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Check Out This Fantastic Hyrule Warriors Trailer Featuring Link

Tecmo Koei has uploaded this fantastic new Hyrule Warriors trailer featuring our green-clad hero, Link. For those who didn’t manage to catch Nintendo’s E3 streams straight from the Treehouse last week, make sure you watch the trailer above, where Link jumps straight into the action and takes on Ocarina of Time boss King Dodongo. Plus, the trailer also shows the Hylian hero hacking and slashing through a Lizalfos and many other enemies. Hyrule Warriors launches exclusively on the Wii U on August 14 for Japan, while North America and Europe will be able to grab the game come September.

42 thoughts on “Check Out This Fantastic Hyrule Warriors Trailer Featuring Link”

  1. if uk decides to ban the sales of wii u then you guy will not be getting the game, i just hope they investigate the case and have nintendo win in the uk and sue phillips, i just hope that the usa does not let phillips win and ban the sales of wii u or i will wreck havoc in the usa and i will too

    1. What the hell are you BOOBS talking about BOOBS. Is this BOOBS even possible? If so I guess it BOOBS really is time for Nintendo to BOOBS make a regular BOOBS console. Are they really gonna ban the wii BOOBS U in the UK?

      1. Sadly, GCN (Nintendo’s last plain, “normal” console [not counting its GBA connectivity] came in 3rd place regarding sales. ‘Course, GCN wasn’t the 1st 6th gen console, so Nintendo could plan ahead. But, even though it was more powerful, easier to develop for, & the PS2 was comparatively harder to develop for than N64, the “weaker” DVD playing PS2 “console” placed 1st in sales. Sure, GCN was the only 6th gen console to generate a profit, but luckily Nintendo still makes consoles like the Wii & Wii U, while Sony & MS make multi-media, affordable PCs. So glad that Nintendo’s software philosophy was finally incorporated into their hardware.

        But, if anyone were actually to harness more power for the sake of gameplay, it’d be Nintendo. But game environs are getting way too big as is (especially in sandbox walkers), & there are only so many enemies to vanquish @ one time before it becomes repetitive. & of course, Nintendo’s products would probably go up, even more than Sony & MS’ since Nintendo has no other business sectors to rely on for selling hardware @ a loss. Either that, otlr their quality would go way down. But, diminishing returns in graphics means that gamers need hardware more than media-player capabilities.

        Anuway, yeah, I wish that games were just that & online was a barebones bonus. I kinda dislike a console w/ social apects; hel, & discs & separate saves for that matter.

    2. Yeah cause that’s totally gonna happen, phillips doesn’t really have a chance. Are they even relevant anymore?

  2. Man, this looks so awesome! Been waiting a long time to see Link be able to whale on enemies like this.

  3. showing what looks like a Boss should have been revealed at E3. I have a feeling this will look better and better as more is revealed in the coming months. Seems like a shallow gaming experience but I bet it has more layers than we know

  4. This is definitely high up on my list. Can’t wait to play as Zelda. Also a small question, has Zelda been playable in any main game? Like, at all? It’s called Legend of Zelda, but you never get to play as her, and most of the time, never even see her. Like, I’m playing Wind Waker and I’m past about 3 dungeons now and no trace of Zelda at all. :(

          1. I’d count Spirit Tracks! That one was a lot of fun! Controlling Zelda as she possess Darknut armored dudes, I enjoyed it a lot.

      1. Oh wow imam look them up, what console or handheld were they so I can maybe get the experience of how bad these were lol

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  7. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    I can’t wait for September to get here! I so hope we get the bonus Japan is getting. If not, I hope we at least get those alternate outfit download codes.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Ugh! I know, right! I’d much prefer an actual necklace of the Triforce but this is the next best thing.

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