Reggie Says Virtual Reality Isn’t Ready Now, But When It Is Nintendo Will Be There

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime doesn’t believe that the technology behind virtual reality devices is quite there at the moment, but when it is, Reggie says Nintendo will deliver a virtual reality experience that the fans will clamour for.

“For us, it’s all about fun gameplay,” said Fils-Aime. “That’s what we want. We want a fun, compelling experience. Right now, the technology isn’t quite there yet, in our view. Certainly, it’s something we’re looking at. We look at a wide range of technologies. When it’s there and enables a fun experience, we’ll be there, too.”


  1. i realy would sell my house if i can play pokemon or zelda in hd in that way

      1. Because it wasn’t at the time the Wii was released. It would have made it more expensive for no reason. However, HD became “ready” quicker then they anticipated. And Virtual Reality isn’t ready yet, because how many of you own an Oculus Rift or something similar? I’ve only seen it being tested by popular YouTube gamers.

        1. Because the Oculus Rift isn’t completed yet – said YouTubers are actually using prototype Oculus Rift devices intended to give developers a head start in making Oculus Rift games (hence why it’s called the “Dev Kit” version).

  2. This kind of thinking from Nintendo is what drives me nuts. Sure, it might not be ready NOW, but you have to start working on it NOW or you’ll be left in the dust once again. It’s so frustrating to see them playing catch up in sectors they shouldn’t have to be.

    1. Did they say that they are not working at it at the moment? No. This kind on technology takes time to develop , they might have something in mind. But you can’t assume anything yet.

    2. who says they aren’t? I mean, it is speculative at best to say they aren’t working on it… in fact, I would be sure… especially since Nintendo itself has always been the first to experiment in this realm in the past, that there are R&D teams messing with all kinds of stuff at Nintendo… many things Nintendo tried in the past failed, but they continue, and they want to make sure that what they have is polished and ready for action when realeased… the Wii U for instance, they are behind in “power” but the game pad is unique and works perfectly in all ways… they might have had to rush release a bit before the software was completely ready (no Mario, MK8, Zelda and Smash all together at realease) but that was a tall order and they have a system that for many, myself included, hits all the notes of tech that we expect from other forms of entertainment and the games, well… they are better, more original and more fun than anything else out there… and that is putting aside the near fact (can’t confirm) that Microsoft and Sony played hardball and swayed third party developers to leave Nintendo out of the loop… if it had been the other way around, and developers said… yeah, we don’t want to push the limits of those new systems we want to build on what we have and go with Nintendo… that would have been crazy, but didn’t happen because there was two much pressure to up the ante in terms of processor power and the like… in 5 years, Nintendo will have a system that is more powerful than the Wii U, maybe a bit more than that… and that system may very well have VR and other capabilities that as Reggie says, aren’t ready yet but when they are, Nintendo will be there and so will I, because I am riding the Nintendo horse and am not swayed by the other two who probably have less profits because of all the promotional dough they spend and the development of games that aren;t good since they go the Hollywood model of producing so many things that most of them are shit and there are only a few gems, while Nintendo does the opposite, more gems, less shit

    3. They probably are getting ready to start experiment with it if they haven’t done so already. If we know a thing or two about Nntendo is that they are constantly playing with new ideas and also that they will never jump into something only cause others are doing it. I would not be surprised if whatever they end up doing revolution VR and gaming.

    4. They sort of have a beta ready and selling right now if you ask me. Moving around with the gamepad in the Nintendo land plaza is something that could be seen as beta vr because hold it in front of your face,turn around and it’s like you are there.

      It’s the first crawl of it sold but it is something.

    5. They probably are working on it, but hopefully it won’t come too late like the Wii U did, due to the Virtual Reality becoming available quicker then they anticipated, like what happened with an HD console.

    1. Like the MAtrix, I hope you’re ready to have a metal spike shoved into your brain.

      If you like, we could practice. >:D

  3. hopefully they’re not blinded by the word fun and screw up big time like they have been for years.

  4. Yea, and this kind of thinking is why Nintendo has been late to all parties in the past few years.
    They can’t learn if they don’t try. If they keep it up like this, the others will have gathered enough experience and knowledge to work fast and efficiently with the technology while Nintendo will still be learning and lacking enough experience to offer the same quality as the competition.
    Nintendo really needs to drop this way of thinking, seriously.

