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Miyamoto And Takahashi Discuss Minecraft For Wii U, Says GamePad Would Make For Easy Play

Rumours for Notch-born Minecraft hitting Nintendo consoles have continuously saturated gaming news outlets, so when Kotaku had the chance to sit down with Nintendo’s game designer and producer Shigeru Miyamoto at E3, they made sure to question him on the sandbox title.

“I haven’t played it myself,” Miyamoto said, “but I have heard quite a bit about it. I think [Takahashi] knows more about it than I do. But I like that style of game, and I look at Mario Maker as being something in a similar vein.”

In the past, Minecraft creator Markus Persson claimed the title would make perfect sense on the Wii U console, however he said that the reason there wasn’t an option for it at the moment was due to an overflow of work. SPD head Shinya Takahashi echoed Persson’s statement, saying that the GamePad would make the title easy to play.

“We’ve always thought internally that using the [Wii U] GamePad would probably make for a Minecraft that’s very easy to play. And, of course, if we were to do something with Minecraft on the 3DS, similarly we would probably do it where it would be easier to play and could probably reach a lot of kids.

“What’s interesting is that, in Japan, Minecraft is not popular in the way it is in the U.S. and Europe, so we’ve also thought that, if we were able to do a partnership like that, it might bring opportunity to help make Minecraft more popular in Japan.”

And finally, Miyamoto wrapped up the discussion with a slight tease to the fans: “Our hardware is the only hardware that you can do both the touch control and stick control. Maybe we’re meeting with them! Who knows?”

70 thoughts on “Miyamoto And Takahashi Discuss Minecraft For Wii U, Says GamePad Would Make For Easy Play”

    1. Uhh hello! This wud make me super duper hapy!! i love mine craft and even due lets plays of it on my utube channel! i always wanted to play it on nintendo sistems because i love them! it wud get me away from playin so much mario cart 8 and due mine craft videos again!

    2. minecraft would be better with virtual reality … oh snap! … minecraft isn’t a loner title which would have you standing in a corner … nintendo is so lost. nintendo should have funded a port to WiiU … and nintendo should have purchased the oculus rift.

    1. Along with Command and Conquer, Diablo, Sim City, Sims, Anything Chess, Final Fantasy Tactics, Mail Order Monsters, Pinball Construction Set (EA Game)….etc.

      Pretty much anything menu driven or creation driven, have a touch screen gamepad is helpful.

          1. Pretty sure he was referring to the touch screen… Which sets it apart. Narrow minded sarcastic comment.

      1. I really want to see a version of League of Legends or Starcraft on Wii U, just so I can prove to my friends how wrong they were when they rejected my ideas for those ports.

    1. How about the button-less iPhone? Even worse and more impratical.

      3DS has many hardware buttons and a touch screen to go around. So your point?

  1. I think it would be great on Wii U… the PS3, Xbox 360 and iPad/Android versions suck, same could be said for the “Next Gen” PS4 and Xbox One versions.

    Wii U is the only next gen console that this game would suit better on.

    1. True, mine craft would be better for the wiiu, but that doesn’t mean all the other versions are bad.>:c

      1. I don’t know, the iPad version was terrible, but then again that’s with the touch screen controls.

        PS3/Xbox 360 are okay but they are not great.

        PS4/XOne don’t really offer much, just bigger worlds but thanks to the fact the game is CPU heavy, that is already a false statement. Sure the levels are probably bigger but by how much?

      2. In my opinion, the only version of Minecraft that’s good is the PC version. It just has all the advantages.

        It’d be interesting to see what they do with the GamePad, though.

      1. I agree. I hate having to stop gameplay on the PC version just to manage my items. Its so slow and time consuming, especially when managing large food farms for your faction like I do.

    2. The PS4 and Xbox One version aren’t even out, so how do you know they suck?
      And why say next gen in quotation marks in relation to the PS4 & Xbox One, but without when talking about the WiiU? The other two are just as next gen as the WiiU is.

      1. Probably down to the fact the PS4 and Xbox One aren’t really next gen because they are just slightly beefed up versions of the PS3 and Xbox 360… Wii U on the other hand actually tries something different.

        1. Lmfao. I’d suggest you to look up the definition of “generation” because you clearly do not know the meaning of the word.

