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Nintendo UK Set To Appeal Philips Court Case Win

Nintendo UK has issued a statement in which it will appeal the court case win by Philips Electronics. Last week, the gaming giant’s UK division lost a patent ruling relating to its Wii motion control technology, with two Philips Electronics patents asserting the infringement. In the statement below, Nintendo UK said it is committed to ensuring the case does not affect continued sales of Wii U and 3DS hardware and software while pursuing this matter.

“On 20 June 2014, following a trial heard before Mr Justice Birss, the UK Patents Court found that the Wii, Wii U and Wii Remote infringe two patents (‘498 and ‘650) asserted against Nintendo by Philips Electronics. The ‘498 and ‘650 patents were held to be invalid as originally granted, but Philips Electronics were permitted to make validating amendments during the course of the litigation.

“A further patent (‘484) was asserted by Philips Electronics but was found to be invalid. Nintendo firmly believes that the amended ‘498 and ‘650 patents are invalid and intends to seek permission to appeal Mr Justice Birss’ judgment. Philips Electronics has yet to make clear whether it intends to seek permission to appeal any part of the judgment.

“Nintendo is committed to ensuring that this judgment does not affect continued sales of its highly acclaimed line of video game hardware, software and accessories and will actively pursue all such legitimate steps as are necessary to avoid any interruptions to its business. Nintendo has a long history of developing innovative products while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.”

72 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Set To Appeal Philips Court Case Win”

  1. We all know Playstation will dominate there. This will probably disappoint the 3 people who own a Wii U in UK

        1. Well, hate to break it to you, but...

          Hard to even recognize a joke when it has no discernible punch-line compared to a troll post.

        2. You missed your money… anyway, how is a falling money of your company and having to sell your products to over companies since you lost over Billion dollars?

          1. The more you keep replying in a completely irrelevant and delusional way, the more I’ll ignore you from now on

      1. Learn to take a joke.
        Besides, a rise of 666% literally means nothing if we don’t have absolute numbers to go along with it. If there were 10 people who owned a WiiU prior the rise, there would have been 66 people owning a WiiU afterwards. If it was 100 people before, then it was 666 afterwards. We neither know the number of WiiU owners prior the rise, nor after the rise. So, you see, throwing around percentages does nothing but make you look stupid, because, as I’ve said before, relative numbers are useless without the corresponding absolute numbers.
        Congrats on YOUR math skills, because if you had any, you would already know everything I just explained and you wouldn’t have decided to make that pointless comment.

        1. You probably not so good in math, so i’ll explain ano’s comment to you.

          If you know Math, then it’s clear a rise in sales which is lower than infinity means there at least one wiiU was sold in the week before.
          So let’s assume the minimum amount of 1. Any number sold in the following week would be an increase by n*100% with n being a natural number.
          Since it was 666%, 1 can’t be it.
          Smallest natural number to make 666% possible is 3. Then the 666% (which were probably rounded and may have been really 666.66666…%) rise would equal a sale of 20 units. Plus the 3 already been sold last week makes it a minimum of 23 WiiUs in UK. Which is clearly more than the 3 that troll posted!

                    1. 1.Because you tried eo be funny, but noone lol’d.
                      And then you go all like “bah you don’t get a joke, *crycry*”

                      2.Anyone with an IQ higher than your mom (~30) got that this ain’t a serious statement. As did I and as did that Anon who jokingly reminded you that there are quiet some people with a U, so joke’s on you!

                      3.Well because you don’t get it. *flies away*

                    2. Actually, the only thing that I reminded anyone, especially you, of was that just because there was a 666% raise in sales, it still doesn’t necessarily mean the WiiU sold good, lol.
                      Besides, I actually did find his joke funny. So maybe you shouldn’t speak in the name of others.
                      And “your mom” jokes? Really? Where are we, in 2006?

