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Nintendo Confirms Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz DLC For North America And Europe

Nintendo has confirmed the Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz DLC for western fans. The exclusive DLC was announced last month for Japan, which features the new GLA-class kart with an interior boasting excellent texture are comfort.

So if you fancy shifting a few new gears into motion during those sweet drifts in Electrodrome, Mount Wario or any of the other fabulous courses, then get ready for the free DLC to hit some time during the summer for both North America and Europe. Will you be picking up the Mercedes-Benz DLC for Mario Kart 8? Let us know in the comments below.

135 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms Mario Kart 8 Mercedes-Benz DLC For North America And Europe”

  1. Well, that car definitely looks great and I’ll certainly be picking it up. Nothing like Free DLC after all. Does anyone know if it stays in the Eshop or if it’s only for a limited amount of time?

  2. On-topic: Such a strange little DLC. A ‘realistic’ car in MK8 are two things that would never seem to be together O.o. But it’s free, so why should I be grumbling?

    Off topic: Let’s make ANOTHER hashtag #stopspamming

    1. right, lol its the same as any other shitio kart, just with pretty graphics.. i got watch dogs instead, which is 5 times better than this garbage

          1. Honest question, how difficult would it be to implement a thumbs up or thumbs down and flag system for the comments?

            1. Unfortunately, does not currently support Disqus. We wish it did as it would make our lives one heck of a lot easier. But we’re continuously looking for other options. I shall see what I can do. :)


            1. So let’s see, which is worse? Seeing an ‘abusive’ comment, or not being able to see a single one at all?

            2. I have edited Nostalgia’s comment – I don’t like foul language either.

              Sometimes we cannot keep on top of all the comments on this site. I research and report on the news, that’s my job. I try to moderate and delete when I can. Unfortunately, does not currently support Disqus, which would make our lives a lot easier. We are continuously looking into other options, however. I will discuss moderators with Sickr and see what we can do. At this moment in time, I can’t do anything more.

                1. I don’t think we should. It’s difficult finding unbiased people and I sure as hell wouldn’t want a fanboy of any company to be a moderator. Even slight biases are a no-no for a moderator, imo.

              1. How in the world has ice never got banned then lmao! He always swore and on fanboy rants it was insane. Saying how we wore diapers and needed to go in the crib like the man children we are, that mommy needs to make us a fresh bottle and what not lmao!

                Well actually those seem sorta nice compared to we get now…….

                1. There’s a difference between spamming unnecessary comments and stating your opinion. We can all ignore troll comments, but you cannot ignore 3000 word spam comments.


        1. is they stages that short. besides these nintendo games hardly even get any price cuts at gamestop, another reason i quit buying their games on wii u.

          1. There are many other options other than GameStop, why do you even shop there in the first place? It’s one if the worst video game stores around…

          2. The tracks aren’t really supposed to drag on forever ya know. And that N64 stage is the shortest one in the game. Mario Karts can be very different in the way they play. For instance, MK DS was fun for me, but Mart 7 was not that great to me. I’m liking MK8 the most, but I understand if it’s not your cup of tea. Especially if the price is that high. If it ever gets dropped in price or if you feel like giving it a try later, I’d say go for it.

            1. But that’s the point of him “saying” he doesn’t play it, Meaning he will never give it a shot because he doesn’t like Nintendo but yet it still shocks me that he is still here. All of us has already told him to “sell his wii u for the 360” he wants soooooo badly…yet he still owns it. I call him the social reject and a hypocrite. But hey, its due for him to get a word from me once again since he’s got the mind of a goldfish.

          3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Who are the traitors?…

            Our games don’t get a price cut until 1-2 years while the Xbot and Sonyan games get a pricecut barely 1 month after the release…

            This is what I call betrayal to the gamers and is also the only reason to why both of them sell as much as they do…

      1. i have played mario kart on the game cube , gameboy , ds and wii and a little on the 3ds. i dont think i need to buy to buy another mario kart 8 that lacks content just the same old beat all the cc’s and unlock mirror. unlock the typical leaf cup, lighting cup, star cup and crown cup. play as pretty much the same old mario kart character but just now with the 7 kupallins and what …. baby rosalina and a metal peach. it looks like am not missing anything at all. also i want watch dogs badly but i cant buy games that easily, i thinking if i should get the xbox 360 or wii u version. i heard that watch dogs has way ridiculous amount of content. i dont even understand how drones can be hating on a new ip but defend an over used ip.

        1. Yeah, with Forza, GT, DriveClub, and other realistic shishkebobs. Nothing changed that much eh? I enjoyed GT5. Played 6 and returned it about an hour later. Forza, yeah at the e3 saw a new one, just minor touches, new courses, just minimal stuff to expect. Comparing a racing game generations old to a new ip is comparing an apple to an orange, you’ll never come up with a point. Just shut up and enjoy your Watchpuppies so that everyone can enjoy life. Thanks. You clearly are blind or just too stubborn if this continues, that’s why you continue to use a crappy camera from 10 years ago.

