Here’s What 545 Kilos of Nintendo DS And 3DS Games Looks Like


Reddit user HxCurt has posted an image showing 545 kilos of Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS games being sent to die. The large cardboard box that the games are contained in measures 121cm x 121cm x 121cm. HxCurt says that majority of game being sent away for disposal are Activision’s terrible iCarly 2 on Nintendo DS. Be sure to enlarge the image and see if there’s any games you recognise.


  1. Probably throwing them out since nobody likes ds/3ds games anymore. I would volunteer to burn that huge pile of crap.

    1. Even Nintendo shovelware are the best games in the universe has ever seen i said it nailed it!

    2. I’d volunteer to burn that huge pile of crap, too, since a majority of the games are iCarly 2 games from Activision. So it seems more like nobody that owns a 3DS gives a fuck about Activision’s shovelware.

  2. BAH HA HA! I see some Call of Duty games in there!

    In all seriousness, this is wasted production costs. Somewhere, an investor, analyst, or businessman is hanging his head…

  3. Probably gonna get hate for this but,
    I saw Rabbids Travel in Time 3D in that box. And I really enjoyed that game. Probably because I was desperate for a game to play on my 3DS since nothing was coming out but I thought it was an all-right platformer and I loved how you could customize your Rabbid (I made mine a stereotypical Chinese woman lolololol)

  4. The top row may be ds/3ds but we all know under that layer is all ps4/xbone games….BOOM!

    1. Nope all ds 3ds. Go cut your throat open… Literally… Xbone and ps4 is doing do good

      1. xboner is failing like shitt hahah! wwhen will t outsell the ps3 no one willever no all it has is sunset overdrve 30 fps hahaa!

      2. How is it failing? And why do you type”hahaha”? Do you really laugh while you type?

      3. becuae its so funny to see the boner failing hahah! all it has is 30 fs shite hahah!

      4. PS4 is doing ok . But the CrapBox is so shit. Crapbox on, crapbox fuckoff.

      5. The 3ds is doing great. The only thing that outsells it on a week to week basis is the ps4

    2. “BOOM”? Really?
      You must be feeling incredibly cool now, you’ve sure showed the people who have a different taste in video games than you. Such a bad ass.

      1. Cut my throat open? I would expect nothing less from a nintendo hater….you were late to the show, and you don’t have any good games, just played out FPS….sony and micro are cutting their own throats….good try tho loser

  5. It’s a shame to think of all those DS cards wasted with awful games on them. The second you put iCarly 2 on one of these things you’ve already committed an act of terrible wastage.

    1. Same with milked mario, zelda, tomodachi life ect. All the plastic and CDs nintendo wastes should go to Sony and Microsoft instead…

  6. There’s gonna be a second container full of the new Kim Kardashian game coming soon. I hope like fuck that POS game doesnt land on Nintendo platforms (the one time I actually want a 3rd party to skip the big N).

    1. That’s makes no sense idiot. If you wouldn’t play it, then what would it matter if it was released on nintendo consoles? Fucking foolish fanboy, go lynch yourself.

      1. What that? You don’t have an xbox? You attack something with out even trying it? You’re a fanboy?!?!?

      2. Ok so you attack things and the people who like the things that you don’t? Fanboy go lynch yourself. There are too many disgusting humans on this earth.

      3. And your one of them gimp. You attack the Wii u , but you get all crybaby when I attack the crapbox? Yep your a one minded moron.

      4. You’re human, too. I suppose that made you a disgusting fuck? Look at you, you’re attacking this site… For what reason? You filthy, dirtiest, disgusting piece of fuck, go take a shower, ya stinkboy. No one will want to go out with you unless you brush your teeth, clean your asshole, inside and out, and clean your whole body, maybe you might stand a chance, but nope. Ya fucking disgusting stinkboy.

      5. What would it matter? Further putting Nintendo’s integrity down the shitter.

        Listen up, Gimp (guessing thats your actual name). I can call names over the interwebs too. …and be insulting, and all the other childish bullshit you trolls are so fond of. Sorry if ive somehow given you a case of butthurt (i gave your mom some butthurt too but thats another story) and sorry if ive disrespected your love for Kim Kardashian but… well… acually no im not.

        FUCK YOU. :)

        That being said, dont fuck with me unless you have some fucking balls and integrity, which you obvisouly do NOT have.

  7. They should give those into Gamestop and just see what they say…
    They’d probably make a fortune from it! Even at $0.10 a game (what they pay for the iCarly game), they’d earn at least $15,000! Or just make some poor Gamestop employee mad!

  8. Serious question,

    Why is this website plagued with nothing but social rejects and people arguing about PS4/XboxOne?

    Lord Commander Quadraxius, Sony Commander Dumbass, PC Doche.

    All of you are losers.

    1. no kidding. a real gamer would buy all consoles, like yours truly. i love givong my money to the games industry. kts like an investment but you also get to keep the hardware. its brilliant

      1. A “real” gamer doesn’t need to buy shit tier low end PCs. The “real gamer” term is as bad as the “casual” and “hardcore” terms.

  9. Im sensing some serious hostility in this thread. Come, sit with me. But seriously, Huzzah!

  10. It looks like there might be a copy of Devil Survivor 1 (3DS version) to the bottom right, it’s a red cart but I can’t tell for sure it’s DeSu cause the picture’s just not clear enough. I certainly hope it’s not DeSu though, that’s a great game. x.x

  11. I saw Rayman origins… ugh, there’s probably a few gems in there, even if the majority is icarly 2

  12. What a waste… Make better games and this wont happen. Also lots of retard trolls here as usual. Find a new hobby already.

  13. Why hate on nintendo ? If youve played video games as a child, odds are you probably played nintendo consoles. So all you ignorant haters can go die.

  14. Nintendo owns the planet plain and simple everything that they do gets copied and nobody makes better games than them face it fuckers.

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