                    3. Oh, that other person with an icon is called anonymous too, didn’t see that, so I take back what I said in relation to that, my bad.
                      Everything else I said still stands though. :)

          1. Congratulations on wasting your time on telling me that, because I never claimed that it could have been 3 units sold, which leads us to the conclusion that giving a reply like that just made you look even more stupid than before. I merely gave examples as to why telling us that there was a rise of 666% in the sales is absolutely pointless because we do not know any absolute numbers related to the percentage. The person who made the comment about the 3 people was very obviously making a joke, which you still not seem to be able to grasp. How sad.

                1. Well you didn’t get what anon wanted to say with “Yeah because that 666% sales rise in the UK equates to 3 people. Congrats on your maths skills there.”

                  Then i explained and you still don’t get it.

                  Your “…,because I never claimed that it could have been 3 units sold” just shows how poor YOUR comprehension is, because i never claimed that you’d have claimed that.

                  So again in short (maybe you’ll get it then):

                  Shuhei: blabla 3 wiiu in uk

                  anon: there’s more than 3. because 666%

                  you: bah 666% doesn’t proof anything!

                  me: well 666% proofs there’s ore than 3.

                  you: i didn’t claim theres only 3.

                  me and everyone else pointing fingers at you: hahahahaha

                  and btw: Talking down my “skills in math” while i didn’t make any false math statements here (in contrast to you) is kinda lame.

                  1. I thought the person who said the thing about the 666% was you all along lmao, I didn’t look at their name, just assumed it was you because you replied to what I said. Sorry about that.
                    And I honestly don’t see where I made a false math statement. All I said was just because there was a rise of 666%, the WiiU still might have sold poorly.

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      The punch line could’ve been better, but it’s meh. It didn’t me laugh but I did crack a smile.

        1. He/she is probably thinking you and that person are the same.

          IGN:WiiUMasterRace is actually annoying as shit, so its good you’re not the same.

  2. I know something’s not right with this case and feels almost too obvious that not only UK didn’t look at it thoroughly but almost feels like UK hates Nintendo and just genuinely want to see it fail over there so they grant this BS lawsuit to pass conveniently in UK. If this lawsuit fails everywhere else but there, then my hypothesis is correct. UK truly despises Nintendo being around and for what? I have no fucking clue but I know it’ll be a very stupid reason just like every other excuse I hear of folks hating Nintendo.

    1. Everyone hates Nintendo and wants to see them fail really bad, because everyone is bad except Nintendo. Nintendo are the only good people out there in the world and they always have to keep up with all those bad guys!!! Everyone bullies Nintendo because they’re so jealous of Nintendo. Nintendo is the best and everyone else is not. Nintendo is always right, everyone else is always wrong, especially when it’s about Nintendo.

      That’s pretty much all I got from your comment, lmao.

      1. For a second there, I thought you were talking all fanboy nonsense. But with a second look, I was right the first time, just in the opposite.

        And WTF said that I think Nintendo is always right? That’s like saying I’m never wrong which is BS and can change at any time.

        Truth be told, I mostly feel sorry for Nintendo only because they’re the only few TRUE gaming companies left who don’t go pull off any BS strings with gamers over DLCs, DRM, showing off specs and graphical penises all over the place just to sell a fucking game console with little to no original games. Not to mention that they’re one of the few who shows diversity in gaming instead of milking fucking shooters after shooter in every turn, every goddamn year. Nintendo doesn’t do any of that crap while everyone else does and yet, Nintendo is hated and you dumbasses waste money on a gimped PC box raving about who has the biggest dick in graphical power, ignoring what games other competition offers.

        I can keep this up all day but since you retards for gamers clearly made up your mind to throw your wallets away for shallow ass full priced half games and other half for DLCs. Go broke and stupid for all I care. But next time you wanna talk big game about stuff that you clearly don’t know a quarter of it, go research shit and then come back playing Jeopardy with me when you’re smarter than right now.