      2. Yea, like watch dogs isnt just anotger shooter… oh wait. Please. Your play stations and xboxs litterary have more rehashes then nintendo thats a fact. The time peroid which third party spit out new entrys of the sam . Thing is sickening.

        1. We need to get every old commenter back in trade form all these new pathetic ones that ruined this website. Like you, all the old less rabid trolls and fanboys. Pretty much everybody back besides the spammers from a year ago

          1. i use to see old commenters here when i look up nintendo news,but some of these new commenters suck at trolling. iceazeama was a better troll than the new ones.

      3. I have both games. Mario kart 8 is crap. It wasn’t made in the 1990’s so it sucks. Imma go back to my N64 now.

    2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      So are we. Otherwise, we’d have to deal with you coming here bitching about how you can’t win any races online.

    3. You’re missing a ton of fun kid. I know you like it. I think in your case MK8 is to good and perfect that you just start hating it. And the reason why you don’t want to trade the Wii U is not because of the low trade value, but rather that you really like the system. You’re in just in denial.

  3. So weird to see this real life car in Mario Kart but it’s free so I’ll snag it. Hopefully this opens the doors for more DLC possibilities.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      People keep saying this, but Mario Kart “has” real looking automobiles already. The Circuit Special is based on a race car, the Badwagon is based on a convertible, the Sports Coupe looks like a sports car, the Flame Rider looks like a Hot Rod, the Standard Bike looks like a Dirt Bike, The Sport Bike looks like a Sports Bike, Standard ATV looks like an ATV.

      The Mercedez-Benz looks like an SUV. It just happens to be based on an “actual” real life car that you can buy for real.

    1. Hmmm… getting coins through the whole race, only to get spammed by blue shell, lightning, red shell, red shell, green shell, green shell before the last turn to the finish line? No.

    2. I don’t. Then again, for me MK Wii had cheap item balance & was the worst entry in the franchise, though I never went online w/ MK Wii (or even my Wii). Also, I never played Super MK, Double Dash!!, or the GBA one. But MKs 8, 7, DS, & 64 all played rather smoothly for me. I also enjoyed the online racers for DS, 7, & 8, holding my own most of the time. But I think a lot of racers hold onto an item if it’s good for the last lap.

    3. I don’t. Then again, for me MK Wii had cheap item balance & was the worst entry in the franchise, though I never went online w/ MK Wii (or even my Wii). Also, I never played Super MK, Double Dash!!, or the GBA one. But MKs 8, 7, DS, & 64 all played rather smoothly for me. I also enjoyed the online racers for DS, 7, & 8, holding my own most of the time. But I think a lot of racers hold onto an item if it’s good for the last lap.

    4. pink0crystal0midbus

      The problem I have with MK8 is that first place has a HUGE advantage, because third place almost always gets a red shell which means that they will use it to take out 2nd place while first place speeds away into an unbeatable lead. Once you get hit while in second place and all the other cars catch up, you get stuck in this mosh pit of items being thrown around like crazy and it feels like you can never gain any ground at all against your opponent.

      If I am in second place right off the bat and then get hit by a red shell and get pushed down to 6th place, I literally go around three laps and finish each lap in sixth place, because o matter how well I pass people, I always end up getting hit by “something” and getting pushed back down.

      If you start in first and get a banana or green sheel as your first item to use as a shield, then you are pretty much golden for the rest of the race (unless you get hit with a blue shell, which always seems to occur during the end of the second lap for some reason…) All the other players are too busy killing each other that they keep THEMSELVES from ever catching up with first place.

  4. So it seems Nintendo is open to the idea of MK8 DLC. Now all they have to do is make DLC that we actually want- characters like E. Gadd, Bowser Jr., Birdo, Diddy Kong, King Boo, etc.; other older tracks we’d like to see remastered like, N64 Wario Stadium, GBA Cheese Land, 3DS Neo Bowser City, Wii DK Summit, etc… Nintendo would make a killing.

  5. This is definitely a good thing. Now I’m hoping that add more tracks in the game. They should add new cups to the grand prix with new DLC characters. If they do that, I’ll be playing nothing but Mario Kart every day. All day long. :)

    1. Maybe they could do it in the same form they did Mario Golf: World Tour, where you purchase a set of courses (a cup on this case) and it came with its own exclusive character and 4 tracks.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      I’d definitely download the Doc’s DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine if it becomes DLC.

  6. Dude it actually looks rad, will have to try that.
    Hope they Will be more DLCs to comme, this Mario Kart has so much potential, and people would buy them for sure.

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