but it wasn’t bad looking, either. I’m hoping for a HD version of Xenoblade Chronicles. Instant download for me if they surprise us with it.

  9. thought of rumored games could be supermario4 supermariogalaxy3 supermariosunshine hd supermario galaxy hd or majorsmaskhd twilightprincess hd

    1. Shut up, Anonymous. You don’t know jack sprat about the three upcoming games. We don’t know what the game is so it’s pointless to overhype things we know it’s not 100% true.

  10. you lot know supermario 4 is in develpment nintendo said it 2 years and trademarked the name supermario4 nintendo is makeing supermario4 and it will be show this september at TGC

  11. or a remake of supermario sunshine or a sequal to supermariogalaxy2or supermariosunshine in hd for the wiiu

  12. That’s amazing if it is true! The more games on Wii U the merrier! Wouldn’t it be the shit if we got Fallout 4, Half-Life 3, and GTA 6 as exclusives? The internet would take the biggest dump it ever has in the entirety of its existence.

    1. dude think of dead ip’s/cancelled ones. Thats what this is about. so all you have to do is look at cancelled games over the years and the more realistic games nintendo could fund. like cry on from mistwalker? More games like that or like bayonetta 2, people in this comment section don’t get it. also where the fuck was the last guardian? what if that was canceled and nintendo picked it up lmao!!! i doubt that though.

      There is quite a bit of decent/realistic options but nobody in this fucking comment section understands anything. Just look up that link up there for more realistic options that actually fit what the rumor says.

      yeah devils third kinda looks like shit, (it needs a ton of work) so im hoping nintendo picks up better games, they need to do stuff like this or else they won’t have any games at all. These type of rumors have been true latley so i could see this rumor being true.

  13. making an ED page for Sasori!!! Once it’s up, I’m going to need all your help to edit it. It’s a lot of work, but he got it coming to him.

  14. everyone, I need your help. If any of you know how to edit a wiki page and make it GOOD, help me make said ED article on sasori. If anyone is familiar with encyclopaedia dramatica, please help me troll this retard, as I know nothing about wiki pages, and frankly, it confuses me. We must band together against retards like sasori!

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