          1. I see what he means. He means if you take out all the pointless bullshit and computing stuff, you’re left with a controller that looks the same (BUT WAIT! There’s a “SHARE” button and a touchpad that nobody uses!; or BUT IT HAS RUMBLE TRIGGERS!), and a console that could be guessed as any Playstation/Xbox.

            However, if you look at the Wii U, the controllers don’t look anything like the Wii remotes, GameCube controller, Nintendo 64 controller, SNES gamepad, or NES gamepad. They’re clearly definable from each other. Heck, Microsoft is so lazy they don’t even change the colors of their buttons xD

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              Sony and Microsoft didn’t change anything because they didn’t need to. “If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.”

              The Wii U controllers lack analog triggers and the Pro controller lacks a headset jack. Not to mention the Pro controller looks exactly like the 360 controller. That’s not original.

              Look at the Wii U sales. It isn’t selling because people don’t like it and prefer the “pointless bullshit and computing stuff.”

              PS4 has streaming functionality and other features. Not to mention the Xbox has/had Kinect with some cool features. They were trying to do the same thing Nintendo was: differentiate. Did it work out for either of them? Nope.

              1. Yaaaawn. Streaming feature is da new innovation said no one ever. Pro controller was made to feed the purists, Nintendo already said that, so obviously they will choose to have a similar design to 360’s, one of the most recognizable controllers ever made. Sony and MS are just boring pieces of shit, face it

                1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                  It’s not a new innovation. It’s a feature that makes things easier for gamers and is absent on Wii U. Pro controller didn’t even “feed the purists” right due to the problems I already mentioned. I only brought up the similarity to the 360 design because Kurt acted like Nintendo was super innovative.

                    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                      And yet the Wii missed out on a ton of critically acclaimed third-party games partly because it lacked a decent controller. I love the Wiimote but it was only good for certain games, games like Pikmin or Metroid Prime.

          2. Generations is defined how much different it is from its predecessor, not about powers and perks. Wii U does something different from others plus original Wii while PS4/One are busy having a spec dick measuring contest when its been proven that not even both are that powerful and barely a push from the previous models.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Not really, generations define a period of time or a complete upgrade from a previous version…

  2. I would love Minecraft on Wii U, especially since I don’t really have the chance to play it on my PC. Maybe it will be a surprise announcement at e3 next year, or even during the upcoming holiday season!

  3. Doubt I would buy it.
    I could get it for PC if I was interested.
    But I could see how this coming for Wii U would be good.

    1. Sandbox game where you gather materials, build stuff and survive enemy attacks. If you have played Terraria, it’s exactly like that but in a 3d world.

    2. What the last poster said. It gets even better in multiplayer, especially with friends. My friends and I have a server, and we made factions and armies and attack each other occasionally with various devices, like “chicken bombs” (a bundle of TNT blocks with chicken spawn eggs inside; causes their area to be extremely laggy because of the 1500+ chickens moving), etc. Its a great game, easily one of the greatest ever made.

  4. OH HELL NO!!
    Keep that thing away from my Wii U!!
    …. Then again i don’t have to buy it… so nvm what I just said… tried it before and I don’t see the appeal to it….
    But hey that is just me, don’t hate me for not liking it.

  5. Terraria, Aquaria & minecraft are perfect for the WiiU. Aquaria’s developer told me himself that they will not Port it to the WiiU because Aquaria is an old game and the WiiU was a new machine with a low install base. He thought that the game wouldn’t sell. This was before Pikmin 3 was released.

  6. pink0crystal0midbus

    Please, please, please! I’m seriously thinking about getting an Xbox One so I can play the new Minecraft, but if I could get Minecraft on WIi U with online map sharing, I would LOVE it.

    I played Minecraft on my 360 non-stop for months, until my 360 broke :/

    I told myself I wouldn’t buy it again until it came out for Wii U. I was sooooo sure it would come to the console, because it comes to like “every” console, but it’s STILL missing and I’m getting impatient.

  7. I can’t pretend to know what Minecraft is like, since I’ve never played it. But it looked really stupid and pathetic in every video I’ve looked at on YouTube. And I could never understand it’s appeal.

    1. its a game that sacrafices visuals for pure GAMING entertainment. it was pretty much notches way of saying “i can make a game with really low quality visuals and it will still be fucking awesome”

  8. Miyamoto likes to troll about things too, like Aonuma. xD

    Hope this really is happening, it will help to bring more and more third partys.

  9. I like what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my own blogroll.

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