    1. Yes because tilting your head back and fourth like a manic in front of your tv is SOOO fit for gaming… I love how you Sony Ponies and Micrococks say “Motion controls are lame” yet you are basically fapping over yet another motion controlled gimmick…. -_-

      1. You do realize that Nintendo did that “tilting your head back and forth” with the Virtual Boy too, right? And I don’t know about you, but I think getting the chance to be literally IN the game is -very- fit for gaming. And I hope you also realize that virtual reality headsets take motion controls to an entirely new level.
        Besides, I haven’t expressed any kind opinion towards Nintendo nor Sony & Microsoft, so I would suggest you to think twice before making accusations driven by your silly fanboy mind. Same goes for my opinion about motion controls, you don’t know a single thing about what I think about them, so I’ll ask you to stop making assumptions.
        And lastly, your comment was, unfortunately, in no way a useful contribution to anything I’ve said. But nonetheless, thanks for your input.

        1. All these types of motion controls will help lead to legit virtual reality. I don’t see it for a long while though, we don’t know enough about the human body and mind to pull it off yet.

        2. Wow…. much damage control….
          You just looked into the whole time…. the Oculus forces you to look like a mental person who has a sore neck…. So none the less, thanks for your damage control.

          1. Damage control?
            You obviously don’t know what that means because it is completely unrelated to anything I’ve said. I’m really perplexed about you bringing it up because it makes absolutely no sense?
            I would suggest you to not use words or expressions you don’t know the meaning of, it puts you in a funny situation. Funny to me, that is. I can imagine that it might not be very funny to you, because it makes me question your intelligence a bit.

      2. What the hell? Are you seriously talking shit about motion controls when Nintendo literally started the motion control fad, did you forget the Wii and how the controllers are literally built around motion controls.

        God damn some of you people just blow my mind with the incredibly dumb things you say, just to pick side for some fan war. Way to diss the company you’re trying so desperately to defend…

        Have you ever even seen how these VR devices work? You are clearly over exaggerating everything about how they do, how about the fact you don’t even have to use the motion controls to guide your point of view, you can use the controller just like any normal game if you’d like.

    2. I’m guessing Nintendo is working on a virtual reality system of some sort, seeing as how a lot of the higher-ups have used Oculus Rifts, and loved it. Sakurai, Aonuma, and Miyamoto have said that they’ve gotten great ideas from it.

  5. all i have to say is that when nintendo launched an underpowered Wii, they also thought that “technology was not really there yet” for HD.

    1. Yet the PS4 and Xbox One are already getting maxed out and they are £350 Low End Gaming PCs in a box….

        1. So can my iPad mini…. and PC… also, if the PS4 and Xbox One are sooooo next gen… then why did the Division need to be reduced down in size and games like Diablo III are running at 720p…. just saying… Wii U has more 1080p games.

          1. yes ps4 and xb1 are similar architecture to PC, now tell me what is wrong in it ? WiiU is different and it doesn’t run any next gen engine. Whats wrong to have architecture similar to PC when you can ease job for third party developers, and when it is as strong to run all neccesary next gen engines lol.
            donkey kong 720p, mario bros 720p, mario kart 8 720p, pikmin 3 720p. all are 720p. ps3 has also got all latest first party games 720p upscaled to 1080p XD
            wind waker HD is 1080p. why ? because it is gamecube game upscaled to 1080p. low polygon, crappy textures, no details. just a lot of bloom, lightning and 1080p.

    2. No they said not enough people owned hd sets because when wii came out gd was expensive… sony and microsoft took a gamble on hd and it paid off cause 2 years after wii rekeased hd tvs became dirt cheap and the HD revolution took off. Just like now with 4k tvs nobody has them yet and people are waiting for cheaper sets before upgrading uhd…

      1. That’s why they have to think ahead. They have to take the gamble or else they’ll end up being way behind the competition and that might turn out to result in a bigger loss than actually going for the gamble.

    3. Because it wasn’t. It just became more available and popular quicker then they had anticipated.

  6. Make Virtual Reality a reality. . . and make it quick. >”<
    Sword Art Online RPG anyone?

  7. Ironic coming from the people who tried Virtual Reality before anyone else and failed miserably at it.

    I really hate Reggie, if anyone needs to be removed from Nintendo it is him. I am so amazed that the Japanese even gave this guy his position considering his previous work, he always says stupid shit like this. He doesn’t listen to fans or let it affect his decisions, he doesn’t think people like watching streams of people playing games just because he doesn’t and he doesn’t think unlocking their systems from regions restrictions is necessary.

    The guy is a selfish prick who obviously thinks Nintendo was built for him specifically. If he wants to think that way to himself, that is perfectly fine but being in his position at the company, he needs to be more open minded period to help further their reach in technologies, thinking about the company as a whole and not just his own personal opinion. That is not how you run a company, you a run a company based on the changing market around you, you don’t just ignore all the changes and act like they don’t matter.

