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Here’s Twenty Minutes Of One Piece: Unlimited World Red For Wii U

NintenDaan has given us a closer look at One Piece: Unlimited World Red for the Wii U. The colourful footage gives us a glimpse of the first twenty minutes of the game based on the famous anime in Japanese. The Wii U version will be arriving in Europe on June 27th and will also be released in the United States on July 8th. Enjoy.

34 thoughts on “Here’s Twenty Minutes Of One Piece: Unlimited World Red For Wii U”

    1. I’ve never seen this anime. I’ve seen one called Beelzebub, which is actually really funny. Fanboy…

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

                    Said the two dollar shit snorting transvestite pube sucker

                    stay away from my two dollars, you poor ass transvestite…

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      And all these RPG rehashes they release in Japan…

      They are as annoying as the repetitive FPS garbage the west makes…

    3. Same thing can be said for majority of Adult Swim’s original shows and several of FOX’s programs. *cough* *cough* Superjail *cough*

  1. Another lame shovelware game based on anime. Let me guess this game is made by BandaiNamco like rest of the anime based shovelware.

    1. Don’t use the word ”shovelware” in an attempt to seem smart

      You’ll only end up misusing it which results in the exact opposite.

  2. These comments here.

    I lose faith in humanity. Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you guys. And I’m not talking about the game related comments. I’m talking about what kind of shit goes inside your heads that you feel it would be necessary to post such replies to other people.

    1. I know its hard, but try and ignore those comments, they are usually from a troll who desperately seeks attention and he posts everykinda wierd stuff in order to get it.

    1. What can I say, Luffy is a carefree and adventurous guy. Then again, I feel that most of you should at least consider reading the One Piece manga first just to become connected to the characters or know about the series’s setting. It is one of Weekly Shonen Jump’s biggest anime/manga series nowadays and has it’s own section in Japan’s Universal Studios. .

  3. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    I enjoyed Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, but it wasn’t great enough for me to want to actually buy the game, or any future games, for myself. Same for these other video games for anime. I will play it if someone else has it, though, but it’s just not a buy for me. If someone here buys the game, have fun & I hope you aren’t given a reason to regret the purchase later down the road like missing features. *cough*Ubisoft’sSplinterCell:Blacklist*cough*

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