        1. Obviously, I didn’t say you said all of those words, I said it’s the impression I got from the comment you made.
          Second thing, I’m really not sure what exactly makes you think I waste money on “gimped PC boxes”. I haven’t expressed any kind of opinion towards any of the companies, so calm down and think twice before assuming stuff you actually have not a single idea of. But in case you really want to know badly, I’ve been supporting both Nintendo and Sony since pretty much… Always? Had all Nintendo home consoles since the SNES, all handhelds except for the regular DS. Same goes for Sony, had all their home consoles and handhelds, except for the PSP Go, lol. Got the regular PSP though, so that doesn’t really count anyway.
          Now to come back on topic… Well, people have different opinions on whether Nintendo milks their franchises or not. But considering they’ve been using the same franchises for 25+ years is hard to overlook, to be very honest. Not saying there was no diversity in those franchises, not at all. But it simply is a fact that it’s been a while since the last time we saw an entirely new 1st-party franchise from Nintendo. And you also have to admit that there simply is not much you can change in shooters, compared to all the things you can change in, let’s say, adventure or jump & run games. Sure, shooters might not be the type of game you enjoy, nothing wrong with that, but we all know there are enough who do enjoy them so that means they can’t be all too terrible. That’s what I think, at least.
          And finally, I don’t know what you mean by “next time you want to talk big game about things you don’t know a quarter about”. In order to talk about something I don’t know anything about -next time-, there has to be a first time I did that. I didn’t talk about anything I know nothing about, I only explained the impression I got from your first comment. I didn’t go on in depth about anything really, it wasn’t anything that contained factual information, just said what your comment seemed like to me. So that remark of yours doesn’t make much sense to me, sorry.

  3. Nintendo is my Blood

    Nintendo never lose a case, certainly not when Philips has no case to begin with

    Maybe they are still pissed about CD-i

  4. If phillips wins this case in the U.K., it will negatively effect Nintendo’s business. If phillips wins in the U.S. then the Wii U will be banned. I will riot on the streets.

  5. The patents were invalid in the first place but the judge allowed amendments? What the hell? It’s like I took an entrance and the instructor told me to change my answer to pass.

    I hope Nintendo wins the appeal and Philips go bankrupt.

    1. Besides, I never heard of anything from Philips that even uses motion detection so WTF is UK smoking to think Philips created such technology? All they are for is light bulbs and house appliances in Home Depot and shit so..I don’t get how they won so simply? I know its because UK doesn’t like Nintendo and wanna watch it burn so judges of fucking UK say “Screw it. Our people don’t like Nintendo anyway so point goes to Philips”

      1. It doesn’t really matter if Philips makes use of said motion controls or not, if they filed a patent for it, it’s “their technology”, so to say.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I smell gigantic bribes or extortion conducted by the Phillipsians on the Judge and Jury…

    1. Its just that idiot NC and his retarded cronies -_- they are definetly not right in the head so its best to just ignore them.

  6. I am shock by the result knowing the patent has been amended. There is not way Phillips winning that one. If Nintendo lost in UK they will appeal at the European court. There is also not chance they win in France

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  8. Fucking Philips, this confirm my theory that claim Philips alway wanted to destroy Nintendo, first with a fucking horrible console and games, and now want to stop the sell of Wii and Wii U console, fuck you philips.

  9. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    They were allowed to make amendments to their patents!? What the fuck kind of bullshit is that!? -.- Was this judge fucking stupid or something? “Oh your patent from 7-8 years ago is invalid so you’ll lose the case. It’s okay, though. I’ll let you go & change the patent to something brand new that will only be a few weeks old, so you can win your case.” *facepalm* That’s like the owners of Tetris trying to sue Nintendo for making Dr Mario. Tetris can’t win the case, though, because they use blocks while Dr Mario uses pill capsules. So the judge lets them go & make a game that uses pill capsules then let’s them win the case against Nintendo. Now excuse me while I go join Bender & laugh.

  10. It’s quite funny how a good majority here are making comments without having a clue about patent law, it’s application nor indeed the term amendment Within the context of litigation. I refer you to university, followed by a choice of an LPC or BVC, then take a few more years on top of that and then becoming appointed to judge status. Needless to say, I have more faith in the ruling here than a bunch of fanboys statutory interpretations. Perhaps if you put your wii remotes down for a while you might learn something (though they may end up being taken off you anyway) lol lol.

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