    Just like they tried to ignore online gaming, now look at all the online games they have… It is just that type of thinking that is seriously holding Nintendo back.

    To say this is completely stupid when virtual reality is not going to get any better than this for a long ass time, the most we will see are smaller devices than the rift or morpheous but I promise you they will function the same. So I don’t understand at all what he means, waiting around till it gets better? We have waited years and years for VR to get this far and now its finally in a place where it can be viable to average consumers and it actually works well enough to be used too and Reggie says its not ready?

    So what the shit is Reggie talking about now?

    The guy forces his way of thought on everyone, it really pisses me off. He constantly criticizes things that already are very successful and then when it comes around to bite Nintendo because they always end up so behind compared to everyone else, he never has shit to say about that.

    He is the least modest figure at Nintendo, just like he had to brag about the Wii U sales finally picking up and stupidly tried to say the Wii U isn’t that far behind the PS4 sales if you look at lifetime sales, well no shit sherlock but what about how long the systems have been out for? Did you forget the Wii U was struggling for a long while and the PS4 basically outsold the the Wii U in a matter of days.

    I mean god damn I am ecstatic that the Wii U is finally doing better, I own one, why the hell would I want it to fail? I just can’t stand the stuff Reggie does and says, about the only thing he has going for him is all the people who make him popular on the internet, cause the guy is a straight up tool in real life.

    At least people like Miyamoto have an open mind and go out trying these things, instead of constantly dismissing them. They need people running the company that have the same mind frame, people that are willing to adapt, people that are willing to acknowledge their mistakes and so on. Reggie never does any of this, he constantly acts like he shit never stinks.

    I mean even Miyamoto is so modest and honest that he said making the Wii U was a really huge task for Nintendo because they have never made anything like it before, like their competitors Microsoft or Sony had. He even said next time around they are going to do their best to bridge the gap between all the platforms. That is the type of honesty and forward thinking I like.

    Seriously I don’t know how people can’t see straight through Reggie, the guy is a joke and should not be the president of NOA, let alone any gaming company period.

    I’ll never understand for the life of me why the heads at the Japanese branches would hire a guy that has never before previously worked with or on games, to be president of their North American branch, a gaming company. It truly makes no sense, if I am going to have someone running things for me, I want them to have some past experience for such an important role in the company.

    That is like if instead of Sony letting Mark Cerny help build the PS4, the just hired some guy who has never before in his life ever built, programmed or even worked on making hardware. That would make sense eh..

    1. I’m not reading the rest of your comment, because it’s basically an essay, but from what I’ve read, you think that Reggie is in charge of everything at Nintendo. Reggie doesn’t bash things that are already successful, seeing as how VR isn’t even a thing you purchase. Also, Nintendo hired Reggie because of his successes in other businesses; he doesn’t work on the games or hardware at all, just is in charge of their distribution in North America. REGGIE ISN’T IN CONTROL OF THE COMPANY. Reggie dismisses stuff because he doesn’t know what Nintendo is currently working on, or can’t tell us at this moment in time. And of course he’s open minded to new technologies, that’s why he stated that when VR is ready, Nintendo will be there. VR ISN’T READY. I don’t see any Oculus Rifts or Morpheus on store shelves; they’re still pretty much in alpha/beta stages. When they’re ready, Nintendo will release their own or partner with someone else.

      And about the Twitch streams, Reggie said he didn’t see what was fun about people streaming just pure gameplay. By that, he meant NO COMMENTARY. If he was against Twitch, Nintendo wouldn’t have a channel. And like I said, Reggie isn’t in control of Nintendo. He likely doesn’t know anything about what’s going on in the hardware/software development branches until they’re ready to reveal it.

      1. ^This. Because of this fact, I’ve gotten over the whole Operation Rainfall thing. That & the voice actors that Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, & Pandora’s Tower had from Europe were awesome.

  8. Hell I still haven’t forgotten when that idiot Reggie said it wasn’t a good idea to localize Xenoblade.. Then what happened? The guy is stuck in his own ways and it is really bothersome.

  9. Imagine if Nintendo has been working secretly on Virtual reality since the failure of the Virtual Boy! that would be crazy !Nintendo is really good at keeping secrets so there is a possible chance that really have been working on it for eighteen years now.

  10. Cartridges instead of discs. Then mini-discs instead of dvd discs. Then SD instead of HD. Then finally limited online multiplayer that was a total joke, and they’re still behind in this department. Then only Twitch on their terms because they know what players want.

    Clearly, Nintendo still has their heads up their asses.

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